Dogs Who Are All Business In The Front, Party In The Back

By Iulia P

For those who are not familiar with the saying and those born after the second half of the 90’s we introduce to you all: the mullet. According to Wikipedia, the mullet first saw the “light of the day” for the first time in Ancient times. But only in the 80’s, did it started trending so much that people from all over the world were wearing it. The mullet hairstyle is a pop culture icon, and guess what! 30 years since it started trending, it made a comeback in 2020. A major one since many celebrities started rocking it. And not only them, but it turns out that dogs too started to fall in love with the mullet as well. Here are some of the freshest and coolest dog mullets that you will probably see today.

Trendy without a choice

Okay, we might be wrong for judging by appearances. But to us, it looks like this guy right here has started rocking the mullet in the ’80s and never went back to another hairstyle. Well, we kind of understand why.

Photo courtesy of

It is obvious that the hairstyle suits him, but no matter how good or bad a mullet suits you, a mullet is a mullet, and it will forever look hilarious to us. Oh, well, at least the trend is back, and now people won’t laugh at him anymore.

Joe Exotic?

If Joe Exotic, Netflix’s Tiger King, would be a dog, this is exactly how he would look like. This Pomeranian pup, his mullet, and his hair color made us think of the country “star” who was a tiger breeder before his incarceration.

Photo courtesy of

And if you do not see the resemblance, let us help you a bit! Look at this little guy’s mouth; it looks exactly like Joe Exotic’s infamous mustache. And the fact that this guy is also behind bars… This is mind-blowing.

The teenager

We are not sure how old this Pom-Pom dog is, but we can only assume that he is in his teen years with that mullet he is rocking. And it’s only fair to assume that since he looks exactly like a human teenager.

Photo courtesy of Hippy Committee THC

He looks exactly like the popular guy from every teenage movie from the ’80s and the ’90s. The popular small-town guy in his senior year in high school, who plays American football, and dates the popular cheerleader in his free time.

Fresh cut

There is nothin more refreshing and more satisfying that makes one feel as good as a new fresh cut. Not to mention if that cut is trendy and happens to suit your style and your facial features, then it’s a chef’s kiss of perfection.

Photo courtesy of

It’s needless to say that this guy is totally feeling his new look. We mean, look how proud he is posing. Also, that curly mullet suits this boy so well that it is making us consider getting a perm mullet too.

*Touches the mirror dramatically*

This fellow looks like the grumpy guy in the first picture, but from all the feelings that this picture expresses, you can tell it is not the same doggo. While the first dog was giving us grumpy vibes, this one right here is definitely giving us dramatic vibes.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know exactly what he was doing, but it looks to us that he was caught up while having a moment of introspection, a moment of self-empowerment and self-elevation. As we said, this picture is all about dramatic vibes.

The music video doggo

If by any chance you were around in the late 80’s early 90’s then you know what we’re talking about. If this pup’s hairstyle was not seen on every rock star on MTV then we do not know what was. From Dog Jovi to Aeropup, rock on dude!

Photo courtesy of

The mullet, the perm, and the rocker vibes, everything about this pup would make a roadie from back in the day really jealous. Not to mention, if this doggo was alive during that time, he would have starred in a music video for sure.

Issa 10 from us!

It looks like this pup was taken to the groomer, and the groomer did do what he or she does best: make him look like a star. And it’s needless to say that our girl here was feeling herself so much.

Photo courtesy of

She looks like she loves her new hairstyle. The thing is, it seems to us that it’s a little too short in the front. And we all know how girls are after cutting their hair; most of them regret having it cut. We’re sure this happened to her too.

Short hair?

So you have short hair, and you can not get the mullet that you so desire? Say no more; we got you. Actually, not we but all those hair extensions companies. Whoever invented hair extensions was a genius, and we owe him big time.

Photo courtesy of Hippy Committee THC

We and also this guy too whose mullet was possible only with the added inches. The result is perfect, and it looks like he loves it too. We mean, look at him giving us model-like poses. He is definitely feeling this look.

What is that?

First of all, before taking a second look at this picture, we seriously thought that this was a -wait for it- a donkey. But when we looked at the picture for a longer moment, we still had the same reaction as we did before: what is that?

Photo courtesy of

Exactly! We are referring to that thing that is on this poor’s dog head. Whoever did this wannabe mullet to him needs to give us an explanation. Why and what was the reason behind this atrocity of a hairstyle? We can only hope that the dog’s human did not do this to him on purpose.

We see you!

We have seen quite a few mullets already, and this one right here is one of the best and polished out of all of them. The person who did this is definitely a mullet professional, and we might need to take his or her number.

Photo courtesy of

And then let’s take a moment to speak about that honey blonde hair that this girl has. It suits her perfectly, and together with the mullet, it is just the kind of statement look that one wants to achieve. We love it!

Not sure about this…

We had to stare for a good 2 minutes at the picture below. And this was because we do not understand what hairstyle this girl is rocking. Is it a bob hairstyle or just a reinterpreted mullet? Or maybe it might be both.

Photo courtesy of

A mix of a bob cut and a mullet would result in something that would look exactly like a grown mullet. And if you look closely at her hairstyle, this is exactly what she is rocking. What do you think?

Good ol’ times

We might be dealing with a case of “keeping the same cut I had when I was in my 20’s so I can feel forever young”. Sure it still suits him, but some hairstyles should be left in the past, don’t you think?

Photo courtesy of

Cuz our friend here does definitely not agree with us. Oh well, we can not ignore the fact that it is rocking that old-school mullet with such confidence it makes you want to get one as well.

The cool one

If you thought that when you travel, you should not worry that much about your looks, well this girl does not agree with you. She got all ready for her flight, and that perfectly fixed hairdo tells us exactly the time she spends in front of the mirror.

Photo courtesy of

And trust us, it was not just 10 minutes. Let’s say we are sure that because of her hair, her human and herself might have been late for their check-in. Oh, well, it is like this sometimes, and since it was for a good reason, it can be forgiven.

Lion King

Looks like someone is a big fan of the Lion King movie. It also looks like that someone is definitely not this pup. Poor guy! That haircut looks so bad on him that we don’t even know if we should laugh or cry.

Photo courtesy of Hippy Committee THC

We might have a clue on who did it. Judging by the uneven cut, we can only assume that someone’s owner is a bit inexperienced when it comes to cutting dogs’ hair. We’re not judging but let’s make sure next time this pup goes to a groomer instead.

The Baywatch yorkie

We do not remember seeing any Yorkshire Terriers in the Baywatch TV show, but with a mullet like that, he could have easily blended in with the other characters. He got the mullet, he got the muscles, and he also has the attitude.

Photo courtesy of

He could have been the perfect fit for the 80’s TV series. Who knows, maybe if the right persons see a picture of this little guy, they might consider putting him on the cast list for any future remakes they might decide to make.

Mohawk+ mullet= Mohallet?

Yeah, this is just our little invention, but what else can you call a mix between a Mohawk and a mullet in order to make it sound trendy and not outdated? While the mullet made a comeback, we are not sure that the Mohawk is still trendy nowadays.

Photo courtesy of

But small insignificant facts about what’s trendy and what’s not is just useless information for punkers like this rebellious guy pictured above. He looks unbothered wearing his crazy mullet and high Mohawk while rocking a very cool skull tie all at the same time

Bad decision

It was at that moment that Molly realized she had made a bad decision when she decided to go get her hair cut at the local hair salon. We don’t know what hairstyle she asked for, but we can tell this one was not it.

Photo courtesy of

Too late now since the damage is done. Lucky for her, it’s just hair; it will grow back. Also, lucky for her, she is just a dog, and as long as she will be a good girl and bring the stick back when thrown, no one will tease her about her cut.

We are worried!

Okay, now that we see this guy wearing the same kind of wannabe mullet as the poor “donkey dog” we saw earlier, we must admit that we are getting really concerned. And we can not stop wondering who the person behind these awful hairstyles is?

Photo courtesy of

We might not know exactly who the person is, but we are more than sure that they are behind the two dogs’ hairstyles, and we are not liking the direction of where his visionary work is heading. Well, at least this doggo looks unbothered and very happy with himself and his new cut.

The kid mullet

So the mullet was a sensation hairstyle, rocked by so many. From teenagers to adults, celebrities and even kids were rocking it back in the day. Nowadays, no matter how cool it may be, a mullet is a big No-No for kids.

Photo courtesy of

Sure, from our sincere and humble point of view. Even though we kind of like how this little pup looks with his mullet, we strongly suggest we leave the mullets for the pups and protect our kids at all costs from this trend.

The stylish mullet

Here is one of the most stylish and cool mullets we have seen up until now. We love how soft it is and how it is styled. You can barely tell that this girl is rocking a mullet at all, but still, the hair is out of her face.

Photo courtesy of

The hair is perfection considering she doesn’t have that much of it to play around with! We would nicely recommend she’d go and put some clothes on. A lady can just not pose like this, not mention the chill factor of the air on her skin!

The orange mullet

So we have seen white mullets, black mullets, honey blonde mullets, orange mullets, and even gray ones. But we have not seen a strawberry blonde mullet until now. The color is gorgeous, while this type of mullet is… just not really one of our favorites.

Photo courtesy of wagsnwigglesdoggiedayspa

But it doesn’t matter. Yes, we might not like the look of the mullet on this little guy, but he looks so happy with his fresh cut that we can not say anything bad about the style so as not to hurt his feelings. As long as you are happy little doggo!

The chic Mohallet

We are so sorry if our invented word annoys you! Next time we will try to be more creative. Anyways, in the photo below we have another example of a Mohawk and mullet mix rocked by this fashionable guy.

Photo courtesy of

And if you ask us, we love this style more than the other one. To us, it just looks better, and the transition from short to long is a lot smoother. Enough about the hairstyle! Can we take a moment to appreciate this guy’s 2 pairs of rain shoes? Very EnVogue or should it be En Dogue.

Long mullet alert!

Here we have Gladys. Sure this dog’s name is definitely not Gladys, but with that long mullet hairstyle, she sure looks like a lady whose name might just be Gladys. And whose favorite activity would be to go to the…

Photo courtesy of

You guessed right! To the hair salon to get perms and bedazzled manicures. And by how she is holding her paws on that counter to show off her mani, we might have hit the jackpot and guessed exactly what her name is and her favorite free time activity.

Lion mane gone wrong

We think we might have an idea of what happened here. Someone, probably the owner of this boy here, wanted his pup to rock a lion-like mane. He or she took him to the groomer and told him what he wanted.

Photo courtesy of Trippy Hippy Committee THC

The groomer told the owner that his pup’s hair is not fluffy enough and that the haircut would not look good. We think that the pup’s human did not listen and still insisted on the mane. The result? A failed mane and a dog that would probably want to stay inside till the hair grows back.

It’s a No from us!

We might hurt some feelings, but we can not hold back our words. We are sorry, but it’s a NO from us. Yes, the top of this cut looks cool, but the rest of it? What happened? Did the clippers stop working mid-cut? Oh, why are only patches of him hairless?

Photo courtesy of

We need some answers, and we are sure that his human needed answers too. We can not imagine his human’s reaction when he saw his dog’s new haircut. As tragic as it may have been, we would have definitely wanted to be there and seen the look on his face.

The album cover doggo

You got to love a beautiful side profile shot that is put on the cover of an album. Us, personally, we would put the picture below on the cover of a country music album that is all about disappointment in love and the hard life after the break-up.

Photo courtesy of

Seriously now! This picture is so simple, yet it manages to convey so many emotions to the person that looks at it. We can already visualize some of the names of the songs behind this picture: “Never look back,” “I love you no more,” and “Cry me a river.”

It’s there!

You may not see it, the mullet, clearly, but it is there. This guy reminds us of the time we were kids, and we would style our hair and clothes the same way our singer idols would have theirs. All this so we can act like we were them.

Photo courtesy of ronnie_james_doodle

Singing around the house and staging imaginary concerts. This guy in the picture below looks just like someone who wants to imitate a trendy artist but does not have all the resources he needs. So he works with what he has.

The star

Not only do we not have anything bad to say about this mullet at all, but we love how good the hairstyle suits this little lady. The hairstyle, the color, and that ear-to-ear smile, everything about the photo is picture-perfect.

Photo courtesy of

And now that we discussed the hairstyle and the color, we really need to know where she cut and colored her hair. We need a contact, a number, or a hint because we want the same confidence she is rocking in this shot.

Same guy, different angle

Yes! This is the same guy you have seen earlier. And yes, you need to look at the picture of him again! this picture is nothing but a friendly reminder that you can achieve everything you want in life with a bit of work and some hair extensions.

Photo courtesy of

A new job, a new bestie that you met in the girl’s restroom, and even a mullet. Your hair extensions can open some doors for you that you would never think would be able to open before. What are you waiting for? Get yourself some inches and go conquer the world! Yes, Queen!


Meet Petunia! She is a single mother of four who lives in the suburbs of Sequim, Washington DC, and as you can see, she has never gotten over her young adult years and is still wearing her mullet today in tribute to her lost youth.

Photo courtesy of

Oh, those good ol’ Woodstock times! Now Petunia does not enjoy going to festivals anymore, but instead, she loves complaining to employees around her town and asking them to speak to their manager. Petunia is definitely a hand full of a woman.

Petunia part II

We just met Petunia a page or two above, the old Woodstocker who lives in Washington DC and is now a single mom of four? Well this is her in her in her 20’s attending a music festival. Obviously in this picture she was not at Woodstock.

Photo courtesy of

Petunia was only 2 years old when Woodstock took place. But this did not stop Petunia from idolizing that era and wearing the same hairstyle and style as the “Woodstockers.” We are considering making a whole article about Petunia because we feel like it could be potentially interesting to many readers.


We have been looking at this picture for a good hot minute. And if until now we were complaining that the front of the mullet should not be too small compared to the back, we actually love this guy’s look and cut.

Photo courtesy of

And do not ask us why because we just don’t know! There is something about this short-front mullet that makes us tolerate it more than we tolerate mullets in general. Could the reason for it be the cute face of this pup?

The chic Mohalett strkes again

The same guy that was proudly wearing his Mohawk and mullet mix earlier at the mall is here again. This time he looks like he is in a different space, and it looks like the season has changed too since he is not wearing his yellow jacket.

Photo courtesy of

He is not wearing his yellow raincoat, or a Tee, or some pants or even his dog coat, because alas, he doesn’t have one. This guy is almost naked, and he is posing like he is not aware of it. By this lack of any clothing in the picture, we can only assume that it was a sweltering summer.

George the retired Trucker

Meet George! He not only looks like a truck driver, he actually used to be one back in the day before he decided to retire. George was a great truck driver, and you can tell by his bushy eyebrows and his typical trucker mustache.

Photo courtesy of

Oh, and let’s not forget about the mullet. That is every trucker’s must-have. It is more important than, you know, those sleep breaks they take every 4 hours. George is not a truck driver anymore, but he kept the style.

It’ another No from us

At this point, you have to agree with us that the mullet does not suit every face shape or every hair color. For example this pup pictured below has some cute features but the business in the front and party in the back style does not suit him or her.

Photo courtesy of

Not to mention the combination of colors, the brown and blonde highlights. Nope! It’s a No from us. We do recommend this pup to let his hair grow and try a bob cut instead. A bob would suit him better.


Okay, we are dealing with a case of ” human got bored during the pandemic and gave me an unwanted haircut”. We are so sorry, buddy for how bad your human’s idea turned out. On the other hand, we kind of understand his/her actions.

Photo courtesy of

The pandemic made a lot of dog salons close, so we are sure your human had the best intentions. It looks like you can see now from not having your fluffy hair into your eyes anymore. Just make sure you grow your hair from now on because summer is around the corner, and we don’t want people to laugh at you.

Oh, no!

Imagine asking your significant other who is free for the day to take your beloved four-legged bestie to the groomer. You trust your partner and his choices, so you don’t give him any details on how you’d want your dog’s hair to look.

Photo courtesy of

Only to come back from a stressful day at work to an even stressful situation: your dog with a mullet down to his tail. Oh, no! We would go bananas and not in a good way. We don’t know, but this hairstyle is not it. It is not it at all.

Oh, yeah!

Let’s keep on playing the same imagination game. So your partner takes your dog to the groomer and decides to ask for a short mullet cut for him. This and also a little color here and there to make the mullet more “spicy.”

Photo courtesy of

The fact that the mullet is not a long one might be a step forward towards accepting your dog’s new haircut. But we are more than sure that the dyed mullet and tail will make you laugh and forget about your partner giving your dog a mullet.

Too much for us

Here is a picture of a poor pup on the groomer’s table, right after his mullet cut. All we can say is that this is both sad and funny. It’s too much for us, and we don’t know how to react to this picture.

Photo courtesy of

On the one hand, we want to laugh so badly at this because the haircut is beyond hilarious. It makes him look like a lady in her late 50’s. On the other hand, we feel like shedding a tear because… look at his face. He looks so embarrassed.

Him again

Here we have the same doggo that we saw in the previous picture. This picture was taken some weeks after his cut and you might agree with us on this one, but he already looks slightly better than how it looked right after he got shaved.

Photo courtesy of

And you can tell he likes it better too. We mean, his confidence is back and his mullet went from puffy to a more relaxed, beach waves one. Ok, no, who are we trying to kid… we won’t comment till his hair grows back fully. Patience there bud.