Nicola Peltz Shares Emotional Post After Mother-In-Law Posh Spice Drama

By Kanyi M

Last month, Nicola Peltz shared a photo looking sad amid reports she’s feuding with her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham. Earlier this weekend, she shared another snap where it was clear that the model/actress had cried shortly before snapping the picture. In the caption, she explained how her family had provided emotional support by giving her valuable advice.

Image courtesy of @nicolaannepeltzbeckham / Instagram

There are rumors that the Bates Motel actress and her husband, Brooklyn, are not getting along. Despite the recent ‘spark’ in their relationship, it’s been claimed the two haven’t fallen out but realized over time that ‘they don’t really click’ as ‘they are different people.’

Sources close to the couple have hinted that they are growing apart and that Nicola wants to do her own thing. According to one source, the actress wants to have her independence and that she’s recently realized that she enjoys being by herself.

Image courtesy of @nicolaannepeltzbeckham / Instagram

When Brooklyn proposed to his girlfriend, Victoria accompanied them to a lavish ceremony on her family’s private island in Florida. It was later claimed that Victoria played no part in the nuptials planning and that’s when the rumors of a secret feud started.

Sources have claimed that the former Posh Spice feels she has been left out of her son’s life since he moved from London to Los Angeles to be with Nicola.

Brooklyn’s supportive father-in-law is said to have stepped in and is trying to help the pair get along. A picture of the Peltz family from the wedding popped up online, showing Nelson Petz with a glowing tan alongside the Beckhams.