Digital Artist Uses His Phone To Bring Our Favorite Movies And TV Shows Into The Real World

By Farah J

We are so busy and trapped in the cycle of life that we often forget to slow down and appreciate the beauty of this crazy world around us. We can all agree that our lives have become so monotonous and robotic. Sadly, we have stopped finding minimalist beauty on the sidewalks, in the fallen leaves in the park, up in the sky, or in that neighbors’ pretty fence.

Our imagination runs wild on occasions, but we are too busy to spread art with it. And nothing is sadder than keeping art to yourself. But Francois Dourlen sees the world in a beautiful light, and he does this weird yet cool thing. He replaced random objects and structures he saw around him with cartoon characters with the help of his iPhone! There is honestly no other way to explain this art style, and you need to see it for yourself. It’s brilliant and hilarious!

All images in this article are courtesy of francoisdourlen on Instagram.

Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse!

Welcome to the place where all your dreams come true! The one and only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Well, not the original Disneyland one, but this guy made it work like a pro! You see two round windows on a wall, and you immediately go, “Mickey Mouse!”

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

And we can imagine this guy did the same when he passed this street. His art tells lots of stories, and we assume that his immediate response to these circular windows was taking out his phone, looking up Mickey’s picture, and creating art. Pretty cool.

Nothing To See Here

Homer Simpson, the one and only, strikes again. Here he is at work at the power plant. Homer must have gone on an extreme diet to look this good. He must have anticipated his time to shine in the real human world.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

But honestly, this picture is golden. How many days has it been without an accident, Homer? The number has probably just reset to zero by the looks on your face. Mr. Burns is not going to be happy about this one! Release the hounds!

Saiyan Goku 

The legend of Goku is real, and we all agree on that. These Japanese anime series were the reason we wanted to have the sun’s power in our hands and the ability to fly, and well, we wanted to learn how to fight like Goku, too, when we were little. 

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Sorry, we started fawning over our fictional childhood sweetheart a little too much. The way this guy characterized the Faroe Islands’ beautiful scenery with Goku emitting the rays with his hands has us fawning over this guy, too! The island got even prettier!

A Star Is Born

SpongeBob Square Pants is the show that just keeps on giving. Seeing Patrick Star as an actual star on the Walk of Fame is really everything we would have ever dreamed of. He lines up well, and we totally believe he is well-deserving of his own spot on the ground!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

“Hey Spongebob! Check it out! I am a star!”… “Patrick, you’re always a star- you starfish.” Continued by non-stop laughter between the two. We see a new episode in the works based on this. Even better! A movie! Nickelodeon, are you hearing us?

The Perfect Placement

Deadpool is one of the funniest characters and films to exist in our time. He is Marvel’s comedian with a dry and dark sense of humor that can get the best of all of us. Even those who have not seen this movie recognize that…

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

…he is someone special and call him by the name “Ninja Spiderman.” Ryan Reynolds is a superstar in this film, and we’re happy that Francois Dourlen decided to add the best superhero to his art collection. With the most significant power does indeed come merch opportunities.

Sir Hiss on a hose!

If you haven’t watched Robin Hood’s original animated movie, you are missing out on a lot. Sir Hiss is an iconic character, and people, including us, re-watch Robin Hood just for him. And seeing his face on a hose makes this art our favorite one yet!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We love how the firefighter is all serious about carrying a water hose, having no idea that he is part of the art of this fantastic artist. Also, Sir Hiss’s head on a long hose makes us admire this guy’s imagination even further! Do you agree?

The Simpsons

Please don’t let us down by saying that you haven’t watched this iconic show like ever. If not watched, you probably know about it through pictures, memes, etc. But when you see something colored bright yellow, you think of The Simpsons.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This is like an unspoken rule that we all share simultaneously, right? But we never made any effort to make a Simpson art out of that thought, even when we see a big, bright yellow ball in the water. This guy did, and the results were “woo-hoo!”


Skinner, the main antagonist in the movie Ratatouille, is the next cartoon featured in this artist’s masterpiece. We can’t help but laugh when we see his tiny head attached to the body of a young child. We don’t think he would be too thrilled about that.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Imagine this kid’s reaction, though, knowing now that they are the face (actually the body) of famous artwork! We bet they are pretty stoked! Any kid would be more than happy to be in their position. We can see our younger selves following this artist around, hoping he’d find a way to involve us.

Daffy duck

We are laughing out loud at this one! This art is immaculate. It’s hilarious how the picture fits so well with the real duck that it looks like the duck is making the same face as Daffy behind the camera. We love this one for real!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We all do that weird, confused face when someone points a camera in our faces out of nowhere; the duck is doing the same! Daffy Duck is an iconic character from Looney Tunes. Looking at this piece of art is making us love Daffy even more!

Captain America saves the day!

Now, this would be a good idea for a real sign, maybe even for a movie! Something like a sarcastic comedy version of Captain America. Or perhaps a real sign like this would make drivers keep within the speed limit under the influence of Captain America.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

And above all that, it is art. And art anywhere is a good thing. Why create bland road signs when you can do what this guy did – make art out of nothing! This idea is excellent, but it’s risky because Captain America may become a distraction for the drivers.

Genie is here

Someone rubbed a spray can ’cause our favorite Genie is here! This can is probably the modern version of Aladdin’s lamp. The blue smoke is so on point that this guy immediately went to find Genie’s picture on his phone to create this masterpiece.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

You’ve got three wishes; what would you wish for? For us, it would be getting a super cool art talent like this guy, firstly. We would like to have a wild imagination because this stuff makes everything look so wholesome and magical! We love you, Robin Williams!

Make a mannn. Out of youuuuu

Disney gave us a gift when they created Mushu in Mulan. We are very much fond of this iconic antagonist dragon, and by the looks of it, this artist feels the same for Mushu. Mushu has and deserves this fantastic fandom!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

The icon remains an icon where they are, right? This Mushu masterpiece on an actual gray old stone statue makes the art even more fabulous! We can hear Mushu singing his song in the background through this picture, don’t you?

Mush of a potato

You might have seen this cute little video game called Pou, where the main character is this potato guy. Well, it looks more like a mushroom top than a potato – an angry mush of a potato, definitely. It seems like it’s mad at us for calling it a mush!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

The artist said, “Pou, you belong here, on the top of a mushroom stick, because you look more like it than how you really are.” And it is sending us rolling on the floor with laughter. We love everything about this picture!


“What the- Gerald! Have you lost your marbles?” You wouldn’t be one of us if you didn’t read it in Fluke’s voice. Finding Nemo was the greatest of all time. And Finding Dory, its sequel, was just as iconic! Its characters go hard; not even one takes down the show!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This crazy little sea lion, Gerald, was one of our favorites! This guy’s recreation of our favorite sea lion makes us his number one fan. It’s crazy how we imagine the real sea lion to look precisely like this behind the phone. Superb!

The Simpsons’ doughnuts

The Simpsons are at it again! Lard Lad donuts didn’t think of it as a true artist. This guy saw a donut and immediately went to the Simpsons for help in his art. And this is way better than the Lard Lad, who’s actually picking up the giant donut behind the phone.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

And the way the whole picture fits so perfectly makes us admire the guy’s skills. He didn’t hold back when recreating the world around him into fictional characters! If it weren’t for the phone, we probably would’ve believed that the “Lad” is one of the Simpsons.

The Circle of Life

Look how far Mufasa has come. His land of pride in this mortal world is this (rusty) staircase in the middle of a sea instead of a mountain cave way high above the ground. We could say that Mufasa is alive in this other universe even if he died in his. (Spoiler alert!)

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

At least this guy gave Mufasa his life back in the real world where there is no Scar, and he can watch over his kid and feel proud of him. This is the power of art, we believe. This guy saw the staircase and understood the assignment!

Muggle broomstick

So, that’s where he went after Deathly Hallows! Harry Potter entered the muggle world with only his broomstick. The only way he could survive there without being seen flying was to serve the community as a sweeper. Pretty smart!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

It’s hilariously amazing how this guy could’ve chosen any person, any face at all, yet he chose “the chosen one”! The irony of the broomstick is at its best for real! We can’t stop laughing. This definitely goes in the top five of his masterpieces.

Pant-less Robin Hood

No need for pants when you are a world-renowned archer. Are we right, or are we right? Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave it to the poor; it looks like he gave away his only pair of pants along with the rich’s stuff.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This artist has a great sense of humor, making his pictures way more attractive to the viewers! And we love every single one of them. This picture is perfection in itself – the way everything connects is impressive! Well, foxes don’t wear pants anyway.

Lying sausage

“Damn, son, you’ve been lying again? Well, it’s fine; at least we are getting sausage out of it.” This is the sickest background story we’ve ever made on a picture, but this is all we could come up with. Pinocchio’s nose as a sausage is sending us crying with laughter!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We wonder what the artist thought when he worked on this masterpiece of his. He could’ve done anything, but he chose to replace Pinocchio’s nose with a long sausage. Why would we eat Pinocchio’s nose? Come on! Look at that poor soul.

Jump through the hoop

We don’t know what to choose first: either Rafael can jump that high, or Rafael is throwing a newborn kid through the basketball hoop! We hope Simba lives after this fall because his world is going to need him later.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Also, the fact that the artist chose The Lion King – and this particular picture, too – is cracking us up! We didn’t see it coming when we saw the basketball hoop for the first time. Or ever, as a matter of fact. The guy’s imagination is wild!

Don’t fall in!

Okay, to be honest, when we see a toilet seat, this scene from Toy Story pops up in our heads, too. This has happened countless times. But we never thought of looking up this particular scene on our phones to present our thoughts to the world in the form of art!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This guy’s creativity is on a whole other level, for real! And we are here for it! This masterpiece is so immaculate that it actually looks like the entire thing is from a Toy Story movie, and not just Woody and tissue roll. 

Statue of Piccolo

“Let’s hear it for the irreverence, folks!” The mighty Piccolo roars as he replaces Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer with Piccolo the Redeemer. Well, we think we can all agree that the latter deserves to have a place in this world. We started a petition for it.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

The artist probably thought so too. He must have looked at the statue and thought to himself how Piccolo’s face up there would look more suitable and magnificent. Well, only an artist knows the true art. Not that the real statue is not art, but we anime nerds prefer Piccolo.

Genzo Wakabayashi

The guy must like Captain Tsubasa a lot because he sees its characters’ faces in real-life football players a lot. Like this football guy, Hugo Lloris, who is hidden behind the phone, looks like Genzo Wakabayashi from the same series!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

And it’s not only the artist; we think so too. The artist is capturing the true essence of this animated show in real-world footballers. We were curious about how he’d assign all the team members with their animated Captain Tsubasa characters! If that’s not creative, we don’t know what is.

The adventures of Captain Haddock

There is nothing funnier than a grumpy captain sitting on his boat in only his shorts. And when it comes to Captain Haddock, it’s beyond funny – it’s awfully hilarious! Because no matter how you see it, this picture looks like someone robbed him of his pants!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Well, he has the right to make that grumpy face – Captain Haddock’s adventure without pants! This artist knew that when he looked up a picture of the Cap. He took one look at the actual human on the boat, and he instantly knew what had to be done. The results are on point! 

Happy plane

If you see a face when you see two lights, windows, or any object placed side by side, we are glad to announce you as an official member of our “smiley” community. We find ourselves imagining faces in the car’s tail lights in front of us on the road most of the time.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Well, it looks like we are not alone. This fantastic guy is a part of our team, except we never put our imagination forth in the entire world like this. We appreciate this guy representing all of us through this smiley picture that he saw in the windows of an airplane!

Kirby on a construction site

Kirby is like, one of the cutest animated video games ever made! This tiny, round, pinky thing with sparkly eyes and rounded limbs that walks like it owns the world is our favorite pink thing. But you never expect anyone to see Kirby on a cement mixer!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This guy did the unexpected, but the results aren’t bad, to be very honest. The pinkish-orange machine does give off Kirby vibes. Kirby would’ve loved being here, though. The guy knew that when he passed by a construction site. The creativity is leaving us in awe every single time!

Dumbo with silk ears

Who didn’t love Dumbo? Everybody loved Dumbo! We all still do. This guy made our day by posting this picture of Dumbo in front of a clutch. The silk ribbon décor on the purse looks like Dumbo ears even if you don’t place its image on the front!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We adore this guy’s creative talents, and Dumbo is making it very easy for us to admire the guy’s art even more! Non-artists see a simple gray silky purse, yet all art lovers see Dumbo’s great ears. We are pretty proud of the amazing results of this picture.

Lady and the Tramp on the Golden Gate Bridge

Lady and the Tramp sippin’ on noodles made out of Golden Gate Bridge’s steel coils! How creative is that? With his astounding artwork, this guy keeps us trippin’, falling with no safety belts. Lady and the Tramp look like they are enjoying every moment on that bridge.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Those are holy dogs, for heaven’s sake. Even if you haven’t watched this animated stroke of genius, you’d still love the concept because there are pretty, fluffy dogs involved. We’d like to start a petition to put this amazement in a museum!

Sylvester, hang on!

Hands down, this is one of the best things anyone can imagine by looking at the electricity wires. This guy proved that anyone could turn imagination into art; you just have to discover your potential and bring the craft to life! 

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Tweety can be quite menacing when it wants to be. Most of the time, she’s seen as a victim, but she’s just as naughty as Sylvester, the cat. Their iconic duo precedes their reputation. This is why this picture is as wholesome and magnificent as it can get.

Pocahontas, an art

Pocahontas is at the right place, and she’s exactly where she belongs in this mortal world: an art museum. She’s art herself, and nobody can take that away from her. Her brilliance, braveness, and courage, well, it’s least to say that she’s a true icon.

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

And her standing on the tip of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, makes us want to bow before her. The artist knew all of that, for sure. He could’ve placed anyone up there, yet he chose the best princess! In her realm, Pocahontas is celebrated, and so is she here in our world.

The Sorting Hat

“Gryffindor!” So that’s what the enigmatic magical hat, The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, looks like in the muggle world? We don’t know if it’s only us, but we did not see this coming. This made us laugh so hard that we almost spit our coffee out!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

This guy’s imagination is on the loose, and we love every bit of it! Who would’ve thought to place Harry under the “Sorting Cone” in the muggle world? Well, only this guy. This art is some next-level incredible! We want to be sorted into houses by this hat as well!

Melman Mankiewicz III

Next up is Melman Mankiewicz III, from DreamWorks computer-animated film Madagascar. We look at this picture and can’t help hearing his voice going, HEYYYYY! He must be looking at Gloria; she’s the only hippo this giraffe has eyes for!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We love animals. We love animated movies. We love animated movies about animals. Now we have an animated film about animals with real-life animals all in one, and it’s just too much for us to handle! This is probably one of our favorites.


Well, Marge happens to be having a beautiful hair day if we do say so ourselves. The texture, the color, the height; everything lines up with the character from The Simpsons. We genuinely think this is one instance where we…

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

… won’t hear that famous Marge MMMMM… groan. She is glowing in her new doo! You go, girl! Homeyyy! She is home and ready for you! Let’s sit on the famous couch while you eat, snore, and just generally drive me insane.

Dragon Ball Z

The all-mighty all-powerful Goku is here to bless us with his presence. If the original flower has not been filtered, then this photo is literally magic. The hair lines up absolutely perfectly. Almost too perfectly! You can see that short middle hair coming out!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

We don’t know how down Goku would be to have a connection to a flower, but if it helps, this flower looks very cool and devious. For those wondering, these are Chinese Yellow Bananas blooming. Unfortunately, though, these bananas are not edible.

Finding Nemo

Darla Sherman. The Darla Sherman is right here, live in front of us! Not many people, especially kids, want to go to the dentist. But imagine finding out you would be incorporated into someone’s artwork after. We would sit there all day!

Image Source: francoisdourlen/Instagram

Really though, we are almost positive this is exactly who the character was based on. They flow together too perfectly. We hope this dentist has fish in his office; it would just really complete the whole scene in our minds. Alright, we’re off now, so many of these photos have left us with a sudden desire to watch a movie!