40+ Optical Illusions That Make Us Forget Our Names

By Aileen D

Just like you shouldn’t believe everything you hear at face value, then you shouldn’t believe everything your brain tells you about these pictures at first glance. Analyze what is going on for a couple of seconds. Like us, you would find yourself amused by the stark contrast of your brain’s perception of things and reality. When was the last time you saw optical illusion? Was it during Psych class? Unlike most that you had come across, these weren’t created by psychologists. The optical illusions that you see in this list were a product of perfect timing and a little mindful attention. These people were in the right place at the right time when they captured these photos. Because we can’t imagine how they managed to capture some of these photos you are about to see. Below are interesting things seen by people in everyday places.

Screamfest 2021

With so much to choose from, we bet you can hardly answer us. Good thing this concert is featuring artists who play a wide genre of music. Whether it’s alternative rock, pop music, EDM, or the classic oldies revamped, you’re guaranteed to nod your head to the rhythm of a song you find familiar.

Image courtesy of Scaul by lausis/Reddit

But take a closer look. Where’s the stage exactly? Some of you might eagerly point out the black lines hidden by the yellow foam and stage decorations. We suggest you take a second look. What appears to be a stage with lights overhead is actually a mechanical cotton picker.

Not where we had expected it

Reddit user, woodgie2, has had several people come by his house. They usually spend the night and then leave by morning. To be exact, they vanish without a trace. All trace of his friends disappear – their scent, books, clothes, and belongings. It’s like there’s a black hole into which they have stepped.

Image courtesy of Woodgie 2/Reddit

Just this morning, it had appeared to him. He runs his hand through his hair and then sees this abyss. He stumbles backward and then feels the cabinet nudge his back. His cat hears the noise and then raises its head to blink at him. The abyss stares back at him.

Flat-earthers be like…

We have come a long way in proving and disproving certain hypotheses to present facts. One of which is that Earth is an ellipsoid. It’s a circle of sorts. But some people still believe that the earth is flat! Well, one look at this picture, and they would certainly agree. NASA has been duping us all along!

Image courtesy of Katarina Crnogorac/Pinterest 

It almost looks like a view of the earth from space. And from this view, you could see that the planet is rounded. But what appears to be a shot taken by NASA is actually just the roof of a car. The clouds that you see are just frost that he swept from the roof of his car.

Real macho

This cat puts all gym-goers to shame. He bares his arm and then looks unflinchingly to the side. That should make all the rats scram for the nooks. Every once in a while, his whiskers twitch, and his ears move like radars, picking up noise from prey to pounce on. But can he pounce at all?

Image Courtesy of reddit ads suck/Reddit

Reddit user, redditadssuck, couldn’t help but laugh when her fiance told her the family cat looked like one massive arm. How does he manage to hunt with only one paw, a full-sized head, and a chest to rest his whole weight on? Just in time, this cat saw a mouse exit its cubbyhole, and it eagerly sprinted on its hind legs to catch some fresh meat.

One step away from paradise

It almost looks like we had gotten something wrong about heaven this whole time. Instead of pearly white gates, fluffy clouds, and a rooster crowing somewhere, heaven looks much like your regular backyard. Hundred-year-old trees cast their shade over a family table. There’s a grill by the side and a boat dock you can sprint unto and jump from.

Image courtesy of D2R A creative designing agency/Facebook

Really, you’re just a couple of steps away from paradise. But are you brave enough to take the jump? Because we’re reconsidering the good deeds, we had done in this past life as much as we would love to. It looks like we’re going to come up short with the luxury to take a lap in this pristine lake.

Storms trigger tornado warning

“Just in. We have received word that storms have triggered a tornado warning in Orlando, Florida. The National Weather Service has released a radar signature for the possible movement of the tornado and advises its residents to monitor threats or relocate when the weather conditions worsen.” Upon hearing this and then faced with this picture, you would rush out the door.

Image courtesy of Sub zeroo / Reddit

But not to worry, what appears to be a tornado several kilometers away, is really just snow painstakingly melting off Reddit user, subzerooo’s, front porch. It makes for a great view, but one will cause your heart to race while the other will cause you to prop your feet up on the table.

Practice the art of fishing

If you want to try fishing, we suggest that you book yourselves a trip to Iceland. Their rivers are teeming with eels, sticklebacks, Atlantic salmon, and arctic chars. And in case you come up empty-handed, you can always just enjoy the sights Icelandic rivers can offer. Even we can’t believe that the Kudafljot River is real.

Image Courtesy of Chantal Belmans/Pinterest 

The Kudafljot River is located in the south of Iceland. It passes a black sand desert and finds its way towards the Atlantic Ocean. The river is as dangerous as it is stunning. Currents can be overwhelmingly strong, and the terrain is surrounded by quicksand. But despite all this, the earliest settlers braved the rivers and often forced their horses to cross the shallowest parts of the river.

Just imagine the size of those droppings

Like most of the things that you see online and the people you follow on Tiktok, you might discredit this picture as having been edited. But Reddit user, TastyTalk, says otherwise. He took this photo as is. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, but it’s hard to tell that the side of a ledge perches those pigeons.

Image courtesy of Tasty Talk/Reddit

Oh boy, what would happen if pigeons were really the size of a sedan car? You can imagine the size of their droppings. We can only imagine how backbreaking it would be to wipe those off the roof of your car, granted their droppings hadn’t smashed your windshield.

Living off caffeine, literally

Reddit user, Mecha_Hitler_, thought it would be cool to go on a trip with his friends to visit a farm. He had heard there were some camels imported from the Middle East there. All he needed was to juice up the tank and then hit the pedal to the metal. Despite having gotten only a couple of hours of sleep, he managed to make his way to the tourist hub.

Image courtesy of Mecha _ Hitler _/Reddit

He holds a Venti coffee cup in his hand and then inches towards the camel. It bears its teeth and then sniffs at the cup. Just like him, it seems to live off of caffeine. How else would a lone-headed camel be able to survive the arid terrain of this part of America?

Say woof?

We haven’t come across a dog who isn’t loyal to its owner. Just like this fella below, he follows his owner around the workshop. Sometimes, he even brings him a wrench gripped tightly within his mouth. One word, and he’ll come whipping around the corner with it. But today, this dog nearly gave its owner a heart attack.

Image courtesy of dailymotion.com

He turns around casually to look at its owner as if to say, what’s up? What do we do now? He pants raggedly. His owner takes a few quick steps trying to take in the scene before him. What in the world just happened to his midsection? And soon, his owner makes out the log beside his dog. He breathes a sigh of relief and then calls his dog over to pat him on the head.

Can’t Unsee

Reddit user, jaymieo, had always wondered why her dog kept bumping into corners and doorframes. She would call it, but it would wander about sniffing the air or using its hearing to cross the living room. When she had it checked at the vet, she was told it had been born blind. She was worried that her dog wouldn’t be able to cope, but it gradually did.

Image Courtesy of Jaymieo/Reddit

Now, this scraggly pup is company. Take it for a walk, and she will confidently lead the way for her owner. At home, she can play without cutting corners or having to be hit by them. And just because it’s blind doesn’t mean it can’t guard the house from strangers. It packs a hell of a bite!

This way to the exit

Florence is home to many cathedrals – one of which is the Duomo, otherwise known as the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Tourists flock to the cathedral to gaze at the mosaic pavements, the Renaissance paintings, and the frescoes of the Last Judgment. After a brief trip to the heavens, the local guide should show you the way out. “Right this way, please,” she points with her palm to the side.

Image Courtesy of Kyndal Rose/Pinterest

Yeah, no thanks. Those mosaic pavements almost look like they’re leading us to the abyss. It’s a brief drop. But anyone is welcome for an eternal stay. This is one part of the trip we did not sign up for, and once we aren’t willing to do any reviews on. Anyone who had tried it out hadn’t been able to climb the pits to tell everyone what they had seen, or rather, survived.

Need a hobby?

With a lot of time on our hands, we’re coming up with a list of hobbies. So far, we have added biking, mountain climbing, and hiking to the list. But, what should we do first? Well, Reddit user, Inelo8Jean, suggests the latter. Take up hiking, and you will be met this magnificent view of the forest straight from inside the tent.

Image courtesy of Ingelo 8 Jean/Reddit

No filters. No edits and definitely no photoshop. This is a momentous view of the wild taken at daybreak just before this Reddit user ground himself some coffee beans and prepped himself some coffee to start the trek. We would probably take up hiking more often now if we had a chance to wake up to this beauty every single day.

Twice the trouble

Like us, Reddit user, NegativePitch, has a love for furballs. So to keep her company, she welcomed this bad boy into the house. They are twice the trouble for the price she had paid, and they can consume dog food at lightning speed. Granted their condition, she has to put in extra effort into making sure that they are well taken care of.

Image Courtesy of Negative Pitch/Reddit

What’s their condition, you ask. We’re tempted to say that this is Cerberus’ brother(s). But those are just two dogs showing off some brotherly love. The one on the left has his left paw cast around his brother’s back. Like most of us, these two just can’t seem to live without the other.

We can’t see it either

We hadn’t even knocked on the door, and we can hear the shrill voice of the person who snapped this photo talking over her brother. He matches her pitch, and we decide to push the button. As it turns out, they were arguing over this picture. She says the groom hoisted his bride. He says the bride has her legs over her husband’s shoulders.

Image courtesy of cam LADbible/Twitter

So, which is which for you? It’s hard to tell with the layers of lace and frills on her gown. One user even commented that her legs are on his shoulders, but she has a jetpack in her rear. Blast-off! Whatever their position might have been, we wouldn’t want to hire this photographer for our wedding.

Prison break

You can never be too young to commit a crime. This convict had crawled his way through the pipes to reach the prison wall. He had been planning this escape for months. And as planned, his dad was waiting for him to get over the wall and make a quick escape.

Image courtesy of Grogu’s Metal Ball/Twitter

Dad carefully helps his kid stand and then props him over the wall. His kid points at the train as it whizzes by him. His eyes are two round coins, and he shifts his gaze from the train to his dad. “How can I ride on one?” His dad lets him sit by the ledge. So far, it hasn’t been a successful prison break.

Bakery on the go

Forget Starbucks’ Iced Lemon Pound Cake. There’s a new rival in town. This bakery owner sells his goods straight from the back of his car. Whether he had installed one there or not, we can guarantee you. These goods are baked fresh and scrumptious to taste!

Image Courtesy of Flynn Boj angels / Reddit

And to tease the competition, this bakery owner parks his car just in front of a coffee shop. Any coffee lover would be tempted to sample a few bites of those tarts and pies. But what appears to be baked goods on display is actually just a reflection of the bakeries display on the coffee shop window.

An employee to boot

People in this office have been complaining for weeks on end about the broken tiles in the front. Management assigned someone to the task. It seemed like that employee had gotten a field day with this prank. Some nearly tripped over the tiles, whereas others thought there were stairs laid out in the front.

Image courtesy of Perpetual Dawn/Reddit

Everyone had the last laugh at this employee. Whether or not he had intended to use this design, he was booted out. Management hadn’t liked the prank and seriously considered hammering the tiles to have someone else place other plain-colored ones. What a headache!

Chop down Your vegetables

Now that we’re adults, there’s no escaping the fact that we need our vitamins. One day without a pill or a plate of them, we can feel our hamstrings cramping or our eyesight deteriorating. But one look at this picture, and we remember how it feels to be propped on that high chair and be forced to eat your vegetables.

Image Courtesy of olivemagazine.gr

The toddler in us is squirming, lips tightly shut. “No!” Not only is that broccoli bitter, but it’s also extremely unappetizing. Is there any way to chop this broccoli down? It would be better for mum to note that broccoli sauteed in olive oil and topped with cheese is a palatable dish!

How about I adjust my glare?

How do you effectively study? Most people do it with a cup of coffee, headphones on, blasting music from their Bluetooth devices, or all three. Reddit user, 2mamas, likes to have a study buddy. That way, his partner holds him accountable when he’s not picking up the slack. Just tonight, it had asked him, should I adjust my glare for you?

Image Courtesy of 2mamas / Reddit

“Is it too bright, too dim, or just to your liking?” Those pair of eyes stare unflinchingly at him. He slowly turns the knob on the side of his lamp and then adjusts the brightness. His eyeglasses aren’t his study buddy. It’s the lamp reflected off his glasses that help him finish his readings.

A hard day’s work

There is something special about this cameraman. Whether or not you want to admit it, he shouldn’t be sitting behind the camera but in front of it. He’s easy on the eyes, and he has a good command of the language. He’s quite a fast learner, memorizing lines as he reads them.

Image courtesy of confusing perspective/Pholder

Almost everyone on set admires him for the hard work that he does. He doesn’t like people feeling any pity for him. In fact, he works doubly hard to make up for his poor eyesight. Have you been able to spot the optical illusion? He’s sitting with his feet propped up on the machine.

Well, what do we have here?

These two have always been close to each other, despite their noticeable differences. They don’t look alike. It’s hard to tell that they’re sisters. But the bond between is strong. Both are only a year apart and are expecting in the next couple of months. To keep each other company, Reddit user penguinjetski, usually invites her sister for dinner.

Image courtesy of Penguin jet ski/Reddit

Like we said, noticeable differences. One is wholly human, and the other is half-centaur. We shouldn’t be surprised, given the gods’ indiscretion and love of romantic entanglements. But, who do you think is having a kick at life – the half centaur or the human?

Got a spare tire?

This picture has the internet debating about what’s real and what’s not. Some are quick to scrounge in the garage for a tire pump, gears, and probably a spare tire. Others are simply stating that he should move the bike. It should be just fine! It’s the reflection of the water that’s causing this tire to look slumped.

Image courtesy of Remin / Reddit

Well, what do you think – is it broken or not? One safe and quick way to tell is for this bicyclist to remove the stand and then move the bicycle into a dry area. In a couple of seconds, he should know whether to look for a bicycle repair shop or simply go about his way to the university.

Thanks, Hurricane Sandy

For most Americans, Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most damaging hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season, not only in 2012 but possibly of all time! It had inflicted about $70 billion worth of damages, destroying power lines, relocating ferries, and even moving patches of land.

Image Courtsey of joyreactor.com

In this case, Hurricane Sandy decided to uproot this hundred-year-old tree. This person carefully climbs the patch of land and then stretches his arm to rest against the tree’s trunk. He maintains the planking position for a couple of seconds, with great ease. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, he has got an insta-worthy pic!

Forest fire detected

Millions of hectares of forests are destroyed each year. It’s up to us and modern technology to detect a forest fire and nip it in the bud. So when this Reddit user came across this glowing ember, he immediately took to his phone and called the police. But the wildlife operation dismissed the report. Thanks, but nothing is coming up on the screen.

Image Courtesy of Imaging Alchemist/Reddit

They genuinely thanked him. He was bewildered. How can they take my call as a joke? He shifts his weight to his right foot and then looks closer. He can cast a shadow on the leaf. As it turns out, what appears to be fire was actually just sunlight bearing down on the leaf.

Fluff ball

Now, most of the optical illusions on this list were a product of chance. It just so happened that nature played a trick on you. This next bit is a product of perfect timing. Reddit user, infinite_burrito, has observed that his buddy’s dog looked like a fluff ball when jumping over street grates. It seems like an exaggeration, but in reality, it’s quite true.

Image courtesy of infinite _ Burrito/Reddit

He asks his friend to lead the dog to the opposite end of the park and then directs him to walk over the grate. Just when the furball leaps over, he takes multiple shots of it, encasing this bad boy as a fluffball. He shows the picture to his buddy, and they break into a laugh.

Sir, Yes, Sir!

Life is more fulfilling when it is lived for a greater cause. Sure, living your life to suit your needs and to gratify your wants is satisfying. But the happiness gained from it is pretty short-lived. Live your life beyond the self and in service of others, and you should be able to feel a greater sense of belonging. That’s why most men enlist in the army. But one thing has got us scratching our heads. Isn’t there a height requirement?

Image Courtesy of Run hater and/Reddit

The water has an odd and funny way of making these 6′ feet tall soldiers appearing like little people. Their arms are bulky. Their chests are lean, and yet their legs are cramped in their torsos as they struggle to breathe underwater. To be fair, hard work and training make glory seem unattractive.

Caught in costume

Place a zoo in a community, and you can bet people of all ages will be attracted to it. There’s always something about seeing wild animals that pick our curiosity. So naturally, Reddit user, emily – dawn, brought her camera to capture the moment. But, what she had seen shocked her. She had just caught a man in costume behind the walled glass!

Image Courtesy of Emily – Dawn/Reddit

This monkey is taking a rad selfie of itself. But how could that be? She stares at its hands again and then recognizes her wedding ring. The light overhead and the glare from her camera made it look like the monkey was holding the phone and taking a picture of itself.

Backbreaking Work

With its pristine climate and tropical lowlands, Vietnam has the best-tasting rice in the whole world. To boot, it had been the 2019 and 2018 Winner of the World’s Best Rice. Contestants are requested to bring about four kilograms samples of rice to the conference, freshly harvested from rice fields such as this.

Image Courtesy of acrospiral/Twitter

Not only does this look like backbreaking work, but it also seems pretty like a headache for the person that built it. To get to the very center, you would have to fold your pants to mid-calf, take off your shoes and socks, and then pad your way through the grooves.

Sulphur detected

You wouldn’t imagine what happened to this flat. Just a half-hour ago, those curtains covered the room. Now, they’re caught on fire, as if there’s a demonic uprising of sorts! From this far away, we can smell putrid sulfur and mayhem scorching those walls.

Image Courtesy of davidwallacecfo/Imgur

Quick, call 911 and the local exorcist! This problem requires both science and faith. But look again, and you should be able to make out the reflection of the sunset cast against the window of this flat. It’s a momentary scare, but you should be able to make sense of the situation.

Make believe

Remember how as kids, we would lie on our backs and make sense of the drifting clouds in the sky? We would point one out and state that it looks like a bird or that it very much looks like grandma, when in fact, it bears little semblance to her. Well, there’s no denying that this cloud looks much like a UFO.

Image courtesy of Glurt/Reddit

Whether it has come to extract the whole compound on this block or innocently traveling overhead, this UFO has caught the attention of several residents. Wouldn’t it be fun to make believe that this cloud has extraterrestrial beings on it? It would… at least until it starts sucking people into the air.

Just where did It go

As much as residents admire this mall’s architectural design, they find it difficult to locate it. Most of them have to rely on Google Maps to tell them that they have arrived at their destination. With the right lighting and angle, it would seem like this mall had just upped and left.

Image Courtesy of Shea TrahanAlan Wold/Pinterest

You can only imagine how hard it is for birds as well. There have been a couple each month who have mistakenly flown into the mirrored walls at full speed. As you can imagine, they flopped several floors down. When guests look up to admire the design, they see carcasses of unsuspecting birds.

Natural high

A couple of days’ stay in this hotel will cost you much. Their amenities are superb, and you can expect utmost privacy during your stay. If you’re feeling bored, you can lounge by the side of the pool, take a lap, or even go for a walk around the compound. Last but not least, you can always take this trippy walk to your room.

Image courtesy of Twine Time/Reddit

We don’t know about you, but this carpet and lighting combo gives us a natural high. It almost looks like we’re going to disappear off the face of the earth and reappear in a vortex somewhere. It might be that this hotel intends to discourage its guests from consuming alcohol?

Need some tissue?

When you’re managing a hotel, there are plenty of ways you can save up on costs. Remind people to switch off the lights. Dispense soap and other essentials only when asked by guests, and use tissue holders such as these to keep people from pulling plies.

Image Courtesy of Optische/Twitter

Of course, women quickly complained to the front desk. “Do you have some tissues I can use? I’ve been trying to find one in the lady’s room, but I came up with nothing.” It would have been rude for the attendant to direct them to this tissue holder. After all, it had been management’s discretion to use it.

Gray dot illusion

Before we spoil the fun, try looking at the blocks below and then see if you can pinpoint the black dot with your index finger. Quick! Try to count how many there are if you can catch one as it appears. It might take you a couple of minutes to figure this trick, but we’re certain you’ll be entertained by it.

Image courtesy of Julialvancic96/Imgur

These tiles resemble the Hermann grid; as your brain moves through the image, it perceives a ghostlike dot at the intersections of the tiles. As your eyes scan from left to right or up and down, the dot seemingly disappears and reappears elsewhere. To assure you, there isn’t a single dot at any intersection.

UFO sighting

This had the entire Redditverse debating about whether or not UFOs exist. After all, believing an extraterrestrial life force would explain many mysteries in the world – missing cows, reattached limbs, and glowing orbits in the distance. What do you think about the picture below?

Image Courtesy of Sighma/Reddit

We had guessed it was a painting. But look closer, and you should be able to make out the door handle. It’s the UFO your brain had perceived. All the other car parts should come to view now – the character line and mainly the door. The forest that you see is actually just dried, splattered mud.

Can you switch it off

You might find this hard to believe, but Reddit user, robyncracknell3, has an uncanny superpower. She can control the rising and setting of the sun with just a switch. Now, we know. Not only is that ridiculous, but it’s also unimpressive. How can humankind possibly benefit from this superpower?

Image Courtesy of robyn crack nell 3/Reddit

Well, for one, she can affect this community’s sleep cycle. With a flick of the switch, she can cause those roosters to scream or men to slumber. She can make sleeping twice hard for insomniacs or night owls. Plus, she gets to set whether or not a Christmas is ever going to end. Just leave the lights off the entire year. Winter should do just fine!

Board your paper ships

There are a lot of things we take for granted. It’s amazing how much beauty escapes our glance when taking a casual stroll or rushing for a meeting. Take Brandon Harwood’s post. Would you be able to tell at first glance that this is not a beach? It’s, in fact, a puddle in Geysir National Park, Iceland.

Image Courtesy of Brandon Harwood / Reddit

He was able to see this beauty most of us would have walked past by. While you are at it, hone in on the details of the scraggly patch of land. Study the growth of algae just where dry land meets the water. Imagine how paying mindful indiscriminate attention should help you improve your life.

Living the Truman life

Have you ever felt like someone was controlling you – as if you had a green diamond right above your head, which you can’t see? Because Reddit user, dmazarin, often feels like he is living his life for the sake of other people’s entertainment? Just today, he had found out proof of that. He found a trap door in the sky.

Image courtesy of dmazarin/Reddit

No wonder dmazarin felt like everyone around him was acting a role. He had been duped and played along for almost all his life. He asks his creator, “was any of it real?” The director replies, You were real; that’s what makes you so good to watch. He turns one final time before he exits -“In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Scaredy sailor

You would have to be brave to ride the tumultuous seas, be deaf to the wail of mermaids, and be unafraid to look into your telescope to see the Fata Morgana if you want to be a sailor. Sure, any of these can scare the bejesus out of you. But you must accomplish the mission.

Image Courtesy of ayy _ 2 _ brute/Reddit

Sailors have seen the Fata Morgana over the sea from Messina, Sicily. It’s a mirage, really. So if you set out to the island of luminous crystals, you will be met with disappointment. This metropolis flashes its beauty and then vanishes into abrupt chaos.

Just get on with it already

Goodbyes are definitely one of the hardest things we can deal with. You can tell. After spending a week on this lovely island, it’s almost heartbreaking for this woman to pack her bags and then bid everyone goodbye. “I promise, I’ll come back. I’ll keep in touch,” she mouths silently.

Image Courtesy of scienceinfo.net

But for the rest of us, we’re just eager for them to break the hug. As much as leaving is painful, it’s nothing compared to making sense of this picture. Who’s wearing what? We try to affix those white legs to those white trousers, but our brain keeps matching that lower half to this man’s backside. Just what is going on?

Modernday merman

This seems like a revamp of The Little Mermaid. Not too long ago, this man used to swim with the fishes and sleep in a coral. He never felt the need to gulp air before submerging his head, for he could breathe underwater. You should be able to tell. He was a modern-day merman.

Image courtesy of Arne Kuilman/Reddit

That’s why it was so easy for him to help these kids catch some trout. But after having negotiated with a sea witch, he traded in those fins for a pair of legs. Now, he has to hunt with a fishing rod and a can of bait, unlike before he could just grab tuna on the way out.

Bae, I’m fab

Reddit user, Tripledip333, had to get a haircut. He had been pushing this off for weeks. So, he set an appointment and went straight to the barbershop. He minded his own business at the mall when he saw this stranger, coffee cup in hand, phone in another, sitting primly atop a lounge chair.

Image Courtesy of tripled IP 333/Reddit

He couldn’t help but do a double-take. And as he looked closer the second time around, he could have sworn someone said, “Bae, I’m fab!” *finger snap. Soon Tripledip333 was able to make out the chair leg that he had mistaken for this guy’s heels. Not that he was complaining, that OOTD looked great on him.

Brothers in arms

On a Friday night, Reddit user, one_big_tomato, heard someone knock on his door. It must have been his brother. They hadn’t seen each other in over six months, what with the latter studying in another state. He opens the doors and hugs his brother tightly.

Image Courtesy of One _ Big _ Tomato/Reddit

They had come across this and wondered what it would have been like if the arm had fused them. Not that it would have been hard, they had pretty much the same taste in almost everything. But taking a lap in a pool and keeping afloat would have been difficult if this picture weren’t an optical illusion.

A nervous wreck

What is it about speaking in front of a crowd that scares the life out of us? Of all the people in the room, we should know most about our content. So there’s little risk for anyone to pose a question we would difficult to answer. Just like us, this man had been a nervous wreck just before his presentation.

Image courtesy of onedio.com

He was able to brief the class about his report without much interruption. And he had gotten an A for the work he had put in it. So given his superb performance, there’s really no reason for him to have wet his pants! Not to worry, it stayed dry until the end of the talk. The stain mark that you see is just a reflection of the chairs in the room.

Don’t mind me

If there’s one thing we love about dad, it’s the amount of effort he puts into things. He doesn’t always get things right the first time around, but he tries until he gets the hang of things. Just last week, he learned how to barbecue. Mom prepared the fire extinguisher and placed it by the side of the backdoor. As you would have guessed, dad needed it.

Image Courtesy of DAnknug 211/Reddit

“Yep, don’t mind me guys. But help yourselves to a plate of barbecue ribs.” He hands over a couple and drops them on people’s plates. He points to a bowl of mixed vegetables by the side and shrugs. As we said, dad puts a great deal of effort into things, at the expense of himself.

Never takes them off

We are lucky we don’t have to wear glasses. But for most people, having to use them is pretty troublesome. You would have to remember where you last put it, and take outstanding care of those specs unless you want to lose your vision altogether. Fortunately, this man never has to worry about losing his pair.

Image courtesy of Yeah _ same/Reddit

It almost looks like he had his eyeglasses pierced to his ears. But this studded man just minds his own business, listening to some music on the bus. In fact, he does not need glasses. That’s just his earphones plugged into his ear. Pull that out, and you lose the illusion.

Just pigging around

It’s a weekend. And just like anyone who had survived the week, we thought it best to reward ourselves with a trip to the park. We paid for our tickets and then made a mad dash towards the park. There was cotton candy, popcorn, and animals on display. But we hadn’t expected this pig to ride the merry-go-round.

Image Courtesy of Big Dog 1135/Reddit

Don’t they usually frequent pools of mud? This boar had an excellent sense of direction – trotting in sync with the horses and unicorns around it. When the musical came to an end, the pig stopped and then let the human off its back. That’s when we recognized the pole sticking out of the pig from behind its back.

Sexy back

Is it just us, or are these men looking at the wrong subject? They seem riveted by something or someone on the other side of the room. Might it have been a baseball match? Because one look at this picture and we can’t seem to get our eyes off her…sexy back.

Image courtesy of I post for fun / reddit

Gotcha! At first glance, it almost seemed like she was wearing a bikini of sorts and that she was resting her hands by the side of a pool. But the rear that your brain had perceived was really just a reflection of her sexy back. As Reddit user, Ipostforfun, puts it, catching an illusion like this is priceless.

Max time

Birds are odd creatures. They like to design buildings with special materials, attract mates by showing off their feathers, and perch themselves on animals. Shouldn’t they be finding a steady branch to sleep on? This deer doesn’t mind it one bit. But we can tell that the weight of that bird is gnawing at her.

Image Courtesy of Beamos Cola/Reddit

It continues to chew the few scraps of grass it had bit off. It can feel its face turn lopsidedly – what with the bird clutching unto flaps of its skin. This isn’t the first time this bird has done this unkindly trick. It will probably keep on doing such until it perches itself on a lion’s mane. But by then, it will be dead meat.