People Describe Their Favorite Movie In The Most Boring Way Possible

By Letizia L

Everyone knows someone who totally loves a movie sooo much, that they don’t stop raving about it. Do not make the error of trying to stop them, as a friend, your duty is quite simple: listen carefully and nod in agreement. Because this is part of what friendship is about

But director Romina has decided to turn everything upside down. She had the amazing idea of asking people to describe their favorite movies in the dullest and most boring way imaginable. People on Twitter jumped at the chance and the thread quickly blew up with 66.2K retweets and comments and 29K likes.

If you wonder if it’s even physically possible to paint the film that you love so much, so deliberately bluntly, “Man turns the alarm off 3176 times” suggests that yes, it really is. But that makes it even more fun.

Look at the way these people described their favorite movies, we promise you’ll laugh your TV off!

1. What a great way to describe all the work Frodo did on Lord of the Rings

2. That’s what Indiana Jones was doing??!!

3. This lady sounds super boring! Thank God Titanic isn’t!

4. We know this one! That’s UP!

5. Old lizards? That’s how you describe the hell that went on in Jurassic Park? Really??!!

6. Marty really messed up in Back to the Future

7. We wish we had the blue pill Neo took, to forget this boring description of Matrix!

8. That’s a little understatement of what happened in Home Alone!

9. Run away from this boring description, Forrest!

10. Are they called exterminators when they are trying to get rid of ghosts?

So, can you think of a truly dull way of describing your favorite film?