Funny Figures Who Seem To Favor Unconventional Standing Positions

By Abigail T

Some people always seem to know how to hold themselves. They’ll never fidget in their seats and will always look composed while waiting in line at the store. But there are plenty of people (including us) who simply don’t know what to do with their bodies. It doesn’t matter if we’re sitting or standing; there are days when no position seems appropriate or comfortable.

While it can be frustrating and embarrassing at the moment, from an outsider’s perspective, it’s downright hilarious. Now, let’s be clear; we’re not laughing at other people’s expense. We’re simply appreciating just how weird humans can be—and that includes us. After all, who hasn’t squatted, stretched, or contorted their bodies all in the name of comfort? With that in mind, here are some outstanding people who got caught, well, standing in bizarre positions.

Checkin’ you out

Well, would you look at this sassy little baby. He can’t be more than one or two years old, but the level of swag is out of this world. Look at the way he’s standing. From the way he’s leaning on the couch to the way his little feet are rested on a tiptoe.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

This baby has serious model potential. Maybe the parents should start him young and let him audition for baby product advertisements. Also, can we appreciate the little butt pop going on? So adorable, so chic, it’s a ten from us.

Criss-crossed first position

The way this guy’s feet are twisted like that makes us a little uncomfortable. But it is impressive how he’s casually standing like that, eating a packet of crisps while waiting for his train. We wonder if he does ballet.

Photo courtesy of

From the way his feet are positioned, it does look like a wonky first position. Except, instead of both legs next to each other, his legs are crisscrossed. However, this guy is doing it, and he actually seems relatively comfortable in that position.


Hold on a second. Are we seeing this right? Is this an optical illusion? This teacher, probably high school, totally looks like he is levitating? Is there an invisible, flying broomstick that we’re just not seeing? Does this mean we are Muggles?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

Maybe this is the direct result of inhaling too much helium. Perhaps he enjoyed a whole tank, and now he can’t land on the floor. We’re so confused as to why none of the students seem to notice that their teacher is flying.

Not an ideal window placement

Can you blame this guy? He may be standing weird, pressed up against the wall right between the service window and the metal pole. But it isn’t exactly his fault. It’s the fault of whoever decided to put the window there!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Leonard Czyż

This transaction must have been so uncomfortable. He is definitely not having the time of his life. It’s clear that one leg sits higher than the other. There’s barely space for him to move his arms. And his glasses must be fogging up because of how close he is to the glass.

Ankle break

Okay, this stance is actually concerning us, and we need some help. If you’re not clocking what’s unusual about the way this guy is standing, it’s definitely not the cocked hip. Check out his right ankle. His actual ankle must be touching the floor.

Photo courtesy of

How is this not a painful position to stand in? Not only is he cocking his hips, but his left foot is pointing out at an almost 90-degree angle, and his right ankle looks like it’s properly broken. It’s a surprise he’s still standing.

For the shot

Do you know how professional photographers would assume the most uncomfortable positions during photoshoots? They might be on their knees, lie on their backs, or really do anything to get the perfect shot. Well, who said only the pros could do that?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

This guy may only be using a phone camera, but he’s still gotta get the money shot. That’s why he’s got his legs wide like that. It’s almost like nature photography since he’s taking a photo of a wolf. This dude should apply to Nat Geo.

Stopping for a phone call

At a glance, this guy just looks like he’s stopped by a mailbox or trash can to take a call. But nope. He’s got one leg resting on the scaffolding. Why is that? He looks totally uncomfortable, so why can’t he just stand straight?

Photo courtesy of

Our only rationalization for this particular stance is that he stepped on some gum and tried to get it off his shoe. That makes sense, right? That’s going to be the canon from now on because we don’t see any other explanation for it.

Smooth Criminal

This dude standing in line at a fast-food restaurant reminds us of the Michael Jackson lean from Smooth Criminal. Okay, maybe he is kind of cheating because he is leaning on the counter. But it’s still pretty impressive.

Photo courtesy of

Now that we’ve examined this photo further, we realize that all this guy is trying to do stand on the designated mark on the floor to maintain social distancing. Unfortunately for him, the window is about 2 meters too far to his left.

World’s best boyfriend

This photo confused us at first. It looked like an assault just waiting to happen. But we looked at the picture a little longer and realized that this guy is actually just providing his girl with somewhere to sit. What a guy!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Septic Peg

He’s setting the standard for boyfriends and husbands all over the world here. He assumes an uncomfortable position so that his girlfriend can rest for a while. Isn’t that sweet? It’s so cute that they can both watch something together while sitting like this too.

Quick break

Women can do everything men can do, and they can do them in heels. That’s right. These women are showing us just how badass they are by pulling this position off while on a work break. Do you know just how much pressure that puts on their knees?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

And yet, they manage to do that without faltering. They’re just casually squatting cross-legged as they charge their phones. This is thoroughly impressive and really hard to duplicate. We bet you guys can’t even do this in your sneakers!

Showing off

Alright, this person is just showing off. This isn’t a normal “waiting at the cashier at CVS” stance at all.  He’s clearly trying to show that he can actually do splits if he wants to. It’s just a matter of going all out or not.

Photo courtesy of

They really didn’t need to take up so much space. It’s just CVS. You’ll get your turn. Our favorite part about this photo is that the guy on the left just does not seem to be bothered by these shenanigans.

The crane

Can you tell that this lady does yoga? Even if she’s just standing there, she can’t help but strike a pose. This right here is the crane pose, and she is very clearly doing it properly. See how the bottom of her foot is fully aligned with her inner leg?

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Septic Peg

This is not the most casual position to stand-in. We wonder if people around her were looking at her weirdly or if they were like, “Oh, that’s totally normal.” Either way, we don’t know anyone else who would be standing like this.

Stopping traffic

You would think that a stop sign is enough to stop cars when in traffic. But there is something much more effective than that. Apparently, it’s a stop sign held up by a person whose hips are swinging and ready… teasing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@PeopleStanding

Okay, maybe this person didn’t intend to tease, but they’re definitely out to stop traffic. If your job is to hold up a stop sign, you might as well look hot doing it. Make the most of it, you know? Who knows. Maybe you’ll meet your prince charming.

Somewhere to sit

What happens when you’re in a public place, desperate to sit down, but there isn’t a bench in sight? Well, you take a page out of this guy’s book and make do with a railing. While everyone else is just standing, this guy is resting.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know what’s funnier here: the way that he looks like he’s stuck here or that his feet are barely touching the ground. It seems like his makeshift seat isn’t doing him any favors. Maybe he should just stand up like everyone else.

Like husband, like wife

When you’ve lived with another person for so long, you start picking up their habits. Be it the way they talk or the way they stand. You subconsciously turn into each other. That’s probably what happened to this couple here.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

Look at them both standing in exactly the same pose. One leg up on the same chair, arms crossed while talking to this store clerk. This is probably a bad habit to pick up. It’s so rude to step on furniture with shoes on!

Social distancing

This signage may be there for the purpose of social distancing between one person to another, but this guy is taking it a step further. He’s not only keeping a healthy distance between people in line. He’s keeping a healthy distance between his feet.

Photo courtesy of

Whatever works for him, I guess. There really is no need to be standing in line like this. It’s not like he can save a spot in the queue for someone by doing this. Maybe he’s just more comfortable like this.

The Thinker

This old man is too fascinated by the show on TV. So much so that he has put one leg up on the cabinet and assumed ‘The Thinker’ position. You must know what we’re talking about, right? The Thinker is the famous statue!

Photo courtesy of

You can’t tell us this man doesn’t look like The Thinker. Okay, maybe he’s supposed to have his hand on his temple instead of over his mouth, but this is basically the same pose. We wonder what show he’s watching.

Stretching it out

This woman is insistent on following the COVID guidelines down to a T. Instead of stepping over the red line that limits close contact between the customer and the cashier. She leans over it instead. Well, that just defeats the purpose.

Photo courtesy of

Whether she’s standing behind the red line or stretching her body over it, she is still going to get close to the cashier. If she didn’t want to be in close proximity with other people, she could have just gone through the drive-thru!

Too passionate?

Ah, to be young and in love and not have to care about the state of your back. We’re getting back pains just looking at this photo! We get it. You love each other very much. But does she really have to be stretched out like that?

Photo courtesy of

That can’t be a comfortable position to kiss in. Sure, the guy is holding her so that she doesn’t completely face plant onto the ground. But, is it not killing him that he has to lean down that low too?

The new way to kneel

Why kneel with both knees on the ground when you can be kneeling in style like this guy here? If you look closely, his knee isn’t even on the ground. He’s holding himself up on his toes, which can’t possibly be comfortable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

This really is a bizarre way of standing or sitting. Can we even call this sitting? Kneeling? Also, the biggest question in our heads after the last few photos are, how come the people around them never seem to be bothered, impressed, or perplexed by these weird positions?

Strike a pose

You know how storefront mannequins are usually striking the most awkward poses just because their limbs bend in ways human models can’t? Well, this is an example of one of those moments. Just look at the direction of this mannequin’s knees.

Photo courtesy of

Okay, so this isn’t exactly “people” standing up weird, but it’s a person-adjacent, so we’ll let it slide. If any real human tries to stand like this and succeeds, it probably means they’ve broken their knee cap or their leg.

Waiting for the flight

We get it. Sometimes airport terminals can be so packed that there’s just nowhere to sit. You don’t want to sit at a restaurant and pay a ridiculous amount of money for water and some fries. So you just find a spot to stand and wait.

Photo courtesy of

This guy is either practicing his mid-air splits, or his 90-degree lunges by doing this. He’s somehow managed to find an unmanned desk, and used it to his advantage. He seems so casually chill about this, we wonder if airport security noted this as suspicious behavior.

Standing cross-legged

Who says you can only sit cross-legged? That’s so regressive. These days, you can stand cross-legged too. Just look at this man. He’s probably a university lecturer, going around the class to see everyone’s progress. But standing over people’s shoulders all day can get tiring.

Photo courtesy of

Can you blame the guy for wanting to put a leg up and “relax” as he continues to help his students with their hard work? Sure, it’s kind of rude to have your leg up on a table, but his student doesn’t seem to mind.

Awkward corporate pose

We’re not quite sure what’s going on in this picture. Two men in formal suits, basically ‘man-spreading’ against the backdrop of a desert terrain with an inexplicable giant tire behind them. If they thought this makes for a good corporate photo, they’re mistaken.

Photo courtesy of

These men look so out of place on this backdrop that they look almost photoshopped in. We wonder what the purpose of this shoot was, or why they’re even there if it’s not for a photoshoot. Either way, everything looks plain awkward.

Pole dance

Before you readers get too excited, no, this isn’t that kind of pole dance. Honestly, we’re also confused as to what specific dance this guy is doing. But he’s doing it around a pole, so we’ll call it what it is.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

Come to think of it, he looks like he’s doing the dance from the 2013 one-hit wonder, Gangnam Style by PSY. Not sure why he has to do it while at an airport hugging a pole, but we’ll let him do whatever floats his boat.


Yeah, this is how we all sit when the teacher asks us to sit in groups, and we’re too lazy to bring our chair over to our friends’ circle. It’s not quite a squat, not quite a kneel either. It’s somewhere in between. A squeal maybe?

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Rigby

Everyone around the table just looks so done with the assignment, including the guy in the red hoodie. We can tell they just want to get it over with so that they can go to lunch. But with this guy in this position, we have a feeling he’s going to flip the table.

An intense squat

If you got it, flaunt it, right? This guy might be waiting for his Uber, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show the entire street what he’s got. He doesn’t just squat. He does it so intensely, with both feet at 90-degree angles facing away from him.

Photo courtesy of

We wonder if instead of telling his Uber that he’s the guy wearing a white tee and track pants, he tells the driver he’s the guy squatting by the side of the road. Maybe he’s been waiting for his Uber for too long.

Law and Smolder

Would you look at this scene? It’s Detective Elliot Stabler himself, out to catch another criminal and bring him to justice. Also looking cool while on the job as always. Just kidding. It’s probably just Christopher Meloni in between takes.

Photo courtesy of

This guy has been on the same show for decades now, and somehow he hasn’t aged one bit. Who here is still watching re-runs of Law and Order: SVU to this day? Hands up, don’t lie. Join the Elliot Stabler fan club.

Crushing hard

The one thing people tell you when you want to impress your crush is to be yourself. We’re not sure if this guy is just following this advice, or if he’s trying way too hard. Imagine some random guy leaning on your table like this in class.

Photo courtesy of

“Hey, how’s it going? Whatcha got there? Math assignment? Hmm… what a doozy, right?” Everything about this screams creepy. Maybe next time, pull up a chair instead of awkwardly squatting like this. At least that way, you’re not right in her face.

Leaning in

Has anyone ever been in a class so intriguing that you just had to lean in with your entire body to listen to every word the teacher says? Everyone else in the class seems to be disinterested, but not this guy in the orange shirt.

Photo courtesy of

Look at the way he’s leaning in here. Head rested on one hand as if he’s pondering the deeper meaning of the lesson. He’s leaning so far that he’s got a foot on the chair. Again, we’re not proponents of shoes on furniture. But this guy just seems to be soaking everything in.


Who says you can’t multitask while you work and do stretches during the day? This man is checking in on work while also doing his stretching outside. This doesn’t look like a very comfortable position to be working in, but whatever works for him, right?

Photo courtesy of

At least he’s outdoors making the most of the sunshine and soaking up some vitamin D. Sure, people passing by might be a little weirded out by his position. But as long as he is okay with it, there’s really nothing left to say.

Sixth period

You know it’s been a long day when even your teacher comes over to your discussion circle and slumps down on the desk like this. Everyone has rough days, and by the looks of this photo, it seems like the entire class has had enough.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Jarek Szenher

The poor teacher looks so done with life that he’s joined his students in their misery. This seems like the kind of sixth period class where nobody really learns anything and the teacher just assigns people something to read individually.

The splits

We’re not sure what exactly is going on in this photo, but by the looks of it, this guy is trying to impress this girl. And what catches a girl’s attention better than a guy doing the splits, right? Well, we’re not sure it seems to be working…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

The girl looks like she’s awkwardly trying to get out of the situation, but she doesn’t want to be rude. What do you say to a guy who comes up to you and does these splits out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation?


You know when it’s a cold night, but you really want to dress your best, so you step out of the house in a mini skirt despite being absolutely freezing? We suspect this is what happened with this person. Why else are her legs pretzeled that way?

Photo courtesy of

She’s probably really cold, and this is the only way she can warm up. But, can we just say that her outfit is fire, and it’s worth getting cold? Everything, from the dress to the bag to the boots, is immaculate!

Airport anxiety

Traveling isn’t for everybody, especially air travel. Airports and planes can add so much stress that it sucks the joy out of your vacation. It seems like this guy is having a particularly rough time at the check-in counter.

Photo courtesy of

He’s so nervous that he’s biting his nails and putting his leg up on the counter. The airport attendant also seems to be telling him some pretty horrible news. We really hope everything is okay, and that this guy manages to get on his flight.

When the wait is too long

Growing up means getting used to administration days. Whether it’s budgeting your finances or running errands, it’s just the boring part of being an adult that everyone puts up with. Sometimes, these days just require you to wait in line.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Septic Peg

This guy has had about enough with his day. He looks like he’s been waiting there for a while, and he’s definitely bored. So bored, that he may very well start twerking in the middle of this bank since it looks he was the last in line!

Open target

Standing with your behind so exposed like this just makes you an open target to slaps and kicks. Whichever student took this photo must have gotten a laugh out of it. You gotta love it when your teachers are so involved in the learning process like this…

Photo courtesy of

So much so that he leans over your desk like this. We’d feel kind of awkward if we were the students sitting on that table. Your professor’s face should not be that close to yours at any given circumstance. Period.

Shawty got low

How much lower can this guy go? That’s for you to take a guess. This car is already really close to the ground, so this dude is fully putting himself in pain and discomfort. What is he talking to the driver about anyway?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

The driver could have gotten out of the car and save this dude from having to squat down that low. But also, the dude could have just leaned towards the window instead of squatting. Both of them are just making this guy’s life harder.

Summer shenanigans

The heat is beginning to set in. People are out and about tanning and enjoying the sun. But sometimes, too much heat is a bad thing. Sit in the sun for too long, and you just might start doing some pretty questionable things.

Photo courtesy of

Is this guy trying to nurse his heat stroke? Or is he just bored and low-key annoyed that he had to accompany his girlfriend while she tans? More importantly, he must have good core strength to be able to support himself like this without using his hands.


This guy may look like he’s taking an ordinary work call. But what if he’s Superman, and he’s really answering a distressed call? This is just mere seconds before he jumps over his desk, and unbuttons his shirt to reveal his suit.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/PeopleStanding

Mark this day as a monumental day in your life, for you have finally seen the real life Clark Kent in action. He may not look like much, but that’s the entire point of Clark Kent! Unassuming, but yet still a “super man.”