Rolling in the Muck: Owners Who Regretted Letting Their Dogs Loose - why these ?

Rolling in the Muck: Owners Who Regretted Letting Their Dogs Loose

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Mum is a millisecond late. Just in time, the dog leaps out of his bed, sending papers whizzing through the air, and makes a mad dash for the mud pool.


She puts her hand to her forehead and then shakes her head. That’s another hour off her schedule. Not only does she have to prep dinner, feed the kids, and bathe them. Now, she has to include the dog in the wash. She doesn’t know what it is about dogs and their love for muck. But she’s not the only one who regrets letting her dog loose.

But it’s not all doom and gloom once your furball wades in the dirt. Some of these critters actually look cuter in the wild outdoors. After all, they are twice as fun to play with once they get down and dirty. Your kids could paint mud by numbers, splash around with them or play catch during breaks. Did we mention these furballs make the best muddy photo-ops?

You Know the Shift’s Over When …

Despite being overworked and underpaid, this guard never thought about quitting his job. To be fair, it was the only job he has ever known. His shift starts around 12 midnight when he prowls the backyard for squirrels and petty thefts. It ends around late noon, where he lounges after a free meal.

Image Courtesy of Laura Rennie / Facebook

And if he does guard duty really well, he gets to spend the weekend all to himself, or at least until he hears his mum call for him. After feeling the metal unclasp from his neck, he breaks into a sprint. Wind flows past his face until he feels mud sploshing beneath his paws. There’s a golden rule amongst retrievers – you have got to make the weekend count. Party. Hard.

Nothing Sweeter than Mud

It had been an ordinary day in the park. Fur mums huddled on the benches, with lunch boxes open on their laps and paperback novels tucked between their fingers. Every now and then, their kids would come running to them for a belly rub or a water break. But it’s safe to say that Wrigley had the most fun at the park!

Image Courtesy of Wrigley the Wiggly / Instagram

He never tires of the park’s mud pools. There were a dozen of them. He had waded in most and bathed in all. He knows which one to jump in and which ones to roll around in. Wrigley’s fur mom only brings him to the park just before giving him a weekly bath. That’s why he’s not one to shy away from a good soapy rubbing.

Just Leave Me Here to Die

This divo dislikes being told what to do. On his way to a rehearsal, he felt the sudden need to take a bathe. Pull up over here. His driver looks at the rearview mirror and tells him we’ve got an appointment in an hour. He states curtly, Pull. up. over. here. Then he sprints to the mud pool for a quick destress session.

Image courtesy of Sandra Katiela / Facebook

His assistant comes up to him to tell him that they have changed the lead role. He’s no longer going to get it – what with him acting out and all. He opens his eyes so slightly and then squeezes them tight. Oh, just leave me here to die. Let me be done with it all!

5 Minutes After Being Let Loose

This is the face of regret. This fur mum looked down at her fur child and clenched her fists. She was caught between giving him a time-out and bursting into tears. Her fur child looks almost unrecognizable, with his fur sticking out in all directions. The look of regret on her face was mirrored on this doggo on the way back to the house, and he knew that a bath was in his near future.

Image Courtesy of omnisayomed / Instagram

Do you think it was worth it? Both the fur mom and her fur child asked themselves. Did this fur mum really think it was worth giving her child a playdate in the park? Did this doggo really think it was worth rolling around in the mud if it meant an intensive scrub in the bath? Without a moment’s hesitation, both thought yes!

Found It

It is one of the worst things that could happen to a Golden Retriever, and it had just happened to Bailey. He couldn’t find his ball. He snuck his nose beneath a thin layer of leaves. It has to be here somewhere. Just wait a minute. He starts running off in different directions, wondering just where the ball might have rolled. Fortunately enough, he finds it.

Image Courtesy of Sled the East / Reddit

He found it sitting atop a thick layer of mud. He eyes if mum is around. Seeing that she’s nowhere to be found, he jumps in the pool, does a little bit of artistic swimming, and then mouths the ball. Omf nomf. He expels it to the side and then lounges for a couple more minutes. Mum can’t possibly get angry at me. She knows I love that ball! I had to get it…despite the number of tennis balls he has by his bed.

Always Insta- Worthy

There are all sorts of dogs. There are those who should come in with troubleshooting manuals, and there are those who always look insta-worthy no matter what trouble they get themselves into. Take Alessothecav’s pupper. Whether he is sitting on top of the grooming table or soaked in mud, he always looking fab!

Image courtesy of alesso the cav / Reddit

Yes, it takes a great deal of money to maintain that glossy coat. But nothing compares to the gleam in this dog’s eyes as he poses for a picture during playtime. Just one more minute, his fur dad calls out to him. He grabs his camera and quickly takes a shot before he looks away and wades in the water.

Like Second Skin

This doggo stares at you, just as cute as the day he was born. He doesn’t care one bit. You see his ears retract; his eyes turn to slits, and his mouth widen as he yawns at you. When are we going to have this picture taken? I have to be somewhere. Chop chop! You wonder where this doggo needs to go.

Image Courtesy of Tom Bully / Instagram

The studio nearly had a fit accommodating his needs. As it turns out, he has a weekly session of mudding, he feels that it is a good way to relax and unwind in his downtime from protecting his human family. So he came straight to the studio after his soak leaving a muddy, dirty mess for the photographer to clean up, and then needed to dash back home to resume his protection detail.

Like Father, Like Son

This duo spends most of their waking hours together. They bathe, eat and sleep with the other by their side. It is almost impossible to tear them apart. But the great thing about it is that whenever mum needs to go looking for her son, all she needs to do is follow the trail of muddy pawprints to the backyard.

Image courtesy of bean on me 82 / Reddit

Just today, she had seen Jude, her son, and his hound dog puppy rolling in the muck. Jude had made a vain attempt to paint his puppy on the grass beside them. But his dog would keep splashing over the green canvass. Not to worry, Jude takes his dog’s efforts in humor and then runs his hand over its splotchy fur.

Holy Frap

Holy frap, what did you get into? This fur mum looks concernedly at her child. She bends quickly and then grazes the length of its thighs. What is this? Did someone dip you in paint? She realizes it wasn’t painted on him. Her child pants heavily and looks off at a distance. You could make out the trail this doggo left in the dandelion field.

Image Courtesy of Zucker Bot 5356 / Reddit

Instead of seeing winding trails, this fur mum saw loops, spirals, and ellipses. It had gone on and on, forever. She looks down at her child and imagines it frapping. Say what? FRAP stands for Frenetic Random Activity Period. It’s when your kid runs around in circles – chasing their tail, chewing the heads off every stuffed toy, dry humping an unsuspecting guest’s leg, or in this case, running rampant in a field of dandelions.

There’s A First for Everyone

This mutt’s mum is a germaphobe. She routinely disinfects the house with bleach and rags wound up around her waist. And she is strict when it comes to bath time. This furball should step in and out of the tub if she tells him to on command. He had never known the feel of mud caking on his fur or seeping in between the grooves of his paws…at least until now.

Image Courtesy of Harvey the Golden Irish / Instagram

Today, this furball had made a grand discovery. The family had gone on a trip to the countryside. Mum was going to visit her parents. And at the farm, this doggo had run out of things to do. Its neck craned at the murky waters on the lawn. What is that? Soon enough, he had discovered the joyous wonders of a mud puddle.

Get Yourself A Bite of This

After seeing this next one, you might find yourself reaching for a snack. So best curb your appetite because you just might have an insatiable chocolate craving. Today, we’re going to take a trip to Willy Wonka’s mouthwatering factory to see how chocolate labs are made!

Image Courtesy of At Work? We Walk! / Reddit

They are usually bathed in honey and milk. Their coats are rubbed, and they’re left on the side to air dry. Then they sheepishly look at the door and make a dash for the mud pool. They plunge headfirst so hard that you could hear their faces small smack on the water. Once fully coated, they are lifted, and a new batch of labs is placed.

This Season’s Boots

It seems that there’s a new fashionista who is giving Kim K a run for her money. You might have seen her a couple of times – with fluffs of hair pooled around the grooming station. But you hadn’t seen her walk the runway like this! She is wearing this season’s trendiest boots – covering the whole length of her thighs. Hot fluff!

Image Courtesy of Net Geek Animal / Twitter

This skinny bae knows her assets. And she unapologetically shows them off as she rises from the pool and strides all the way to her owner. She knows she will get away with it. There isn’t a glimmer of regret in her eyes. So, shall we? She leads the way leaving her fur dad to fumble for the leash and collar. Then she heads home to a waiting bath.

Baby Steps

Being the newest member of the family, this puppy had some trouble learning the ropes from her siblings – from eating, playing to walking. Sometimes she would waddle behind the others, struggling to balance herself on all fours. Guess she must have slipped somewhere, seeing how she had landed in a pool of mud.

Image Courtesy of Winnie the Pooch 33 / Instagram

Oh, I thought we could use our snout. After all, that had been pretty effective at keeping her from falling further in the pool. If mum had given her a couple more minutes to play around, she might have learned how to enjoy swimming there. For now, she will have to take baby steps.

Best Birthday Gift Ever

Mum wanted to give her boy a grand birthday celebration. After all, it only comes once a year. She had planned weeks in advance and had invited everyone to the party. There would be cake, balloons, and bones to chew on. For the grand finale, mum had hosed down a patch of soil in the backyard.

Image Courtesy of chronicles of Indiana / Instagram

And just as she had expected, this doggo absolutely loved the mud pit. It was the most anticipated moment during the birthday celebration. After all, rolling in the muck was a great way to burn off some of the celebratory treats. So if you were at the party, you either saw this doggo burrowing his face in the mud or in the cake.

Just Hand wash

This pet owner had thought twice about getting a dog. There are all these expenses to consider. And then you have got to put in effort – having a furball in the house is just as tough as having a toddler. That means you have got to keep a watchful eye and clean up after them.

Image Courtesy of the White Shadows/ Instagram

Mum points at the specks of mud on her child’s fur. I see you have got some dirt there. Just where did you go today? He pretends to look at the spots, and then he ashamedly moves his snout elsewhere. Wat? Dirt? Don’t see nuffin. To change the topic, this doggo barks at his mum; you said we’d make pancakes. How about I get that batch of eggs? And in a heartbeat, mum forgets this doggo’s fur coat is ridden with mud and grass shavings.

Which Tastes Better

Like us, this doggo has a distinctive taste for foreign lands and exquisite cuisine. But you wouldn’t guess what he loves to feast on. It’s actually groundwater. Yes, you read that right. You can tell so much about a country with the taste of its soil, plumpness of its worms, and the smell of its damp grass.

Image courtesy of eleni _ ralph_ sylvie / Instagram

After excitedly running around, his lungs are begging to breathe in the dewy air. Then he sniffs the ground to choose the best spot to wade in. He will noisily lap at the water and then roll around in it, letting it coat his entire body. The deeper it soils his fur, the better! Afterward, he looks at mum to take a picture of him. Say cheese!

Hail Satan

Before looking any further, we suggest that you brace yourself. Reach for those rosary beads and get to praying. We don’t know what pit this dog crawled into, but once he emerged from it, he was never the same doggo again. It’s safe to say that this doggo has come to collect your soul.

Image Courtesy of Hubert the Golden Retriever

His mum nearly had a heart attack the first time she saw him. It didn’t matter if she had seen him in broad daylight. These pitch-black eyes scared her senseless. Whatever had gotten into her dog had caused it to bathe in the muddy waters and make a mess of the bathroom floor. Mum sighed, Dear Lord.

The Name is Bond, James Bond.

This gentleman certainly knows how to make an entrance. He pads across the room and makes his way to the bar. He orders the Vesper Martini – medium-dry, lemon peel, shaken, not stirred. His eyes have a feral glint, and his words are curt. The name is Bond. James Bond. His suit is tailor cut. And it’s made just for him.

Image Courtesy of Oiseauii / Reddit

After getting away from henchmen, this secret service agent spends his time cooling off in the mud. A couple of weeks is enough time for murky Interpol issues to settle. This doggo is only a call away anytime M needs him. And when he reports for duty, best believe he is as dashing as he looks above.

Misplaced Priorities

Dad thought that it had been some time since he had been able to give his children a bath – that includes his two golden retrievers and his SUV. He lathered on the soap on his children’s fur. In no time, you couldn’t see anything but a pair of eyes under a mountain of suds. As a reward, he took the duo for a walk to the park. Let’s show off that gleaming fur!

image Courtesy of punch hutton / Facebook

That later turned out to be a huge mistake. Not only did he have to book an appointment at the pet salon, but he also had to give his car a proper wash. By the time he let his dogs out into the house, the mud on the seats and floor had all but caked hard and dry. Next time, I’m prioritizing the car over you two, he mutters.

I Raise You Mine

When Reddit user Radioaktiv J found out that there had been a Reddit thread featuring muddy canines, he knew he had to upload a picture of his doggo. After all, he thought that some of the pictures he had seen were basic and a great deal of the pictures caused him to yawn. I see your muddy puppers Redditverse- and I raise you mine!

Image Courtesy of Radioaktiv J / Reddit

His dog had meekly climbed the stairs to the house. Whether this pupper had intended to coat himself in mud or not, he still looks like the adorable fuzzball that he is. Reddit user Radioaktiv J had to give him a bath just to make sure it really was his dog though.

Made for Men

Unlike other parents, Instagram user fuchs.und.wolf.pomeranian didn’t mind letting his dog get down and dirty in the mud. It only takes him a couple of minutes to give this furball a bath, so might as well let him have a little fun in the dirt, right? Apart from that, he has noticed that his dog gets totally stylish, as soon as he gets wet.

Image courtesy of fuchs und wolf pomeranian / Instagram

Whereas before, you could barely make out the eyes on this pupper, now there’s no mistaking the feral intensity to them. It almost looks that even a dog his size can tackle down one ten times larger. As his fur dad puts it, it makes Fox look kind of angry and cute at the same time.

Quick Weight Loss Technique

Just in, this doggo had made a scientific breakthrough on dieting and nutrition. It’s a much-coveted- question – how can women lose weight quickly? The answer had been pretty simple. Take a mud bath every now and then. It helps unclog pores, moisturize the skin and boost metabolism.

Image Courtesy of Cat Moyed / Instagram

As can be seen from the pictures, not only had this dog lost weight, but he also looks younger. Although the study stands to be verified by peer scientists, there’s no denying that it has worked wonders for this doggo. Care to try a mud bath every now and then? You could take along this fellow if you feel the need for company!

Recent Spotting

Residents in this town refuse to mention its name. By sunset, they hurriedly lock their fences, bolt their doors and pull the curtains. The swamp monster rises from the muddy pits. Its scraggly hair is an absolute mess. Once, when it had encountered a pet cat, traces of the latter had all but disappeared. Since the recent spotting, residents have been careful to steer clear of this monstrosity.

Image Courtesy of doctor molly doodle / Instagram

When it had chanced upon a man in his front yard, it ambled towards the porch. The man looked around but had only been able to grasp at the hose for a weapon. He wound it in his hand and used it as a sling. I don’t want to hurt you, but back away! Seeing that the swamp monster wouldn’t listen, he opened the faucet to the max and then aimed at it. Within seconds, the monster vanished, leaving behind this damp pitiful mess.

Come Play With Me

Reddit user rockabillyjonny had always known he was fated to meet this rare pupper. It had the same hobbies as him – hiking, trekking, camping, and having some dirty fun. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the looks of this dog. But watch it have a hecking good time in the mud, and you will think otherwise.

Image Courtesy of Rock a Billy Jonny / Reddit

Rockabillyjonny had been fishing a couple of meters away. Not one to wear boots, he was knee-deep in lakewater. Meanwhile, his doggo was having the time of his life, rubbing his back in the cakey soil. When his dad had caught a trout, this doggo sprung to his legs and took a bite of the dad’s bait.

Family Day

One of the best things to do with family is to give this old dog a bath. Mum gets the towel and soap whereas Dad hoses down a meter’s-deep of soil in the backyard. Then both call out to this old dog. You will hear the scratching of nails against the floor, a couple of bangs as he hurriedly rushes to the mud puddle, and then the grateful bark for a romp in the mud.

Image Copurtesy of furever friends- 1 / Instagram

Afterward, he rises out of the pool and invites the children for a paint-by-numbers session. The only catch was that the paintings were colored in different shades of brown. As this Picasso makes his mark on the grass, mum and dad get to lathering up his fur. It’s pretty much the best day of the week.

Help Needed

When this pet owner came across an unusual problem, he immediately took a picture of it, uploaded it online, and asked the Reddit-verse for a solution. Try as he might, his brain had come up with none. See, he couldn’t tell if his dog had gone on a diving trip through the sewage. Instead of muddy clumps, the bathwater turned into a pit of black.

Image courtesy of Cooper Spoodle Doo / Instagram

Does anyone know how to clean a dog and a bath? I’m asking for a friend. If that doesn’t seem like a desperate plea for help, we don’t know what is. He almost hadn’t recognized his dog. Instead of its well-tressed brown fur, it had been covered in slick, tar-like black liquid. Think engine oil. So, can you pitch a plan to clean the bath?

Golden Retriever Versus Baths

What is it with dogs and bathtime? They put up a great deal of fuss before and after getting into the tub. The only exception is when it’s a mud bath. The greater the likelihood of insects and earthworms, the greater the chances dogs will want to bathe in that pool.

Image Courtesy of dripping in flowers / Reddit

So when Reddit user drippinginflowers took her dog for a hike, she had been almost certain that he would enjoy it. It had rained the night before. The soil would be soggy, and there would be some parts of the forest that welcomed a canine visitor for a quick mud bath. She had never been more right in her life.

Ever Been A Bad Boy?

Almost every guest who finds themselves cozying on the living room couch will have a sit-down with the family dog. Its eyes are chocolate brown and as welcoming as a steaming cup of warm cocoa. It will keep you company while mum prepares a fresh brew of coffee. Swear this doggo has always been a good girl…

Image courtesy of activ – dogs / Instagram

Save for some instances when Martha got a little muddy. Even her fur mum had been shocked to see that this doggo had a wild streak. It had run off one summer afternoon without a moment’s warning. It returned after a couple of hours with its tail waving like a flag. Looks like this good girl has gone bad.

Look at That Smile

There’s no denying that this doggo is better off with mud on its face. Clumps of soil fall out of the sides of its mouth, and it noisily pants in the afternoon heat. It looks up at Instagram user katia_di_marino, whose smile has turned sour. This doggo breaks into a grin, and soon his fur mum couldn’t resist returning it back.

Image Courtesy of katia di marino / Instagram

This is the only time her dog gets sociable. For the most part, it lounges off lazily beside her ankles on the porch. But during a roll in the muck, her dog might frap to and fro other dogs, bid them to dash into the mud, and then play tag. This is the only mess Katia would let her dog into, and it’s worth it to see him having such a blast.

Repairing Leather Upholstery

This doggo loves to help dad in the household. You can count on him to bring you tools if you say the right word. Screwdriver, wrench, electric tape. Say it. And you have got it! So when his dad had told him that the car’s leather upholstery could look better with a dash of paint, this doggo quickly got to work.

Image Courtesy of Wism Wism / Reddit

Brown looks like a fabulous color! He cocked his head as he looked at the pit. It should fit the car’s interior. To be sure, he dipped a paw in the pool and looked at it in the summer light. It glistened. Well, here goes, he thought as he doused himself in earth and worms. Hope dad likes it.

Chilling Like A Hoodrat

This doggo and his fur dad had a rough start in life. But with a great deal of hustle, his fur dad was able to build his empire. From time to time, the two eat in old diners where they had scrimped a couple of dollars and kept themselves warm with a penny’s worth of coffee. But unlike his dad, this doggo still loves chilling like the hoodrat that he is.

Image Courtesy of Jeffco Jeepgirl /Instagram

Guess there is a certain truth to the saying – you can take the dog out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the dog. This dad calls out to his fur child. It burrows further down until dad throws his hand up in disbelief. We have been through this so many times. I can make you a mud bath at home, pal. The hoodrat shakes his head. Nothing beats a natural rain-created patch on the dirt path.

Rite of Passage

It took some time for this doggo to adjust to a new member of the family. He had grown up all alone, spending most of his time playing by himself. Now he had someone to play tricks on. He eyed the newbie from across the room, barked at him, and said there is a rite of passage you must go through.

Image Courtesy of Tai gaug go / Reddit

It’s one of the most defining moments of our canine life. To be sure, mum and dad won’t like it. But you won’t be considered a mutt if you don’t force yourself to roll in the muck. So how about it? I will show you how. Then you can follow. Without a moment’s hesitation, this puppy nodded yes. Good. I have a feeling you’ll be a fast learner.

Forget the White Coat

This doggo is the envy of every other dog. He has a thick matte of white fur, has solid sturdy legs, and he has a fiery growl which will set any thief running. The only catch is that he doesn’t care about his assets—no sir, not one bit. Instead of taking care of his mane, he plows through the dirt and mud, unaware that he’s ruining his perfect grooming.

Image courtesy of Judes Diary / Reddit

What had been his excuse this time? You see, there was a ball that needed rescuing. Or at least I thought it was a ball. It looked like one from afar. As I closed my mouth around it, I felt the ragged edge of a stone. I know. I look filthy. But that’s nothing that a little soap and pressurized water can’t clean.

All Out of Free Kisses

Although he doesn’t like to, this furball ends up giving everyone in the household free kisses. His mum usually puts a bandana around his neck, and that primes him to action. He will boop your nose, paw your knee and then lean in for a smooch. Most likely, you will return the favor, too, unless he’s all covered in mud.

Image Courtesy of murph m cosker/ Instagram

Now, he’s really in the mood to give everyone free kisses, especially Mum. She had let him play in the swamp after all. But try as he might; she won’t let him get close to her. Soon, a game of chase occurs, with this doggo trying to catch mum in the rear. Just one smooch! Promise! Then I’m off to the bath.

What Have You Got There

This fur mum has always been careful about the food she gave her dogs. She would read each food item’s ingredient list to ensure there aren’t any onions, grapes, raisins, nuts, and alcohol. So she was pretty shocked to see that her dog had gotten a bar of chocolate. Not wanting to chase him away, she asked, what have you got there?

Image Courtesy of poor kidz / Reddit

Might it have been the neighbor who gave it to him? Her eyes ran down her dog’s body. His feet had cakes of mud. So it hadn’t been chocolate all along. Had there been earthworms where her dog feasted? She hoped not. She called out to her fur child. How about we give you a warm bath?

Had A Good Day

Even dogs wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes. This furball certainly struggled to get up from the cushion. The only way to get him to sit, then stand, was to invite him to go for a walk. But what had started out as a glum day became one of the best days of his life.

Image Courtesy of tiffy miss swifty / Instagramlllyl

All mum had to do was to set him loose. As he heard the metal unclasp from his collar, his eyes beamed. Now, off you go, mum encouraged. Don’t stray too far, though. This doggo knew the swamp wasn’t that far off. It seems to me that’s the best place to play today. And there he went.

Tired of Playing Dress-up

Like kids, our dogs have a blast playing dress-up. They may patiently stand as mum fits laced dresses over their heads. But some days, they just feel like ditching the dress and makeup altogether. They will simply go bare. After all, there’s nothing as liberating as acting according to one’s true [canine] nature.

Image Courtesy of Rhonda Kirl Photography / rrkirl / Instagram

This doggo knew that mum wouldn’t help take the dress off. So she asked for a little help from dad. Then Gabby innocently begged for some time alone. Little did they know that she had found a mud hole to burrow herself in. Taking inspiration from Kim K, this doggo wore a flattering sheer naked dress.

Winter Has Come

The Starks have a saying. Winter is coming. It sounds grim, but it reminds them to stay vigilant. Stock the pantry. Train vigorously. And pile on the fur. Like the Starks, this furball knew just where everything was. Even if it was covered in knee-depth snow, he had been able to find the mud pit.

Image Courtesy of Millie the Keeshond / Instagram

It had only taken him a couple of minutes. The brisk movement of his paws shoveling at the snow made his heart pump faster. He could feel the warmth from his breath, which grew shorter and shorter until he had reached the mud pit. For a minute, he held his breath. Then he shoved his snout into the soggy soil. Ah, feels refreshing.

Find the Hidden Doggo

Let’s play a quick game of hide and seek. Not to worry, you won’t have to get up from your seat. Nor will you have to thumb through a series of pictures. All you need to do is view the image on the right and find the missing doggo. You should be able to find him within a few milliseconds. If that doesn’t work, try whistling. It should bark at you.

Image Courtesy of sushi sando / Reddit

That had been the only thing to catch this doggo’s attention. Reddit user sushisando tried calling out to it for a couple of minutes. But his dog burrowed itself further in the mud. With each roll, traces of its canine self disappeared. Finally, sushisando had had enough. He put his fingers to his mouth and whistled as loudly as he can. That worked.

Full Body Treatment

This doggo knew that he had to book himself for a full body treatment. The week he had was long and strenuous. The kids ran around the house nearly 24/7. Mum had gone to the grocery a couple of times, and Dad had asked him to bring a couple of beers while on a fishing trip. Fortunately, there was a vacant slot at his fave spot.

Image Courtesy of Monty On Adventure

He clawed at the earth. Every now and then, he would dip his nose in the water to test if it was perfect to bathe in. Just a couple more minutes. That should get the worms going. Finally, he dove deep in the bath and then nestled himself there. He kicked at the water and then rested his nape on the grassy patch behind him. Ah, this is the life. He enjoyed the next few minutes before mum called him in for supper. There was no one to relieve him of his job. But that didn’t matter. At least he could take a mud bath every now and then.

Could it Be a Doppelganger?

This mum had always loved camping in the woods. But she hadn’t been able to do so in the last couple of years – what with the kids being born and all. But when the opportunity presented itself, she planned a weekend getaway to camp in the wild. She had brought her most trusted companions – her husband and their dog.

Image Courtesy of Laura Rennie / Facebook

Not only had mum had difficulty adjusting to the wild, but so did their dog. They had always known he hated baths, but they thought he would be able to manage crossing the river. He didn’t. They couldn’t believe their eyes as a brown retriever emerged from the water. Thought we brought a white lab, hon.

Finders Keepers

Let’s call him Napoleon. This general loves to travel to uncharted territory with one thing in mind – what’s there to discover here? Just today, his mum had taken him on a walk to the park. He sniffed the path he tugged his mum towards, and then he came across a hidden treasure.

Image Courtesy of ponder 233823 / Reddit

What had it been? Why it was the only mud puddle in the dog park. He didn’t wait for mum’s permission. He readily jumped into it and then coated himself with its earthly scent. Nothing to lose there. He never liked the smell his dog conditioner gave off. But mum hadn’t let him keep the treasure he found. So he left it in the dog park for other dogs to wander into.

Is There A Thing As Too Much Play?

When you are a parent to twin fluff clouds, you will do anything to keep them super clean. You would give them daily baths, set grooming appointments, buy premium feeds, and then use only the best dog conditioners and brushes. Unfortunately, these twin fluffs have other plans on their mind.

Image Courtesy of vienna samoyed spack / Instagram

Come playtime; these fluffs would beg mum to let them outside. There’s not much room for Figo and me Alice whimpers. She jumps on her hind legs and then rests her paws on mum’s knees. Pretty please, let us out today? Alice usually gets her request, but these babies are grounded every other week for getting into a huge muddy mess.

Just How Tall Are You

This showstopper knows how to flaunt his long legs. He can easily tower over any dog, or man for that matter if he stands on his hind legs. But his best asset is also his biggest flaw when it comes to cesspools and mud pits. Whereas other dogs can coat themselves in muck with shallow pools, he has to find one that’s at least four feet deep. We can’t say he is as fulfilled as other canines from the looks of it.

Image Courtesy of Koi The Borzoi / Instagram

If anything, he looks like a regular dog with his legs coated in black. We hadn’t noticed how abnormally long and elegant they are. Sure, he may have gotten a bad rep for being a dirty dog. But at least he didn’t have to fulfill anyone else’s expectations by rolling in the dirt.

Any Takers?

Being the only dog in the family has its perks. You get all the attention at family gatherings, plus you get free belly rubs and nape massages whenever you want. Simply wag your tail, bark loudly and flash those canine teeth. There is only one instance nobody will want to pet you for being a good boy.

Image Courtesy of Laura Rennie / Facebook

This dog stuck his head where he hadn’t ought to. And as he crawled out of the pit with mud coating the full length of his belly, his fur mum broke into fits of laughter. Forget the leash. He knew he was in trouble without having it wrapped around his neck. No one had wanted to pet him on the walk home!

Had a Field Day

Before getting a dog, you should consider the type and matte of fur you can stand brushing through. This fur mum absolutely regrets having gotten this furball. Sure, she’s a cutie. But there’s nothing cute about brushing its scraggly fur for two hours to get all that green nastiness out.

Image Courtesy of Tacocat 0927 / Imgur

If it had been us, we might have left it on for a little while longer. It doesn’t look like this furball regrets having run through the neighbor’s weeds. It’s highly likely they’d make a dash for it on another occasion anyways. But the parent in us wants to cuddle this furball tightly, and we would patiently put in the hours needed to untangle the clump of fur and get the gunk out.

Caught in the Act

This doggo wanted to play it chill. He didn’t want mum to see that he was eyeing the mud pool in the far corner of the yard. He had been told to stay away from it. Otherwise, he would have to spend the next couple of nights in the backyard. So the only question had been which was more important – sleep or playtime?

Image Courtesy of k9divinek9divine / Instagram

As soon as mum carried the tray of drinks indoors, he quickly ran to the mud pool and stuck his whole head into it. The deeper he dug in, the more frenzied his thinking. Gots to make this count. Quick. Quick, before mum comes out. The muddy water splashed all over him. But he hadn’t been able to take a bath. Someone caught him knee-deep in the act!

Got Myself A New Moustache

Ever wondered if there’s a thing such as mustache extensions? You sure bet there is! In the animal world, having a long mane is a sign of strength and vitality. So naturally, the alpha dog of this family wanted in on the fad. He booked himself an appointment late in the afternoon.

Image courtesy of Our furrry Fam / Instagram

Well, well? What do you think? He glares at you from the corner of his eyes and then flashes a dashing grin. I had them contour it to the sides of my face. It should make my snout look thinner. You nod your head, amazed at the difference. He continues, my therapist told me I should visit the clinic in two weeks. But I have a feeling I’ll be back more oftener.

Turning Into A Hippo

Much like some people, this had been a curious case of identity disorder. Growing up, this doggo never saw himself as a canine. It would spend most of its day by the tub or by grandpa’s side, wading in the river. It loves to hold its breath underwater – about 6 seconds is its best feat. When asked what he identifies himself with, Ralph replied, happy hippo.

Image Courtesy of eleni ralph sylvie / Instagram

True to his word, you will find him knee-deep in the mud. It doesn’t matter what time of the year. Once he sees a pool of gunk, he will sprint towards it. He loves the feel of it weighing down on him like a blanket. And the best part is that it helps him regulate body heat.

It’s a Dog Day Afternoon

What goes well with mud puddles? Casual dates and puppuccinos. At least, that’s what dad had in mind when he brought his fur child to the park. While he was off flirting with someone, his dog had been getting down and dirty in the mud. Who do you think scored during the date?

Image Courtesy of Louie and Elliot / Instagram

Not like it matters. No one had been keeping score. But from the looks of it, it’s like this doggo had made the most out of the afternoon. You could tell he’s a great deal happier from the paws-on activity and the change in scenery. He was sad to bid the mud pit goodbye, but there is always next time, right?