45 Clever Halloween Costumes To Get Working On Right Now

By Larissa C

Halloween is one of those times of the year that everyone gets excited about. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, a young adult, an adult, or an elder, Halloween is that one holiday that makes you all giddy and ready to have fun. While it’s not necessarily a requirement, wearing costumes on this occasion makes things even more thrilling. Traditionally, some people try to wear scary costumes — it’s Halloween, after all — but nowadays, it’s also common to see people wearing other outfits, especially fun or sexy ones. If you’re excited about Halloween this year but have no idea what you should wear, worry no more. In this list, we’ve compiled 45 of the most creative Halloween costumes for you to try. You’re going to love it!

The cutest jellyfish

We are starting off this list with one of the cutest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. We have to say, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids since they get to dress in cool and creative costumes, like this little one.

Image courtesy of aww/Reddit

She had to have been the coolest little kid on the block with this adorable costume. Whoever made this magical jellyfish umbrella for this cutie really hit it out of the park. She deserves double the amount of candy, too, for carrying around that thing all night!

You tricked me for a second!

If we’re talking about creative costumes for Halloween, this next costume could not be left out of this list. Who didn’t enjoy watching Peter Pan as a child? These two guys certainly did — so much that they had this brilliant idea for Halloween:

Image courtesy of tonygar1997/Twitter

If you don’t understand what’s going on here, we’ll explain: the guy in the front is dressed as Peter Pan. That is kind of obvious. However, that black outline behind him is not a piece of cardboard — that’s his friend dressed up as Peter Pan’s shadow!

That’s so cute!

When we think of wearing Halloween costumes, we usually think of wearing scary costumes. However, Halloween is not only about that — some people like to wear sexy costumes while others prefer to wear goofy ones. This person, however, decided to take a different approach.

Image courtesy of Karoline Hinz/Pinterest

Who said anything about wearing scary, sexy, or goofy costumes? Dressing up like a giant sloth is the way to go. This costume looks so realistic that, if we saw this person during the night, we would certainly think it was an actual giant sloth!


Even if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, you probably know a thing or two about this show. After all, it was one of the biggest successes in television history, and it was all everyone would talk about on the internet back when the show was still on TV.

Image courtesy of shehappens/Reddit

Naturally, people love dressing up as Game of Thrones characters for Halloween, but no one pulled it off quite as good as this woman. Judging by the bleached long hair and the blue garments, she’s wearing a Daenerys Targaryen costume — and she’s rocking it! 


Who doesn’t remember the good ol’ days of Microsoft Word, when WordArt and that adorable assistant called Clippy were still a thing? If you know what we’re talking about, congratulations, you’ve been using computers for a very, very long time.

Image courtesy of JiveMonkey/Reddit

Clippy was the virtual assistant who would give tips when using Microsoft Office products, such as Word. While that adorable friend has been discontinued, people still love it to this day. This woman, for instance, dressed up as Clippy for Halloween, and she looks amazing in her costume!

Parenting at its best!

Dressing up for Halloween is a lot of fun — but it’s even better when we have children. There are so many great costume ideas for families that it’s hard to choose just one. However, none of the ideas you’ll see will be as funny as this next one…

Image courtesy of Muckman68/Reddit

After this family added a new family member to the scene, they had to look for costume ideas for a family of four. However, instead of wearing family costumes, the parents dressed up their kids in an unusual and creative way. They put on a Pennywise costume on their baby boy and dressed up the bigger brother as George, both characters from Stephen King’s It!

You look great!

Marvel’s movies are a huge hit and attract millions upon millions of viewers with each release. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of those hits, and characters like Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Rocket, and Gamora became incredibly popular. If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll love this costume!

Image courtesy of beethy/Reddit

This woman is absolutely rocking that Gamora costume. We’re sure that beneath all that makeup, there’s a beautiful woman — but the costume is making her beauty stand out. While this is a creative costume for Halloween, we’re pretty sure she must have spent hours painting herself green!

How does he walk in that?

If adults like dressing up for Halloween, children absolutely adore it. This is the time of the year that they can wear the costumes they want and go trick-or-treating with friends — so why wouldn’t they love it, right?

Image courtesy of kashluk/Reddit

This little guy is a huge Lego fan, so his parents decided to buy him a Lego costume for Halloween. When the kid has the “helmet” on, it’s nearly impossible to tell that there’s a kid inside the costume. We do wonder how he manages to walk in that costume!


If you’re into dressing up as scary things for Halloween, you’re probably always on the search for the amazing costume you’re going to wear each year. There are so many great ideas to get inspiration from, like this next costume.

Image courtesy of PettyHill/Reddit

We’re sure that this costume must have cost a lot of money, time, and effort — but it was all worth it, as this woman is looking like a queen! Her Halloween costume must have attracted a lot of attention and, if there was a costume competition, we’re certain that she won the top prize!

Too cute for my heart!

As we mentioned earlier, it’s enjoyable to dress up for Halloween with friends, but it’s even better to wear matching costumes with our family. When we have children, we want them to have fun, and wearing Halloween costumes is an amazing experience for them.

Image courtesy of x318.com

If you have a toddler and you’re looking for Halloween costumes ideas, here’s a great one: Dressing up as Linguini and Remy from Ratatouille. As you can see in the picture above, this dad and his son look incredibly cute in this costume!


One of the most popular releases of 2016 was the film Hidden Figures, which told the story of three African-American mathematicians who helped a great deal at NASA. This movie portrays a beautiful story, especially for young African-American girls.

Image courtesy of 1Voice1Life/Reddit

These three adorable girls were introduced to the three women in Hidden Figures and decided to dress up as Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan, the leading characters (and real-life women)! We have to say, they pull it off perfectly!

Pickle Rick

If you are a fan of the hit TV show Rick and Morty, you will most definitely recognize this next costume. “Pickle Rick” is one of the most memorable episodes where Rick transforms himself into a pickle and goes on a crazy adventure.

Image courtesy of rickandmorty/Reddit

Because this episode was so popular, fans can even find Pickle Rick t-shirts, hats, socks, coffee mugs, and more. However, we are pretty sure you can’t buy this costume in stores, making it all the more impressive. “I’m not a cow. I’m a pickle. When I feel like.”

This is the content we want to see!

Who said that Halloween is exclusive for us mere mortals who are not on TV daily? This weather guy decided to have some fun on the 31st of October and asked for some help from the A/V guys at his network.

Image courtesy of graveshd/Reddit

This reporter wanted to have some fun on Halloween and wore a custom CGI outfit that made his bottom half disappear in front of the green screen. On his arms, he wore black garments that made it look like he had two wings — his goal was to look like a bat on camera!

Why not a different drink?

Adults, children, reporters — everyone loves dressing up for Halloween. But humans are not the only ones that can dress up on this exciting occasion. If you have a pet at home, you can look for fun costume ideas for them, like this pet owner did!

Image courtesy of aldous_fuxxxley/Reddit

This adorable dog always celebrates Halloween with this human family, and they obviously wouldn’t leave him out of the fun of wearing costumes on this date. Their idea was that every adult in the house would dress up as a drink, and the dog would be the martini. However, it looks like it would have loved to be a different drink!

My eyes are up…here!

Makeup artists are incredibly talented people. If you look on the internet, you’ll easily find hundreds of pictures of amazing designs created by makeup artists, including designs they make on their own faces. This woman decided to use her MUA skills on herself for Halloween, and this was the result…

Image courtesy of QuY463e/Imgur

Just by looking at this photo, we can tell that it’s not easy to do this makeup, but she did an incredible job. We can totally imagine how the children in her neighborhood were scared when she walked out looking like that. 

Inspector Gadget

Now, this costume is one that we have to say “WOW” to. This guy transformed himself into Inspector Gadget. He even got his hands on a trench coat that looks exactly like what he wore in the movie. This is definitely a step up from his regular old security guard job, if you know what we mean.

Image courtesy of lostpause/Reddit

It must have taken him a couple of weeks to create that intricate headpiece. However, it definitely looks homemade and not store-bought, which is even more impressive. You can take this costume in so many directions, and we love what he did with it!

What a beautiful beast!

Who doesn’t love Disney movies? Their princesses are among the most famous characters in the history of the universe, so it’s only natural that people would dress up as Disney princesses on Halloween. However, no one can pull it off quite as good as this baby girl.

Image courtesy of GallowBoob/Reddit

See what we mean? She is indeed living up to the title of “Beauty,” though we can’t say that the “Beast” looks like a beast. This pug looks so cute that we just want to change the title of the whole movie!

So clever!

People have so many great ideas for Halloween costumes that trying to create an original costume can be quite tricky. If you’re going to participate in a costume contest, originality is going to score you a lot of points, and this guy surely understood the assignment.

Image courtesy of ImSexuallyAttractedToSpaghetti/Imgur

While this is not exactly an elaborate Halloween costume, it’s one of the most original and creative costumes you’ll see. Every year, he chooses a creative costume. For this year, he dressed up as a formal apology — and it’s one of the best costumes we’ve seen so far!

Drag Queen Makeover

Drag Queens have made their way into popular culture after the past few years. We can give a big thank you to the famous Rupaul for this. It is no secret that drag make-up is one of the hardest looks to achieve, let alone make it look good and not a sloppy mess!

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

These two queens took Mario costumes to the next level. They transformed themselves into the drag versions of Bowser and Queen Peach. Their make-up is pure art, and they definitely created unique costumes just from their artistic talents! If we tried make-up like this, it would take us hours just to look half this good.

Simple yet hilarious!

Some people really do raise the bar when it comes to Halloween costumes. They go all out and put a lot of money and hours into making the best costumes they possibly can. However, we don’t always have to dress up as something mind-blowing for Halloween.

Image courtesy of borrow_a_feeling/Reddit

There are times when taking the easiest route is the best way to go. This woman, for instance, wasn’t feeling like putting a lot of effort into her Halloween costume, so she decided to keep things simple. Using her pregnancy as a prop for the costume, she dressed up as the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons!

Look how he’s grown!

The animated movie Up was one of the biggest successes of the late 2000s. Millions of people across the globe watched this movie and still remember its memorable characters to this day — especially Russell, the adorable boy who goes on an adventure with Carl.

Image courtesy of mattytingles/Twitter

For many people, Up was one of the decade’s best films and one of the best films ever. This guy loved it so much that he decided to dress up as Russell for Halloween — though it is more accurate to say that he is the grown-up version of little Russell!

Seems legit!

Another animated film that was a box-office hit was Zootopia (or Zootropolis, depending on where you’re from). The movie was set in a city where animals ruled and lived their lives just like humans. After watching the movie, this guy had a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume.

Image courtesy of paochow/Reddit

If you haven’t watched the movie, we’ll explain this costume. He’s dressed up as Flash Slothmore, a sloth that works at the DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles) in the movie. This creative costume is also hilarious because this guy himself works at the real DMV!

Freddie Mercury

If you were born in the ’60s or ’70s, you would probably recognize this next costume and character the second you see him. If not, let us fill you in. This is Freddie Mercury, one of the most famous musicians who hit his peak in the 70s.

Image courtesy of pics/Reddit

He is also extremely recognizable to those who remember this famous yellow jacket. How this person made or found an exact replica that even looks vintage is beyond us! He even looks like Freddie Mercury a little bit when looking at his face.

Space Elvis

It was this little girl’s first year dressing up for Halloween. We have to say, however, that the parents were probably much more excited than she was. But, when they saw her costume didn’t fit, they had to get creative.

Image courtesy of pics/Reddit

Since the spacesuit didn’t zip up all the way, they decided to go with is and call her “Space Elvis.” All they need to do is draw a cute mustache and put some epic shades on her, and she will be rockin’ and rollin’ anywhere she goes. And who can resist those cheeks!

Have you seen my dog?

Are you not in the mood to come up with fancy, elaborate costumes? It takes quite a lot of effort, money, and time to make some of the costumes we’ve been showing on this list. But don’t worry — we’re also going to show you simple Halloween costumes, like this next one.

Image courtesy of OilPhilter/Reddit

Isn’t it funny? This kind of comedic Halloween costume is actually quite popular, and you can even customize it. To recreate this hilarious costume, all you’ll need is a pair of sweatpants, a hoodie, and a stuffed toy — it’s up to you if you’ll lose your dog or your cat!

Cute lil’ granny

The dad of this cute little baby posted her in this crazy adorable Halloween costume and stated that she dressed up as his wife’s grandma. Never would we have thought that dressing up a little baby as an older person would work, but boy were we wrong about that!

Image courtesy of 2017 Halloween Costumes/Imgur

It would be tough to resist saying “awwwww” if you saw this baby out trick or treating on Halloween. We can’t resist the whole aesthetic of her granny outfit. Also, that face in the second picture is pretty darn irresistible.

Can you kindly move out of the way?

As we have said a couple of times already, dressing up for Halloween is even more exciting when we have kids. Not only are we able to wear matching costumes with them, but we can also come up with some creative outfits that look hilarious on children.

Image courtesy of WL_26/Reddit

This costume is certainly not “hilarious” — it is simply mind-blowing! We wonder how long it took the parents to design that costume. However, what really gets our attention is how quiet the baby looks. We guess that’s the coolest kid on the block!

Yeah, baby!

Bender is an iconic character from the animated TV series Futurama. While the show only lasted on Fox for about four years, viewers never forgot the robot Bender and his hilarious remarks and personality. In fact, he’s so remembered to this day that people still dress up as him for Halloween.

Image courtesy of thejohnblog/Reddit

We bet that you can totally hear Bender’s voice just by looking at this image. He is probably saying something amusing to you. The person wearing this costume was so inspired in this costume that, when receiving compliments on the costume, they would answer, “Shut up! I know I look good, baby.”

Wait…there’s something suspicious here.

Dressing up like characters from animated films for Halloween is the way to go if you want to impress your friends. However, there is an even better way to impress friends when wearing a character-inspired costume — and that way is actually to look like the character you’re portraying!

Image courtesy of willpoulter/Instagram

The guy dressed up as Russell from Up certainly did look like the character from the movie/ But this guy, however, changes the game. He’s dressed up as Sid, that mean kid from Toy Story, and he looks exactly like him.

Okay, that’s scary.

If you want to wear a Halloween costume that specific groups of people will only comprehend, we might have just found the perfect one. In order for you to understand this next costume, you’ll have to be a Game of Thrones fan.

Image courtesy of twistedsymphony/Reddit

This costume is one of the scariest we’ve ever seen. If you don’t get it, here’s the explanation: that man is dressed up as George R. R. Martin himself, the mastermind behind the epic saga A Song of Ice and Fire, which inspired Game of Thrones. This costume is scary because Mr. Martin is known for killing the audience’s favorite characters!

Fits perfectly!

We have said before that costumes look even better when you actually look like the character you have dressed up as. In this next picture, you’ll see a perfect example of that—this guy dressed as Maui from the classic 2016 Disney movie Moana.

Image courtesy of gagaunicorn/Reddit

Even if you haven’t watched that movie, all you need to do is make a quick Google search and compare the character from the movie and this guy. He’s as tall and as big as Maui — but what is interesting about this picture is that he even gets the eyebrow raise right!

Shaun, the…dog?!

Humans are not the only ones allowed to have fun and wear costumes on Halloween. If you have a dog at home, you can get a custom-made costume designed just for them. Remember that dog wearing a Martini costume?

Image courtesy of rob-sheridan/Reddit

While this dog is not a drink, it still looks adorable in this costume. It’s kind of obvious that the dog is dressed up as a sheep, but he’s not just any sheep. This dog is actually wearing a “Shaun, the sheep” costume — he was probably the cutest dog at the Halloween party!

That’s genius!

If you feel like scaring all the kids on the block during this next Halloween, we might have just found the perfect costume for you. Although we are certain that it took quite some effort to pull off this genius costume, it’s totally worth it!

Image courtesy of heirasol/Reddit

See what we are talking about? This woman added some LED lights under her skirt and also added some props (i.e., fake hands). These hands make it look like there are a bunch of spirits trapped under her skirt, and it looks quite scary, doesn’t it?


If you love Marvel movies, you have probably thought of wearing a Marvel-based costume at some point. There are so many superheroes to draw inspiration from, and all of them look really cool; it’s no wonder that this company’s characters are so popular during Halloween. 

Image courtesy of oirad1708/Reddit

This woman decided to take the road less taken. Well, kind of. While Mystique is one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise, recreating her appearance is no easy task. If you want to wear a Mystique costume for Halloween, you’ll likely have to spend some money and put a lot of effort into making those realistic scales.

This is out of this world!

Children love dressing up for Halloween. This is one of the best times of the year for them, especially when they think of all the treats they are going to have by the end of the night. We are sure that this kid was having a blast.

Image courtesy of lil_suprises/Reddit

Yes, pun intended! While most kids wear simple costumes, such as superhero cloaks and masks or dressing up as ghosts, this boy decided to raise the bar. He wanted to impress all the other kids, so he asked for his mother’s help to craft this stellar costume. Safe to say, he looks too cool for this planet!

You sneaky man!

If you’re single, going to Halloween parties is one of the ways you can try to find a potential partner. While you should probably go to these parties with the goal of having fun and let other things happen naturally, you can always take some measures to find a lover.

Image courtesy of CarbineGuy/Reddit

This guy, for instance, mixed the two things: he’s having a lot of fun, and he’s also searching for a girlfriend at the same time. At first glance, this costume may seem a bit weird, but once you read the title of the video, you’ll get it. He’s one sneaky man!

Just Fabulous

Many people will recognize the famous actor, Audrey Hepburn, when presented with a picture of her. She was the star in the movies Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, and War and Peace. However, to pull off a Halloween Costume dress up as the beautiful star is a difficult task.

Image courtesy of pics/Reddit

We have to hand it to her. This little girl capture’s the essence of Audrey Hepburn. She’s got the whole look. We are also wondering if she tried to pull off the classic eyeliner and makeup look under those sunglasses like Hepburn sports in the photo on the right.

A huge success in children’s parties!

When we are parents, we have so many toys scattered around the house that we see them even in our dreams. It seems impossible to keep the house clean when there are kids at home! While some of us want distance from toys once our kids grow up, some parents are different.

Image courtesy of o0_bobbo_0o/Reddit

For instance, this woman missed the time when her children were toddlers so much that she dressed up as that classic Fisher-Price toy. This is quite a creative costume, and we’re certain that it wasn’t hard finding it in a store. Hopefully, there won’t be any children at the party she’s going to!

We love this!

Tim Burton’s movies are some of the most creative works of art we’ve ever seen. Most of his films are memorable, and the characters stay forever in our minds. Who doesn’t remember Edward Scissorhands? This guy decided to pay homage to this character on Halloween.

Image courtesy of lucybri83/Reddit

The guy dressed up as Edward looks outstanding. His hair, makeup, outfit, and hands look truly on point. However, we can’t help but feel bad for the guy who had to dress up like a freaking bush on Halloween!

Sample, anyone?

We have to hand it to the parents of this little cutie. They got creative with this Halloween costume and dressed up their kiddo as a Costco person who gives out samples. Whether you’re an adult or a child, you have to admit it. The samples are one of the best parts about going to Costco.

Image courtesy of The Parenting Diaries/Facebook

She looks so adorable in her cute little outfit. It looks like an exact replica of what you would see in Costco. We wonder how many people asked for a sample. And we wonder if Kirkland Signature Soft & Chewy Granola Bars are her favorite snack!


If you’re pregnant and want to dress up for Halloween, you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated with the task of finding a costume. There aren’t many costume options for pregnant women, but we are here to help you with that. Here’s an example.

Image courtesy of I_Would_If_I_Were_Me/Reddit

Jack Black’s movies are quite iconic, and we love watching them. This woman took her love for his movies one step further and recreated the memorable Nacho Libre outfit. This is a perfect Halloween costume for pregnant women because of Nacho’s round belly, which does look like a pregnant woman’s belly!

A thriller

Like we said when we saw the drag queens, the power of makeup can change the whole look of a person. It is a true talent when someone can transform a face to look like something completely different with only makeup. And, that is exactly what this next person’s friend did.

Image courtesy of pics/Reddit

We recognized this face the second we laid eyes on it. It’s Michael Jackson. However, the person underneath is a 23-year-old female. Her friend transformed her into the famous musician with her incredible skills. We are super impressed by this, and if we saw her in the street, we would have to do a double-take!

We found Nemo!

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, I think we can all agree that we adore the animated movie Finding Nemo. Remember when Nemo almost got taken home by the dentist’s niece, Darla? Well, this girl does – so much so that she dressed up as her for Halloween!

Image courtesy of funny/Reddit

She completely nailed this costume! She even pulled off Darla’s outfit. In the movie, Darla wears a purple sweater with “Rock n’ Roll Girl” written on it in the exact same as the little girl in the photo. What’s even more impressive is this was a last-minute costume!

Hope he can breathe!

Halloween costumes that create optical illusions are some of the best you’ll see. These costumes are designed so that you will look different from reality. An example is that scary costume we showed you, in which the woman looked like she had been cut in half.

Image courtesy of Brooklynmover/Reddit

This kid nailed the optical illusion costume on Halloween. It looks like his head was cut off and stored inside this plastic container. The costume looks really incredible, but we do hope that this kid can breathe properly. Either way, he was probably one of the coolest kids in class that day.

Nice ear, bud!

Now, if we are talking about creative Halloween costumes, we couldn’t leave this next costume out of the list. It is indeed a creative costume, and we are certain that not a lot of people have tried it, let alone thought about it before.

Image courtesy of mm620/Reddit

If you are interested in wearing a creative and authentic costume on Halloween, dressing up as a body part is a great way of doing that. How many people walk around wearing an ear costume? Not nearly enough since half of the people dressing up will probably go for cliché costumes, that’s for certain.