Make Life Easier With Pool Noodles: 40+ Helpful Hacks

By Aileen D April 22, 2021

You have been asking for more life hacks. Now you’ve got them. Next up on the list: what to do with inexpensive pool noodles. You read that right! Pool Noodles! These are the cylindrical foams you will find floating in your neighbor’s pool. They can be used as floaters, toys, or even as a piece of aerobic gear. We always hated stopping mid-pool to wave these things away. But not anymore! You can hardly count the number of things you can do to repurpose this pool toy. You can use them to create wreaths, secure fishing rods, protect your car’s liftgate, bumper, and car door edges, and most importantly, defeating the Sith Lord with a DIY lightsaber. Just in case you are looking for a quick fix, you might just find one on this list. So thumb through, get those scissors snapping, and have your folks help you for your next DIY project.

Secure Rods and Pool Cues

This is best for people who move around often. Now, you won’t have to buy fixtures to secure rods, pool cues, or other like items. All you need is a pair of pool noodles to get the trick done. This hack will require that you use a sharp razor, so proceed cautiously. Lay the pool noodle horizontally and cut through it along one side.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Bend the pool noodle to wedge in space for the pool cue or item you will insert. This will make it easier for you to insert the rod or pool cue. Then secure the pool noodle to the wall. Use glue or screws. Lay the base of the pool cue/item against the floor and then wedge its body inside the indentations you had made.. Label the equipment you need to store using different pool noodle colors – yellow for household cleaning, blue for fishing rods, or green for gardening, etc. But a word of caution, this hack is best for holding light-bodied items upright.

Hauling in Fresh Fish

If you have ever gone fishing, then you must know how tricky it is to lure in fish. Despite using canned dog food, some people complain that reeling in catfish is pretty difficult. Sometimes, fishermen up their game by using pool noodles. Say what? They use it to cover the bait.

Image Courtesy of the Family Handy Man

Cut a pool noodle into inch-size pieces. Slather with birdseed, peanut butter, or canned dog food. Hook it into the end of the line and then drop it into the water. You should be able to reel in plenty of fish in no time!

Let’s Get Crafty

This is a favorite amongst painters and artists. When storing different paintbrushes, there’s always the risk of different-colored bristles touching each other. But if they opt to use pool noodles, as shown in the picture below, there’s no risk of the colors mixing. Save that for the palette.

Image Courtesy of Real Simple net

Furthermore, artists won’t have to worry about excess paint leaking off from the edge of the bristles. Let these drip on the container below. They can let paintbrushes airdry while placing them in this simple organizer. Now, all that’s left to do is practice becoming the next Picasso.

Cable Organizer

Don’t you hate having so many wires tangled up on your desk? With limited desk space, it’s important to keep messy cables neatly stored out of the way. Have them trail by the side, or the back of your desk, just opposite your legs. You might have to start by untangling them first, but you will be glad you did it once you complete this hack.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

First, separate each cable and untangle any knots. Vertically cut a pool noodle along one side, then slip a group of neatly bundled cables in it. Allow it to dangle by the side of your desk. Not only does this trick allow you to keep those cables in place, but it also insulates them from heat and spills.

No Fuss with the Neighbors

During winter, getting in and out of the driveway is pretty difficult. Not only would you to plow through snow on your way out to work, but you would have to ensure that you’re actually shoveling snow from your driveway. That can be tricky if you don’t have any boundary markers. Thankfully, here come pool noodles to the rescue.

Image Courtesy of Cleverst

Use them as a pole and affix a flag. That should be a visual cue of the yard’s perimeter. If you’re the minimalist type, opt for brightly-colored pool noodles so you can simply hoist them up. No mess, no fuss. You and your neighbor will be all the happier for it.

Floating Party Trays

Are you starting to feel the summer heat? If you are, better prep those swimsuits, trunks, and coolers. Because we are going to have ourselves a pool party. Have dad grill some chicken, set up the patio table, and then retrieve those pool noodles. Not only will you be slapping each other crazy with them, but you will also be using them to create a floating party tray.

Image Courtesy of The Family handy Man

One thing we love about this is that it’s so easy to make. Simply cut a pool noodle into several pieces the same length as your plastic container. Secure it to the sides with a string, and voila, watch this baby float on the water. You could disassemble this floating party tray and reuse the slit pool noodles for another hack.

Bump Car Riding

For the most part, having a car is an asset. You can travel to and from work without breaking a sweat. But part of owning a car is ensuring its upkeep. Keep it free from scratches and dents by placing pool noodles on your bumper. After all, that’s where you’re most likely to see those eyesores.

Image Courtesy of

You will want to piece together three or four pool noodles of the same length (and preferably the same color). Tie them with zip ties or a string, and then attach them to the back of your car. We suggest that you use brightly-colored pool noodles so that they can doubly function as an indicator. Newbie driver. Accident-prone, you get the gist.

Keep Clothes Intact

To maintain clothes, it’s important to store them away as crisply as possible. After ironing or steaming, place them on hangers, making sure that there are no creases. Silken clothes are harder to keep in place on a hanger. Before you resort to using clips, we suggest you try using pool noodles.

Image Courtesy of Taste of Home

You will use about six inches of a pool noodle to create traction between the silken cloth and the hanger. Cut along one side of the pool noodle. Insert along the length of the hanger, and then drape your clothing item. That should help keep creases off your clothes while ensuring easy storage.

These Noodles Were Made for Shaping

We don’t know about you, but one of our must-have fashion items is boots. If you have any, you must exert every effort to maintain them. It is generally easy to keep them in good shape. Condition them with oil every three months if living in a temperate climate or once a month if living in a dry climate.

Image Courtesy of The Kingston Home

You will want to store them in a place with a relatively stable temperature. Prop them up by placing pool noodles in each. You could also drop a patch of desiccant in each boot to absorb unwanted moisture. By the time you want to break in one, it will be primed for walking!

Futuristic Pet Shower

Remember when you watched a movie, and you watched the lead’s vital signs flash onscreen? He lay still in an impressive-looking total body scanner. Well, imagine that, but instead of the machine scanning your body, it’s hosing you down. There’s pressurized water coming from all sides as it travels the length of your body.

Image Courtesy of The Kennel Club UK Org

You could build your pet a futuristic body shower. This is best for small dogs or submissive cats. You will need to pierce holes along the length of the pool noodle, where the water will stream out of. Cover one end of the pool noodle with plastic and elastic rubber. Then insert a water hose in the other end. Make sure that the water running the length of the noodle is pressurized; otherwise, your pet might not enjoy his shower.

Got A Couple of Aces

It seems like there’s never an end to all the things we can fashion out of pool noodles. One common denominator seems to be that they are suited for parties. For this next feat, you can fashion a playing cardholder. Now, why would you want to try this out? It’s to keep you from showing your hand.

Image Courtesy of Brittanica

You might be the type to bluff poorly, or you might be one to give away your winning set. With this cardholder, you won’t have to worry about any of your Jacks slipping right before you make the winning move. Even better, you can keep those cards from getting wet if you decide to play a round after coming out of the pool.

Protect your Car from Hail

The best defense against hail is to park your car inside the garage. In case you don’t have one, or you happen to be at a friend’s place, try using this barrier to protect your car from frozen rain pellets. You will need many pool noodles and some string. After completing this DIY project, stow it away in your trunk so you can have this protective shield ready when needed.

Image Courtesy of Clever Hiker

Use full-length pool tubes to cover the length of your car. Fasten them together to form a raft and then lay it atop the roof. We suggest that you use weights to hold the edges steady. In case of severe storms, it’s best that you tie this pool raft to the tire rims.

Draw Those Curtains

Now, there is an inexpensive way to draw those curtains. No, you wouldn’t need to buy floral curtain ties. Simply get a piece of a pool noodle. Cut it to about six inches long. Gather those curtains in your palm, wind the pool noodle around them and tie.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handy Man

This might not be the first choice for some – what with it not being aesthetic and all. But should you find the need for drapery ties, try this hack out. You could always just tie the curtains into a knot. But that might damage delicate fabrics and produce creases on them. So figure out what’s best for you and then execute.

Fancy Some Indoor Gardening?

Ever heard of hydroponics? It is basically an ingenious way of growing plants without soil. You could use sand, gravel, sawdust, coconut fiber, water, or in this case, pool noodles. It is a sustainable alternative to using soil, especially if you would like to try a hand at indoor gardening without the mess.

Image Courtesy of merra leem / Reddit

We have to admit, getting a seed to germinate using pool tubes can be tricky. But once you do, pool tubes can perfectly secure these seedlings as they grow. Reddit user Merraleem suggests that you plant seeds in soil, wait for them to germinate, then transfer them in a tray with water until the roots grow out underneath. Afterwards, put them in these dish bins.

Secure those Drawer Organizers

After putting in the effort to clean and separate your cutlery, make sure that it stays in place inside the drawer. The frequent push and pull might cause its contents to be in disarray. You could secure cutlery organizers with screws and nuts, or you can wedge them in place using a pool noodle.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

Of course, you should only use clean pool noodles. Measure the length of the drawer, deducting the length of the cutlery organizer. Then cut the pool noodle to the desired length. Place it behind the cutlery tray and check to see if it stays in place. Similarly, you could use the pool noodles themselves as drawer organizers.

Focus Those Lights Here

When working on a project, it’s important to use a bright light source. While we prefer having an assistant to hold the light for us, that isn’t really necessary. You can always use pool noodles to aim light in the right area. Simply cut a pool tube to the desired length, wedge the flashlight in, and voila, you have got a reliable work light holder.

Image courtesy of Home Dzine Co

Bring the materials for the set, prop this holder by the corner and then immerse yourself in the handyman project. You can even secure the work light holder with strings if you plan to let it hang from a ledge. Once you’re done, all you have to do is wipe your hands on a rag, remove the light source from the work light holder and store all the items away.

A Headboard for Kids

Let’s face it. No matter how many times you tell your kids to quit jumping on the bed, they will keep doing it anyway. Might as well minimize the risk that they fall on the floor or slam a foot against the headboard. Create this Tufted headboard using a couple of pool tubes.

Image Courtesy of Brittany Jane Jewkes / Pinterest

You will need a piece of plywood the same length as the head of the bed. Cut pool tubes to the same length and then glue or screw them on the plywood. You can cover them with cotton material for added cushion or leave them bare for easy replacement. Then attach the lightweight headboard to your kids’ bed.

Gutter Duty

It’s that dreaded time of the year. You have to go on gutter duty. You dreadfully carry the ladder to the front yard, prop it up against the gutter and shakily climb the rungs. It’s difficult to steady yourself as you get further up off the ground. But you have to keep scratching or damaging the gutter overhead. So what can you do?

Image Courtesy of Budget 101

You could add a little padding at the point of contact where the ladder and the gutter meets. Simply cut a full-length pool noodle into half, cut along one side (for each), and then slip it on the legs of the ladder. There will be greater friction between the ladder and the gutter, so there’ll be less risk for falls. Better yet, that cushion will keep your gutters from getting damaged. You can even attach a pool noodle on the topmost rung where you plan to let your knees rest.

Train The Next Babe Ruth

Whether you want to spend some time with the kids or train them to be the next Babe Ruth, fashion a makeshift batting tee using pool noodles. Think about it. A full-length pool tube is just above a kid’s belt level. You can adjust the height according to your kid’s age. Just cut accordingly.

Image courtesy of

Not only is it expensive and lightweight, but you could bring it to almost any family outing. Prop it up on the yard or on the beach and have them take a swing at it. Of course, you would have to teach them the elements of a proper batting swing. And in case you feel a bit competitive, remove the batting tee, pitch, and catch the ball like the umpire that you are.

Homemade Dog Cone

You might not be able to keep your pet from getting in all sorts of trouble, but you can keep them from licking or scratching a wound or a cut. Fashion a dog cone out of a length of a pool noodle. The great thing about this DIY hack is that it’s relatively inexpensive, and it won’t scare your dog into wearing one.

Image Courtesy of Tangoes Kisehir

Cut a string about the length of your dog’s neck. Add a couple of inches and then string cut-up pieces of pool noodles around its length. You can secure the pool noodles by tying a knot before and after every tube. You could alternate between this dog cone or the vet’s choice. Check to see which one your dog likes better. You might hear him bark less with this one on.

Relieve Yourself of Wrist Pain

With life confined indoors, most of us manage work straight from our desktops. With so many e-mails, excel sheets, and documents to encode, you might have complained of wrist pain at some point. Sometimes, taking 15-minute breaks won’t cut it. So it’s important that you type with wrists elevated or use this simple cheat to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Image Courtesy of Home Stratosphere

Use those pool noodles as wrist support or palm rest. Technically, you’re only supposed to use these for brief periods of time. But for the minority of us who struggle to keep our wrists elevated while working, we could use these pool noodles as support. Just make sure to rest the palm of your hands on them. No more, no less.

Keep or Block Drafts Within the Room

This nifty hack can greatly help you save up on electric costs. When turning on the AC unit, keep cold air from leaving the room by placing pool noodles on the underside of doors. Similarly, you could keep a cold draft from entering the house during winter. That could help improve the heating system and keep the temperature inside comfortable.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handy Man

Simply cut along the length of the pool noodle. You might need to flatten the noodle pre-emptively. That should make inserting it along the edge of the door easier. Not only is this hack great for doors, but it can also be used for windows where drafts can come sweeping in. Trust us; your HVAC unit will thank you for it!

Aye, Aye Captain

With a great deal of ingenuity, someone was able to fashion a raft out of a couple of pool noodles. The result was as breathtaking as you would think. They had even pegged a mast up top – to navigate the pool waters and to shield your body from the sun. Look at this pirate go!

Image Courtesy of The Family Handy Man

Now you won’t have to spend much money on Flamingo or hammock inflatables. All you have to do is to fashion a pirate’s ship when you feel like it or disassemble the pool noodles for some good old pool slappin’. Now, there is no excuse for you not to have some fun (and exercise) in the pool. So what are you waiting for? Get to swimming!

How About A Game of Spikeball?

You might have watched a game of Spikeball on Shark Tank and thought you needed to get one for your family. Mix a competitive streak with lightning reflexes, and you have got a string of wins. But just imagine how much splashing fun you could have if you played a round of SpikeBall in the pool? It doesn’t take much effort to customize the set.

Image courtesy of Instructables

You would need a Spikeball set, some pool noodles, rope, and a cord lock. Basically, you will build a raft on which your Spikeball set will float on. According to the design, fashion the pool noodles, carve out the spaces for foot holes, and then secure everything in place with rope. You will need to add a weight bag (which comes with the Spikeball set) to keep the net from drifting underwater. Voila! Have some splashing fun in the pool!

Long Rides, Comfy Sleep

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or to the countryside, it’s best to pack a couple of pool noodles in the car. You never know how long the journey might take or if you will be able to stop by a motel for a brief rest. With a little ingenuity, you could use those pool noodles as headrests for dad, the children, or your pets.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handy Man

You could place them between the driver seat and the passenger seat. Alternatively, you could cut across the side of a pool noodle, wear your seatbelt, and then wear the noodle over the seat belt. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about drooling over the cloth. All you have to do is wipe the length of the pool noodle and then rinse.

Fashion A Wreath for All Occasions

Feeling artsy? Then how about making a wreath suited for all occasions. Fashion a pool noodle into a wreath by coiling, looping, or simply letting the ends meet. You could cover it with any cloth and pin or staple the fabric to the pool tube. Let the inner Martha Stewart shine as you affix flowers, figs, or bows.

Image courtesy of Family Handy man

All you need is one pool tube to create a wreath for all occasions. Replace fabric and other biodegradables as they wither away. Mix and match until you get the desired front door wreath design. You and your kids can even make a DIY wreath-making competition. Doesn’t that sound like loads of fun?

Perfect for RV Owners

Pool noodles and industrial foam insulators have a great deal in common. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some RV owners repurpose pool noodles as foam pipes. Lines that run outside can be insulated from harsh temperatures. This should keep your lines from cracking under intense cold.

Image courtesy of Tops Decor

Slit one side of a full-length pool noodle and wrap it around the line you need to insulate. You may use double-sided tape to hold it in place or wrap the outer edges with duct tape. This is a clever and protective solution for your camping wiring needs.

Gadget Stand

What are the advantages of using pool noodles? They’re cheap, cushion alternatives, and owing to their material, they are waterproof. That really makes them ideal for phone and tablet stands. Think about it – slip your phone in one, and you can watch your favorite TV drama from the tub.

Image Courtesy of

Cut an inch of a pool noodle foam. Mark the base of your phone atop the pool noodle and then carve accordingly. Leave about a centimeter’s space for the base. Slip your phone or gadget in and then sign in to Netflix. Watch, lay back, and enjoy. Create as many phone stands as you need for every member of the house.

Hauling in Your Baggage

It doesn’t matter how durable your car is. There are simply some areas that are prone to dents and scratches. One of which includes the topside – where you might have had a luggage rack attached. To keep heavy baggage from damaging the roof of your car, insulate with pool noodles.

Image Courtesy of Family Handyman

Depending on how wide the roof of your car is, you could use one or two pool noodles. Cut along one side and then slip it over the luggage rack. Secure by winding tape on both ends. Now, you can place ladders, luggage, and other heavy items without having to worry about scratching the roof of your car.

Makeup Brush Stand

Whoever crafted this was an absolute genius. If you are into make-up design, we are certain you will absolutely stan this DIY hack! How come? You can fashion a pool noodle as a makeup brush stand. Place it by the corner of your makeup table, and you have got free desk space for loads of your cosmetics.

Image Courtesy of Craft Diply

After every use, cleanse these brushes. You certainly won’t have a reason not to. Afterward, tuck them in the sides of this pool noodle and let them air dry. Not only will this help maintain your face brushes, but it helps reduce the risk of bacterial transmission from one brush to another or from your brush to your face. You should see your acne clear up in a couple of weeks. Just sayin’.

Lift Gate Cover

Even expert drivers aren’t immune to getting nicks and bumps on their cars. One of the most susceptible places to get them is your car’s lift gates. When you park too close to the car brace or when your garage has a low-hanging ceiling, you’re more inclined to chip off the paint on your SUV. That’s because your car’s liftgate is more likely to hit the garage ceiling.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

Keep that from happening by placing a pool noodle along the edge of the cross brace. We suggest that you secure it with double-sided tape. Simply place the tape along the inner edges of the pool noodle, then squeeze the pool noodle to make it stick to the cross brace. Now, you can pop the trunk and unload your groceries with mindless ease.

Hide Those Trampoline Springs

It is every child’s (and some adults’) dream gift – trampolines. You could spend the day jumping your troubles away, or you could lie dizzily by the sides while your friends make the most of your backyard investment. Just be sure to cover those trampoline springs. God knows we have heard enough stories about kids getting hurt by them. Fortunately, you can cover them up using pool noodles.

Image Courtesy of Alfarben

Cut pool noodles to the same length as your trampoline springs. You might want to leave an inch or two of space since these springs contract and extend with every jump. You could insert the length of these trampoline springs inside the pool noodles. To add a little variety, use different colored tubes, as can be seen above.

Setting the Mood

A display of lights can really set the tone for an event. Whether it be an anniversary or an engagement party, pool noodles can be used as a lighting decor. Cut them up into pieces and use them to hold votive lights. Owing to their material, pool noodles will keep these votive candles afloat

Image Courtesy of Impressive Interior Design

We highly suggest that you use wick candles in the pool. In case a strong draft causes these candles to overturn, they will get quickly snuffed out in the water. It’s also important to leave the arrangement to adults. You wouldn’t want your kids to play with fire, no matter how pretty these votive candles look.

Room Door Stoppers

Ever felt the need to go to the bathroom at midnight? You carefully raise yourself from your bed, stealthily tiptoe towards the door, twist the knob and relieve yourself. You jolt yourself from a half-waken sleep by the sound of the door slamming shut. Here is how you can manage to let everyone else in the house stay fast asleep.

Image Courtesy of Paige Hays

Cut a piece of a pool noodle. Slice across one side of it and then slip it over the edge of the door. Try closing the door. Place as many pool noodles as you need to keep it from closing all the way. Now you won’t have to worry about jolting everyone from their sleep. Nor will you have to worry about anyone’s fingers getting caught between the door frame.

Unusual Funnel

Owing to their tubular design, pool noodles make excellent funnels! That’s right. Family Handyman suggests that you use these makeshift funnels for when you need to fill a bucket with water. Now you won’t have to hoist a bucket up and down from the sink. Just let the water slide down these pool tubes.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

Of course, you would want to make sure that you are using a clean pool noodle. Dip one end into the bucket while plugging the faucet into the other hole. Open the faucet and voila! You will have running water dripping into the bucket in no time. Now, who wants to help dad water the plants?

Hair Accessory Holder

We can’t get enough of headbands, brooches, and hairpins. Our tables are filled with them. But lately, we have gotten more desk space by trying out this DIY hack. Use a pool noodle as a headband/hair accessory holder. The great thing is that you can design it to your individual taste.

Image Courtesy fo Baubles n Babbles WordPress

Simply cut equal lengths of pool noodles. Cover them with a cloth in a color or design of your choosing, and then sew on handles. You could hang this headband holder behind your door or by the side of the bed. Simply slip on the headbands or pin on brooches and hairpins.

Customizing Backyard Chairs

Now is the perfect time to go sun tanning on the porch or in the backyard. Before spending many hours lying under the hot sun, make sure that you have some drinks by the side, a towel, and some ice chips. Optimize your comfort by cushioning those armrests.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

You will need equal lengths of pool noodles. Cut along one side of each and then place them over those armrests. We suggest that you choose a color that suits your lawn chair, or your bathing suit (whichever is more important to you). Drape your towel over the top and then lounge the afternoon away with a cool drink in hand!

Door Stopper

We all know how difficult it is for kids to estimate how wide they should swing the car door open. Similarly, a small garage may make it troublesome for you to get out of the car. You might struggle to slide yourself out the door to keep the car door from hitting the sides of the garage. Now, you won’t have to worry. Keep your car doors safe from nicks and bumps by installing a car door stopper along the adjacent wall!

Image courtesy of

You may need around four pool noodles for each car door. Open each door as wide as possible and mark the spots where each car door makes contact with the garage wall. Place the pool noodles along these contact points and secure them with glue. Check to see if the door stopper buffers any impact from the car door. If it does, then job well done! If it doesn’t, then affix more pool noodles until a cushion keeps your door from hitting the side of the wall.

Cushion an RV Awning

When taking your RV on the go, it’s best to customize everything to your needs. You could install an RV awning so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the shade as you sip coffee as you overlook a mountainous region. We suggest that you place a cushion around those metal bars, however. We know how badly heads can hurt after hitting them.

Image Courtesy of Fabulessly Frugal

You could choose between two options. Cushion these babies by slipping the entire noodle over the bar. Then connect the RV awning to the base of support. You can alternatively cut along one side of a pool noodle and then nudge it over the metal bars. Remove and/ or adjust accordingly.

DIY Water Sprinkler

Sprinkler systems can be a really expensive purchase. These things can cost a lot to install. Fortunately, there are other ways to ensure a pristine-looking lawn at a bargain price. Use pool noodles as a DIY water sprinkler. You read that right! From the looks of this picture, it certainly works.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handy Man

Poke several holes along the length of a pool noodle. Then cover one end with some plastic. Create a seal using elastic rubber. Lay the pool noodle on your lawn, and then insert the water hose on the free end of the tube. Ensure that the water coming in the hose is pressurized so that water will hiss (instead of stream) out of the pool noodle. Use this to water the lawn or have a little fun with your kids this summer season!

Cake Pop Ideas: Candy Pop Stand

With much time on your hands, how about making a bunch of desserts for the whole family. Bake and design your very own cake pops! Simply make homemade cake and frosting. Roll into balls and then dip into chocolate or frosting, and then let stand.

Image courtesy of The Family Handyman

Stick these delicious treats along the length of a pool noodle. These cake pops should be dry within the hour. Sprinkle with decorations of your choice. These are guaranteed to make everyone’s eyes pop. Now, how about it? Create your own batch with vanilla buttercream and some cake mix!

Channeling the Force of DIY Lightsabers

What are pool noodles made for, if not for some pool-slapping fun? Take it to the next level by creating DIY Lightsabers. Not only will these high-energy swords cut through the water, but they can be weaponized against the Dark Sith Lord. Channel your inner Obi-Wan Kenobi by decorating the bottom edge of these pool tubes with tape, markers, and other kids’ supplies.

Image Courtesy of Life Hacker AU

We are certain your kids will love them. Afterward, watch the trilogy of all trilogies – the Star Wars film series. Have your kids take sides with the Rebel Alliance, the Jedi Vectors, the Starlight Beacons, or the Third Horizon. Unleash your inner intergalactic geek and have some fun!

DIY Clubhouse

No childhood is complete without a clubhouse in the backyard. You won’t need to hammer bits and pieces of wood to make one. All you have to do is to secure cloth in the color of your choosing around some support poles, some pool noodles, and duct tape. Have the sentries build a fort, a castle, or a kitchen space for the mini-cook.

Image courtesy of The Inflatable Island

It’s best if you start building the base of your castle. Simply tape together pool noodles around support beams to create a corner. Repeat this for all bottom and top corners, then drape the cloth over your DIY playhouse. Have mum prep some buttered popcorn, bring out the portable speakers, and have a movie night under the stars inside this backyard playhouse!

Create Your Own Boogie Board

What are the subtle differences between body(boogie) boards and surfboards? For one, boogie boards are shorter and lighter, whereas the latter is long and heavy. Second, surfers ride the boogie board on the crest and wait for it to carry them to shore. On the other hand, surfing allows you to stand on the board (just before a wave forms) and surf the tide.

Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

Depending on your preferences, you can craft a boogie board of your own. You will need two to three pieces of pool noodles and loads of duct tape. Best remember to keep the board’s surface intact. That’s the only way for you to be able to ride the crest, face, and curl of the waves. Lastly, customize your boogieboard with your very own design.

Handle Guard for the Lawnmower

Why hadn’t we thought of this one before? We had mowed the lawn many times yet failed to secure a handle guard for its handle. Imagine how it would have been much easier to grip and push the mower while cutting the length of the lawn. Thanks to pool noodles, you can say goodbye to blisters.

Image Courtesy of Family Handy Man

All you have to do is to cut along one side of the pool noodle and slip it over the edge lawnmower’s handles. You could secure the edges with some tape and then get to mowing. Since pool noodles are water and sweat-resistant, you wouldn’t have to worry about grime sticking to them. Simply hose it down or replace it as necessary.

Prevent Kids From Rolling Out of Bed

Keep your kids safe by installing these makeshift bed logs. While asleep, these should keep your kids from falling on the floor. It’s perfect for preschoolers who are learning to get in and out of bed without the assistance of mom and dad. Let your kids exert some degree of independence while keeping them safe during bedtime.

Image Courtesy of Amerisleep / Blog / Mattress Guides

You could use one or two pool noodles as bed logs. Simply tape them onto the mattress before covering them up with bedsheets. That should ensure comfort and safety as your kids drift off to sleep. Prop a teddy by the side to help keep them company. Nighty night, kids!

Quilting with Grandma

One of the ways to pass the time is to learn sewing or quilting. You could set aside half an hour to listen to grandma or organize her quilting supplies. Use about six inches of a pool noodle as a pincushion or wind spare cloth around the length of these tubes. We’re certain grandma will give you a cookie for it.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

We suggest that you use a light-colored pool noodle. It should stand in contrast to the color of your pinheads so that it will be easier for you to locate one. You can also insert the length of your scissor inside the pool noodle for quick access. When you’re done with quilting, simply store it away with other supplies inside your sewing kit.

Cut Into Fractions

Fractions are a difficult concept for kids. Kids may struggle with them unless you teach it by using pies. Come to think of it; you can use pool noodles as teaching aids too! The great thing is that your kids can manipulate these items with their hands instead of imagining pies on the kitchen table.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Measure and cut a quarter or an eighth from a whole length of pool tube. Use as many colors as you want to engage your school-age kid in learning. As a test, you could have him cut up different portions of a pool noodle and then identifying its portion to the whole. Afterwards, you could have him/ her help you create other of these pool noodle hacks.

Squeegee Mop- To- Go

No house is complete without a mop. There are many different varieties of them – flat, sponge, string, steam, spin, microfiber mops, but they all cost roughly the same. If you want to save a couple of dollars, you can fashion one out from your garden rake. Secure one pool noodle and a couple of cable ties.

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You should be able to come up with a squeegee of sorts. You will need a pool noodle that’s the same length as the rake’s head. Then cut along the length of it. Insert the rake’s teeth in them. Secure the makeshift mop with some cable ties, and then try it out. We suggest you use this for cleaning the garage floor. You could leave the mophead to dry by the back or squeeze out excess water by lightly stepping on the squeegee mop.