We Solemnly Swear That We Are Up To No Good With These 40+ Harry Potter Memes

By Ridwan S

Harry Potter is more than just a movie franchise; it is a whole adventure for its lovers. Thanks to the iconic story, most of the fans of the sage hope to become wizards once they finish reading the books and watching the movies — something that might never have crossed their minds if the author didn’t characterize the wizardry world in such a fancy way.

Now some of us mourn not receiving Hogwarts’ invitation on our 11th birthday. The creator of the saga gave its fans a lot to discuss with this amazing work of fantasy. The magical creatures, character names, suspense-filled plots, and the degree of imagination are all things to discuss.

Hence, it’s not surprising that there are a plethora of memes highlighting the creativity in this work of fantasy. We have selected some of the funniest memes about Harry Potter. These memes will not only revive your memories about the movie, but they will also crack your ribs!

Say What Now?

For us, choosing the most disgusting scene in the series might be difficult, as there are quite a few. However, the scene where Harry Potter had no bones wouldn’t make it to our list. This is why we’ve decided that choosing the most disgusting scene is subjective.

Image courtesy: throwawaysobehonest/Reddit

Yet, we find this conversation quite hilarious. Although the people in this conversation seem serious, we think the replier might be joking. Also, we hope Daniel did get back his bone at the end of this movie, as they suggested.

Gilderoy Lockhart Strikes Again

In the series, Gilderoy was an inconsiderate and narcissistic self-promoter. He was a swindler who took credit for other wizards’ achievements. Also, he derives joy in making suggestive claims about other people’s occupations. He put other people down to make himself seem better.

Image courtesy: angryunfunnya**hole/Reddit and HBO Max/AV Club

Judging from the above explanation, you will understand why we won’t put this past Gilderoy. Hence, we see why someone would suggest that he isn’t the original director. As a fan of Harry Potter, you might understand how this meme came to be at all.

Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley

Rupert is one of the main actors in the movie Harry Potter; he played the role of Weasley, Harry’s best friend. He took up the character at the early age of eleven. Rupert’s announcement comes as comic relief if you think of it as the birth of another Ron Weasley.

Image courtesy: [deleted user]/Reddit and Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Hopefully, we will hear about the births of the new Hermione and Harry, just for a successful remake. In this remake, we pray Ron won’t abandon his friends as he does in the original. And hopefully, he will notice Hermione earlier than he did in the original series.  

This Is Too Accurate

“Expelliarmus” is a disarming charm that became popular when Elizabeth Smudgling — the inventor — used it in the Dartmoor dueling contest. The charm makes whatsoever the rival is holding fly out of their hand. It was Harry’s signature spell, which he used in the battle of Hogwarts to kill Lord Voldemort.

Image courtesy: _solitarybraincell_/Reddit

One disarming charm can deactivate several opponents’ powers when they are close. Harry Potter mastered this spell and made it his winning strategy for every battle. As fans of the series, we also wished to master this charm and defend ourselves during fights.

Man Spitting Facts

Harry admires bravery, and you can see that from his choices of names for his children. Take Luna, for example; she was brave in deciding to be herself. Sirius, Lily, and James were also valiant who dedicated their lives to protecting Harry even in dangerous times. 

Image courtesy: jwoodham/Reddit

Dumbledore chose to die for a better fate. Snape was enthusiastic about love and could die for it. Harry taught his children different forms of courage with his choice of name for them. Courage is admirable, and we won’t mind also giving our children names that revolve around it. 


2020 was the year of the pandemic. Everyone had to stay indoors to avoid getting sick. You can compare the virus to dementors, creatures responsible for consuming human happiness and generating misery at Hogwarts. 2020 is synonymous with the year dementors were rampant.

Image courtesy: TaraWineQueen/Twitter

Coronavirus was widespread in 2020, and the only solution was to stay indoors. Organizations had to adjust by switching to remote working to restrict on-site activities. This affected socialization and outdoor gatherings and events. The only safe place to see and hug friends then was on social platforms — terrific!

The Real Reason Harry Uses The Same Spell

Avada Kedavra is one of the unforgivable curses in Harry Potter. It is a dark arts tool that causes painless and immediate death for its victims. Avada is also called the killing curse, and it is usually unstoppable, and protection charms can’t shield against it. 

Image courtesy: eccentricnitwit/Reddit

As cool as this spell sounds, Harry picked expelliarmus over it and made the spell his trump card move. Funnily, this meme suggests that harry made his choice because Hermione told him getting expelled is worse than death. We love this play on words.

The Real Star of the Movie

Some characters might not appear as often as others in a film series, but they can still leave more of an impact. This might be because of their scary appearance or dreadful costumes. The kid here not only has a funny expression; he compliments the looks with his insense lines.

Image courtesy: LilGoughy/Reddit

He has only two lines of dialogue, but both are deeper than all of certain characters’ lines combined. The most disappointing thing in the movies is that this kid didn’t appear more. We need more words of wisdom from this young sage.

Justice for Hagrid

Naming a child can be inspired by different things, even your favorite series. Sometimes, we also give our children the names of our devoted friends, mentors, and teachers. Others can decide to name children after their preferred heroes and leaders.

Image courtesy: zerovleet/Reddit

Just as this meme, Rubeus said he named his child after Hagrid. He claims that Hagrid is the most reliable, faithful, and bravest friend he has. However, he threw shade at some headmasters and teachers, whose character he described as suspicious and intimidating.

Runtime; 5 Minutes

Phoenixes are magical creatures; they age, die, and get born again from their ashes. They represent new beginnings and patience. From this description, you will understand that they are unique creatures that should not be disobeyed. Now Harry, run and get the order.

Image courtesy: WrecklessX420/Reddit

Mr. Pheonix wants a burger and fries, and Harry had better rush to get the order. The only question we expect Harry to ask is where the phoenix would like him to get the fries. Will the phoenix prefer he gets it from Steve’s burger or Wayback burgers?

What A Great Plan! Seems Legal

In the series, unicorn blood can save lives, so it’s no mystery why they get killed in the series. Lord Voldemort had to drink the blood of two unicorns to revive his power. Quirinus Quirrell, who is a servant to Lord Voldemort, was the one who killed the unicorns.

Image courtesy: Movie_Advance_101/Reddit

Knowing that Quirinus was a dangerous character, we find this meme quite hilarious. Also, it might be a bit difficult for children to handle, and possibly kill, someone who was taking down those magical creatures. Though, we wouldn’t be surprised if children exposed to the dark arts were brave enough to kill a unicorn.

The Two Teachers That “Despised” Harry

Hate is an intense emotion, and we believe there must be reasons behind it for such a strong emotion to occur. Talking about Harry’s enemies, Voldemort and Umbridge are his prominent antagonists. Voldemort developed his hatred for Harry when the Dark Lord overheard the prophesy foretelling the birth of Voldemort’s destroyer.

Image courtesy: Maryyx/Reddit and Nicola Paventi/YouTube

Although the Dark Lord heard a part of this prophecy, and two babies met the conditions, Voldemort hated Harry the most. The other, of course, was Neville Longbottom. We assume that Voldemort only hated Harry because he is related to him.


We would also be surprised if our best friends didn’t name at least one of their children after us. Imagine “almost” sacrificing your life for someone, and they don’t deem it fit to give their child your name — pathetic. Fans of Ron should start a #justiceforRon.

Image courtesy: ttjasa/Reddit

This meme attempted a possible conversation between Ron and Harry. The meme gave reasons why Harry should have named one of his children after Ron, his good friend. We particularly find the “But, did you die?” reply and Harry’s supposed expression in this meme hilarious.

Just A Small Chance

Harry had no idea who he was as a child;  he lived with his aunt under the stairs for 11 years. All these changed when he received the mysterious letter. He only found out about his wizard abilities, fame and public acknowledgement when he grew up.

Image courtesy: Purplemonkey999/Reddit

The letter transformed his life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For someone who lived in such a condition for 11 years, we understand why he wouldn’t think he had an inheritance. Thankfully, the owl messenger came and brought the happiness and thrill of the drama, admission to Hogwarts!

She Has A Point…

Interestingly, the main hero of J.K. Rowling’s scripting did not cast a single spell in the first wizard-themed movie. Harry only used his charm to warm into the hearts of many. Fans of the series will also agree with Hermione’s claims here.

Image courtesy: BirminghamBuffaloes/Reddit

Harry is a great wizard; he is cunning and resourceful. He made us believe that being a wizard is far beyond casting a spell. Harry’s characteristics exemplify a wizard, and whether or not he cast a spell — he would still be identified as one.

Sorry, Charlie

Transforming a 4,223 pages novel into a single movie might be difficult. It explains why some characters were absent. Examples of such missing characters include Charlie Weasley, one of the Weasley brothers. The charismatic Charlie only appeared in the back of a family photograph in the third movie.  

Image courtesy: Reddit

In the novel, Charlie is Bill’s best man, but he is entirely absent in the films. Yet, Charlie contributed to the plot indirectly. He could have perfectly fit into a scene during the introduction of dragons in the goblet of fire. In the books, it’s a known fact that he studied dragons in Romania.

More or Less

Like we just said, some parts of the novel are missing in the movies. Therefore, someone who has read the book before seeing the movie might notice some differences between the two. We noticed that the sorting hat singing before each ceremony was absent in the series.

Image courtesy: cuddlingkoalas2020/Reddit

Also, the movie didn’t show Harry winning the Hogwarts’ Quidditch Cup, but the novel said he did. The series also failed to mention that Ron and Hermione were prefects, whereas the book did. These and several others are the differences Potter-heads might notice between the two.

Great Punishment

During their first year in Hogwarts, the trio visited Hagrid’s hut sometimes. It was at his hut they witnessed the birth of Norbert, the baby dragon hatched from an egg. However, they were later punished for staying out past bedtime.

Image courtesy: Pudenator/Reddit

Surprisingly, as punishment for the crime, they were sent to the forbidden forest with Hagrid. We believe that this is a meme-worthy occurrence because why punish them with the same crime they committed. It no longer seems to be a punishment, but a continuation of their adventure.

Sometimes Potterless is Pottermore

As much as this is funny, we believe this information is better left untold. It is unnecessary to tell us what wizards did with their fecal matter. If you must talk about their method of excreting, we believe using more fancy languages would do.

Image courtesy: magikarpcatcher/Reddit

Also, we remember that the novel did say that the vanishing spell was taught at the Owl level. This information begs the question of what will wizards who haven’t learned this spell do with their feces. Well, maybe that is why this is a meme and not a fact.

Ron and Hermione Over the Years

Ron and Hermione’s relationship in the series evoked different reactions from the viewers. Some people believe that Hermione deserved better, while others think she should have married Harry, not Ron. Some others believe that Ron and Hermione make a perfect match.

Image courtesy: PetevonPete/Reddit

Let’s not forget that these two, actually three if you include Harry, didn’t start on a great note. Both boys disliked Hermione at first. It took them taking a mountain troll together before they could get past her “know it all” attitude. However, despite all the ups and downs, the duo finally married.

Harry Can Be Quite Cunning

Sometimes, what we consider magical is purely an optical illusion, just like in this case. Hermione had tried to trick Harry and Ron, claiming that she prepared a potion for them. And although Ron believed her, Harry was able to see that it was a façade.

Image courtesy: InquisitorCOC/Reddit

Hermione was taken aback when Harry admitted he didn’t fall for the trick as easily as Ron did. Her surprised expression is fully represented in this meme. Did you notice how fulfilled Harry looks? We find it hilarious that their expression complements the discussion so perfectly.


Despite the long list of spells Harry could choose from, he picked expelliarmus time and time again. Expelliarmus is a magical move that forces the enemies’ weapon or power to fly out of their hands. It is also referred to as a disarming charm or spell. 

Image courtesy: pellemeijer/Reddit and Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock

It was Harry Potter’s favorite charm and his go-to spell in combat. This was the power he used in disarming Snape in the shrieking shark. He also used it during the third Triwizard task to release himself with the help of a giant spider.

Harry Potter, Honorary Weasley

Molly Weasley was not only Ron’s mother; she was a mother figure to Harry, too. Although she already had seven children, Molly didn’t hesitate to treat Harry like her own child. She was very protective of him and wouldn’t allow anything to harm him.

Image courtesy: nownumbah5/Reddit and Wizarding World/YouTube

The over-protective nature of Molly towards Harry makes her pick him over her children sometimes. We believe that this affected how Ron saw his mother. After all, Ron and Molly Weasley aren’t as close as Harry and Molly. This is enough to earn Harry the title.

Harry Has only Seen the Movies

Harry Potter is an adaptation of a novel, so some details are missing in the movies. Therefore, for someone who has only watched the series, it might be difficult to answer some questions. Sometimes, we think that the screenwriters also hadn’t read the novels.

Image courtesy: aNotFamousGryffindor/Reddit

It takes a true fan of Harry Potter to spot all the little differences between the two. Although it may sound funny that Harry hasn’t read the novel, it’s a fun idea to play with. We presume he won’t stress the director by adding lines from the book that are absent in the movies.

Calmly, Right?

Before the movie was released, some fans already knew what to expect. That is one of the risks of making a series based on books. Some fans have read the series countless times, so they have a long list of expectations for the film.

Image courtesy: Fazedave206/Reddit

An example is when Harry’s name appeared mysteriously among the participants of the Triwizard Tournament. The book reported that he asked “calmly,” whereas that wasn’t the case in the movie. We understand that some of these differences are because of the screen effect.  

You’re Hired

Securing employment can be very difficult sometimes. Wherever you apply, you are often competing against dozens of other people and it’s hard to make yourself stand out in a crowd like that. We embellish our CVs to make us seem most suitable for the job.

Image courtesy: realrawbitch2k14/Reddit

Pomona didn’t need to add anything special to her application. Her name worked magic; better than any spell she could have cast. We can’t blame Dumbledore for choosing Ms. Sprout to head the Herbology department. We would have done the same.

It’s The Only One I Know

Lord Voldemort fought Harry like he was an adult, rather than the child/teen he really was. That alone would give anyone nightmares, and it is scarier when you consider that, since he was in school, Harry was still learning his spells. Voldemort certainly wasn’t playing fair.

Image courtesy: PhoenixTears14/Reddit

Apparently, there is no end to memes about Harry’s preference for the spell Expelliarmus. It didn’t matter what the situation was; that spell was his default. In fact, he used it so often that fans might even wonder if he knew any other spells at all.

Lockhart At His Best

The pandemic interrupted a lot of activities. No one was prepared for the virus when it showed up, and we all just adapted. Schools shut down, and students had to continue their activities online. Teachings, assignments, and examinations were all conducted online via video chat.

Image courtesy: InfectiousV/Reddit

Now, imagine the pandemic that happened during the Basilisk attacks and the students had to continue fighting from home. We can’t help but laugh at how hilarious this sounds. Thankfully, this is just an imagination of a fan, not the reality in the movie.

Remember This Scene?

During the Halloween feast, Professor Quirrell had noticed a loosed troll in the dungeon. He ran into the hall to inform the teachers and dismiss the students. On their way to the dormitory, Harry remembered Hermione didn’t know about the situation, so he ran to tell her.

Image courtesy: mansimodi/Reddit

After accidentally locking the troll and Hermione in the girls’ bathroom, they had to rescue her. While fighting the troll, Harry shoved his wand down its nostrils before Ron defeated it. The picture is from the scene where Harry wanted to retrieve his wand from the troll.

So Sorry Sirius

After experiencing lockdown for almost a year, we think that fans should understand Sirius’ reactions. It wasn’t easy staying within the four walls of our homes for that long. Especially when we didn’t know for how long it would be like that.

Image courtesy: ExoticRemote/Reddit

People started getting paranoid, some families got broken and the relationship suffered during this period. All these could make someone paranoid and behave irrationally. We hope that fans that were harsh on Sirius would cut him some slack after experiencing it for themselves.

Wizardry and Witchcraft School In La

The marketing director for Old Spice must be a big fan of Harry Potter. We guess they came up with these names for their deodorants with Hogwarts in mind. Hopefully, customers with the same interests will find this exciting and buy from them.

Image courtesy: sleep-apnea11/Reddit

The fun thing is that it is a celebrity from the movie that saw these and posted them. Daniel Radcliffe played the eponymous Harry Potter in the series. Maybe they made this deodorant with him in mind, as the trio were not even teenagers yet when the filming started.

We’re Not Crying…

Death is an inevitable phenomenon, and no one knows when exactly it will happen for them. It is a sad topic for most and can bring the mood down in an instant. It gets harder when thinking about our favorite celebrities.

Image courtesy: vpsj/Reddit

Truthfully, the person who played the character might be gone, but the movie will always be here. They will live on in our memories and that can never die. Therefore we understand what he meant when he said Hagrid would still be there in 50 years.

Not Clever Enough For Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is one out of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Students in that house are often the smartest kids in the school, which is not surprising as ravens are intelligent beyond our comprehension. Given Dumbledore’s reaction, he doesn’t think Harry would make it in Ravenclaw.

Image courtesy: BirminghamBuffaloes/Reddit

The caption to this meme is perfect. Children make stupid mistakes, and although the stakes get higher when it comes to magic and wizardry, that doesn’t change the facts of life. We can’t blame Dumbledore for having this reaction to Harry’s mistake.

Arthur Would Be Proud

Arthur Weasley is known for his fascination with Muggle technology. He was so happy when he learned that his sons had flown his enchanted car. In the movie, Arthur gets excited about everything connected with technology. He wanted to fly the invisibility booster, except his wife opposed it.

Image courtesy: orangemango56/Reddit

Therefore, we understand what the author of this meme means when they say Arthur would think they are incredible. Operating a toaster might seem like an easy task for us, but to wizards, it is a novel experience. If you’re ever feeling sad, just think of this meme.

Always with the sacrificing

Hermione is so intelligent, it’s no wonder Harry trusted her judgment without hesitation. We also admire her cleverness in the movie. This meme is also referencing how brilliant Hermione is. She used her wisdom to deduce which one was the original Harry in the face of doubt.

Image courtesy: ItsJustKamila/Reddit

She identified that the real Harry would always be ready to sacrifice himself for his friends to live. One of the traits of friendship is knowing who your friends are, no matter what life throws at you. And we commend Hermione for doing this so well.

Mr. Bean? No It’s Professor Quirrell

Waiting for someone you are not sure would come can be so stressful. You’d change your sitting position to relieve cramping legs, but that doesn’t make them come any faster. As time goes on, boredom begins to set in, and you keep finding ways to entertain yourself.

Image courtesy: AmConfused324/Reddit

This was the case of Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when he was waiting for the trio to finish playing chess. We find this more hilarious than we think we probably should. The different positions and reactions of Mr. Bean crack us up.

You Are A Squib Potter

A squib is a child born by at least one wizard parent but without any magical powers. Therefore, such a person cannot attend witchcraft and wizardry school. Hogwarts School is solely for people with magical powers, which means that half-wizard children will be left behind. Such is the case of Figg Potter.

Image courtesy: HarshtaS/Reddit

Therefore, it is surprising that Figg will think she can attend Slytherin. Although we understand her desire to be put in the school, sadly, it is impossible. We have also wished to attend Slytherin sometimes. Unfortunately, it would never happen.

Harry Potter: A Summary

Attempting to summarize the whole Harry Potter series in one line is impossible. How can anyone perfectly explain the details of Harry Potter in one sentence? Even the movie had to leave out some details from in the book. Luckily for us, this fan found an answer to our question.

Image courtesy: grcopel/Reddit

This meme looks like it belongs in the laconic section of TV Tropes. A one-line summary of a film series spanning eight movies is hard, but clearly not impossible thanks to Dumbledore. Even non-fans would find this meme funny, don’t you think?

I’m A Harry Potter Fan

This image is so heart-warming for us. It shows Ron’s brother rubbing his head and Ron extending this same gesture to Harry. It is such a sweet experience. Head rubs are so relaxing that seeing someone get one will make us jealous already.

Image courtesy: lil-dasca-edits/Reddit

It must have been hard for Harry to be thrust into such a wonderful family after so many years of being abandoned. But he could not have found a more loving home than with the Weasleys. It’s the cute details like this that make us want to have a Harry Potter movie marathon.

No, Really, How Did This Happen??

Dumbledore’s change of costume is something worthy of discussion. He went from looking like a front-page Forbes‘ cover image to looking old-fashioned. We believe that the costume designer believes that comfy and multi-colored clothes are the way to go with the elderly. Hence, they changed Dumbledore’s costumes.

Image courtesy: al_cohen/Reddit, Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube and Wizarding World/YouTube

For us, choosing the best of Dumbledore’s clothing between these two won’t be hard at all. We will go for his look in the suit because he looks young and charming in this image. We particularly don’t like his sparkly necklaces in the other costumes —  it’s too shinny. Which do you prefer?

Am I Wrong?

Bullying a child is a big issue that should not be swept under the rug. Even when the person bullying the child is a loved one, they need to face the law. If we were to characterize Snape, we would describe him as a man that has a contradicting personality. 

Image courtesy: shlubarmarn/Reddit

He was a cruel teacher to most of his students at Hogwarts. We can forget some inappropriate things he said to the teenagers in Hogwarts who were mainly helpless. Top of which is saying he saw no difference in Hermione’s face after she got hit with the engorgement spell.

Online Wizard School

The pandemic made lovers of the movie Harry Potter imagine the virus striking in Hogwarts. We wonder if it would have been possible to move Hogwarts schools’ activities online. If they could learn online, would it be easy or even possible to practice at all?

Image courtesy: simpLEE_me/Reddit

These and many more are the questions on the minds of Harry Potter fans like us during the lockdown. We thought about all these after we binge-watched the series all over again. However, something tells us that the wizards would have found a solution to the virus faster.

Not Gonna Happen

In fandoms, “canon” is a term that refers to information that is factually accurate; this information comes from the source material or the creators. Fanon is a generally accepted idea among the fans of a series. While it may not be confirmed to be true, it is something that most fans can agree on.

Image courtesy: Siriuss/Reddit

We think the cursed child opposes the other seven novels for some reason. These reasons include Voldemort fathering a child, it is absurd, and the situation surrounding it is questionable. Also, time-traveling, since only one timeline exists in Harry Potter, we believe time travel should be impossible.