Movie Couples That Would Have Been Better Apart In The End

By Fatime G

Gushy type or not, there is something about Hollywood-style love that we can’t help but silently go ”I wish”. The over-the-top romantic gestures and selfless sacrifices sometimes go even beyond reason. You know them, those on-screen relationships that we cannot help but ship because they are so darn adorable. Jack and Rose from Titanic, Hanna and Jacob in Crazy Stupid Love, and even The Office’s Pam and Jim; are the couples we were all smiles when they finally ended up together. But what of that duo we thought would have had a much better ending without ending up together? Here are the movie couples we believe do not make our ‘couple goals’ list. 

Sandy and Danny in Grease

Image courtesy of smiLee / YouTube

Let us start the list with this classic musical that is beloved by many. The first red flag was Danny blowing off Sandy when she joined his high school after their fling the previous summer. Later, when the two finally started dating and he tried to force himself on Sandy should have been ringing bells. The couple gets their ‘ever after,’ but only when Sandy changes her entire personality to match Danny’s wants. This is the perfect definition of toxic if you ask me. 

Bill and Jo in Twister

Sometimes when couples choose to separate or break up, there has to be a good reason(s) they did. And such is the case with Bill and Jo, the divorced couple who underwent a crisis and reconciled into a happy couple. Call me skeptical, but it would take more than bonding through a crisis to fix their marital issues; a year tops and the two would be back where it all started.  

Nick and Rachel in Crazy Rich Asians

Image courtesy of Faiz Zaki / Shutterstock

Nick’s inadequate support for Rachel throughout the movie rubs me the wrong way. In the quest to find true love, Nick does not disclose the actual status of his family to Rachel (understandable); however, there is much more deception layering how he presents himself. And when Rachel finally meets his family, he does the bare minimum to defend and protect her from the harassment she faces. Although the two eventually end up together with the approval of Nick’s family, Rachel deserved better. 

Stefan and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries

They say there is nothing better than falling in love with your best friend, and we agree. We, however, would not call Stefan and Caroline soulmates. It is hard to picture Stefan, who we all know was madly in love with Elena (his first real love’s doppelganger), falling in love with her best friend. The chemistry between the two was ”meh.” The relationship just seemed convenient rather than the epic love we were both hoping for two. And let us just say Klaus and Caroline were much better suited as a couple.