35 Stranger Things Memes That Have Us Listening To “Running Up That Hill” On Repeat

By Aakash M

It’s no secret that we live in an era of seemingly endless media, especially movies and TV shows. While they’re not all well-made, there are plenty of series out there that are high quality and we can’t get enough of them. We’ve had more than a few sleepless nights, caught up bingeing our favorite shows. One such series is Stranger Things, which is now in its fourth and penultimate season. Breaking tradition, Netflix split up the fourth season into two volumes. The first was released on May 27th, and the second part is just around the corner on July 1st. In reaction to volume one and in anticipation of volume two, the internet has been flooded with memes of the fantastic first seven episodes. Let’s take a look at some of the best Stranger Things reactions and memes!

Warning: spoilers for season 4 volume 1 ahead!

Didn’t see that one coming

For a show all about friendships, Max’s character arc threw everyone off. She’s closed off, as of recent times, and she avoided people pretty often. Ever since the fire at StarCourt, the writers implied that it’s just been Max and her Walkman.

Source: WrittenbyA_Clark/Twitter

We love it when writers create relatable characters. Max at the beginning of season four is someone every introvert can relate to. Though we’re not so sure about the second half of the Tweet — that’s something extroverts do, too.

The funniest sidekick

There are shows where the main characters are great, but the side characters aren’t exactly so entertaining, which makes their scenes boring. Then there are shows where the side characters are hilarious, but the main characters have become really dull with time.

Source: _Chrystalb/Twitter

And then, there’s a show like Stranger Things, where every member of the cast is equally amazing. The audience loves watching each and every scene, and even the characters with very small roles are loved, just like Erica! She’s so sassy; we can’t get enough!

Unintentional comedy

That scene where Chrissy dies is really intense. It’s when we first get a glimpse of what Vecna is capable of doing. But, as serious as it was, there was a bit of comedy in there. Did you spot it?

Source: eightiesmileven/Twitter

When Chrissy doesn’t snap out of it, Eddie freaks out. All the lights around him are flickering, adding to the spook factor, both for Eddie and the viewers. But the way he yells, “I don’t like this, Chrissy, wake up!” when she’s out is really hilarious!

Poor Joyce

Joyce, played by the lovely Winona Ryder, has all our hearts. Her character has been through a lot of struggles in life, and yet she keeps moving ahead. Seeing Will going through all that must have been devastating for her. 

Source: lucixhop/Twitter

Who would have thought that the woman who frantically hung up Christmas lights in season one would be going on an undercover rescue mission in Russia! But while she’s struggling to get Hopper back, she has no clue what her kids are dealing with back home.

What self-control?

The first season of Stranger Things came out in 2016. Stranger Things’ second season was released in 2017. The third season of the show came out two years later, in 2019, and the fourth season was released in 2022, after a three-year gap.

Source: KytHdsn/Twitter

We were so worried about the actors aging, we didn’t stop to think about how quickly we’d binge it. That’s the problem with Netflix releasing the whole season at once — we let our excitement dictate our watch speed, which is usually a nine-hour binge.

Time flies

We just talked about how we all have waited so long for each season of Stranger Things, and we are still waiting for the final volume of the show. Although this one’s a bit exaggerated, it’s how things have changed from the first season till now.

Source: keyon/Twitter

Many people were teens when they started watching the show back in 2016. They all are now watching the penultimate season of the show as adults. Alongside them, there are many “kids” and pre-teens who have recently started watching the show.

The iconic duo

Fans didn’t get to see much of these two together in the previous season, but we’re glad that the two finally get to team up. They’re both such powerful, strong-willed women; we thought they’d be an unstoppable pair. But, the writers proved us wrong.

Source: loverstairs/Twitter

This hit the nail on the head! Nancy is cool, calm, and collected, while Robin is a vibrating ball of energy. It wasn’t the meeting we all hoped for, but in hindsight, we’re not sure what we expected. At least they seem to be learning how to handle one another now.


Stranger Things has many canon relationships in the show, like El and Mike or the fling between Joyce and Hopper, but there are many other pairings that fans ship with one another. Eddie and Chrissy is perhaps the biggest example of that.

Source: girlxvintage/Twitter

The way they smiled at each other during their first scene together, after that awkward first moment, our hearts just melted! Also, on a totally unrelated note, when you look at Eddie, doesn’t he look like a young version of Robert Downey Jr?

Can’t believe it

Stranger Things is a fictional show. It’s obvious because there are so many strange things happening (pun intended), and as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, we wouldn’t see such things in real life. So, there are many unrealistic things in the show, like the monsters, the special powers, yada yada.

Source: HARR1NGTONS/Twitter

But, in a fictional show full of monsters, other-worldly creatures, and supernatural powers, do you know what the most unrealistic thing is? It is Steve Harrington remaining forever single! Honestly, how can such a great guy not have a girlfriend?

You’ll be missed

Stranger Things is full of memorable characters. Sadly, it seems like the writers have chosen to include one character each season that the audience loves and eventually loses. In season one, it was Barb. In season two, we had the lovable Bob.

Source: sapsstonergf/Twitter

And who could forget Alexi in season three? He became an instant hit, with such an adorably innocent face. We’d like to take a moment to appreciate all of the wonderful characters that have been killed off in the show.


They never say it out loud, but we all know that Dustin and Steve are best buddies. Steve looks after him as if he’s his little brother, and the way Dustin is when Steve’s around — it’s all pretty evident. They’re true friends.

Source: c***trcgers/Twitter

So, Steve’s jealousy after he sees Dustin hanging out with Eddie is pretty much justifiable. He might as well be even calling Dustin a cheater after all that, although we think that it’s a bit too harsh of a response to Dustin making a new friend.

Good for Steve

Fans know how Robin and Steve’s short-lived potential romance fizzled in the third season of the show. It was pretty unexpected, and it wasn’t something we all wanted…but it’s fine. We’re not bitter about it, or anything. We do feel really sorry for Steve, though.

Source: kelexyn/Twitter

But, in season 4, it looks as if Robin and Steve have become really good friends. In fact, Steve seems to have found a co-parent in Robin, which is really cute! The way the both of them look after the kids is hilarious.

Eddie ftw

Eddie is one of half a dozen new, memorable characters introduced in the fourth season. The people behind the scenes did a great job at writing and casting the characters since people can’t seem to stop admiring the quirky young adult.

Source: joycelhopper/Twitter

Eddie is played by Joseph Quinn, and we have to give him so much credit for bringing the character to life. Although he only appeared in this season, it feels like he’s been with us in Hawkins all this time.


With the massive gap in filming each season, we expected to see the gang grow up a bit, though some of them took us by surprise. They’ve grown up, but they’ve also grown apart, with Will’s family now living in California.

Source: stinker334/Twitter

So, it’s obvious that there will be a little drift between the gang, and that’s what we got to see between best friends Mike and Will. The reunion scene was nice, but there was a little teen tension between the two.

And another one

One of the best parts of Steve Harrington, apart from him being selfless, kind, sweet, funny, and all other things, is that he’s a bit stupid. He’s not stupid-stupid, but he is a bit dopey at times. And, we hate to say it, but it suits him!

Source: seokmiiin/Twitter

In fact, his stupidity, when combined with all of his other traits, is what makes his character so iconic. He might be a bit oblivious but we love him even more for it. Too bad the chicks don’t see him the way we do.

Literally the same

These moments from SpongeBob SquarePants and Stranger Things look quite similar, don’t they? We’re not just talking about the scenes, with Max and SpongeBob floating; the amount of energy in both of these stills are off the charts! We only have one word: Amazing.

Source: forEdvinm/Twitter and Still Watching Netflix/YouTube

Especially the Stranger Things scene. The amount of “feels” in that scene is on a whole different level. We were speechless and completely overwhelmed with emotion at seeing Max’s life hang in the balance. Literally! We’re just glad that they didn’t leave it as a cliffhanger for the next episode.

At all costs

We mentioned relationships and pairings earlier, but we forgot to talk about the ship names that fans give the couples. While the names look weird out of context, fans can pick up on the pairing pretty quickly. Obviously, Jopper is Joyce and Hopper.

Source: chiefjopper/Twitter

We don’t know what the second volume has in store for us, but we’re sure it’ll be an amazing ride chock full of drama and suspense. That’s why fans fiercely protect their favorite characters, in the hopes they’ll survive what volume two holds for them.

A new perspective

The fourth season of Stranger Things has honestly given us fans a new perspective on memes. Many of these memes used to get a chuckle out of us, but now they seem to be more relatable, sadder, and funnier, all at the same time.

Source: VentanniOutcast/Twitter

We can’t help but see things through a Stranger Things lens. Especially with that emotionally packed volume one, the struggles our favorite characters have gone through remain front and center in our minds and hearts. Who knows what memes will change for us following volume two.

Which song is playing?

It’s true that most of us know Sadie Sink after her portrayal of the role of Max in Stranger Things. So, when you look at her in any other show or on any other music video, it feels as if she’s still Max! That happens with every other character on every other show as well.

Source: lovlyjmnsk/Twitter

Sadie Sink recently appeared in the music video of Taylor Swift’s “All of Me.” So, when you look at that video, it’s hard not to see Max. And, flipping back to the show, we can’t help but imagine that she’s listening to “All of Me” on her Walkman.


Bullying is terrible. We know, that’s nothing new, but it’s worth repeating. Sadly, in the first volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things, we saw Jane getting bullied quite often. It was hard to watch someone who’s already been through so many hardships have to deal with more.

Source: DevilTastic/Twitter

We don’t condone violence, but we couldn’t help but cheer on El when she stood up for herself. Even if she went about it in the wrong way, we won’t lie — we clapped when she put Angela in her place.

The one ship that won’t sail

Robin and Nancy make quite the pair, with Robin being so hyped-up all the time, and Nancy maintaining a neutral exterior at all times. Now, it could have just been us, but did it seem like Robin was hitting on Nancy a bit at first?

Source: yellowfier/Twitter

Sadly, Nancy isn’t interested in any relationship with her — she only just agreed to friendship. Although we know that there are no chances of them getting together or having a moment, that doesn’t stop us from hoping! Well, we never know what could happen!

Technically no spoilers

We love those out-of-context posts. They’re a fun way for fans to communicate without actually spoiling anything for others that stumble upon such posts. This picture of Peter Griffin in a crumpled heap definitely fits the bill for out-of-context references.

Source: misfitjayjay/Twitter

Even if you only watched the first episode of volume one, you’re clued into the joke here. Vecna is ruthless, and the writers, directors, and producers wasted no time showing the fans just how dark this season is going to be.

Appreciation post

We agree with this Tweet 100%. Steve Harrington is a piece of literary art. Not only is he a well-written character, but Joe Keery impressed everybody with his acting skills. Steve Harrington is probably one of the best parts of Stranger Things

Source: tedstracys/Twitter

Given how good the show is, the writers probably had some inclination as to Steve’s character. But seeing how he’s developed since season one episode one, we’re not sure they foresaw the role model that is the Steve Harrington we know and love.

Technically no spoilers part 2

Once again, we have a wonderful out-of-context Stranger Things post that gives spoilers without actually spoiling anything. To be fair, the picture is already pretty weird out of its original context, but now there is a whole range of emotions we feel looking at this.

Source: croissanttrash/Twitter

Looking at this image is making our eyes hurt and our bones ache. Yes, we know Vecna isn’t real, but those special effects were pretty darn good. The series definitely earned its horror category. Just thinking about it, we don’t even want to look at it anymore.


We think that the scene where Max faces off against Vecna is hands-down the best scene of the season till now. The choreography, the set design, the music — it was all stunning! And it’s not just us. Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” has skyrocketed in popularity.

Source: uhumitau/Twitter

The song was initially released in 1985, but in 2022 it hit the top 10 charts in over thirty countries, thanks to Stranger Things. And, did you know that the show’s creators had to appeal to Kate Bush to gain the rare permission to use her music? Good thing she’s a fan of the show.

Chills down the spine

Season four really hit the ground running. Of course, we’d expect nothing less, given the three previous seasons that made the show the hit it is today. But right from the get-go, the tone was set, and we had to brace ourselves for what was to come.

Source: clairealexia___/Twitter

Before we even knew his name, we knew Vecna is not someone you want to mess around with. The Demogorgon and Mind Flayer were pretty intense, too, but now that we’re familiar with the universe, the writers were ready to get down to it.

Nothing left to do

The wait between seasons is usually torturous, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, one year turned into three, and we were too eager to press play on season four. We know it wasn’t their fault, but three years was really starting to wear on our patience.

Source: who_azhar/Twitter and Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

After waiting, we got seven episodes to watch that most of us finished in less than a day! We know it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but we can’t help it. After all the hard work the creators put into making the show, we should slow down and enjoy it.

Vecna’s curse

One thing Stranger Things has excelled at is bringing its viewers back in time. Through set design, costume, and props, fans are transported back to the 1980s. Music plays a big role, too, especially in the latest season. Just ask Max…

Source: prajakta_mane_/Twitter

Technically, Max’s friends saved her, but Kate Bush deserves some of the credit. Of course, when the kids learned how to fight off Vecna’s curse, all we could think about was what song our friends would have to blast to bring us back from the brink.


One of the best things to happen in all of the show was when Hopper and Joyce got together. They make a really good couple and watching them separate due to other-worldly circumstances in the third season was simply heartbreaking.

Source: lucixhop/Twitter

Anyways, deep down, we always knew that they’d be getting back sooner or later. To our luck, they did, albeit in the mid-season finale. It took a while to get them back into each other’s arms, but the reunion was worth it.

Just facts and nothing else

This meme is just stating some facts, and we can’t disagree here. Steve Harrington is downright the best babysitter in the show, and arguably, in any TV show. Much to his chagrin, Steve fits the role so well, which is why he keeps finding himself roped back in.

Source: sadierosemx/Twitter

He’s caring, supportive, and selfless. Steve puts himself in danger whenever it’s needed so that the gang stays safe, and he also chauffeurs them around! Could this guy be any sweeter? We have a lot of points, but we think this much is enough to justify the fact.

Everything else can wait

We bet this was how every household was when the first volume of the fourth season of the show came out. Come on! We waited three long years for this very moment! Of course, everything else could wait for this moment!

Source: folkloreslaps/Twitter

Okay, so maybe the Sims exaggerate things just a bit. Yes, mommy needs to pay some attention to the baby as well, but we hope you get the sentiment! When one of the best shows is finally released, it’s time to clear your schedule for a day-long binge!

A sensible review

Writer Alex Zalben said what we couldn’t find the words for. If we’d sum the whole first volume of the season, this is basically what we’d be saying as well. Season 4 blew our minds, and we can’t honestly wait for the second volume to be released.

Source: azalben/Twitter

On that note, we also don’t know what to do after watching the second volume. Who knows how long it will be before we get season five and we have to say goodbye to these characters forever? We’ll just stress over the season four wrap-up for now.

True stuff

We love this fan’s sentiment, but we have to argue one point: ssweettheartt has a bit of competition as Steve Harrington’s number one fan. There’s us, of course, but given all the Steve appreciation posts, there are plenty of fans out there rooting for him.

Source: ssweettheartt/Twitter

And who can blame them? He’s just such a good, wholesome character. We can’t get enough. So, yeah, if there are no Steve Harrington fans, that means that there’s something wrong in the universe. There are too many of us, there will always be a Steve fan club.

This year’s top tracks

For those who don’t know, Spotify Wrapped is a collection of songs that you have played the most this year. You’d have to play a song a lot of times for it to actually make that list. “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush is certainly gonna be on many Spotify Wrapped lists.

Source: joycelhopper/Twitter

As many of you know, the song is 37 years old, but thanks to Stranger Things, it has been revived in popularity, now reaching a new audience. The song has become so popular that it has topped the charts in the United Kingdom!

A complete shocker

We’ve talked about how good the first volume is, but we haven’t even mentioned the crazy reveal in the mid-season finale. There was the massive build-up, teasing Vecna’s character origins and how everything links together, and the payoff was worth it!

Source: ur_cinnamonBUN/Twitter

There have been many storylines, many characters, and whatnot, but one thing is for sure, and it is that out of all that, Vecna’s storyline is the best. He is the connecting thread between most of the storylines so far in season four. Are you as excited as us for volume two?