Popular Movie Errors You May Have Missed

By Francis Tunwase

This column does not intend to spoil the fun of your favorite movies, far from that. Instead, we want to make you laugh. You see, many movie lovers just want a good plot, fantastic actors, and catchphrases to use on the next date. Unfortunately, movie critics expect a lot more from producers and directors. We don’t expect perfection, but at least, logic shouldn’t be thrown away.

Here are four otherwise jaw-dropping mistakes from movies you least expect.


When Peter Parker first discovers his powers, he tests them on a lamp, which he accidentally breaks. Almost immediately when his aunt comes into the room, the lamp was fixed. That’s Spider-Man with a little touch of Harry Houdini.

Harry Potter:

In the final moments of the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape tells Harry he has his mother’s eyes. That’s laughable because Harry’s eyes are blue while his mother’s are brown. And no, Severus wasn’t sarcastic.

Image credit: Warner Bros


Loverboy Jack spoke about going ice fishing in the man-made Lake Wissota. But it seems someone has been caught in his lies. The lake wasn’t built till 1917, and unfortunately, the Titanic sank five years earlier. Maybe there was a time machine on the Titanic, but alas, we will never know.

Image Credit : Paramount Pictures

Enola Holmes:

In the scene where Linthorn was emptying shotgun casings, the casings were made from plastic. However, plastic shotgun casings came about a century later than the period in which the movie was set.

Image credit: Netflix

And there you go. Get excited about movies, leave little room for doubt but enjoy them nevertheless.