45 Times Neighbors Cracked Each Other Up “Nextdoor”

By Abigail T

Living in close proximity with others brings out the best, and sometimes the worst in people. Sometimes, encounters with your neighbors make for funny stories and other times, they make you grateful that you don’t live around annoying neighbors. The Twitter account, @bestofnexdoor, displays the highs and lows of neighborly living. They curate some of the best content surrounding neighborhood life and neighborly relations from the “Nextdoor” app. This app is meant to be used as a platform where neighbors post updates of local events, concerns, and complaints. If there’s one thing this Twitter account does, it makes people feel less alone when dealing with their neighbor problems. Everyone, no matter where you are in the world, has and will have experiences with neighbors, and @bestofnextdoor built a platform for people to understand that they’re not the only ones going through troubles, whether they be trivial or serious, with their neighbors.

Walking with a stranger

New friends come into your life in various ways. Sometimes, they appear in the most unexpected ways, when you weren’t even looking or paying attention. That’s what happened to this dog owner who accidently made a new friend for her and her dog on accident.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

The other lady must have felt so awkward. How do you tell someone who’s talking to you that you have no idea who they are? But this awkward situation could easily be turned around if both ladies looked at it like they just made a new friend.

A crime

It’s always important for people and their families to feel secure and safe in their neighborhood. This is why there are neighborhood patrols. Some small neighborhoods even have group chats or Facebook groups to keep each other informed. This person’s neighborhood is no exception.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Okay, maybe this isn’t so much of a crime as it is a personal offense. The issue of when Christmas starts always sparks a debate online or really anywhere. Anywhere else in the world, it doesn’t matter if your Christmas stuff is up before Thanksgiving. It’s only in the US that this becomes a problem!

Pride in our “hood”

It seems like in every neighborhood, you have that one, extremely pestering person who’s concerned about the way the “hood” looks. They’re the ones who are always pushing for people to mow their lawns, repaint their fences, and make everything look perfect.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This lady should just chill out and let people live their lives the way they want to. Nobody wants to be mowing their lawns twice a week! Grass doesn’t even grow that quickly and there’s no point to it. We’re sure the “hood” looks fine the way it is.

Borderline exploitation

Sometimes people use the NextDoor app to post about any available work opportunities in the area. It’s all innocent fun and games until somebody uses the app to find people to work for them for free. Check out what happened to @eeyikes.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Sure, this lady needed a handful of people to serve food at her Thanksgiving dinner. There is absolutely no problem with that. But to ask people for free labor? That’s a big no no if you ask us. Nobody should be “volunteering” here – they should be paid like everyone else.

I’ve had enough

The thing about living with neighbors is sometimes, you have to be on good terms with them and their pets. If you’re not an animal person, and your neighbor owns pets, you will probably find the days a little more difficult to get through. Like this guy, for example.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Reading the post, you would think that he is the owner of the small terrier. But nope. He’s just the next door neighbor who is annoyed at his neighbor’s barking dog. Whether it’s the barking or the pooping in the wrong lawn, this guy has had enough with this dog, obviously.

@plant thief

Well, this NextDoor user is clearly upset. Someone stole his plant and the stand directly from the front porch. Right off the bat, this doesn’t sound like a very safe neighborhood to be living in. We know it’s only a plant, but it’s still someone property.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This person probably wouldn’t get any luckier even reaching the thief on NextDoor. It’s not like he can execute some kind of revenge anyway. Guess all he wanted was to wish the thief some ill luck and guilt. In this case, he has definitely done that.

Concerned parent

The use of illicit drugs among teenagers can be a serious cause for concern for parents. All they want is for their kids to be safe and not partake in illegal drug use. But we’re just shocked that this one parent doesn’t recognize a PEZ candy at first sight.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This is so, very clearly, just a PEZ candy that’s fallen out of the dispenser. There really is no need to worry. The fact that their mind immediately jumps to “molly” and “MDMA” is pretty sad to just assume. Were they not around during the kid’s childhood?

Spy flowers

Well, well. We guess we can figure out who the overly suspicious neighbor is in the area. It is definitely this person, who thinks there might be a camera hidden inside this beautiful sunflower. Can no one plant flowers in peace anymore?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

If we were this guy’s neighbor, we would be slightly offended. Why would you think ill of your neighbor right of the bat like this, especially if they’re the kind of people who plant flowers? Better give them the benefit of the doubt and let them live their life, with flowers.

Crazy raccoons

Raccoons are known to cause havoc around any neighborhood, especially at night. But in this one Miami neighborhood, the raccoons are of a completely different kind of breed. Check out the warning that this one NextDoor user posted. It almost sounds like it’s straight out of a movie!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Drunken raccoons pushing a trash bin down the road? Isn’t this the plot of Open Season, or do we have it all wrong? While we would definitely pay for this kind of entertainment, we also feel sorry for the poor guy who’s lost his bin.

The importance of sleep

We all know that feeling of wanting just a couple more hours of sleep in the morning. Unfortunately, when you live around neighbors, catching up on sleep is not always possible. Peoples’ kids scream, the dogs bark, and somebody has to inexplicably mow the lawn at 6am.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

All you can do is kindly request from your neighbors on NextDoor to please keep it down for a few days. Just like this guy did. We’re not sure if people who saw this post actually tried to respect John’s wishes, but it’s always worth a shot.

Mind your own business

Another neighbor trope is the one neighbor who is always up in everybody’s business. They’re a different kind of folk who insist you mow your lawn twice a week. They’re the neighbors who actually get offended by the way you dress.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Can you believe the absolute nerve this Jerry has? To dictate the way people should look while out and about is crossing a serious line. Why on earth would anyone listen to him? Better yet, why would anyone get dressed up just to grab the newspaper off the front porch?

That vegan

If this guy wants to avoid becoming a walking stereotype, maybe he shouldn’t have written this post in the first place. People should do their best to understand and respect each other’s dietary choices and requirements. This is a no-brainer.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

If this guy finds the smell of meat to be offensive, maybe he needs to check himself. Why is he so offended when people are cooking meat around him? It’s not like they’re making him eat meat. You don’t hear them complaining about him cooking veggies.

Living the life

We believe everyone should live in a neighborhood that’s dog friendly. Or, just move in to a neighborhood with dogs running around in general. They’re bound to brighten up your day when you least expect it. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

If you’ve had a bad day in this neighborhood, all you have to do is drive past Binkley’s. You’ll find views such as this one—a goldendoodle enjoying the summer breeze from the nifty sunroof. It looks so chill up there, like nothing can bring it down.

Noise complaint

Apparently in this neighborhood, there are only two types of people: human garbage who uses the leaf blower at 8:30 in the morning on weekends, and good people with common sense. If you lived here, which box would you fit in?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Whoever leaf blows that early in the morning on a weekend must deal constant noise complaints from neighbors. With that and the existence of this poll on NextDoor, why haven’t they gotten a hint yet? Let people have their peace and quiet on weekend mornings!

Halloween candy status

Who knew there exists the kind of neighborhood in which dictates the kind of Halloween candy you offer to children. Well, unfortunately, people are trying to make this happen. Seriously, what problem does this person have with Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers? We’re so confused.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

All we know is that these three candies are enjoyable for anyone and do not place a negative image on the neighborhood or make people see it as less affluent. What are we supposed to do? Give kids Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls in their Trick-or-Treat bags?

A crime, part 2

Previously, somebody mentioned that a crime was committed in their neighborhood, in that one house put their Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. Well, another neighborhood is dealing with a similar crime. This time, a house still has their Halloween décor up nearly two weeks later.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

It seems that some people need to be educated on the length of time each seasons’ decorations are allowed up. Spooky things should come down the first week of November, after which is Thanksgiving. Only after the last week of November can the Christmas tree go up.

Bike to work

Eugene on NextDoor in St. Louis Hills will be surprised to find out that in the Netherlands, people take their bikes out more than their cars. Her bewilderment from seeing people in the neighborhood biking to work is actually amusing.  

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Why does she have to assume the worst? Just because someone bikes to work, doesn’t mean they received too many tickets or DUI’s! What if it is a health concern and they just want to be more fit? What if it’s an environment thing and they want to reduce their carbon footprint?

Shameless plug

Has anyone ever thought of using NextDoor as a way to promote your personal aspirations? Well, this lady in Phoenix may just be one of the first people to do so. She posted about her new mask invention on the app.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

The masks seems to be made out of the top parts of different pairs of jeans. The zipper allows the wearer to drink and eat without taking their masks off. Despite the slightly awkward design of having your face behind pants, this is actually pretty useful!

George Jones

Who says that possums are a neighborhood nuisance? Judging from this NextDoor post, they seem like pretty tame rodents, and apparently useful creatures. As long as you give them a bowl of water to drink, they pretty much eat anything.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Bet this guy never expected to have a nightly visitor turn out as a pet, or a friend. Okay, maybe George Jones isn’t a pet, but from the way these two are already so familiar with each other, he might as well be since he is visiting on a regular basis.

Fart found

One of the purposes of the NextDoor app is to report any unusual occurrences or anything that might threaten the safety of the neighborhood. Obviously, as we have seen, people use it for more than that. Some people use it to simply crack jokes.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This “lost and found” type post really got us laughing. Somebody in Arbour Trace found a fart in the potato chip aisle at the supermarket. This fart must have been really powerful if it lingered for that long. It’s basically an alert for the rest of the neighborhood not to go to the chip aisle at Kroger. How funny is that!

Neighborly note

We love a neighbor who can’t tell you to your face when you’ve done something to upset them. You gotta love it when people leave you notes by your door detailing the way you’ve wronged them. We’ll let you read this letter for yourself.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Can you believe someone will call the police on a small child who just wanted to enjoy the sunshine in the backyard? We feel sorry for the person receiving this note. It’s so unfortunate that they have to live with such intolerant neighbors.

Sheer panic

When reading this next post on NextDoor, we can literally hear the panic behind this guy’s capital letters. The only TV channel in the house just got blocked accidentally and he doesn’t know how to get it back. He took to NextDoor to ask for help from his neighbors.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Perhaps our favorite part out of the whole post is the last sentence: “I TOLD MY SON I’M TAKING HIM OUT OF THE WILL.” This man really takes his TV seriously. Especially Fox. We hope this issue got resolved somehow.

Um, obviously?

This is one of the wildest polls we have ever seen. Unfortunately, we don’t have any context for this NextDoor post, so we’re going to have to make an educated guess. Our guess is, this is a neighborhood situated near the woods.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

In neighborhoods like these, wild animals can sometimes find their way into the neighborhood. But this isn’t what’s concerning about it. It’s that there are more people who voted “no” than “yes” in the poll! What is wrong with people?

Who let this kid in here?

We don’t know the policies of NextDoor by heart, but we’re pretty sure that 10-year old kids aren’t supposed to be posting on the app. But apparently this kid living in Alamo Square took to NextDoor when he got scared by the storm in the middle of the night.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Poor kid. Why didn’t he just wake his parents up when he heard the chaos? This is making it seem like he has NextDoor on his own phone, which is just funny. We hope this kid managed to go back to sleep knowing there wasn’t an explosion nearby.

Extended bee trauma

Wow, talk about salty! This one NextDoor user really just asked the neighborhood if he can sue his neighbor because his bees feed on the pollen from the flowers in his garden. This is a pretty roundabout way of saying he wants a portion of the profits.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Maybe this guy is just projecting his trauma of bees towards his neighbor. He said himself, he was stung by a bee once as a kid. Maybe all he wants is for the bees to stay in the other guy’s garden, in which case he could have just put up higher walls or something.

Technologically challenged

Some people are just not built to understand or deal with technology. No matter how much you try to help those to understand it, they just don’t get it. Kathleen on NextDoor seems to be one of those people. She can’t even adjust the preferences for the app.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Bless Carol for attempting to explain to Kathleen how she can stop receiving email notifications for NextDoor. Unfortunately, Kathleen seems stubborn, saying that she isn’t the one doing wrong. Well, at least Carol tried. Kathleen will keep receiving those emails.

“Low value”

Well, we now know not to move to Waverly Heights. People will literally always judge you for owning an old model car. We’re not joking. Somebody on NextDoor in the area of Waverly Heights criticized a neighbor’s car! Talk about shallow.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

If this is what counts as an ugly looking car, we’re not even going to tell anyone what our car looks like. We wouldn’t want to risk this person calling the police on us. The fact that they even tried to report the car to the police is just insane. We bet the cops just laughed it off!

Overly critical

We really can’t believe the number of posts in this thread detailing how people’s neighbors have asked them to somehow change the appearance of their house to suit their needs. Can’t they just let people live their lives? Let them paint their house the color they want to!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Despite receiving this note in the mailbox, this NextDoor user seems to still be cooperative. There really isn’t any rule to how you have to paint your house. Paint it whatever color and decorate it however you want. Don’t let your neighbors phase you.

Black Friday assistant

Ah yes, the good old days when massive amounts of people actually lined up outside stores for Black Friday sales. Back then, you could actually get seriously injured or trampled as people rush through the crowded stores. But nowadays, it all happens online.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

We’re not sure if this guy is legit or not. Just because you dress someone up in all black doesn’t mean they’re qualified to be a bodyguard. In fact, with the way he is posing, it really just looks like he’s taking a photo for a dating site.

Stop the noise!

We understand that fireworks are essential in celebrating special occasions and holidays. New Year’s and Guy Fawkes Day are just some great examples. Firework shows are usually entertaining to watch. But when the noise goes on past the celebration, that’s when it gets annoying.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This one NextDoor user has had about enough with the fireworks in his neighborhood. There’s obviously no way of knowing which neighbor keeps setting off the fireworks. So the only thing left to do is petition for an end to the explosions on the app.

Boba boycott

Oh, we are all familiar with overly concerned parents. If only you can invest time into raising your children instead of blaming others the world for their failures. The Millbrae Park mothers seem to be in agreement about the role of “Boba” ruining their children’s futures.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Yeah, we know. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. We think parents would blame literally anything first before admitting that they may not be parenting to the best of their abilities. If your kids spend too much time hanging out at Boba places, maybe it’s time you taught them how to prioritize.

Messing with the wrong man

Scams and hoax schemes are becoming more rampant these days. Most of them trick people into giving lots of money to the scammers. But others just bring added grief to other people’s lives. The scam going around in this particular neighborhood is no exception.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This woman’s poor husband nearly fell for the trick. Good thing he realized it and quickly reported the incident to the Attorney General’s office. However, if this guy was this gullible to go to court in a suit, maybe the conmen were scamming the right man after all.


A neighborhood isn’t complete without that one paranoid neighbor who suspects everything and thinks the worst of everyone. This person loves to jump to conclusions and make other people panic for no reason. Exhibit A – this NextDoor user in Oklahoma City…

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

A silver Camry 2000s seems innocent enough. It’s not like this car was giving any reason to be suspicious. It’s probably just someone who went the wrong way and pulled out of the neighborhood when they realized it. People need to calm down and stop assuming.

Concerned parent, part 2

We completely understand that parents would be concerned when their children start experimenting with different vices, eventually finding their own. We also understand that they need to do whatever it takes to protect their kids. But, creating stereotypes out of fear is not a cool move.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

According to this mother in Shepherds Vineyard, these are the telltale signs if you think your children are vaping. She’s encouraging other parents to be on the lookout for these signs, and to consider any child who fits the bill as guilty. She even has names.

More lawnmowing debates

What is it with people who insist their neighbors mow the lawn twice a week? Surely grass doesn’t grow that quickly. Even men don’t shave their faces twice a week! Why would the lawn need more attention than the owner’s face?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Part of existing and living in an environment with other people is toleration and understanding. It requires letting go of your own preferences because others may not share them with you. Mostly, it just requires minding your own stinking business and letting others do what they want!

Out of sugar

What are neighbors for if not to lend a cup of sugar or a loaf of bread from time to time? Unfortunately. during these times, it’s not usually recommended for people to be in contact with each other and to share food. But exceptions can of course be made.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This last line isn’t exactly necessary unless you are just paranoid. Unless of course, you live in a sketchy neighborhood and someone might report you for possibly making an exchange of drugs. Guess this person was just trying to cover all bases.

Get your plants right

Again with the overly suspicious neighbors! We’re so appalled by the fact that people would literally report their neighbors to the police based on trivial accusations. There really needs to be education that exists on this, because people shouldn’t be falsely accused for stupid reasons.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

How does one mistake this plant for a marijuana plant? These are very clearly tomatoes, as you can see from the actual tomatoes growing there. The neighbor literally called 911 as if this was such an emergency. Maybe check the facts before calling 911!

Missing cat

Well, this isn’t your usual missing pet announcement now is it? Check out this huge orange cat named Jack. This stylish feline weighs around 20 pounds, and we’re not sure, but we think that blue ribbon on the table is an award for Best Dressed Cat.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdor

It’s unfortunate that Jack wasn’t wearing any clothes at the time he left the house. If he had been wearing this exact outfit, he would have been way easier to spot. But alas, we hope the neighborhood finds him and returns him home.

Aggressive, much?

When moving into a new neighborhood, you can only hope for the people around you to eventually accept you. Every neighborhood has its own rules and culture, and it is also your responsibility to be respectful of them if you want to gain respect.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

This neighborhood doesn’t seem to be too friendly. If this is the response when someone doesn’t recycle, we can’t imagine what worse things can happen. Sure, we would encourage everyone to recycle and do their part for the planet. But, there’s no need to lash out at people who don’t!

The sliced bread debacle

The tea is strong in this neighborhood. Imagine suspecting that someone has been busy clogging your pool pumps with sliced bread for no reason, only to realize it wasn’t a person at all. Nope, it was just the crows. We’ll let you read the details for yourself.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

What a trip, right? It’s really thoughtful of people to be considerate and want to feed the crows. To give the neighbors the benefit of the doubt, they probably didn’t even realize that the bread might end up in someone’s pool, let alone clog it.

Honest salesman

Some people just have the charisma to be convincing salesmen. This guy, who’s trying to sell his Toyota Camry, would get the job if he was trying to sell cars. Sure, his pitch is a tad bit too honest, but at least you know he won’t lie to you!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

To be fair, a Toyota Camry is a good first car for anyone, even if it’s secondhand. This guy was right by saying it does the job. So what are you waiting for, parents? Make this purchase and you could be saving yourselves thousands of dollars, right?

Selling art

Apparently, NextDoor also has a marketplace feature which allows you to sell your products or unwanted items. This is a good way to keep the neighborhood sustainable. But of course, in every sale, there still needs to be verification that the item is in good condition.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Or, in the case of selling artwork, there needs to be authentication that the piece is indeed original. This painting of Starry Night is clearly not authentic. To slap a $70 tag on it is a bit much. To initially price it at $100 is actually ludicrous.

Lobster for sale

While sill on the theme of selling items on NextDoor, this is a pretty unusual thing to be putting up for sale. Yep, you’re reading and seeing this post right. This guy in The Village Farms is selling his lobster, who is very much alive.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

Having a pet lobster is such a niche thing that we’re not sure anyone else would want this. Maybe this guy is better off selling it to a local seafood restaurant, where the chef can truly put the lobster to use, and on the plates of hungry customers.

Avocado alert

NextDoor is such a nifty platform to alert your neighbors of any important information. The state of the avocados at Whole Foods is part of this information. Sending out alerts, such as the one below, lets other people in the area know not to shop for avos there.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

It’s actually nice this guy thought about telling the neighborhood about this ordeal. While this has the potential to decrease avocado sales at Whole Foods, hopefully it can boost the sales at local fruit shops and markets. Anything for the good of the neighborhood, right?

Unused goods

Oh, pets. You give them the finest toys, food, and home that the pet store has to offer. And yet, after everything you’ve spent, they prefer to scratch up the dining room chair at the end of the day. This cat owner learned the hard way.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bestofnextdoor

We’re just wondering why he would give away the scratching post for free, especially if it hasn’t been used at all. If it is in great condition with barely a scratch on it, he could still sell it at nearly the price he bought it for. Ahhh neighbors. Gotta love ’em.