40+ Comical Conversations Overheard In LA

By Liezel L

Ever since we were kids, people always kept telling us that listening in on other’s conversations is bad. It’s impolite. Sometimes though, it’s like we don’t have a choice. Whether it’s in the supermarket, in a cafe, on the bus, or just on the sidewalk, there are just some conversations that, try as we might ignore, we cannot just because of how ridiculous or funny they might be. While some people choose to keep that golden bit of humanness to themselves, some actually knew that they were too good not to share and thus, things like Overheard LA were born. From jaw-dropping phone conversations to confusing questions, this account proves that the people of LA have some pretty hilarious things to say. Keep scrolling and check out all these convos you can only hear in LA. 

Sit and Hush Man, Sit and Hush

For a lot of us, sharing tables with complete strangers can be pretty awkward. You never really know if someone’s a chatterer, and you’d be forced to sit through idle conversation you didn’t want, or you’d be forced to come up with a nice way to say, “No talking, please.” Either way, we sometimes wish we can be as blunt as this guy. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

He’s not wrong. The agreement only went as far as sitting and sharing space. It didn’t extend to talking or even interacting. Some people need to understand that. It doesn’t mean that just because we’re sharing a space with you do we need to do anything more than that sorry, not sorry. 

It’s a Matter of Importance

It can’t get any more LA than this snippet of a conversation right here. This guy and his brother in the grocery clearly have very different priorities than most of us. We didn’t even know that avocado picking at the grocery was such an important first time. 

image courtesy of avocad.hoe_hoe/ Instagram and Overheard LA

Seriously though, what is it with picking avocados? Is it some kind of golden egg that we’re not aware of? Why all the pomp and ceremony in selecting them? It’s not like one blemish makes it completely inedible anyway. Then again, maybe we simply don’t appreciate avocados as much as LA people do. 

Good Argument

Kids may lack the experience of the world that adults have, but those little tots can sometimes spew out things that make so much sense that it hurts. In this case, while the kid may not be technically correct, they do have an excellent argument. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

They’re right to believe that people shouldn’t be trusted just because they’re adults. In fact, it’s even more dangerous to trust adults more than other kids unless you’re in a horror movie, of course. In that case, a kid or adult can be a murderer, so it’s better not to trust anybody. 


It can be pretty tiring to argue with anti-maskers on what they can and should do, but some people really do take up that challenge, and some even accomplish it with a flair. Just check out this ballsy DMV worker right here. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

We have mad respect for whoever this was for putting the Karens of the world in their place and in such an eloquent manner. Thank you for your service, and thank you for giving those Karens what they deserve. 

Poor Choices Were Made

When we forget the name of something, we improvise. We try to act it out, or we try to come up with another group of words to describe it, and it turns out into something we can laugh at. Unfortunately, there are some situations when forgetting something’s name might not improve the situation.

image courtesy of itsmebecca/ Twitter and Overheard LA

We don’t know about this guy’s date, but “waddly cold bird” got us cracking up good. Of all things people have called penguins, that is definitely our favorite. If his date didn’t get the humor in that one, he probably shouldn’t be dating that person in the first place. Go waddly cold bird man!


As friends, it is our responsibility to make sure that our pals end up with a great person who will take care of them and accept them for who they are. Unfortunately, sometimes even friendship falls on deaf ears when someone’s too in love, so we just have to shut up and suck it up until given the right opportunity to air out our grievances. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Unfortunately for this person, they have spoken too soon. As awkward as it is, at least they finally got the truth out of their system, right? We’re not sure there’s still going to be a wedding invitation after that, though. 

Real Talk

We have nothing against people who want to live the Instagram life because, well, that’s their life. However, this dad right here is giving out the real talk some people might actually need to hear aside from his own daughter. 

image courtesy of bipityboppitybuttsex/ Reddit and Overheard LA

This daughter better listen to her dad. Not everyone can fake it ‘til they make it on Instagram, no matter how hard they try. Plus, what’s the point in living it up on social media but not in real life? Where’s the fun in that?

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Right now, there seems to be a plant for every kind of person. There are plants for homebodies, there are plants for people who are always out, and there are even plants for the most clueless of plant rearing peeps. Despite that, not everyone is meant to take care of plants. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Plants are said to be great mood boosters, and as some people would like to believe, our mood also affects plants. In this case, the plant and the plant parent don’t seem to be helping each other at all. Maybe try a fish?

It’s Wrong, We Know

The pandemic absolutely sucks, and we hate that it prevents us from doing many of the things we love and seeing all the people we like as normal, but all this staying at home has actually done some people good. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

We’re not saying that we want the pandemic to stay, but the thought of having to put up with society as it were back then after more than a year of respite can be very overwhelming to some. Can we have going back to normal without all the normal society thing, please?

They’re A Whole Other Generation

This came as quite a shock to us, but there is actually a whole generation of kids out there who won’t know food simply as it is. They’re the generation who only know quinoa, vegan meat, plant milk, and all that. 

image courtesy of Saviun/ Reddit and Overheard LA

Honestly, it’s kind of terrifying. Imagine being in your 50s and talking with someone in their 20s only to find out that they’ve never had a real taste of meat and dairy and that they think all those come from plants—it kind of messes up our minds. 

Keep Him

We all know the scene, right? The girl gasps and suddenly starts crying; you hear this half-sobbed out “Yes,” and the entire place erupts in applause. People never seem to get tired of it. This couple right here is changing it up, though. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

For some reason, this made us a lot happier than reading an engagement of the same scenario. He knows what she needs, and he’s clearly a keeper. It’s the drama of it, though, that makes us think, “Yep, that’s still in LA.”

31 In Different States

We’re not saying that every guy is like this, but there is some truth to this statement right here. Some guys in the big cities do seem to have this tendency to cling to their youth as much as they could. 

image courtesy of Marzz/ Reddit and Overheard LA

When you’re living in the big city, as long as you can still keep up with everyone else, who cares what your age is, right? Still, though, it won’t hurt to learn basic human survival skills no matter the age. 

Devil For Dinner?

Vegan food gets a lot of flak, especially from people who’ve never tried it. It doesn’t help that sometimes, they may have names that sound a little unholy. If we were the Wholefoods employee right here, we’d be pretty confused why someone would think they can find the devil in Wholefoods as well. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

To be fair, though, some foods can pretty much be comparable to the devil, no matter how healthy they claim it to be. To each their own, we guess. If there’s one thing for sure, though, no one’s having the devil for dinner any time soon. 


As they say, not all heroes wear capes and not all heroes pull people out of burning buildings. Some of them are there just pull you out of a bad date like a fairy godmother like this one right here. 

image courtesy of imgflip and Overheard LA

It must have been such a terrible date for that poor girl to beg a stranger to literally get her out of there. We wonder how it all went down and how the hostess did her saving act, though. We need all the deets!

Same Kid, Same

There just comes the point in life where you realize that we’re all just living in utter confusion. We’ve all just been plunked down here on Earth with no clue what we’re supposed to do, and we just keep living. This kid has realized it earlier than most of us. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

As kids, most of us started all wishy-washy like “I’m going to be this” or “I’m going to be that.” And now, we don’t even know what day it is most of the time. For all that humanity has advanced, we have been reduced to living our lives out in confusion. 

Not Today

There are days when we wake up and feel like a politician, shaking hands and kissing babies like it’s election day. Still, there are other days when we wake up and feel like Gollum, only interested in our precious things and not in any human interaction, so yes, we absolutely feel this guy. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

As much as we appreciate the effort that people take in being polite and all, there are sometimes limits to the amount of people-ing we can handle. Kudos to this guy for even reaching 87. We get pooped by about the 10th interaction. 

Don’t Judge A Person By Their Sign!

People who use astrology to guide their dating lives are quite interesting, aren’t they? They willingly cross off whole populations of great people just because they were born in a certain month, and they would willingly reject you just because your stars don’t align even though you’ve been so nice to them. 

image courtesy of DojaCat/ Twitter and Overheard LA

How do these people even go about dating? Do they just ask everyone they meet what their star sign is? They do realize that there’s such a thing as personality, right and that it isn’t just based on stars? And hey, Leo’s are great, okay.

The Wisdom of a Kid

Ah, kids. Sometimes, they can be these freaky little creatures saying the most bizarre things, and sometimes, they can be these sweet little cuddle balls of infinite wisdom that know just when to give us the good feels we exactly need. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Whoever this 9-year-old is, we love them already! Their logic is flawless! Why buy new pants when you can just eat cake to fit in the old ones, right? You won’t be losing tons of money, plus you’ll be enjoying yourself a whole lot more. 

Totally Excused

It’s a dream, isn’t it, to find a job that you like and that you’d be willing to stay in until you’re old and wrinkly or even if it is your birthday. Hopefully, this is the case for this old lady right here. She’s 70, but she’s still going strong, alright.

image courtesy of whimsicalseptember and Overheard LA

This lady is our idol. Many of us are not even half her age, and we already feel like dying after staying up later than 11 pm. On the other hand, she partied off until her voice was hoarse, and she even managed to get to work the next day. Again, an idol. 

Guilty As Charged

These days, it’s hard to believe when someone says that they’re “on their way” or that they’re coming in “5 min.” No matter what part of the world you’re in, we all know that those statements don’t exactly mean what they should mean. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

People who know someone like this would try to set strategies in place like setting an earlier time or calling their friend an hour before they meet to make sure that they’re ready to go. Unfortunately, some people seem to be immune to the constraints of time no matter what you do. 

That Time The Owner and Dog Got Switched

When a pet owner and a pet get separated, it usually goes in the order of the pet being found first and then the owner being called to them after, right? That just seems like the right way to do it. That’s why we’re so confused over this one. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Now, we don’t know what the people over at LAX are eating and drinking, but we’re not sure that’s the best tactic to reunite owner and dog.  We don’t know what kind of dog that is or what training it has been through, but we doubt that that dog would know what or where in the world is a gate 2. 

Non-Early Birds

For most people of the working class with a day job, a normal workday starts at around 5 to 6 AM to wake up, and by 8 or 9, they’d be sitting at their desks, standing at their stations, or readying up their tools for the day. So it can be pretty disconcerting seeing some of them at an exercise class on a workday any later than 9 AM. 

image courtesy of Imgur and Overheard LA

We’d also love to know what kind of jobs they work and how to get into those jobs. We also want to be able to wake up later than 6 AM and still be able to keep ourselves healthy with time to spare, you know. 

When You Have A Famous Kid

A few months back, people were laughing at TikTokers and all of their silly challenges. Now, look at them making millions, going everywhere, and beating out all the competition from other platforms. To get a life like that, right?

image courtesy of Overheard LA

The kid isn’t even of legal age yet, and he’s already sending his parents to all those fancy places while most of us are still here, trying to pay off our college loans. It kind of makes us want to rethink our life choices, but don’t worry; we’ll have our own time. It surely won’t be on Tiktok but somewhere else, maybe. 

Said None Ever

We have never, in our entire short lives, ever have heard anybody actively or even remotely crave salad. It is simply not something our brain does or our tastebuds want. And yet, there is apparently some guy out there in LA right now who would completely fight us on this. 

image courtesy of vegetables.co.nz and Overheard LA

We don’t know what he’s been doing, what he’s been eating, or what he’s been inhaling, but someone should really check if this guy is okay. We have nothing against salad, and we do like its health benefits, but we’re good with craving other stuff that’s not salad, thank you.

Sealed The Deal

We don’t know when it became a thing, but when your girl gets a new do after a breakup, you better bet that that girl is ready to move on and make some changes in her life. Oh, and if she buys a new outfit, you know that she will show her ex what he’ll be missing out on as well. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Sadly for this guy, he’s a minute too late. We have to wonder, though, if girls have the haircut and the wardrobe change and all that, what do boys do? What’s the equivalent of that unsaid, “New me that’s too good for you” for boys?

A Measure of Responsibility

If you’re a mom or you know a mom, especially of young kids, you’d know that having white in their wardrobe is just impossible. No matter how much they want to wear white, they know that it would simply be futile to keep those clothes as pretty and pristine as they are with kids running around. 

image courtesy of ABC News and Overheard LA

Given how hard it is to maintain whites around kids, this person might have a point with their measure of responsibility. Before you decide to have a child, ask yourself, from plastic plants to white pants, how responsible are you? If you answer white pants, be prepared to make a sacrifice. 

Work Appropriation

Every day, influencers continue to rake in money by simply posting a picture on Instagram or doing pranks on YouTube. That’s why it’s easy to see why some people can bristle at the mention of them or of them to be claiming to do ‘work.’

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Then again, isn’t it kind of our own fault that the influencer job was born anyway? We, the masses, are the ones who put these people on pedestals sadly and gave them permission to share our culture. Twisted, isn’t it?

For All Of Us Please

This kid right here actually speaks for all of us. Everyone has been through their own kind of misery in this pandemic, and many are still stuck in that mindset trying to cope with the situation we all find ourselves in, so maybe we all deserve an extra ounce of kindness.

image courtesy of Imgur and Overheard LA

We’re already restricted from touching and gathering and doing many of the things we used to enjoy, so a little extra kindness would be so nice. Add a little empathy and generosity to that, and we might make a better world out of this pandemic after all. 

The Thing You Put In Your Ears

With all the weird names that companies come up with to name their stuff, it can be pretty easy to get them all mixed up. Why not just call them all one thing and call it a day, right? It’ll make things easier for everyone. Just take a look at what happened to this poor flight attendant. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

We gotta love her honesty, though. If that were us, we’d be dying from embarrassment at having to admit that we don’t know what to correctly call something in front of a whole bunch of people on a flight that we were trying to serve in a professional way. 


It’s really nice when people show even the smallest of kindness to people in need. It gives you hope in humanity and reminds you that there are actually people in the world who aren’t that bad but maybe sometimes, it’s better to ask or make sure before doing something out of the kindness of your heart. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

This is exactly what you’d get when you make assumptions. It’s still lovely of the barista to do that, though. Hopefully, they gave it to someone else who really needed that sandwich and wasn’t counting calories so that it did not go to waste. 


A year ago, if you hacked and coughed like you were dying in public, nobody would care, but now, just one tiny cough can send everybody staring at you in horror and slowly backing away as if you were going to attack them like a zombie. 

image courtesy of Reddit and Overheard LA

Feeling even the slightest tickle in your throat is the worst thing ever in public. It especially sucks for people who have allergies, though. A cough you can choke down, but you can never get away from a sneeze. 

What In The World?

Thanks to everyone fighting for different aspects of social justice, people nowadays are more careful of what they say, how they act, what they wear, and how they treat others. Unfortunately, some people seem to choose to remain as backward as before. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

We all know that fashion can sometimes be ridiculous, but that woman is simply way out of line. Homeless chic, seriously? She needs some proper educating, that’s for sure both about her manners and probably her style choices as well. 

Potatoh Potato

We really have mad respect for those poor souls who have to work in customer service. They deal with anything customers throw at them every single day, and they manage not to go crazy about 50 times a day. Just take a look at this one.

image courtesy of Overheard LA

The cashier has a very valid point, but we can just imagine that look of pure disappointment on the customer’s face. Oh well, he asked, and he received. Sometimes, you just have to outwit the customer to have them finally shut up. 

Just Give Me Everything!

Cheese is simply one of the greatest inventions of mankind. If only we could get away with adding cheese to everything, we probably would. Sadly, in restaurants, they don’t seem to always give enough, so we get these kinds of scenarios. 

image courtesy of Trendy Food Unlock/ YouTube and Overheard LA

There is no such thing as too much cheese, so there’s no reason to be stingy. The cheese is the highlight of the dish, and in terms of measurement, this guy has got it right. Once a manager walks over and stops the rain of cheese, that would be the perfect mountain of cheese. 


You know that thing at school when you ask your mate if they’ve done their homework yet and they answer that they haven’t, and it just gives you a sense of comfort that you’re in the same doomed boat? Well, that’s what it feels like for some people in the pandemic. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Before the pandemic, everyone was very much in the mindset of each for his own, but now, it has weirdly stuck us all in the same miserable bubble together, and we’re not getting out of it unless everyone can. Fun, isn’t it?

Age Doesn’t Matter

Age is just a number and shouldn’t matter in love, most of the time, right? As long as you are both responsible adults who appreciate, understand, and care for each other, it’s good. Apparently, though, there can be some slight complications. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Avoiding father’s day might be the right call for this pair, alright. But then again, we will never know how people’s assumptions would just run. Maybe next time they’re out, that’s not father’s day; people will think he’s her uncle or worse, that he’s her boss. 

Kombucha Dude

As it seems, most of us are way past believing those mushy Hallmark movie things that come out of people’s mouths like “Just believe in love” or something like that. We all know that “love” isn’t just enough in this day and age, so this one right here is a nice change. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

It’s such an LA thing to do that, but at least he left her something great and nice to remember him by, right? Who cares about trinkets and souvenirs when they can leave you a life skill that you’ll use until the day you die? 

Fake It Til You Graduate

Whether it’s iCarly, High School Musical, or whatever teen show it is, we all know that it’s rare for the actors and extras to be high school-aged. Plus, we all know that teens don’t exactly have ripped abs or plush filler lips, so this guy has a point. 

image courtesy of Lizanne Janse Van Vuuren and Overheard LA

Believe it or not, though, some kids these days, especially some of the LA rich, are already into all that cosmetic stuff. They’re way past make-up and all that, and they’ve gone straight into veneers and lip fillers. Maybe that’s why everybody looks like an adult there. 

The Yoga Mat Power

There are just too many days when we don’t have it in us to look half as good as the rest of the population expects us to, but we still show up wherever we need to be. Apparently, this girl has figured out the trick to this. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

As much hassle as it may be to carry extra stuff around in your arms, this woman is really onto something. Messy hair, rumpled clothes, tired face, no make-up face – the yoga mat gives them all the explanation everyone needs to leave you alone about them, or at least that’s what we hope. 

All Day Every Day

Between taking in everything that’s going around us in this pandemic and still trying to survive and live our lives as best as we could, we’re just a version of tired all day, every day. So whenever someone makes plans, we already know that we’re feeling like this guy right here. 

image courtesy of Brightside and Overheard LA

We don’t need to see the future or a spiritual guru to know that most of the time, we’d just love to be safe at home, chilling our bums off, eating good food, and doing everything we can to try and relax in preparation of what else we need to deal with the next days to come. It’s the cycle that we’ve come to know only too well. 

Avocado Priorities

You can never have too many overheard LA conversations about avocado. LA people love those things, and they really place great importance in picking out the perfect avocado that’s not too ripe or too unripe and that would be ready for toast that same day or the next morning. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

As this couple proves, though, some avocado experts are simply better than the others. They can’t trust anybody else to do this important mission other than themselves. If you want to know how to pick a perfect avocado, they’re the ones to consult. 

Energy Speak

Aside from avocados and vegan options, a lot of LA people are also very fluent in the language of signs and energies. One moment you could be on a date that you think is going great, and then the next, they can be telling you that you’re great and all but your energies just don’t align. Just take a look at this one. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

While we do get the importance of being on the same page as the person you’re talking to, we’re unsure if this is the best way to tell them that. Just imagine if she was talking to her boss. That wouldn’t be a conversation we’d want to overhear. 

What A Coincidence

With over 7 billion people in the world, it can be hard to think of an original or unique name to give your kids. Because of that, some parents seem to have resorted to naming their kids the most bizarre things, if you think of it. 

image courtesy of Cupeco/ Reddit and Overheard LA

We’re not saying that Brie or Mason is bizarre, though. Those names are still pretty standard. At least they weren’t named X Æ A-12, Fuschia, Robocop, Pilot Inspektor, or Gravity (yes, those are all real names). That would have been hell to explain to everyone new you meet. 

The LA Life

As they say, it’s LA you go to if you want to become famous and rub shoulders with the world’s brightest stars. Of course, they don’t mention the part where you have to live with more than 2 roommates or work more than 2 jobs while you wait for your acting, singing, or modeling career to take off. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

As we all know, though, a lot of the great actors and stars that we admire today had their own start by living the LA starving artist life. They’ve done all the waitressing, bartending, and odd jobs here and there, so maybe everyone’s just following in their footsteps while waiting for their big break?


It’s understandable for someone not to know their nation’s entire history or even the names of all places in their country. That’s simply way too much information after all, but this one right here is just painfully bad to overhear. 

image courtesy of Overheard LA

Sure, they might not have been to Idaho, or they might not have heard much about it, but it’s simply impossible for them never to have heard of that name or come across it in school. They’re the American in the conversation, so how in the world?