40+ People Who Totally Believe That Fall Is Superior To Summer

By Abigail T

If you relate to Elsa from Frozen, and the cold really doesn’t bother you, these next tweets are definitely for you. This summer might be monumental for everyone in that the world is finally opening up after everyone was stuck at home for almost a year. It’s something everybody has looked forward to. But, the summers didn’t use to be this anticipated. In fact, in the past, some people actually couldn’t wait for the summer to end. They live for the slight drop in temperature, the leaves turning red, and the winds picking up. Many people wish the summer away by dressing up for autumn before it’s time and decorating for Halloween a good few weeks early. Are you a summer lover or an autumn child? As the “-ber” months approach, scroll down and see if you relate to any of these people.

Just want to be cozy

Everyone can agree that fall fashion is superior to summer fashion. Who wants to wear booty shorts and a tank top to stay cool? We’d rather wear knit sweaters with jeans, nice boots, and a cute beanie. Like @seasonalvibes, we just want to be cozy.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@seasonalvibes

There’s nothing quite like eating a bowl of hot soup on a cold day. Or sipping a cup of coffee indoors while it’s raining outside. Or jumping over a pile of leaves and hearing the satisfying crunch under your feet.

Finding the balance

What do you do when it’s still summer, and you want to enjoy it while it lasts, but you also can’t wait for Halloween? Well, what else is there to do but to dress up in a witch costume and lounge in a beach chair by the shore?

Photo courtesy of Sharon Marsh/Pinterest

Sure, you may look like a crazy person. Who would cover up like this in that heat? It would make for a horrible farmer’s tan. But at least the witch’s hat can serve as shades, so you won’t have to wear sunglasses.

Move on

Some years, it does feel like summer lingers for a little longer than it’s supposed to. There comes a time when people are done with the heat and just want to chill in the fall weather. Some people also just want to celebrate Halloween.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_aleciasmith27

The fall is always associated with Halloween, and for a lot of people, that’s their favorite season. So, of course, having to wait out the summer weather can be annoying. One thing’s for sure – it doesn’t feel right if it’s still hot and humid on Halloween.

So ready for the cold

For most, fall fashion might mean donning a nice coat, putting on a pair of boots, or sporting a cute beanie. It’s wearing more long-sleeved shirts and layers. For @infinityonhi’s dad, fall fashion means zipping back the extensions of his zip-off shorts.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@infinityonhi

We’ve seen these kinds of pants before. They may be functional and budget-friendly, but they are definitely one of the most unattractive pairs of pants we have ever seen! Guess in this household, that’s how they know that autumn is coming.

Pumpkin spice

We all know the real excitement behind the cold season—the Starbucks special holiday drinks. Come October, Starbucks returns to selling their iconic pumpkin spice lattes. This, of course, comes before their Christmas holiday drinks like the peppermint mocha and toffee nut latte.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@danielhowell

Even if people are still enjoying the summer, the return of the pumpkin spice latte is something everyone looks forward to. British YouTuber Dan Howell also awaits pumpkin spice latte season, mostly so he can stop feeling hot and sticky in the dark.

This might spark some drama

All over the world, people are at war about when Christmas starts. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, then it’s after Thanksgiving. For those who don’t, then November is the time to put up the Christmas tree and get decorating.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Hoontair_

The end of Christmas is also a big debate. Some say you should take the tree down the week after New Year’s. Others keep it up well after Valentine’s Day. Which side is right here? This tweet will spark some drama for sure.

Goblin boy fall

Everyone has been raving about it being a hot girl summer. It seems like hot girl summer is every summer—the season for bikini bodies and Le Croix by the beach. But what happens when the heat dies down, and the sun begins to set earlier?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SketchesbyBoze

Well, we welcome goblin boy fall. Yup, that’s a new thing that @SketchesbyBoze is trying to make trending. What does it entail, you ask? Read the tweet again! It’s a lot less Halloween spooky and a lot more of a medieval and mythical hybrid.

Fall starter pack

In true Internet fashion, someone has come up with a “fall starter pack” to help people transition into the fall season. If you don’t have any of these items in your home yet, maybe you should consider your readiness for fall.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

As we’ve talked about, pumpkin spiced lattes, boots, and cozy outfits are essential parts of the fall season. But, other things like pumpkins, a neutral to dark eyeshadow palette, autumn scented candles, and dark nail polish are also associated with fall.

The transitional limbo

Everyone knows that as summer bleeds into fall, the weather can seem a little wishy-washy. The mornings can seem a little chillier when you step out of the house, but by the time midday hits, summer still makes itself known with the heat.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@makaylaedwardss

Twitter user @makylaedwardss could not sum it up any better. These periods between summer and fall can get pretty annoying. The best thing to do fashion-wise is to wear a cardigan, hoodie, or sweatshirt over a t-shirt. That way, when it gets too hot, you can just take it off.

Soup season

We’ve never heard of autumn being referred to as “soup season” until now, but we actually like it. There is room for more than one iconic food item this season. Soup can definitely share the spot with the pumpkin spice.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@teresaqhoang

We didn’t realize there are so many different kinds of soup until this Twitter user lists them all down! It’s making us wish the weather would cool down a little, so we have a chance to enjoy wonderful soupy goodness properly.

Bring on autumn

Based on this Tweet, we’re drawing the conclusion that pop queen Ariana Grande is a fellow autumn child. There’s no such thing as summer ending too quickly. Not when you get to dress in turtlenecks and carve pumpkins!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ArianaGrande

This is what the autumn lovers are doing to get ready for the colder season—posing on a couch with a pumpkin, just like Sigourney Weaver. Speaking of, does this mean she is also a fall fan? More to the club!

Thanks, I hate it here

We’ve never seen a tweet so hateful against summer before. We’re not sure we can help make a case for the hot season after reading this tirade. We’re afraid we have to concede on this one—there is no redeeming quality about the summer.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ebby_Wine

We’ve never even thought about the skin sticking to chairs! That truly may be the worst part about summer. It’s almost enough to make us want to stay indoors as the summer eases out. Let us know when it’s safe to come out in jeans again.

Barn aesthetics

If there is a set of pictures that could bring home the argument for why fall is the superior weather to summer, it’s these photos from @Amanda_Nicole_E. Barns do look absolutely perfect in the colder seasons.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Amanda_Nicole_E

In the summer, it just doesn’t look as whimsical. There is something magical about the cold and the color of the leaves and grass that just make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. You almost appreciate nature more in the fall.

Fall body ready

Another horrible thing about the summer is the pressure to be “beach body ready.” People would ascribe it to intense workout regimes and diets just to be able to achieve that perfect body—whatever that means. It’s really not worth it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@olivia182399

This Twitter user has the right attitude towards this whole issue. Instead of pushing herself for a beach body, she’s just accepting that she looks better in leggings and flannel anyway. Don’t let society tell you what you should or should be looking like!

And what about it?

Okay, it may be 85 degrees out (that’s roughly 30 degrees Celcius). That’s not gonna stop anyone from dressing like it’s autumn if they want to. Just let them be. They’ll face the consequences of being too warm on their own.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

To some extent, everyone is like this cat by the time September rolls around. It doesn’t matter if the temperature hasn’t caught up. By default, September is an autumn month, the end of summer. And that calls for fall fashion.

Autumn fashion supremacy

What did we tell you? This isn’t the first tweeter to say that autumn fashion is better than summer wear. There’s something about leather blazers and boots that just makes you feel so fashionable. Oh, and did we mention cozy and warm yet?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@swiftielaurah

And yes, the warm drinks are also a big plus. It just feels wrong to be having hot coffee in the summer, even if it is for breakfast. The cold is truly the perfect time to enjoy warm drinks, warm soup, and warm clothes.

It’s never too early

Just like some people believe it’s never too early to put up the Christmas decorations or play Christmas music, others believe it’s never too early for pumpkin spice. A cold pumpkin spice latte, why not? There are no rules.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@BIGGBYMuggle

If you don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life, you know what you need to do. Give the negative person this look and walk away. You deserve to live your life the way you want to.

The beauty of oversized sweaters

If there’s anything these tweets will reinforce, it’s the fact that wearing layers and knit clothing to keep warm is better than wearing skimpy outfits to beat the heat. Twitter user @EndOfDaysWoman here makes a case for oversized sweaters.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@EndOfDaysWoman

She does have a point. Oversized sweaters look flattering on anyone. Pair it with well-fitting jeans and good boots, and you’re going to steal the whole room. Not to mention, it still keeps you warm and is exactly like wearing a blanket.

The real holiday season

Do you know how people who are too excited about Christmas would put the tree up and start decorating their house at the start of November? Well, people who are too excited for Halloween do the same thing when September rolls around.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hannibalphobia

Oh, @hannibalphobia. It’s not abnormal to get too excited for Halloween. Some might argue that’s when the real holiday season actually begins. It’s okay. You can start carving pumpkins and lighting autumn-scented candles in September. Do whatever you want and live your best life.

Halloween music

There are those people who have a playlist for everything, including the spooky season. Check out @sc00byboo’s playlist for Halloween. It’s scary, mystical, and magical-themed, which is appropriate for the holiday. And no, we aren’t shaming them for listening to this in August.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sc00byboo

There’s nothing wrong with preparing for the scary season because it’s just so fun. Just like there’s nothing wrong with listening to Christmas music in November. Unless, of course, it’s before Thanksgiving. No? Okay, we’ll stop now before the debate starts again.

Making it work

The haters just want to gatekeep how you celebrate your holidays. Sometimes, you just need a happy medium that pleases both them and you. So, when they tell you to stop putting up Halloween decorations because it’s still summer…

Photo courtesy of halloween/Reddit

You make the Halloween friends hang out in summer-related situations. Like having your skeletons lounge on floaties in the pool instead of hanging by a rope from your ceiling. You can always move them when autumn comes.

A little bitter

There are people who don’t enjoy summer, and then there are people who absolutely hate it. The latter is most probably bitter. Like this guy, for example, whose reason for hating summer is that “watching people having fun angers him.”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bwecht

To be fair, there is fun to be had in the autumn as well. We’re not sure why people act as if summer is the only time to do that. Maybe it’s because there’s a 3-month break from school and college. But we working folks don’t get any breaks!

The mood

How cute are these emojis? And not to mention accurate! These three sets of emojis sum up the last three months of the year very well. Spooky season in October. Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl in November. Christmas in December.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@promiscxous

These emojis are most definitely the mood as September rolls in, and we prepare to close the year again. Yikes—can you believe 2021 is almost over? Before you know it, you’ll be opening your Christmas presents and then ringing in the new year.

Smells like fall

If there’s anything that completes the holiday experience, it’s the scented candles. Just like you would light candy cane scented candles over Christmas, people also get excited about lighting fall scented candles. Your sense of smell does have the ability to evoke memories, after all.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lizalyubov

Scents such as Pumpkin Clove, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Vanilla Sage make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Picture this: It’s raining outside. The leaves are on the ground. You’re curled up on your window seat with a pumpkin spiced latte. The room smells like cinnamon.

Fall behavior

What do you think constitutes “summer behavior?” We’ll start. Summer behavior is waking up late and putting on the nicest bathing suit you own to go tan at the beach or sit by the pool with a good book. Of course, we do not forget lemonades and popsicles on a hot day.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SketchesbyBoze

For @SketchesbyBoze, there are certain things that constitute fall behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, cozy clothing, warm drinks, and recreating the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. October is basically the only time of year to do all these things.

No such thing

We understand if someone says that they’re not excited for a season like spring. But when someone says they’re not that excited for fall, that’s a little questionable. It’s the only time you can watch Hocus Pocus and feel like you’re actually in it!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@marlanahudson78

These three witches definitely take offense from this statement. Just look at the disgust on their faces. You don’t want to upset these ladies. Whoever says they’re not excited for fall should really be careful what they say next.

Finding the balance

What do you do when it’s still summer, and you want to enjoy it while it lasts, but you also can’t wait for Halloween? Well, what else is there to do but to dress up in a witch costume and lounge in a beach chair by the shore?

Photo courtesy of Sharon Marsh/Pinterest

Sure, you may look like a crazy person. Who would cover up like this in that heat? It would make for a horrible farmer’s tan. But at least the witch’s hat can serve as shades, so you won’t have to wear sunglasses.

Transitionary month

Some people complain that the end of August and the beginning of September are too close together. It doesn’t give them any time to transition between holiday mode and work mode. @veschwab is petitioning for a transitionary month in between.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@veschwab

“Summer is over, get your **** together month” is kind of a long name for a month. What should we name the said month? Augtember? Septober? Augtober? Whatever it’s called, we will sign this petition. We simply can’t go straight back to work after vacation!

Let’s get spooky

Let’s check the logic of the following post. Some people desperately want it to be Halloween, that they decide to skip the last month of the summer completely. Just because it’s August doesn’t mean it’s autumn! Hold your horses!

Photo courtesy of halloween/Reddit

Can we also appreciate this screenshot of Dwight from The Office with his head stuck in a pumpkin? We have a feeling whoever tweeted this takes Halloween as seriously as Dwight does, even willing to keep wearing the pumpkin until it rots off his head.

It’s not basic

For so long, the pumpkin spice latte has been associated with your basic girl. Some people with too much ego have actually refused to get the drink for fear of being associated with those girls. But, in reality, they’re just missing out on a sweet autumn drink.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@teaxtarot

Twitter user @teaxtarot knows what’s up. There’s no shame in liking and getting excited about the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte! Enjoy what you enjoy, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s basic or lame. You will miss out on the finer things in life if you let what people say dictate what you like.

August fall

Every year, there are always those one or two days in August when the weather cools down and makes you think that autumn is finally approaching. They are usually false alarms, though, because the next day, it’s sweltering again.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AnniemuMary

Yes, yes. The universe does have a way of catfishing you with the weather. It can be really disappointing when this happens, especially if you’re a fall lover like @AnniemuMary. It looks like she immediately purchased a Halloween pumpkin at the first sign of a temperature drop.

Spooky season

This tweet was posted early in August, but @sweetestsara was already talking about the beginning of the spooky season. It’s safe to say that she also does not care much for summer. Bring on the pumpkins and skeletons already!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sweetestsara

We’re you realize that there is another thing autumn has that summer doesn’t, it’s decorations. Over the summer, your house is just your drab old house. But Halloween gives everyone a great reason to decorate long before Christmas does.


The emoji battle continues between summer and the cold season with this tweet from @emmageneser. Sure, summer might have the sun, beach, shades, and pool floaties emojis. But, the collection is not as extensive as autumn’s emojis. Take a look.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@emmageneser

These Halloween emojis, or Hallowee-mojis, if you will, are so diverse. It’s a collection of icons that actually make up a whole mood. And we may be crazy, but seeing all these colors actually gives us a kind of inner warmth.

Jumping in leaves

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child experiencing fall for the first time or an adult experiencing the season for the umpteenth time. Everyone will enjoy jumping and rolling around in a pile of crunchy autumn leaves and drinking hot chocolate.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CaucasianJames

Twitter user @CaucasianJames shares our sentiments. As long as there aren’t any animal droppings hiding amongst the leaves, we’re down. There’s just something so satisfying about the aggressive crunch of leaves crackling under our shoes. There is nothing quite like it.

Soup mode

There is nothing quite as satisfying as eating a warm bowl of soup when the weather is chilly. Transitioning between having salads in the summers and soups in the fall is something we will gladly do. We will gladly shift into soup mode.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@moose32697

If the fashion, the cold, the candles, and the pumpkin spice lattes aren’t the things that get you excited about fall, then at least consider the soup. It provides such warmth, not just literally but also emotionally. Nothing is better than being in soup mode.

Coat season

There’s just something about wearing coats that makes you feel like the perfect, polished main character in a movie. It makes you feel superior to any coatless person walking down the street. Whether it’s a trench coat, light coat, or a winter coat, this outerwear makes you feel some type of way.  

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MattBellassai

@MattBellassai would rather summer not happen at all if it means getting to coat season quicker. Honestly, we’re with him. We could do without the constant sticky feeling and the mosquitoes. We’d rather be cold. Bring on coat season!

Not other people

It doesn’t matter if other people want the summer to last forever. If you want autumn to come quicker, that’s your right. You can be just as excited as Charlie Brown here, welcoming pumpkin season with a big ol’ sign.

Photo courtesy of hannahshappening.net

Just think of it this way – you’re not other people! You can like what you like and be excited about what you like. Embrace it because that makes you, you. And you, my friend, are an autumn child at heart!

Please let summer end

When it’s September, the heat can persist. When is it jacket weather already? The never-ending summer has got some people looking like this: despondent, frustrated, and downright upset. Let’s get the season over with, shall we? We don’t wanna be walking around like this.

Photo courtesy of Fun and Funky/Pinterest

We’re getting so sick of wiping sweat off our foreheads, wearing our hair in a bun, and going out in unflattering outfits. We’re begging for the weather to cool down so we can start enjoying a little bit of chill.


Dear Twitter user @Gabria_Leighann, it is definitely not corny to be anticipating the fall season! All the things you mention in this tweet are lovely, warm, and fuzzy feeling things that a lot of people love just as much as you.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Gabria_Leighann

We have to agree with you, the fall/winter season is superior to the summer season, as we have stated so many times before this. If anything, we’re also waiting for September to cool down a little so we can start breaking out the big sweaters.

Jumping to conclusions

One of the telltale signs that it’s finally autumn is that the leaves start falling from the trees. But sometimes, this happens prematurely before the weather catches up with the month. For fall lovers, though, the single tree on the ground means it’s already fall.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MissKayMurphy

Yup. That’s a red leaf on the grown. Time to break out all the Halloween decorations, head to the pumpkin patch wearing a big coat, and light the pumpkin-scented candles in the house. It’s autumn, baby! There is no denying that!

Summer is inferior

For autumn lovers, the summer season is greatly inferior to what the fall can bring. Just take a look at this Twitter rant from @youhoosylv, who is clearly an autumn child. She lists all the beautiful things summer can’t bring.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@youhooslv

Let’s try to make an argument for summer. Gorgeous sunsets, long days at the beach, existing in as little clothing as possible. The feeling of cold lemonade on a hot day. Three months off school. Does that make summer a little more appealing?

Is it Halloween now?

Hands up! Who feels like this carved pumpkin right now, all ready for autumn mentally but still stuck in the summer physically? You’re just waiting for the months to go by until the weather begins to take a dip in temperature.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@Beckylouise2904

We’re right there with you, letting the waves wash us to reality’s shore, constantly reminded of the fact that it is indeed still summer. We’re still trying to enjoy it, though, the same way this pumpkin is also still smiling.

Halloween purchases

While it is economical to own a few sets of Halloween and Christmas decorations to use annually for a long time, chances are you will end up buying new things every year. If you can relate to this meme, welcome to the club.

Photo courtesy of lolalandchops.com

Everyone knows the best time to buy Halloween decorations is after Halloween when they all go on sale. But, where’s the fun in that when you’d have to wait a whole year to use them? New decorations in August mean you get to use them this year!