Nicola Peltz Beckham: How To Push Through Days When People Make You Feel Bad

By Anthony K

People will make you feel bad once in a while. Lack of proper dealing mechanisms may drive one into depression or make you feel less proud of various achievements. Nicola Peltz Beckham shares how she has dealt with people who hurt her heart.

Source: @nicolannepeltzbeckham / Instagram

The amazing Nicola Peltz Beckham recently shared an Instagram in which she wasn’t afraid to get vulnerable. Her post focused on how she handles tough days and people trying to bring her down, accompanied by teary-eyed photos in bed with a stuffed animal.

Nicola claims that growing up with seven siblings under strict parents reminding her not to let people hurt or bring her down toughened her. She applies the long lessons with a high wall protecting her from the unpredictable industry full of fans and critics with high expectations.

Nicola believes that there are days when people make you feel bad, and being hurt is normal for any person. She confesses having difficulty displaying her sad side but believes that sharing would help her cope and encourage others to share her plight.

Nicola’s post also sends her love and gratitude for the massive support. She ends the post with a confession that she appreciates when followers are kind on her page and an assurance that she sees and hears her fans and how much it means to her.

Source: @nicolannepeltzbeckham / Instagram

Nicola’s husband, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, liked her post and shared a comment acknowledging her amazing heart and his love for her. Irina Shayk, Selma Blair, and Paris Hilton also shared their support and love for the young actress.