45 Odd Things With No Aesthetic That Make Us Feel Uncomfortable

By Jhoana C

In today’s time, when everything needs to be pictured and shared with social media, aesthetics is paramount. If you want people to like and share your photos and videos, it’s necessary to make sure everything looks great. Flat lays, the rule of thirds, a sense of depth, and plenty of other things to be accounted for when taking photos. When we see something ugly, our brain is fascinated, just as much as when we see something nice. Unsightly, displeasing, and unpleasant things also capture our imagination. Thanks to the Facebook Page, Things That Are Not Aesthetic, we can see many of these unpleasant things all in one place! We stare at these images wondering whether they’re indeed unpleasant to the eyes or if there’s something about them that makes them truly unique and worthy of recognition. But hey, don’t believe everything we say. Look at all the grotesque and unattractive things we have compiled for you.

No need to cover your chest, just your arms

We never knew that there’s a market for such outfits. We don’t see the point of covering your arms and neck to keep them warm only to expose your chest? One serious question we have is, are we supposed to wear something underneath?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This outfit doesn’t score plus points, especially when traveling and having limited space in your luggage. We’d rather wear or bring something that will be able to cover our entire body, not just our arms and neck, especially if it’s freezing outside.

We’re confused if this Snowman is going or coming

Front or back? Coming or going? We didn’t know that Km Kardashian, through her many surgeries, could transform into a snowman as well. We were obviously mistaken. However, we knew that they mentioned thick snow in the weather forecast.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

However, we didn’t know that the snow was going to be this thick. This picture reminds us of Kim Kardashian with Sir Mix A Lot blasting loud in the background. We can’t help but twerk and sway our tush, too.

Is this considered an optical illusion dress?

Remember that optical illusion dress that made endless rounds across every social media platform not too long ago? It was such a big deal, and people were divided on what color it is. There was a group that said it was blue and another that said white.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

While people broke friendships and relationships over that dress, this one is going to unify everyone. It’s white and blue at the same time, and we’re quite sure that people can agree on this one. We don’t see any arguments ensuing over this.

Fancy a ride in a little pea?

It’s always interesting to see vehicles of different models and designs on the road, so when we see one that piques our interest, we quickly check on the Internet how much it costs. We’d like to see if we can afford them too, although that doesn’t happen often.

Image courtesy of lolennui/Twitter

This one is quirky, and it looks unusual. We haven’t seen anything like this cruising the streets where we live. It looks like a pea and can probably accommodate a single person. We’d love to test drive this automobile.

Let’s put a smile on that face

Since the world changed over a year ago, we have been forced to cover our noses and mouths to protect ourselves. If we could have things our way, we want to turn back time when we can just freely go anywhere and not have to cover up.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

If there’s one silver lining that we can find, it’s how creative people can be with their masks. This one puts a smile on everyone’s face, and just like the Joker’s most iconic line, “Why so serious,” she is making other’s day with this iconic mask.

How would you like to have a balcony inside your home?

We’re not going to lie. At first glance, we thought that this was a prison block, but it’s an apartment. See anything unusual? Yup, it’s the balconies that got our attention first because why would anyone build them inside the building?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Isn’t the point of a balcony to allow people some fresh air and a stunning view of their surroundings? It would be great to have your breakfast and coffee on the balcony while watching the world go by, but sadly, that’s not going to happen here.

We’re thinking if it’s safe to use the stairs

Stairs are used to reach different levels of a house safely, but if the staircase looked like this, would you even attempt to use them? We’d seriously be hesitant because we’d be hanging precariously from the wall, not knowing what our next move is.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Not only is it unsafe, but it’s also aesthetically not pleasing. Why would you want bricks doubling as steps on the wall? But, if you’re someone who’d like to stretch your muscles and do some exercises while in your room, this might be a plus.

His Highness’ home office

The home office has become a staple in every household since last year. The majority of office workers were requested to work remotely, and we know plenty of people who were happy with the arrangement, kind of like this next guy.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

One of the most important things to have in a home office is a comfortable chair because everyone knows you spend endless hours sitting there completing tasks on your computer. This chair, however, looks like it belongs in another era, and it doesn’t look pleasant to sit on either.

A car full of 3-ply masks

Surgical masks have become an extension of our regular attire since last year. We can’t be caught without it outside or inside unless we want to risk being fined, or worse, getting seriously sick. Everyone is advised to wear a new mask every 4 hours.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

So, it makes perfect sense to have a few extras in your car or your bag, but we don’t mean that you should store them like this. This is, for lack of better words, filthy and unsafe. We wouldn’t be so confident wearing these masks.

How long would it take to complete this puzzle?

This puzzle will make you feel like you’re in hell, literally. Not only do the jigsaw puzzle pieces have identical sizes, but they also look identical because all of them are one color, black. We can’t even begin to distinguish one from the other.  

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We won’t be buying this at all because we don’t want to go insane, and we definitely don’t want to end up pulling our hair out in frustration trying to figure out how to put this thing together. Trust us, save yourself the misery, and avoid this at all costs.

Close the door! The table might leave!

This easily makes the list of grotesque and macabre furniture. It boggles our mind why anyone would think of designing a table with human legs, and it’s not just any human leg, those are human legs dressed in jeans and cowboy boots.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

They look like they’re ready to get right up to make sure you close the door. You don’t want to leave the room only to come back and find your television missing because the table has bailed on you. You should treat this table with respect if you want it to stay put.

Are there no other designs for throw pillows?

Throw pillows are meant to enhance the décor of your home. They should be decorative but comfortable at the same time. We’re asking ourselves why someone would specifically choose this of all the fabrics, colors, and designs out there.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Why would you want your throw pillows to look like a blown-up silica gel packet? We understand that the silica gel is useful because it absorbs moisture and prevents damage due to condensation, but do you have to display your love for it in the form of a pillow?

We’re sure the recipient is going to cry when they receive this

A vacuum sealer for food is just that; it’s meant for food. Although it might work with other things, the result won’t always be what you expected. This lady wanted to try her luck and used her vacuum food sealer to make her gifts compact.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

The sight she was faced with after trying to vacuum a stuffed toy is something that will make little children cry and throw tantrums. Look at what happened to the little lamb’s face! It looks like it’s been butchered and abused.

This car made Thomas livid

People with children will easily recognize the most famous train in the world, Thomas! Thomas is a small locomotive with big aspirations. Thomas toys have found their way in hundreds of thousands of households worldwide, but this next one is new for us.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

However, we’re quite sure that this is one design Thomas has not approved of. It’s evident in his face, he is livid, and he didn’t put his seal of approval on this car. This is jerry-rigging that’s gone mad and overboard.

We want to know where this car is headed to?

These LED chandeliers on this car, for lack of better words, are making us wonder if it’s headed to where people see the light. As ridiculous as it may sound, it looks like it’s headed that way. We’re not getting in that car even if they pay us.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

The only thing that would make the lights more appropriate is if the car was a hearse. It looks like one, but we have a few doubts. The next time someone sells you car lights, you should think long and hard before making a decision.

How is this going to fit in our ears?

Everyone should be wary of purchasing things online because what you see isn’t exactly what you get. Reality is almost always worse than your expectations. We can count on one hand the times people were satisfied with their online purchases.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This is a good example of such a thing. The buyer thought he was getting the regular-sized EarPods from Wish. You know the type that fits in your ear? However, when he opened the gigantic package, he received this oddity.

We’d like to think that baked beans belong in a can

We’re raised to think that baked beans belong in a can, so this sight is alarming. Baked beans in a ball. We thought that these balls should dangle on the Christmas tree with bright colors and vibrant designs. You know, the Christmas spirit kind of vibes.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Who would actually purchase this unique baked beans ornament? And, would anyone have the guts to display these? We have to give it to the person who thought of this business venture because he’s truly original, but we’re unsure if this will sell.

Enter the building at your own risk

Not only is this painful for the eyes, but it also makes our hearts palpitate. This is obviously a safety hazard and an accident waiting to happen, although we’re sure no one in their right mind would go out and use those doors.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We want to know where this building is located and why the architect even included such a structure in the building plans. We truly can’t figure out what they were thinking. Is this a shortcut, and is it supposed to help you go faster from one floor to another?

Is there a tiny singer performing on that stage tonight?

This tiny platform is ruining the aesthetics of the room, but at the same time, we can’t also help but think that there is going to be a tiny performer who’ll be setting the stage on fire tonight. Is it tiny Britney Spears?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Will it be a mini Adele? Now, all we want to do is set up our mini tables, mini chairs, and mini lamps for an intimate concert. Whoever the performer is, they deserve a whole mini theater set up in their honor.

Someone needs to rescue Elmo

This is an atrocity! Why would anyone think of doing this to poor Elmo? Elmo has done nothing but educate and entertain children all over the world for countless years. Is this the reward he gets for his decades of service?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We know that this is a list of ugly designs and unattractive and grotesque things, but the people who did this went a little overboard. They have turned Elmo, a beloved Tv character, into food that belongs in a jar. Preposterous.

Now this is one big car horn

Car horns are necessary to alert pedestrians and other cars of your presence. You can also use them to express displeasure with other motorists. Car horns have evolved throughout the years and went through various design changes. This one, however, blows our minds (excuse the pun).

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Now. This isn’t a car horn, but it’s close enough. You can certainly use this for your car if you fancy doing so. It’s a horn that doesn’t want to be honked, but the sign says “Don’t” makes us way more tempted to do so.

Let me just get some money from my corn purse

Coin purses and wallets come in various shapes, designs, and colors. For those who only bring their cards and no cash, large wallets are not required. However, if you always have coins, a coin purse is a much better option.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

But why sport a boring coin purse when you can get a corn purse. Yup, you heard that right. You can fit paper bills and coins in there while still leaving plenty of room. Plus, it’s going to make a lot of people notice you, too.

Let’s make the pasta swim in milk

Most people would revolt at the idea of this. After all, this isn’t how you prepare pasta conventionally. Although most of us would doubt the wisdom behind this, we can’t deny the fact that other people grew up knowing no better than this.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Some folks in Europe admit to eating this while they were growing up, and they have fond childhood memories of this. Some even say that the only thing missing is cheese, and you’ve got yourself a well-balanced meal.

Are we going to see a basketball game or a rodeo?

This pair of shoes seems like it can’t make up its mind. Part of them wants to see the rodeo, but another part wants to see a basketball game. If only we could be in two places at once. We’re sure these shoes would have already tried.

Image courtesy of Things That are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

There are plenty of fashion trends like this, and they are not aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. Designers have to make up their minds because you can’t have your cake and eat it too. This is just too cringy, and we’re surprised someone would actually wear them in public.

When the soap in your tub is sexier than you

One of the best feelings in the world after a long and tiring day at work is to soak in the tub and read a good book. A gentle soak in the tub is going to relax and calm you so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

However, we’re gonna get seriously offended if we see this. The soap in the tub is way sexier than us. We’re pretty sure that this is what people call a ‘bubble butt.’ We’re not sure if the soap is trying to make us feel sexy or bad.

A pillow that’s going to give us nightmares

If you were born in the 80s and 90s, you’ve probably known and experienced firsthand just how big of a star Nicholas Cage was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He had many hit movies that raked in millions at the box office, such as The Rock, Con Air, and Face Off.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not aesthetic/Facebook

He was headlining the biggest movies during the decade. However, things have changed so much, and nowadays, the only thing he is headlining are sequined pillowcases. The man has got talent but hasn’t made a name for himself over the past few years.

So, this is what the future holds

Admit it. You’ve also been curious about the future and what it holds. Are things going to get better, or are they going to get worst? Are the odds against us, or are they in our favor? We have so many questions about what’s coming.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This mug, sold for a discounted price at the thrift store, isn’t promising anything, and judging from its looks, the future doesn’t seem very promising for humanity. Well, based on what’s happening currently, this mug seems about right.

Perhaps people should try this on a hot, summer day

Various reports have already underscored the importance of paying attention to global warming and all its ramifications. Every year, summers get hotter, and polar ice caps on the North Pole melt faster. But we don’t need to tell this guy that.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

If you’ve felt that the temperature has been rising lately, you’re not imagining things, and you’re not alone. Perhaps you can do what this guy did and get relief from the scorching heat. You won’t look good doing it, but at least you’ll feel better.

Careful with these shoes, they hurt

Trends are called trends because they are not here to stay. They might be fashionable for a month or two, but they can never compete with the classics and this is a good reason why you should always stick to the classic designs.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This is a trend that needs to go away because it’s appalling to any tasteful palate. This shoe, sandal, or whatever people call it belongs in the same group as the Crocs with the heels that cost $1,000 a pair. We warn you from googling it because it’s going to make your eyes hurt.

Cinderella went to the wrong surgeon

Growing up, children, especially little girls, loved watching and listening to fairy tales. Ask little girls what they want to be when they grow up, and most would respond with the same answer, a princess. While we agree that this needs to change, we appreciate that fairy tales were a big part of our lives while growing up.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

However, this is not the type of princess we want to be. Cinderella looks like she went to the wrong surgeon here because she ended looking more like her less than aesthetically appealing stepsisters. Cinderella, what have you done to yourself?

This makes us very uncomfortable

We have seen this many times in various bathrooms and toilets, and it makes us very uncomfortable. All you need to do is pull, but most people can’t even follow the simple instructions and end up ruining the paper towels.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We admit it’s quite difficult to pull the towel properly when your hands are wet, but how are you going to dry your hands without pulling the towel in the first place? This is a Catch 22 situation we don’t want any part of.

Car covered in cornbread

Our first guess upon seeing this car was that the guy driving it must have cheated on his wife or vice versa. What other sane reason would there be for making your entire car look like it’s a cornbread rolling down the street?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Some people say that it’s PU foam used to fill gaps and it turns deep orange when it’s exposed to sunlight. So, this means that it’s been there for some time. We know one thing though; it doesn’t look good at all.

Is this thing supposed to be communal?

Toilets and bathrooms are private spaces because that’s where people perform some of their most intimate bodily functions that no one needs to witness. However, this toilet looks like it’s bound to change things to bring people closer together.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

That thing looks communal based on the size and the length. Are we supposed to hold hands with each other while doing our business on the toilet and sing “Pooping with the Homies?” We’re pretty sure no one would be lying down while doing their business in the toilet. We’re just not here for this.

Sorry, but that’s one ugly shadow

The guy doesn’t look ugly. He’s quite attractive, but his shadow is doing him dirty. It doesn’t look like him at all and we’re quite sure somebody sabotaged the photo and replaced the shadow with someone else’s. This is the only explanation.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Look at the nose, the mouth, and the entire head. It’s an entirely different person. People on the Internet are quick to point out that the person in the photo is a member of a famous Korean boy band and is quite good-looking in person.

Why would you put gloves on your feet?

The first thing that came to mind when we saw this photo was, why would anyone put gloves on their feet? Aren’t gloves supposed to be for hands? Well, yes, gloves are for the hands, but some people like to be creative and think out of the box.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We all know that nowadays, hygiene is paramount, and we must always make sure that we are clean, but we weren’t aware that it has come to this point. The guy is wearing slippers, so why the need for the gloved feet?

We want to know what happened to the Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa, as tiny as it may be compared to other paintings and works of art, commands long queues, and millions of people from all over the world travel far and wide just to see it from afar. It has incredible power.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

So, we want to know what happened to this Mona Lisa. She looks like she’s more of a furry friend and less of a human. The portrait, said to be the work of Turkish artist Murat Yildirim, is giving us serious anxiety.

We think that this is clever

Some tattoos, especially misspelled ones, make us cringe. How could anyone misspell such an easy word? But this one is clever. No, it’s not aesthetically pleasing but we have to give it to the person who thought of the idea.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This person had a tiny birthmark, and he thought of incorporating it into his tattoo funnily and creatively, never mind that it doesn’t look very good. Yup, those are Calvins and there’s a brown mark on the backside.

We don’t think this is appropriate for the playground

When designing playgrounds, it’s imperative to keep in mind that you are decorating and designing the space for children. Everything should be childproof and accessible to the little people who’ll be frequenting the area. You don’t want to put dumb ideas in their heads, either.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This may seem harmless but we have second thoughts about putting this sort of design in the playground. What do you think? We’re quite sure that there are plenty of other designs more suitable for such a place where kids won’t see it.

This man must have been so bored

We think the only person who has time for this kind of activity is so bored that he literally doesn’t have anything else to do. We don’t think it looks ugly, so we’re not sure why it’s on this list. To our eyes, it looks cool and impressive.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

This takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration, and we think the people most suitable for this job are those with OCD. How do you arrange all the rice to make it look like this? This is a work of art that deserves to be in a museum.

This looks like Dexter’s playroom

No, we don’t mean playroom as in Mr. Grey’s, but playroom as in Dexter’s. Dexter is making a TV comeback and this is timely. It looks like a place where he can indulge in all his fantasies. If it doesn’t belong to Dexter, then it’s a future crime scene.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Or remember that person trying to vacuum seal the stuffed toy? Perhaps she’s at it again, and he was trying to vacuum seal the entire bathroom and toilet because it sure looks like he’s been let loose. He needs intervention.

Now, that’s more like it

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most renowned painters in history. Some of the Dutch painter’s most memorable works are The Starry Night, Cafè Terrace at Night, and The Potato Eaters. His works fetch millions of dollars, but we all know how tragic his life was.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

He had mental issues. He cut off his ear and tried to commit suicide. Hear, hear! This is what they say about Vincent Van Gogh, ear today, gone tomorrow. Ironically, the owner of the mug also broke the handle which was meant to be the artist’s ear.

It’s just not the stockings but the toes too

This entry is a double whammy. Not only are the stockings hideous, but the toes are also extremely crooked. If you’re looking for something that will make you squirm in discomfort, this is it. The only good thing about this is that you never have to repaint your nails.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

You save yourself some time in the morning, but the only problem is you can’t wear these with shorts, or can you? Well, perhaps if you’re that daring you can. But, let us tell you that the sample feet in the photo are not giving us the encouragement we need.

Are we supposed to play guitar to go to the toilet?

There are millions of guitar enthusiasts all over the world, but we’re doubtful if this will pique their interest because… look at it! It’s confusing. Are we supposed to start strumming or go to the toilet? Or should we do both?

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

Why in the world would someone even think of putting a toilet seat in a guitar? Have we all run out of ideas that what we have come up with is meant to be hideous on the eyes? We don’t know anymore. If we owned this store, this wouldn’t make it to the display area.

Yup, pizza is the solution to life’s problems

There may be a great debate about pineapple not belonging on pizza, but we can all agree on one thing, pizza makes life a lot better. Sad? Order some pizza. Happy? Go to the drive-thru and get pizza. This Italian creation is a lifesaver.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We understand that a lot of people love pizza, but not to the level that they’d put it on their heads. This is a hairstyle we’re not fond of and hairdressers are going to agree with us on this one. It’s unique, but it’s not pleasing to the eyes.

This is going to make the car owner infuriated

One look at this photo, and you know it isn’t real. The machine that’s making asphalt certainly can’t do that. It can’t make it on top of the car and lay asphalt, but this photo makes people uncomfortable because it just doesn’t look good.

Image courtesy of Things That Are Not Aesthetic/Facebook

We also surely don’t think that anyone with the right mind would do this to another person’s car. They’d be risking a lawsuit if they do so, but the picture does a good job of provoking people with anxiety.