Oli London Gets Death Threats After Identifying As Korean

By Luka E

Oli London, a British influencer, underwent elective surgeries to make him look like BTS singer Park Jimin. He also changed his name to Jimin and has said that they identify as non-binary and Korean. Jimin (the influencer, not the singer) says that he’s been getting hateful messages from large groups of people since making the statement. 

Image courtesy of @londonoli | Instagram

The past few years have seen a growth in openness regarding non-binary persons, with more and more people claiming their sexuality with pride. This movement in acceptance, led by the LGBTQ+ community, is a tremendous societal step towards radical acceptance. 

We have to admit, though, we’ve never heard of anyone who identifies as a nationality or ethnicity that is not their own. Not to mention going as far as getting plastic surgery to suit that identification. That would seem a bit odd to most people, but it’s certainly not an invitation for violence. 

Image courtesy of brilio.net

After extensive work on their eyebrows and eyes, Jimin has been getting flooded with death threats, with people suggesting they commit suicide and threatening to gun him down in the street. He says he is are fearful for their life, which is understandable. 

Image courtesy of dreshare.com

Jimin claims that most of the backlash has come from liberal white people, while Republicans and those struggling with their own identity issues have been more supportive. Frankly, we don’t understand why anyone feels a need to comment. What we do with our bodies is entirely up to us, and no one should feel they can’t express how they feel inside.