45 Guinness World Records That Deserve Even More Attention

By Jhoana C

The Guinness World Records have always enthralled us. At some point in time, we also wanted our names to go down in history as someone who has achieved a feat that no other person ever had. After all, it’s nice to be remembered for something remarkable. The Guinness World Records is a reference book that was first published in 1995. Since then, it has annually published a reference book with the world’s most remarkable achievements. If you ever have a weird idea that you think might land you in the world records book, don’t dismiss it right away because you just might be on to something. With time, dedication, and practice, you might just yourself on the pages of the Guinness World Records. We have compiled some of the weirdest Guinness Records, so feast your eyes on them.

#1 The world’s biggest onion

No, world records are not limited to incredible feats. There are also world records for everyday things such as growing onions, but your onion has to be quite big and heavy to figure in the Guinness Book of World Records pages.

Image courtesy of Dailymail.co.uk

This is Peter Glazebrook, a man from Newark who is known for growing the heaviest onion in the world. It weighs an unbelievable 18 pounds, 1 ounce. That’s certainly not an onion you see every day. Wonder how many meals we can cook with that.

#2 Most tattooed guy in the world

Tattoos are ubiquitous nowadays. Almost every person you come across has a tattoo on some part of their body, whether or not it is visible all the time. Tattoos come in various designs, sizes, and colors, and some are intricate, or simple, colorful, or plain black.

Image courtesy of E-daily.gr

This man wanted more than a tattoo for his full arm or leg. Gregory Paul McLaren, or Lucky Diamond Rich, has his entire body covered in tattoos. Rich, who is from New Zealand, has spent over 1,000 hours having his body worked on. Even his earlobes have tattoos.

#3 Scared of bee stings?

Bees scare some people, especially those who have allergies to bee stings. A bee sting is not only painful, but it could also be lethal if it leads to anaphylactic shock. If you think a man who wants to cover himself in bees to get a world record is mad, you haven’t met this guy.

Image courtesy of forum.com.pl

Chinese beekeeper Gao Binggou covered himself in 1.1 million crawling bees that weighed over a hundred kilos back in 2015. He was stung more than 2,000 times, and his body temperature rose to 60°C in the process, but he was ok with it because he established a Guinness World Record in the process.

#4 As tall as a tree

Our uniqueness is showcased in our height, weight, appearance, attitude, and personality. While it is true that most of the tallest people in the world are basketball players, the world’s tallest living man does not play a professional sport of any kind.

Image courtesy of howlingpixel.com

His name is Sultan Kösen, and he stands a staggering 8 feet 3 inches tall. He is the seventh tallest man in history and is one of 10 who has reached 8 ft or higher. He suffers from a condition called acromegaly.

#5 Shortest living mobile man

Since we are discussing height, let’s now talk about the world’s shortest mobile living man. Yes, we have to make that distinction because other short people are unable to walk. This is Edward Niño Hernández, who hails from Bogotá, Colombia.

Image courtesy of David Wilkes/Daily Mail

He measures 2 feet 4 inches tall and weighs only 22 lbs. He has a condition known as hypothyroidism which has prevented him from growing normally. He may be short in height, but he’s large in personality and charm, and he’s a professional actor!

#6 Most fingers and toes

If extra limbs make you queasy, we are telling you what’s ahead – or rather, below. But remember, we’re all beautiful and different in our own ways! Including this man, who holds the Guinness record for the most fingers and toes.

Image courtesy of telegrafi.com

Devendra Suthar is a carpenter who has seven digits on each of his hands and toes. Because he is a carpenter, he explained that he must be careful not to cut them off. He has a condition called polydactylism, and it may be due to an underlying hereditary syndrome.

#7 Most ice cream scoops on a cone

We scream for ice cream. Who doesn’t want this yummy and cold delight that is the perfect dessert on a warm summer day? If you think that not much can be done with ice cream, think again. This guy set a world record with it!

Image courtesy of PinSpider.com

This is Dimitri Panciera of Italy, who could fit 125 scoops of ice cream on one cone. How did he do that? We are just as confused as you. He beat the previous world record in 2018, which he also set.

#8 Highest jump on a pogo stick

Ernst Gottschall and Max Pohlig invented the pogo stick, and there is a belief that the word pogo came from the first two letters of the inventors’ last names. Pogos are a great way for kids to burn excess energy.

Image courtesy of brainstudy.info

However, one person sees the pogo as less of recreation but a means of setting a world record. Biff Hutchinson from Idaho holds the title for the highest jump on a pogo stick, which happens to be 11.5 feet, twice the average human’s height.

#9 How fast can a tortoise run?

When you think of speed, the last thing that comes to mind is a tortoise. After all, the tortoise is known for being slow, as we remember from the childhood story. Is there, in fact a hare out there that can claim the record of being the fastest?

image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

Meet Bertie, the tortoise that sprinted over an 18-foot course in just 19.59 seconds. That’s an impressive 0.92 feet per second. He resides in a family adventure park in the UK called Adventure Valley. Bertie should be proud of himself because he just smashed the previous world record, which hadn’t been challenged since the 70s.

#10 The stretchiest skin in the world

This has got to be one of the weirdest Guinness World Records we have come across. Meet Gary Turner, the proud owner of the world’s stretchiest skin, thanks to a connective tissue disorder where collagen doesn’t function the way it should.

Image courtesy of whatdewhat.com

No one has beaten his record since 1999, as we don’t think many people in the world can stretch the skin of their stomach to 6.25 inches without feeling the slightest pain. He has been a member of the Circus of Horrors since 2005.

#11 The man who held the longest plank

Want to firm up your abs? You should do planks. If you’re into fitness, you must have already heard of it and must have done hundreds of them. It’s easy to go into a plank position. What’s difficult is holding the position as it puts pressure on your abdominals.

Image courtesy of HgteFitnessForm/Twitter

If you think a one-minute plank is difficult, how about eight hours and one minute? Yes, eight hours and a minute. That’s exactly what Mao Weidong from China did in 2016. We’re curious about what he did to prepare for that difficult feat.

#12 The lady with the longest fingernails

People all over the world love to get their nails done. Polish, gel, acrylic, rhinestones, cute stencils – you name it, and a nail artist or YouTube tutorial can get you there. Some prefer their nails short with a bold color, and many love their nails long and glamorous.

Image courtesy of 101Hairtips.com

This lady enjoys her nails super long! Lee Redmond has spent 3 decades growing her nails out. They are so long that they have curved. If you add up the length of all her fingernails, it will amount to 28 feet and 4 inches long.

#13 Pasta eating record

We love pasta, and we often turn to this delicious food when we want to be comforted. This woman loves pasta on a whole other level. She is a competitive eater Michelle Lesco. Yes, there is such a thing as competitive eating. Would you sign up for that?

Image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

She has a talent for eating quickly, and she has turned this talent into a moneymaking venture. She holds the record for being the fastest person to consume a whole bowl of pasta in just 26.69 seconds. That’s about 100 grams of pasta plus the sauce.

#14 Love ping pong?

Ping pong was invented in England during the early 20th century. Its other name, table tennis, was only adopted in 1921-22. Like most other sports, it started as a “parlor game” open to people who had access to the equipment of the game: paddle, table, and ball.

image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

If you want a surefire way of winning a ping-pong game every time, you should get this paddle. It is the largest in the world, made by rising Brands in 2017. It is 11 feet, 7.8 inches tall, and 6 feet, 7.8 inches wide.

#15 Is that a porcupine on his face?

No, the guy you see in the photo didn’t fall into a porcupine. That’s just his beard with toothpicks. If hair is a woman’s crowning glory, men must think the same thing of their beards. After all, a nice beard takes a lot of time to maintain.

image courtesy of onedio.com

Joel Strasser was able to fit 3,500 toothpicks in his beard, and he worked hard on it. He spent 3 hours and 13 minutes on it, and in the process, he got his name in the Guinness World Records. That’s a feat!

#16 Farthest arrow shot using feet

If you want to shoot arrows with expertise a la Katniss in Hunger Games, you need plenty of practice. Most of us don’t even know how to hold an arrow properly. This lady, however, can easily beat Katniss and even William Tell.

Image courtesy of James Ellerker/GuinnessWorldRecords.com

Brittany Walsh is a Guinness World Records holder for the farthest arrow shot using her feet. She’s not only a good archer, but she also happens to be a solo hand balancing artist. She fired an arrow at an incredible distance of 40 feet and 4.64 inches.

#17 The world’s longest kiss

Man, these people must like each other if they kissed that long! Some people might not be comfortable being affectionate in public, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for this couple. They love showing everyone just how romantic they can be.

Image courtesy of TeakDoor.com

Laksana and Ekkachai Tiranarat of Thailand are the world record holders for the world’s longest kiss, a lip-locking that lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds. We didn’t know it was possible to kiss that long without suffering from dehydration.

#18 The man with the strongest pinkies

Home workouts gained more momentum during the past year because most people haven’t been able to go to the gym. Some did Yoga and HIIT, while others followed an at-home workout routine to keep the extra weight and boredom at bay.

Image courtesy of Jon Enoch/GuinnessWorldRecords

Work out as we may, it’s quite difficult to replicate this man’s feat. Tazio Gavioli holds the distinction of doing the most consecutive pinky pull-ups. He can do 36 reps with just his pinky. Incredible, don’t you think? It’s something not everyone can do.

#19 The world’s longest mustache

Beards have withstood the test of time, and our ancestors even sported beards for protection and warmth. During the early 1600s, aristocrats used it to make a fashion statement. We point to paintings from that time to prove our point.

Image courtesy of OutlookIndia.com

Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipur, India, is someone who likes a good mustache. He likes his mustache so much that he has been growing it for more than 37 years. It measures a whopping 14 feet, which earned him a World Record in 2010, which remains unbeaten until today.

#20 The strongest human beard

If you thought that your beard was not something worth paying attention to, you’re mistaken. Aside from making you look more manly, it can also lift weights and not just lightweights. We are talking about serious pounds here. Even people!

Image courtesy of Varx511/Reddit

Antanas Kontrimas of Lithuania has a beard that can lift 140 pounds. Wow! He achieved that feat in 2013 and hasn’t been beaten since. That’s already the weight of one person. How did his beard manage to stay in place?

#21 Heaviest sword swallowed

If you marvel at men and women who can swallow whole swords, then you will be astounded by this by Thomas Blackthorne. Sword swallowing is a skill that not everyone can do. It takes technique and skill to pass a sword through the mouth without puncturing your stomach and esophagus.

Image courtesy of virtantiq.com

Blackthorne can do more than just swallow swords, and he can swallow a Dewalt jackhammer. He swallowed the jackhammer in 2007 that weighed 83 pounds and 12 ounces. he help the full weight of it for a little over 3 seconds.

#22 The person with the most body piercings

If you’re willing to put yourself through incredible physical stress or pain, there’s probably a world record out there that’s just waiting to be broken. The question is, how willing and how committed are you? A case in point is Elaine Davidson.

Image courtesy of saharasamay.com

The Brazilian woman has 462 piercings on her body, 192 of which are on her face. She also has 214 piercings on other parts of her body. She clearly uses her piercings as a way to express herself, and wow, some of those jewelry pieces are simply gorgeous.

#23 The person with the most memorabilia

It’s only normal for people to like things and to want to collect those things. Some people collect lunch boxes. There are people who collect stamps, people who collect paper bills, people who collect cars, and people who collect dolls.

Image courtesy of sayidy.net

Martyn Tovey of Radstock of the UK has the world’s largest collection of memorabilia. He has exactly 2,164 pieces of Guinness World Records memorabilia. The previous record-holder was Louis George, also of the UK, with 2,111 pieces of Transformers memorabilia.

#24 The world’s largest humanoid vehicle

If the title has you confused, then allow us to explain it to you. This is a vehicle that resembles a human body in shape. Think of it as a Transformer. If you think that’s cool, you’d like Sakakibara Kikai of Japan.

Image courtesy of merdeka.com

He created Mononofu for 7 years, the largest humanoid vehicle to have ever been built. The vehicle, which looks like a robot, stands 28 feet tall and weighs a staggering 7 tons. Mononofu translates to “Samurai Warrior” in English.

#25 That’s one hairy family

Women go to salons to ensure that they remove as much extra hair on their bodies as possible, but this family has proudly embraced their extra hair. This family, who hails from Mexico, all have a rare condition called congenital generalized hypertrichosis.

Image courtesy of postfun.com

Excessive torso and facial hair characterize the condition. Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves, Gabriel Ramos Gomez, Victor Gomez, and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves are proud members of the same family that holds the record for the largest hairy family.

#26 She loves hula hooping

Originally, hula hoops were made from various vegetation such as grasses, willows, and grapevines twisted into rings. The modern hula hoop craze was said to have started in Australia during the 1950s. The first plastic hula hoops were produced in the late 1950s by Wham-O.

Image of flickrhivemind.net

Getti Kehayova isn’t fond of your regular-sized hula hoops. She’s into bigger and better things. She spins a hula hoop 17 feet and 0.25 inches in diameter. To spin the gigantic hoop, she wears a protective vest because she injured herself while trying to set the record.

#27 How many people can you fit in a car?

Being in a car packed with people can cause anxiety and annoy people. This is something you can relate to if you have been traveling together for a long period in a tiny car. If you think that’s bad, just think of more than 40 people in a car!

Image courtesy of autoweek.com

Yup, that is the world record for the greatest number of people in a car. At the Toyota Centre Krasnoyarsk Zapad in Russia, 41 people crammed into a Toyota Rav 4. We’re wondering if they are contortionists, and if not, how they were able to fit.

#28 The woman with the strongest hands

Think you’re powerful? We will only believe you if you can do more than this woman can do. If you think that the clips you see of martial artists breaking planks of wood and tiles with their bare hands and heads are all a hoax, think again.

Image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

Lisa Dennis of the UK happens to be one of the strongest women in the world. She can break 923 roof tiles in just a minute. During her attempt, only 2 tiles hit during the period did not break. This is so impressive, we are going to take a moment to applaud her.

#29 The world’s largest pizza

Everyone loves pizza nights. If you’re too busy or are just craving all that cheesy goodness, you can always call to have pizza delivered to your home. It’s just one of the most popular foods globally, a gift from Italy that the world cherishes.

Image courtesy of IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant/Imgur

Nobody loves pizza more than Andrea Manocchi, Matteo Giannotte, Dovilio Nardi, and Marco Nardi. The Italian quintet prepared the world’s largest pizza. It had a total surface area of over 13,580 f². They even named their pizza Ottavia. It looks delicious.

#30 The longest time a person held their breath

Have you ever tried holding your breath underwater? Maybe you’ve never timed yourself. 30 to 90 seconds is how long the average person can hold their breath. This time can change due to various factors such as underlying medical conditions and smoking.

Image courtesy of vnreview.vn

Professional, free diver Alex Segura Vendrell is a man who is in a league of his own. He was able to hold his breath for an astounding 24 minutes and 3.45 seconds. This is well beyond the average, and we doubt anyone will break it any time soon.

#31 The tallest sandcastle ever built

Beach days are fun and relaxing. If you want to forget about work demands, go to the beach and have a jolly good time. One of the most common things people do when at the beach is to build sandcastles.

Image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

Most of the sandcastles we make are small and would easily crumble to the ground, but that’s a given, knowing that we are not professionals. A team of 12 sculptors and 8 technicians once created a world record of building a sandcastle that stands 57 feet 11 inches tall. It took 8 hours to build with 11 tons of sand and water.

#32 How long can you balance on 4 fingers?

Some people are good at balancing while others suck at it. Martial artists are a group of people who are incredibly good at balancing, thanks to their years of training. If you think Jackie Chan is good, wait till you see Wang Weibao.

Image courtesy of intermedia.ge

Weibao holds the world record for the longest time spent balancing on just 4 fingers. He can lift himself completely off the ground with just 2 fingers on each hand, and he can balance himself for an amazing 19.23 seconds. No one has beaten his record since 2008.

#33 That too loud for you?

Sleeping with someone who snores is a challenge, especially if their snoring is extremely loud. Fortunately, nowadays, there are various remedies for people who snore too loud when sleeping. But unlike most people, Káre Walkert doesn’t want any of those remedies.

Image courtesy of thehealthybear.com

He’s happy with his snores because it has resulted in a world record. He suffers from sleep apnea, and his snores reached peak levels of 93 dBA while he was at the Örebro General Hospital in Sweden back in 1993.

#34 The world’s tallest LEGO tower

Fun fact for LEGO fans out there, the name LEGO came from the first two letters of the Danish words LEG GODT, which mean “play well.” LEGO has become very popular over the years, and every household with a child is guaranteed to have LEGO pieces.

Image courtesy of WhizTimes.com

The world’s tallest LEGO tower ever built was in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. It has a height of 114 feet and 11 inches. It took thousands of bricks to build and is topped with a Rubik’s cube. Primary school children, Danish constructors, and even the mayor of Budapest lent a hand in its creation.

#35 The kitty with the loudest purr

If a kitty’s purring, especially when you’re down, brings the sunshine to your life, perhaps you should have made it a point to be neighbors with the lady in the photo. She happened to own Merlin, the cat with the world’s loudest purr.

Image courtesy of DailyMail.co.uk

While most cats have a purr that is normally around 25db, Merlin’s peaked at 67.8db. It is similar to the volume of a shower or two people having a conversation together. Merlin’s mama, Tracy Westwood, was proud of her kitty, who she rescued.

#36 Can you type with your nose?

If you think typing fast with your fingers is difficult, you should try doing it with your nose. This might seem quite absurd; after all, why use your nose when it wasn’t created for that purpose? Well, perhaps Vinod Kumar Chaudhary wanted to see how hard it would be and discovered a talent!

Image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

The man from New Delhi, India, is the world record holder for achieving the fastest typing time with a nose, and that’s 46.30 seconds. He achieved the feat in 2014, and he said that typing is his profession and his passion.

#37 Is it already Halloween?

We usually see a lot of pumpkins during Halloween because that’s when people buy and carve them by the dozens as ghoulish decorations. However, this man has made a career out of carving pumpkins, be it the Halloween season or not.

Image courtesy of GuinnessWorldRecords.com

He’s so good at it that it has landed him on the Guinness Book of World Records. Stephen Clarke can carve a complete face with all the bits a face should have into a jack-o-lantern in just 16.47 seconds. He set the record in 2013, and it still stands.

#38 The person with the most Guinness World Records

Sure, creating even just a single world record is already an achievement, but if you want to stand head and shoulders above others, why not create a world record for the most world records? Someone has already done that, so if that was your goal, you have more work to do.

Image courtesy of GWR/Twitter

He is none other than Ashrita Furman, who holds the record for the greatest number of Guinness World Records. Holding 200 world records, he has set 600 overall. His records run the myriad of categories from distance sack racing and underwater juggling.

#39 Can you compete in a triathlon blindfolded?

If you think participating in a triathlon is difficult, try participating in a triathlon while you’re blindfolded the entire time. Who would want to do that? Haseeb Ahmad did just that. This world record is a testament to the human will.

Image courtesy of tri247.com

Although he was registered blind, that didn’t stop him from completing an IRONMAN challenge wearing blacked-out swimming goggles. With the help of his guide, Duncan Shea-Simonds, he completed the triathlon in 11 hours, 3 minutes, and 31 seconds.

#40 A gigantic ice cream scoop

If you’re someone who loves ice cream and who can’t get enough of it, this is the ice cream scoop of your dreams. It’s the world’s largest ice cream scoop, and with it, you can be assured of getting more than what you want.

Image courtesy of zippia.com

Created by the American company Kemps LLC located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, the scoop weighs a little over 3,000 pounds. The strawberry ice cream has a height of 5’6,” and it was made up of around 733 containers of ice cream.

#41 The most number of Big Macs consumed in a lifetime

Some of us remember the McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it.” This man seemed to have written this slogan because he holds the records for most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime. His favorite thing? Nope, not the crispy fries, but the Big Macs.

image courtesy of Doug Raflik/USA Today

Donald Gorske, a native of Wisconsin, has eaten a whopping 28,788 Big Macs throughout his lifetime. He mentioned that, of his total solid food intake, Big Macs account for 90% to 95% . He eats about 14 burgers every week.

#42 The world’s largest rubber ball

Most of us don’t pay much attention to mundane things, such as rubber bands, unless we need them to hold things together. If you see a lowly rubber band, you might not think much of them or that nothing can be done with them.

Image courtesy of MeasureofThings.com

Joe Waul saw something else when he looked at the rubber band. He used it to achieve a world record. He built a monster rubber ball band that weighed more than 9,000 pounds using 700,000 rubber bands of different sizes. The world’s largest rubber band has a height of 6 feet and 7 inches and has been christened, “Megatron.”

#43 The world’s loudest burp

If there’s a Guinness World Record for the loudest snore, it wouldn’t be such a surprise if there is also a Guinness World Record for the world’s loudest burp. We might not have thought of it first, but someone was bound to!

Image courtesy of OffbeatEarth.com

Paul Hunn is the person with the world’s loudest burp. In 2009, he let out a burp with a volume of 109.9 decibels, louder than a large orchestra. He must have practiced for a long time to let out a burp that loud.

#44 High heelin’ it on a tightrope?

We’ve seen plenty of daredevil acts, but one of the most enthralling has always been walking on a tightrope while suspended hundreds of meters from the ground. We’ve gasped, we’ve prayed hard, and we’ve looked on in anticipation as they cross from one point to another safely.

Image courtesy of yannireddit123/Reddit

Russian Oxana Seroshtan wanted to add a little flair to her tightrope walking antics by wearing high heels, and because she was wearing heels, she walked the tightrope at a safe height. She broke the previous world record by walking 24 feet and 7.2 inches in a minute!

#45 Weight is never an excuse

Your weight should never be an excuse to do the things you want and to pursue your passion. Charles Bungert may have been overweight, but he didn’t let that stop him from completing a marathon, becoming the heaviest person to do so.

Image courtesy of GWR/Twitter

In 2013, he weighed 427.6 pounds, but he was able to finish the Los Angeles Marathon with 8 hours, 23 minutes, and 40 seconds. He beat the previous record set by Kelly Gneiting, who was 400 pounds when he completed a marathon.