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The Funny Yet Odd People That Might Be Living Right Next Door

Whether you live in a housing complex, a brownstone, or an apartment, everyone has neighbors. They are what completes the living experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good relationship with your neighbors, a slightly rocky one, or if you even have a relationship with them at all. You are bound to come across your neighbors in one way or another. If not by actually meeting them, then by getting used to their quirks, like the signage in their garden or the way they slam the front door every time they get home from work. Having neighbors can actually be pretty entertaining. Without further ado, here are 45 of the funniest and oddest things that people’s neighbors have done.

Cat warning

One of the best perks of having a neighbor is their pets. That is if you have neighbors who own pets. You can always cuddle the dogs or the cats on a bad day, but you’re not stuck with all the work of looking after them, like giving them baths and cleaning their litter.

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These particular neighbors are all too used to the cats escaping. At no point and under no circumstance should that front door be open, lest the cats run out. They are so concerned that they left these detailed notes on the door! They’re only trying to save themselves the trouble.

Birthday announcement

Do you know how some people just want a lowkey birthday? No big party, no huge photo booth, no fuss. Just a quiet dinner with family and one or two close friends. Well, these neighbors apparently do not understand that concept.

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They straight up announced to the entire neighborhood that someone in their house is turning 40. How embarrassing to have these huge photos of you littering the front yard for the whole street to see! This is like one big birthday announcement.

Don’t play in our yard

How does one get the message across that kids aren’t welcome in the front yard? The thing about having neighbors with kids is that sometimes, they don’t know their boundaries. They need to be given a firm warning; otherwise, they’ll keep invading your privacy.

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As the story apparently goes, these people have had it with their neighbor’s kid playing in the yard and leaving his toys lying around. So they built a snowman that looks like it’s just devoured a human child. Terrifying? Maybe so. But it got the job done!

All out for Halloween

Some people go the extra mile to decorate their house for Christmas. Others do the same but for Halloween. Does anyone remember the film Deck The Halls, where two neighboring families compete to out-decorate the other person’s house for Christmas?

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This house is giving off the same vibes. Deck The Halls, but they managed to make it look really, really spooky. We don’t know how these people had the time to carve hundreds of pumpkins. They must have gotten started over the summer!

Christmas in July

Australians have the unique annual tradition of celebrating Christmas in July. This is caused by the weather, which is cold in the summer months and then warm in the winter months. But who says only Australians can enjoy the snow in July?

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The story goes that these two neighbors prepare for their snowball fights year-round by keeping snowballs in the freezer. It’s a good way to drop a sneak attack on each other if you have snowballs on hand, no matter what the season is outside!

Everyone jump in

Unlike the neighbors who built a killer snowman just to make a point, these neighbors seem to be a lot more accommodating to children in the area. They created a pile of dried leaves in the yard for passersby to jump in!

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There’s no better sound than the crunching of leaves beneath the soles of your shoes. Jumping in a pile of leaves is the ultimate autumn experience, not to be missed by anyone. If you’re having a bad day, jumping in leaves can instantly make you feel better.

Wi-Fi name subtweeting

Sometimes you have the unfortunate experience of having a passive-aggressive neighbor. They’re the kind who are actually annoyed with some of your behaviors and habits but don’t say it to your face. They say it through their Wi-Fi name instead.

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One neighbor thought the other person’s music is annoying and therefore named their Wi-Fi exactly that. There’s no reason why they can’t just come to a compromise about how loud the music plays. But the other neighbor decided to play along and call out the other guy’s grammar.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We all have to do our part for the environment. Whether it’s cutting back meat and dairy from our diet or simply implementing the 3R’s, every little bit counts. The following neighbors know full well. Just have a look at what they’ve done to their microwave.

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Maybe this microwave wasn’t working properly anymore. They could have just gotten rid of it, and it could have ended up in a junkyard somewhere. But reusing it as a mailbox is actually ingenious. It fits all those Amazon parcels that the couriers would usually leave next to the door!

Keeping the neighbors away

There are plenty of ways to keep your neighbors away. You can get a big angry dog and put up a “Beware Of The Dog” sign. You can build high walls around your house so that no one can see in. Or you can spook the living daylights out of them.

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This house chose to go the unconventional route and be known as the haunted house. Anything to not have nosy neighbors around, right? They placed a scary-looking doll by the window, so it always looks like somebody is looking out at you.

Dog pals

It’s great when you’re good friends with your neighbors. But it’s even better when your dogs are friends with the neighbor’s dogs. It’s like having all-day playdates for those canines. These neighbors loved their dogs so much that they put a dog door in the fence.

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This way, the dogs can cross over to the other’s yard any time. They’re basically dog best friends now. Pretty soon, that fence is going to come down, and the two houses are just going to be on the same property.

Window protector

If you live in an area with a lot of kids around, you’ll know that sometimes their soccer balls end up going through your window instead of the goal. While there are several ways to prevent this from happening, this particular house took drastic measures.

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Lining the windows with spikes might be terrifying to other neighbors. It may even be a safety hazard. But at least it prevents any more soccer balls from smashing the window. You can only pay for so many window repairs in a year, right?

Neighborhood disposal

You know how sometimes, when your trash bin is full, you sneak some of your garbage into your neighbor’s bin? Well, this is like that, except it’s a lot more conspicuous. Instead of a small plastic bag, it’s an entire tree.

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This poor house became a victim to the neighborhood disposal. How rude of the next-door neighbors to leave a whole tree blocking up the path and driveway! Could they not have immediately disposed of this tree to the local woodchipper?

Watering in the winter

If you’re a plant parent or have a garden at home, you should know that plants basically hibernate during the winter. There is no need to water your plants during the winter because they’re essentially sleeping to wait till spring.

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This one neighbor probably just wanted to be safe and make sure the plants stayed hydrated. Yes, they kept watering the garden in the winter, and this was the result. It looks like an icy paradise, something out of a Hans Christian Andersen story.

Godzilla incoming

It’s always entertaining when you have a neighbor who goes all out in their garden display. We’re not just talking about flowers and cinderblocks and garden gnomes. Check out this one neighbor who had a life-sized Godzilla statue in their yard!

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Just passing by, you would be a little bit freaked out. Something that large in a neighborhood can be an eyesore, but it could also send you into a panic. We’re just wondering if this statue was put up for an event or if it is just there year-round.

Double seasons

As bizarre as this photo maybe, this is actually a real occurrence in certain areas of the United States and Canada. These regions experience multiple seasons in a day, and this neighborhood just so happened to have autumn and winter together.

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It almost looks like the two houses decided to decorate their yards very differently. It’s like they’re warring with each other. Or like one is stuck celebrating Halloween while the other has moved on to Christmas. This isn’t much the neighbors’ fault as much as it is the weather.

Midnight mowing

There’s a reason why people mow the lawn when it’s still light out. The job quite heavily depends on the presence of light to guide where the mower is going. If one mows the lawn at night, the result will turn out, as shown in the picture below.

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It’s like this guy wanted to create crop circles on his lawn. Not only that, apparently, he was mowing at 9 pm and disrupting his neighbors. We have no idea why he couldn’t just wait till morning to do this.

Exposing the thief

Nowadays, it’s not just big buildings that have security cameras. Neighborhood houses are also equipped with this feature, most often in their doorbells and other strategic places in the home. You know what that means? You should think twice before stealing your neighbor’s Christmas decorations.

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This homeowner put their neighbor on blast when security footage showed them the person who had been stealing their yard decorations. They aptly named him the “Christmas thief” and put printouts of his face out for the entire neighborhood to see!

Shut up!

There are various ways to tell a noisy neighbor to shut up. You can yell “Shut up!” across the fence. You can call the cops on them and file a noise complaint. But if the thing that is noisy is your eco-friendly neighbor’s wind turbine, these tactics might not work.

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With a wind turbine, all you have to do is shoot an arrow up to the roof. That will stop the turbines for a while. But it will also lessen the power in your neighbor’s house, so think twice. Would you rather stop the noise temporarily or start a neighborhood war?

Paint the fence

Wondering what the background story is? Well, a certain Bob apparently wanted the neighborhood to look cleaner and friendlier. He asked his neighbor here to paint their shabby-looking fence. But some people just don’t mind the way their fence looks.

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This passive-aggressive behavior isn’t exactly a neighborly way to behave. We have a feeling these two neighbors don’t get along too well. But painting the fence like this is a good way to get the message across – they just don’t care.

The sweetest neighbors

It’s only common courtesy to show appreciation for people who are doing any kind of work for you. This lady had some workers who were working on renovating her house. So to thank them, she put out a box of donuts and some water.

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You would think this is something that every homeowner should do. But you would be surprised how many people wouldn’t care about the builders’ sustenance and just leave them to get on with it. This kind of gesture gives us hope in humanity.

Doormat battles

Sometimes you live in the same vicinity of people who are in the same fandom. Other times, it’s a little more complicated than that. We won’t give too much away and just let these two neighbors’ competing doormats explain it.

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Apparently, in this apartment complex, Batman and The Joker live across the hall from each other. Sure, these two people are fans of the DC Comics universe, but they seem to be on different sides. We hope this hasn’t caused a major feud.

The one-way to privacy

If you’ve ever lived in a house, apartment, or dorm that directly faced the street, you’ll know that passersby always sneak a glance inside. It’s a major invasion of privacy when you’re just trying to chill, and you feel eyes looking in at you.

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This one guy had the perfect solution to that. He installed a one-way mirror on his street-facing window. That way, any nosy people passing by would just be met by their own reflection staring back at them! We consider this peak genius behavior.

Neighborly dog

Pets are also part of the neighborly experience. In a lot of instances, your neighbor’s animals can influence what you think of your neighbor. Some pets can be plain annoying. But this one guy has a pet that’s actually pretty neighborly.

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Doesn’t this dog look like he’s just chilling, waiting to greet visitors, having a conversation with you over the fence while you water the plants? That’s a friendly neighborhood dog if we’ve ever seen one! He seems to be saying, “Hey man, what’s up?”

Pick up after your dog

There are so many different types of neighbors. You have the nosy one, the pleasant one, the one that never seems to be there. You also have the fussy neighbor. They’re the ones who are very particular about the way you behave around their house.

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These neighbors are definitely the fussy kind. The fact that they even had to put this warning up in front of their house shows just how fussy they are. You wouldn’t want to get caught leaving your dog’s poop anywhere near their driveway.

Just plain embarrassing

What is family for if not for embarrassing you on your special day? This is now the second family in this thread that has made an announcement to the entire neighborhood about the birthday of someone in the house.

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While we appreciate a good pun, putting up all those cows in the front yard is a little much. All we’re saying is, if we were Jonathan and this happened on our 18th birthday, we would be mortified. In fact, we are mortified for him.

Could have been worse

The duality of having neighbors is that they can both help and harm you. Being around responsible neighbors can give you peace of mind, but careless neighbors can put you and your home at risk. These guys are a perfect example.

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As the story goes, new people moved in next door to this house. Not even a month later, they had almost set the entire house on fire because they left the fire pit way too close to the garage. This could have been really bad, and we’re glad they handled things before it got worse.

The neighbors are sus

It’s common neighborly behavior to drop off food for each other sometimes—anything ranging from cakes and cookies to meatloaf and lasagna. In fact, you can say that you’re good neighbors when giving each other food is a regular thing to do.

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These neighbors were just trying to be nice, but they may have accidentally given cookies on a plate that was meant for display purposes only. The warning imprinted on the bottom is a little worrying. We would be concerned if we saw this after we had finished the cookies!

Neighborly humor

A little bit of neighborhood humor can go a long way, especially during this pandemic. This neighborhood decided on a funny way to give away free donuts. Its humor and free food all rolled into one—who doesn’t love that?

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Even the neighborhood police almost fell for the prank. This kind of plays into the “policemen are always sitting around having donuts” stereotype, which is why this photo is beyond hilarious. You gotta love a neighborhood that plays along.

Christmas tip

Here’s a sure-fire way not to get robbed this Christmas. When you’re done unwrapping all your Christmas presents, put the boxes and packaging in your neighbor’s bin instead of yours. This will make people think they’re the ones that are minted.

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Okay, maybe it doesn’t necessarily work like that. But we understand the logic behind this thought process. We just don’t know why people would be so mean to their neighbors like this. Maybe they just don’t have a good relationship.

Divorce yard sale

Some people take any chance they get to make some money. As if it isn’t enough to get his share of things in the divorce, this guy just had to hold a yard sale to get even more cash. We wonder if he is selling his wife’s stuff in this sale.

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He probably thought that they’re getting a divorce anyway. There’s no way she could get any madder at him than she already is. We wonder if anyone actually came over and bought things from this sale. Any good neighbor would be sad for them!

Princess parking

Another common neighborhood issue is parking, especially when some houses in the area don’t have driveways. The parking rules reserve certain parking spaces for ladies, handicapped parking, or even spaces where people aren’t allowed to park. But some people don’t heed it.

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It looks like some kids called out a parking rule violator the best way they knew how. A simple chalk signage saying “Princess Parking” may seem a little uncalled for, but this person needs to know what they’re doing wrong!

The most expensive plant pot

There are cute and creative ways to display your plants in your garden and around the house. You can use artsy plant pots, put them on rattan stands, or even leave them trailing the fence. But this is by far the most expensive pot we’ve seen.

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Yup, that agave plant is literally sitting in the back of a truck. We’re not sure whether this guy is just transporting the plant to a new home or if he plans to just leave it there and travel everywhere with it. Either way, it’s a little quirky neighbor behavior.

He needs the cold

Some neighbors just can’t be direct with you. They may not like certain things you’re doing, but they won’t tell you. They’ll find a passive-aggressive way to skirt around it. This person’s neighbors really just doesn’t like his dog.

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All these neighbors wanted was for the dog not to be roaming around outside. They tried to play it off as if it’s too cold for the poor dog to be outside. But did they not realize this dog is literally built for the cold? The dog owner sent the neighbors this photo just to prove a point.

Regular consultation

Early mornings are dangerous hours for the stressed, depressed, anxious, and emotional. You will do almost anything to feel better. For this one neighbor, it helps to talk things through with someone. Or, it seems some sympathetic and understanding fruits.

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Someone caught their neighbor having an intense discussion with the watermelons in his house. We have so many questions, but let’s start with, why does he have so many watermelons? There are at least ten in there! Is he that guy in all those math word problems who goes to the market and buys 20 watermelons?

The contrast

This isn’t necessarily funny or weird; it’s just interesting. You can tell a lot about a person by how well kept their front yard, front door, or balcony looks. Not to stereotype, but it’s pretty clear what kind of people live in these two apartments.

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The owner of the apartment downstairs is called Anna. She’s created a little garden sanctuary for herself, and the place looks serene. Meanwhile, her upstairs neighbor almost does not care. The balcony is just a place to grill and store things that don’t fit in the house.

Unique selling point

In looking for a new place to live, there are a lot of considerations. Pricing, the area, and local minimum wage are just some of them. Included in that list is the vibe of the neighborhood itself. It’s important to know the kind of people you will live around.

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This one house prided itself on having quiet neighbors across the street. While some people wouldn’t mind a bit of noise, this house is perfect for those who are looking for tranquility. The quiet neighbors are the house’s unique selling point.

Child support

We love seeing a supportive neighborhood where people are there for each other, not just for big events, but for the little things, too. These neighbors, in particular, are quite supportive when it comes to raising pets. Here’s what happened when one guy adopted the neighborhood stray cat.

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The neighbor’s cat impregnated the stray. Sure, the neighbor could have stayed quiet and done nothing. But every good person takes responsibility for their, or in this case, their cat’s actions. So this neighbor sent some cat food supplies as “child support.”

The wrong-way mirror

One-way mirrors can be a great solution for people who desire a bit more privacy in their homes. They’re especially handy if you live in a busy neighborhood. One neighbor a few photos before this has also resorted to using one-way mirrors. They work wonders as long as you install them correctly.

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Unfortunately for these two, the one-way mirror in their bathroom was installed the wrong way. Instead of giving them privacy, it ended up exposing them more than they ever wanted. Luckily the neighbors were kind enough to let them know with this little note instead of calling them out in person.

Catching some sun

When the summer comes, everyone comes out of hiding to catch some sun. And by everyone, we mean everyone, including the neighborhood rascals. No, we’re not talking about the dogs. We’re talking about the raccoons, as seen in this photo here.

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Just because this person’s window looks out onto the neighbor’s roof doesn’t mean there isn’t a view or entertainment to be found. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can find a raccoon chilling in the gutter, wanting to lay out in the sun like everybody else. The best part is that this guy looks like it’s waving to the photographer!

The pirates next door

If you live in close enough proximity with your neighbors, you’ll start to notice their quirks. You’ll get used to the way they slam the doors too loud or the way they call their pets when they’re angry. You’ll also be privy to the things they get up to when boredom strikes.

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These neighbors seem to keep themselves occupied and entertained by living out childhood fantasies. Who knew you could turn a whole balcony into a pirate ship? This just proves that with some cardboard and a little imagination, anything is possible. We hope this means there’s a pirate-themed party soon!

The skeletons are staying

You know how after Christmas, it’s such a chore to take down all the decorations, so some houses just leave the Christmas lights out all year? Well, this house does the same thing with the Halloween stuff. Instead of taking them down, they just adjust the skeletons to fit each holiday.

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These bony guys are enjoying a dip in the pool on the Fourth of July weekend. We’re not sure what the other one is doing hanging around like that. But they all look like they’re having a good time. Maybe the homeowners will dress them up as Santa for Christmas. They’d be the skinniest Santa you ever did see.

The cat’s vice

The thing about animals is, sometimes they’re not exactly the brightest. They will put almost anything in their mouth, and then we, as the owners, have to deal with the consequences. The same can be said for this cat, who started the habit of smoking the cigarette butts left by the neighbors.

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This is honestly a good way of letting the neighbors know that you don’t want cigarette butts in the garden. At least there is some humor in it. The passive-aggressive way would have been to gift the neighbors an ashtray for Christmas. Maybe this way, both the cat and the neighbor will learn to give up smoking.


Your 21st birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate and go hard. Some people prefer to do so with their closest friends, but others think the more strangers the merrier! Clearly, this neighbor thought the latter, because they gave out jello shots to people in the building.

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Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work to some jello shots and a fun little poem. It’s the perfect remedy to take the edge off. Knockback the shots, kick back, and enjoy your night. Better yet, knock upstairs and see if they have room for one more at the party!

The grass is always greener

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. So what should you do about it? Water your side! That’s what this dad has done after seeing that his next-door neighbor has an outdoor jacuzzi. Instead of getting jealous over it, he decided to install his own jacuzzi.

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Sure, his jacuzzi isn’t exactly a jacuzzi. It’s more like just a bathtub filled with water in the garden. We’re not even sure whether that water is hot or not. But at least he can say that he has an “outdoor tub.” There’s no lie detected there!

Debt paid off

Unfortunately, the neighborly experience isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes it can be so unpleasant that threats of taking the other person to court are made. But that doesn’t mean the issue can’t be resolved. You just have to find a creative solution that benefits both parties.

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This person’s neighbor owed him nearly $300 in vet bills because his Great Dane dog attacked this person’s Golden Retriever. They almost went to Small Claims Court for it. But one day before that, this is how the neighbor paid him back — in small change. You would be infuriated, but technically, the debt has been paid off.