Photoshop Fails You Can’t Stop Laughing About

By Divya G

People want to present the best version of themselves on social media. They go to great lengths to enhance their appearance in photos for the world to see. Some instances when people tried their hands at photoshop but ended up with hilarious results are as follows:

Ken Doll Eyes

Sometimes people go too far to get flawless skin in pictures. The face often seems too glossy to be true, but when eyes resemble that of a Ken Doll, the result is nothing but hilarious. A normal man with Ken Doll’s eyes gives off the vibe that he has glass eyes.

Source: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

Arms Bigger than the Body

People are trying too hard to portray a fit image of their bodies on social media. Even when they haven’t hit the gym once in their life, Photoshop comes to their rescue. But the editing might go wrong at times and make people’s arms look bigger than the entire body. While attempting to slim their waists, people sometimes go so far that it seems impossible to hold up the entire body. 

Touch-Ups That Make People Practically Unrecognizable

The stardom of celebrities makes them go to great lengths to edit their photos. Most of us have ogled at celebrity pictures and wondered how they look so pretty. But if we see them in real life, we probably won’t be able to believe how different they look from their social media pictures. 

Source: Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock


Photoshopping pictures to fit unattainable beauty standards is nothing but unnecessary. People should learn to become a little more comfortable in their own skin.