People Who Have Mastered The Art Of Passive-Aggressiveness - why these ?

People Who Have Mastered The Art Of Passive-Aggressiveness

How you say things sometimes has more impact compared to the things you are saying. This is why you have to be very careful with your demeanor, your tone, your voice, and your facial expression when you say something. The last thing you want to do is make people feel as if you’re being openly aggressive or hostile. There are a special group of people who are what we call passive-aggressive. This type of behavior is defined as acting indirectly aggressive rather than directly aggressive. These people are those who have resistance to requests and demands from other people. Truth be told, we’d rather deal with aggressive people than the passive-aggressive kind because they’re just a pain in the you know where and there’s a certain way of dealing with them. We have compiled some of the best examples of people who have mastered the art of passive-aggressiveness.

#1 Please be mindful of printing in color

Running an office means keeping a tight budget. Office costs can quickly add up, and before you know it, you are spending a lot more money than you should. One of the factors to take into account are printing costs. Printing includes the cost of printers, printing consumables, as well as the cost of printing paper.

Image courtesy of gnooble82/Imgur

Generally, the cost of printing in color is higher than printing in black and white. An average color printing per page can easily cost 8.9 cents. This office wanted to cut on costs, and in a bid to do so, the boss asked someone in the office to send an email and put up a sign to be cautious about printing in color. If this sign doesn’t get on the boss’s nerves, we don’t know what will.

#2 Single-use means single

Sugar packets are commonly seen in restaurants, tea houses, coffee houses, and offices. It’s the perfect delivery method for one serving of sweetener. Unlike sugar dispensers, they are more hygienic, there are no spills, and they are also an excellent way to control portions.

Image courtesy of stephrcdore/Instagram

However, some people don’t know what single-use means. Or perhaps they know perfectly what it means, but they just want to upset other people in the office, especially those they don’t like. Even if you can’t use the whole packet, you show throw it away rather than leave it in the pantry.

#3 Well, this sign doesn’t mince words

This sign is not that passive-aggressive, but it’s more on the blunt side. It doesn’t mince any words, and it gets straight to the point. No flowery words and no attempts at persuasion. It simply lays out what can happen should you ignore the sign.

Image courtesy of jesswhelehan/Instagram

If you still want to go out that door after the sign telling you that the steps are broken, then there’s just no helping you anymore. You might not die, but you’ll certainly have plenty of broken bones if you insist on going out the door.

#4 For the nth time, the printer isn’t working

Don’t you just hate it when people keep asking you the same questions? Sometimes it just makes you want to pull your hair out because of the frustration. How many times must you repeat yourself to be understood? A thousand times, it seems.

Image courtesy of advice_from_marta/Instagram

This woman, who’s coincidentally named Karen, must have been asked a million times if the printer is working. Tired of repeating herself over and over again, she has taken it upon herself to put up a sign saying that the printer STILL isn’t working. Her being a Karen is warranted at this point.

#5 Yes, please clean up after yourself

If you want to use the kitchen to prepare snacks or meals, you should know how to clean up after yourself. Nobody wants to have to take the time to clean up someone else’s mess. We’re all adults here, and we shouldn’t expect other people to clean up after us, as if we’re children.

Image courtesy of shebuilds_kitchens/Instagram

One of many people’s pet peeves is people who don’t know how to clean up after themselves. If you’re like this person who is tired of reminding people, then we’ll understand if you also want to put up a sign just like this one.

#6 Another sign for people who don’t know how to clean

While we’re on the topic of people who expect others to clean up after them, here is another sign which we doubt they will read. This sign, instead of being in a house, is in an office pantry. People in the office are there to do their job.

Image courtesy of

They are not there to babysit you or pick after you. So, if you plan on eating, you should make sure that you clean up after yourself and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. We won’t be surprised if the person who does this doesn’t have any friends in the office.

#7 Reminders we wouldn’t expect to receive

Learning a new language can be a challenge. However, you don’t have to do it the traditional way, as in a classroom. Now there are new approaches to learning, especially with Covid. You can sign up for online classes or learn a new language through various websites and apps.

Image courtesy of Hanabibabidibuu/Twitter

One of the most popular language websites today is Duolingo. And just like any website, if they notice that you’ve been absent for some time, they will send you a reminder to continue your lessons. But they have a unique way of doing so.

#8 The importance of washing hands

Even before the onslaught of Covid-19, we have been told a thousand times to wash our hands and wash them thoroughly. Over the past year, the importance of washing hands has been underscored. If you want to be healthy and safe, you better do your part.

Image courtesy of teelurt87/Reddit

Washing hands is a necessity, especially for people who work in the food and beverage industry. This is a sign that an establishment put up to remind everyone to do so. If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t have to be told twice. After all, the establishment and your manager are not your mothers.

#9 Yes, they hear you, even above all the noise

Don’t you just hate it when there is ongoing construction in your vicinity? There’s endless dust everywhere, and then there’s the noise. Sometimes, you can’t even hear yourself think, let alone talk, making having a conversation with other people very difficult.

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Well, this place knows just how you feel, but you don’t need to tell them. They are well aware, and they want to know people that they know, and apparently, they can’t do anything about it. Everyone just has to wait for the construction to be finished.

#10 Gentlemen just don’t do this

Humans have evolved, but it seems that a lot of people are still not aware of proper toilet seat etiquette. But we understand this because there has been a lot of debate about it. Should it be left up or down?

Image courtesy of seriouslywheresjackie/Instagram

Generally, it is the man’s responsibility to put the seat up when they want to take a leak. For a man to pee with the toilet seat down is a major crime. The aim of the male species is not that reliable, and the last thing a lady wants is a toilet seat with pee all over it.

#11 Apple is only finding out about this now?

Wow, we didn’t know that Apple has only been made aware recently that women indeed have period cramps. So, all along, they thought that women were just acting up so they could get away from their classrooms or workplaces?

Image courtesy of best.periodt/Instagram

Many women also weren’t aware that Apple’s affirmation is needed to validate what they have been feeling since time immemorial. Where would the women of today be without Apple? That Apple watch is one revolutionary invention, if you know what we mean.

#12 Makes you wish you worked alone

Ah, the office. The place where you form lifelong friendships and also meet people you’d hate until your last breath. Granted that we didn’t all grow up in the same household, but it’s only proper that when working in an office, you should be respectful of shared spaces, as well as your coworkers.

Image courtesy of luvlylottie/Instagram

You might have been the product of a well-to-do family with cleaners at your beck and call, but when you work in an office, you certainly wouldn’t be bringing your house help with you. You should know how to respect others by cleaning up after your mess and putting things where they belong.

#13 All we can say is yuck

One of the worst things about using the laundromat or a shared laundry is that sometimes you come after people who just don’t have respect for others. This lady might out of the line, but we understand exactly how she’s feeling.

Image courtesy of tigereyedgal_x/Instagram

Sometimes there are just people that are plain disgusting and couldn’t care less about others who also want to do their laundry. Yeah, it’s true that nobody wants to touch your hairs or the hairs from your dog. So, clean up after doing your laundry.

#14 Yes, this should be done

Having a pet means being responsible. Your pet depends on you for food, care, and exercise. If you have a pet dog, you need to ensure that you take it to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, take it to the groomer, feed it nutritious food, and take it for walks daily.

Image courtesy of SexfireXS/Reddit

You also need to ensure that you have some dog waste bags when you take your dog out for a walk because there’s an excellent chance that it will relieve itself while outside. However, some irresponsible dog owners don’t even clean up after their pets. These people deserve to have their dog’s remnants sent to their mailbox.

#15 Flushing is necessary

We have never lived in California, so we can’t verify this statement about water there, but there is one thing we know: it is a must to flush the toilet after using it. Nobody wants to use the toilet after you and find it in such a deplorable condition.

Image courtesy of a_jayinthelife/Instagram

What’s the reason for not flushing? It can’t be the scarcity of water, seeing as the sign says so. We understand if people forget to flush sometimes, but if they have been doing it every single time, then it’s an entirely different thing already.

#16 The priest seems to be a very busy person

We know that priests are busy people and that they have plenty of things to do. But what we didn’t know is that they were busy to the point that they had to tell people not to talk too much. Or maybe a lot of people are just long-winded.

Image courtesy of sturdyAlex/Twitter

To ensure that everything is on schedule, this church found it necessary to advise parishioners that there’s only one priest and that they need to be straightforward with their confession because there are many people waiting for their turn.

#17 Do the dishes!

If you think that driving is the only thing that’s difficult to do, try parking. This is especially true when talking of limited spaces and other car owners who think they own the entire parking lot. They only have a single car, but they park as if they own three.

Image courtesy of TheWhiteCollarBrawlerMann/Imgur

What do you do with these people? Teach them a lesson, of course. Give them a dose of their own medicine, and hopefully, they will learn that they don’t own the entire parking lot. The guy who owns the silver car has had enough, so he decided to park as close as possible to the red car.

#18 British passive-aggressiveness at its finest

What’s up with people who don’t like to close the gates behind them? This is the same thing that’s baffling this British guy who didn’t have another choice but to put up this sign. It’s important to keep the gates closed so that intruders are kept outside.

Image courtesy of ChopsMagee/Reddit

However, if someone keeps leaving the gates open, you’re left with no other choice but to confront them. This is the best passive-aggressive way of confronting someone. It’s still polite and even offers a discussion. The author even remembered to say thanks.

#19 Stay within your lane

Working as a parking manager comes with its inherent problems. Sometimes there are disputes, and other times there are people who just can’t seem to follow the rules at all, such as the guy who owns the car on which this note was placed.

Image courtesy of Fenwaywookie/Imgur

Apparently, the owner of the car doesn’t park properly. The car owner likes to park over the line even if there are clear boundaries indicating where one space begins, and another ends. Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head.

#20 Return your equipment to its proper place

Another place where you can determine if people have been raised right or not, aside from the grocery, is in the gym. People who have been raised right and who have manners would return the equipment to the proper place after using them.

Image courtesy of Onduri/Reddit

However, some just don’t care and leave equipment strewn everywhere. How to address such a problem? Put up a sign like this one. By letting them know that the girls will be replacing the equipment, they’re saying that the guys with all those muscles are sissies.

#21 How dare you steal the daisy?!

Because people had nowhere to go at the height of Covid-19, they entertained themselves with a variety of pursuits while at home. Some baked, a few learned calligraphy, while others grew succulents and other plants. Restrictions during Covid-19 fueled a boom in the plant and bulb industry.

Image courtesy of puckley/Imgur

Some may have bought plants, but some unscrupulous characters tried to steal plants from others. This lady got so angry that her daisy plant was stolen that she took it upon herself to let the thief how she was feeling, and she wasn’t holding back at all.

#22 We are sorry we’re helping you live longer

Smoking is one bad habit that millions of people are having a hard time kicking to the curb. Many articles have been published about the bad effects of smoking on health. It can cause lung cancer and can also result in chronic bronchitis.

Image courtesy of

This restaurant is apologizing for helping their customers for helping them live longer by not allowing them to smoke on the balcony. Perhaps they allowed customers to smoke a few months prior. Whatever the deal is, we like their sign.

#23 When we were young

All the things we did when we were younger. We stayed up all night, partied till the next morning, drank countless glasses of beer, ate with gusto, and just didn’t care if we rested or not. We didn’t feel unwell, and we had all the energy we could ever need.

Image courtesy of saldas/Imgur

However, as we get old, we realize we could not stay up all night and that we need our much-needed rest if our neighbor acted as if they had nothing better to do than party all day and all night; it’s about time to send this letter to them.

#24 I have a dream

Everyone recognizes the incredible speech made by Martin Luther King Jr. it starts with “I have one dream that one day this nation will rise up..” Truth be told, it’s one of the most inspiring speeches of all time.

Image courtesy of

What we didn’t expect was that it was going to be used to passive-aggressively remind a roommate to wash their dirty dishes and not leave them in the sink. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Martin Luther Clean would be so angry with this kind of behavior.

#25 Someone doesn’t like onions

Onions contain high amounts of antioxidants, as well as compounds that help prevent inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and decrease triglycerides. Onions can also help protect against blood clots and reduce blood pressure. Those are plenty of good reasons to eat onions.

Image courtesy of leester86/Reddit

However, some people just don’t like onions regardless of the health benefits. This customer happened to be one and was upset that his food had onions even though he specifically said he doesn’t want them. So, he got back to the restaurant the only way he could.

#26 The angry girlfriend

Sometimes your girlfriend gets so angry about something, and when you asked her what’s wrong, she will reply with a shrug and say there’s nothing up. But boyfriends everywhere know deep down inside that something is going on. How to know?

Image courtesy of Fleimkepa/Twitter

Well, when you wake up in the morning, jump in the bath, and get out of it, and you see this? You’ll believe what we say. This is the passive-aggressive way of saying I am very angry with you; you don’t even have any idea.

#27 Sorry, not sorry

Sometimes if you have something to say to somebody, it’s just best to ask that person to talk with you so you can discuss whatever issues you have face to face. Sometimes, notes are not the best way to go.

Image courtesy of Brodoor/Reddit

If you need proof of this? Just look at the photo above. Somebody put a memo in the office to remind everyone to put the food in the hallway trash and a particular reminder about ketchup. What did she get in return? Sorry scribbled in ketchup.

#28 Don’t come too close

Don’t you just hate it when people drive too close to your car? Not leaving sufficient distance to abruptly stop without the fear of collision is a major concern for anyone on the road. Tailgating is very dangerous and must be avoided at all times.

Image courtesy of Saintrph/Reddit

If you have this problem, you might want to follow this guy’s lead and have the same sticker put on the back of your car. This will surely make other drivers keep their distance. You’ll surely have fewer tailgating problems.

#29 Somebody stole the planter

If you want something, you should just ask for it. If you can’t ask for it, you should just purchase one for yourself. This lady is evidently upset because somebody stole her planter. It was just lying around, seemingly unused, so the thief thought that it’s just up for grabs.

Image courtesy of mmcmillan16/Instagram

Well, the thing is, it isn’t. It turns out that the owner noticed its absence and was upset that anyone would ever think of stealing her unused planter. Well, she’s not holding anything back with her note. Hopefully, the thief can read it and grows a conscience.

#30 Park properly!

If somebody owns a driver’s license, we’d automatically think that this person knows how to park. We hate to break it to you, but that’s not true. A lot of people have driver’s licenses but can’t park properly even if their life depended on it.

Image courtesy of TheExtraordinaryCayde7/Imgur

Sometimes you want to confront these bad parkers, but if you can’t bring yourself to do so, you can always settle for the passive-aggressive approach. This guy’s approach says it all in capital letters. It’s subtle but aggressive at the same time.

#31 Don’t call when you’re drunk

You break up with your girlfriend then you realize after a few days that you made the wrong decision. You miss your ex badly and want to get back with her, but you don’t have the courage to talk to her face to face.

Image courtesy of JakeNbakeX/Twitter

You decide that the next best thing would be to call your ex. You drink a few beers to muster up the courage and call her. What happens on the next day? Well, let’s just say you won’t be getting back together anytime soon.

#32 Just on the outside?

Statements t-shirts can be a great thing because they can convey just how you’re feeling. Sometimes, they’re funny, but other times they’re just downright rude. This t-shirt wants you to feel better about yourself, but for some reason, it’s not working.

Image courtesy of Leifeo/Reddit

The person looking at it would be delighted with the message that she looks so pretty on the outside. But what about the inside? Does that mean that she has a bad attitude? Is she an evil person? Hmm, we want answers to these questions.

#33 Nope, we don’t like that smell either

Let us be the first to say this; nobody likes the smell of feet, whether it’s at home, on the airplane, or in the office. Keep your feet to yourself because nobody is interested in them, except maybe people who have a certain fetish.

Image courtesy of hammerathletic/Instagram

If you’ve ever smelled someone’s shoes, you know what we mean. That distinct smell needs to be kept to the confines of your own home. What do you do when other people in the office leave their shoes in places they shouldn’t? Post a passive-aggressive sign, of course.

#34 Use that downward dog wisely

Yoga has a lot of benefits, such as easing arthritis symptoms, helping with back pain, helping manage stress, helping you relax and sleep better. There are an estimated 300 million people who practice yoga worldwide. Although the practice originated in India, it has grown in popularity all over the world.

Image courtesy of londonroll/Instagram

The lady who posted this sign thought of a more creative use of yoga. Instead of just bending and stretching, you can actually use it to ensure that you don’t leave your dog’s mess behind. Nobody should clean up after your dog but you.

#35 The neighbor doesn’t like the kids

Children are cute, funny, and they do some of the darndest things. But they can also be rowdy, unreasonable, and loud, like normal kids. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep things under control, it’s just complete chaos.

Image courtesy of Wheezy__T/Twitter

This neighbor has had enough of all the noise, the screams, and the fights, which are part and parcel of having children in the house. How can we tell? Just look at what the neighbor named their Wi-Fi network.

#36 Yes wash your hands even if there’s no pandemic

Washing hands shouldn’t be something we have to be told to do. It should be second nature to us. Used the toilet? Wash your hands. Going to eat? Wash your hands before doing so. If people only knew just how many of us practice good hygiene, nobody would want to shake hands anymore.

Image courtesy of NOTLD1990/Reddit

However, it seemed like a sudden and global pandemic was needed to remind people of the importance of washing their hands. This message doesn’t seem like a friendly reminder, but it drives the importance of washing hands to the point.

#37 Do you want to be fit or not?

Being fit and healthy requires commitment. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen just because you want it to. You have to work at it constantly. Go to the gym regularly to work out, eat healthy food, and curb your smoking or drinking.

Image courtesy of

Nowadays, gyms are employing the power of technology. Members who sign up for their programs now get notifications every time they are unable to go join their fitness classes, and a good example of such is this one. Clever, right?

#38 Create a new file name

If you want to save something on your laptop, you better make sure that you create an entirely new file name for it. You won’t be able to save two different files with the same name, so you just have to be creative.

Image courtesy of LandyRS/Twitter

This computer is a bit creative; let’s put it that way. It’s also a little unfriendly with how it crafts messages for its users. We wonder where they purchased this computer and what the brand is. We know a few people who could use it.

#39 Be careful with your mobile phones

Mobile phones have changed humanity’s landscape so much. A few decades ago, you had a camera, a music player, a phone, a calculator, to name a few things. Each gadget had its own purpose. Nowadays, all you need is a mobile phone.

Image courtesy of

However, mobile phones today have are more sensitive compared to their predecessors. A little fall, and they’ll break. You have to be extra careful when handling them unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on a new one. Luckily, you can always bring them to this repair shop in case they break and fall.

#40 A microwave that talks

Most households in first-world countries today have microwave ovens in their kitchens. It has many advantages when it comes to preparing food. Unlike other types of heating methods, a microwave can heat food but stays cool at the same time.

Image courtesy of lucyjamesgames/Twitter

The microwave oven is easy to operate because there are buttons with labels that you just need to press according to your needs. This particular microwave is very unique, though. Every time somebody uses it, it just says ‘Good.’

#41 Carry on, wayward son

Mothers carry their children in their womb for nine months, but they stay in their hearts forever. Parents make sure that they provide everything their children need, send them to the best schools, and guide them as they grow.

Image courtesy of JELLYFISH_FROM_SPACE/Reddit

However, sometimes no matter what parents do, there are just some children who grow up to become adults their parents’ aren’t exactly proud of. We think that this mother must have had enough of her wayward son and his antics that she came up with this reply.

#42 Use the thermostat properly

Summers nowadays are hotter than they used to be decades ago. Global warming is indeed a thing. News of glaciers and sea ice melting is making sea levels rise all over the world. More and more people today are turning their air-conditioning systems on and longer.

Image courtesy of

Of course, the more you use your air-conditioning systems, the higher you can expect your energy bills to be. This boyfriend must have had it with astronomical bills that he’s taken it upon himself to teach his girlfriend how to use it.

#43 For moms who can’t cook

Mothers are unsung heroes. They carry us in their wombs for nine months, spend countless nights making sure we are comfortable as babies, wake up very early in the morning to prepare our meals, and stay up late at night to make sure everything is ready for the next day.

Image courtesy of itsmrroyster/Instagram

This kid thought that it was an excellent idea to make a report card for her mom. When it comes to being a mom, his mother passed with flying colors, and we’re quite sure mom’s heart melted when she saw that. However, she just can’t cook.

#44 Don’t feed the birds

Feeding birds isn’t always advisable. We have heard this or read this before. Feeding birds alter their natural behavior. It can change their activity levels, reduce the size of their home range, and increase aggression. Feeding birds can also increase the spread of disease because it would make them come in closer contact with humans.

Image courtesy of Ollierb/Imgur

There must be a bird-feeding problem in this guy’s apartment building, and he’s rather upset that he’s been accused of feeding the birds. The last part of his note is not that passive but heavy on the aggressive.

#45 Apology from a passive-aggressive girlfriend

One unique trait of girlfriends everywhere is that they can remember things that happened two decades ago, so you better be careful. Don’t test them because they will usually ask you questions to which they already know the answers.

Image courtesy of Jennacide88/Reddit

Some girlfriends can also be quite passive-aggressive. A case in point is this loving girlfriend who kept forgetting to buy her boyfriend’s pepper for three straight days. To top it all off, she also used a sympathy card. Talk about savage.