Movie Trends That Always Come Back Around

By Shane R

Image courtesy of Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Movies have been a staple of American life for the last century. Now, as we are in the heart of a pandemic, many are wondering what movies will look like moving forward. With theaters being obsolete more than ever before, some things have to change. Let’s talk about it.

People Staying Home

During the pandemic, there have been shutdowns and time at home more than ever before. Because of this, movie theaters have taken a hit, but streaming services have been placing material in consumers’ hands immediately. Still, this was a trend, even before the pandemic took place. In 2009, the average American purchased 4.2 movie tickets per year. A decade later, the average American only purchased 3.4 movie tickets in a year. This is where streaming services have really made their money.

Image courtesy of Donald Tong/Pexels

Unclear Future

With people watching movies from home during the pandemic, the future is unclear if that will continue when things start to open back up. A survey from Deloitte Insights found that people were split on what they would do involving movies post-pandemic. The highest percentage was 23%, where people liked the home and theater equally, while 22% was split twice between staying at home to watch a movie, as well as maybe going to the theater.

The Revenue

Nevertheless, movie theaters are still making the most money for film companies. For a while, videos and DVDs were doing the work. But, only time will tell if things continue for movie companies and the way they make money moving forward.