40+ Amusing Proof-Of-Delivery Shots Couriers And Customers Couldn’t Help But Share

By Areeba T

Consider this scenario: it’s a Saturday, and you’re enjoying some extra shuteye when the doorbell rings. You answer it half asleep and bleary-eyed; you nod along to whatever the delivery person says to get it all over with so you can go back to sleep. You collect your package, say thank you, and as you turn to go back inside — *flash* — a camera goes off, and you in your SpongeBob onesie become the proof-of-delivery photo of the day.

Delivery drivers have started using photographic evidence as proof of delivery, and some shots are too good not to be shared. From hilarious to heartwarming, we’ve collected our favorite moments for your pleasure. You’ll have to see them to believe them; good thing we’ve got them all on camera.

1. Who’s got time to be boring?

Who said your delivery shot needs to be basic and blah? This person understood the assignment. Even delivery drivers get bored of taking the same pictures over and over, so this happy package recipient did some completely different: they served.

Image credit: twentytwowords.com

You’ve got to know how to add spice to both your life and to the lives of others. So, maybe this person felt a bit silly striking a pose for the delivery guy and the neighbors; we’re sure that they made everyone’s day.

2. These shoes are made for posing

Knowing how to match the energy of any occasion is an underrated skill, as John Carlos Ison demonstrates in this photo; immaculate in a burgundy suit, gold chain, and loafers, he welcomes his long-awaited parcel from his favorite fashion brand Zalora.

Image credit: John Carlos Ison/Facebook

John lets us all know that something like a small package delivery isn’t going to stop him from striking his best pose. He’s going to bless us with his fashion no matter the occasion, ’cause he’s just that good at it.

3. Say cheese

No one can blame Adam here; we all want to look our best for a picture. When his delivery driver told him they needed to take a picture of him with the package, he gave the camera a small smile.

Image credit: adamdxon/Twitter

It wasn’t until hours later he realized why his delivery guy was so amused taking the photo. They just needed a picture of him holding the package, but he didn’t need to smile. It’s just instinctual, right? You have to!

4. Eyes on me

Most home security systems nowadays have built-in cameras, sensors, and all the bells and whistles needed to let people at the door know they’re being watched. But the real, burning question we must now ask is, who does the watching?

Image credit: AdamWestsButtDouble/Reddit

A Reddit user shares his mild jump scare with us when the glowing eyes of a cat are revealed, looking directly at him as he took his proof shot. Nightmare fuel for sure when you’re out delivering packages alone at night.

5. Ready for anything

If you’re one of the “answering the door in your onesie” members of the crowd, then Joyceeh Hernandez Epino’s solution to the problem might be the way to go. She went ahead and decorated a photo zone with the words “I received it” in Filipino.

Image credit: Joyceeh Hernandez Epino/Facebook

Joyceeh’s hilarious solution went viral as more and more posts taken in the photo area started circulating. Get your art supplies ready because we bet a lot of us are going to have one of these zones in our homes soon.

6. Is it here yet?

It doesn’t matter you’re human or floof baby. If you have a package on the way, everyone gets excited. Reddit user tsume24 shares this adorable picture of a puppy looking longingly out the window for their precious package to arrive.

Image credit: tsume24/Reddit

Looking at the parcel, we can easily guess what the contents will be: tasty dog treats, dog food, doggy toys, or even a doggy bed for the pup. No wonder he’s so excited about his order; what more could you ever want?

7. I’ll be taking that, Sir

One of the worst things about ordering online and the subsequent waiting period is the nagging feeling in the back of your mind: what if I’m not there to pick the package up? Who do I trust to keep an eye out for it?

Image credit: Alan Levine/Flickr

This good boy took matters into his own paws as the designated receiver, and the delivery person took a photo of him accepting his package. We can’t think of anyone better to pick it up since the package is addressed to him anyway!

8. Followed to the letter

It’s always good to respect the customer’s wishes, but sometimes we feel that the delivery guys shouldn’t really take our word that literally. An Imgur user shared a photo of a package left exactly where they asked it to be, sort of.

Image credit: mirror.co.uk

The directions were to leave it under the doormat, and technically speaking, the delivery person did just that. They just forgot to factor in that they were delivering a giant package that wouldn’t fit under the mat. We do enjoy their decision to put the mat on top of the box like a floppy hat.

9. Service with a smile

Delivering packages day in and day out must get so boring for the drivers, and we can’t hold it against them if they decide to get creative with the deliveries, like this Amazon delivery driver who left us with a smile.

Image credit: HypnotoadsApprentice/Reddit

This clever driver arranged the boxes to make a perfect smiley face to greet whoever came and picked up the packages. The adorable face was sure to leave them chuckling, and we know it brightened up their day. It definitely made ours!

10. As beautiful as the prickle plant

When the days start early and the hours are long, we can expect our minds to go blank every so often. So, to the delivery person who left this message to the customers about where they could find the package, we understand you completely.

Image credit: Dr. Kat Alcock/Twitter

Dr. Kat found their parcel exactly where the delivery person said it was. It just took her a long time puzzling over the message to figure out that the delivery driver was referring to the rose bush and had forgotten the name for it.

11. Trash talks??

It seems traditional that whenever you’re expecting a package, something’s bound to go wrong. You forget to pull money out for paying cash-on-delivery, you’re called in for overtime, or your great aunt falls ill, and you have to go visit.

Image credit: John Maddox/Twitter

It’s times like these when our neighbors are our lifesavers. They pick up our package and keep it safe for us till we come home. But in the case of this unique delivery, our lifesaver happened to be… how do we put this? A little down in the dumps.

12. Bushwhacked

Some delivery drivers go above and beyond to make sure packages not delivered directly into someone’s hand are properly hidden, so they aren’t stolen. One such driver planted the box quite cleverly among the “wild” foliage outside the person’s house.

Image credit: huboo.com

Needless to say, this is one package that would have never gone missing, thanks to the deliverer’s efforts. In fact, had they not mentioned that the package was in the bush, the owners might never have found it at all!

13. Delivery stops a delivery

Nature is beautiful, as we all know, but even more beautiful than that is the miracle of life. So, when the two come together, they stop for no one, not even the poor delivery person trying to drop off their package.

Image credit: RockHopperPenguin/Reddit

The bewildered courier couldn’t bring themselves to disturb a family of newborn raccoons and their mama on the family’s front porch to make the delivery, so they simply decided to try again another day and leave a message explaining why.

14. “Look Up”

Speaking of carriers who take hiding undelivered packages to the next level, this person apparently decided to raise the roof when they deliver parcels, literally. The family would have lodged a complaint if they hadn’t found the hint to the location.

Image credit: thesun.co.uk

The recipients were undoubtedly impressed with this. The delivery person decided to give the unsuspecting customers a good laugh, a merry chase, a great story, and couriers world over new ideas to hide and keep undelivered packages safe. A real trendsetter.

15. Sticks…

This courier just took the phrase “hiding in plain sight” a bit too word for word. As it turned out, they simply hid the box in the sticks, so to speak. They placed the package beside the gate, threw some twigs on it, and called it a day.

Image credit: shareably.co

While it is important to keep an unattended package covered so that some opportunistic passerby doesn’t get any ideas, the actual coverage of the box by these branches – or, more appropriately, twigs – was somewhere between hilarious and tragic.

16. …and stones

It seems that whoever placed those sad little sticks to cover parcels had a distant cousin, old friend, or simply an avid follower that happened to be in the same line of delivery work, who decided to follow in their footsteps.

Image credit: 9gag

When the time came for them to drop off their package, it was placed in a furrow by the door, with a generous sprinkle of pebbles over the top to “hide” the parcel safely. Needless to say, the hiding place rocks.

17. Inspector Paws

Even the most secure of packages, the very best delivery service, and the most experienced couriers can goof up an order. Therefore, a thorough examination of the parcel is always recommended to ensure quality. Luckily, this pup was on duty that day.

Image credit: nmlisto/Reddit

The courier had the good fortune to snap a picture of this eager four-legged detective, enthusiastically rifling through each and every delivery bag. Either he’s performing a spot check, or he’s just sniffing out his doggie treats; we’ll never know.

18. The total package

A thank you, a smile, AND a pose? That’s like the complete package for any courier who loves their job. That is exactly what this lucky delivery person got when they went around dropping off their charges for the day.

Image credit: txt dari online shop/Twitter

The marketing team for this online store took advantage of the opportunity by posting this phenomenal snapshot on their Twitter account, showing that their customer base is not only happy to receive their products, but they also don’t shy away from expressing it in creative ways as well.

19. Ready, set…Pose!

Sometimes, you have to work extra hard to get that perfect shot; it’s not a one-take job. So what do you do? Take fifty pics as a minimum, of course. The delivery driver destined to take a proof of delivery shot of this glamourous lady decided to take the job seriously, and we love them for it.

Image credit: MotherShip

Not only did this happy customer serve looks from every single angle, but they also managed to fit the actual parcel into every single one of their pictures. We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t imagine a better free promo for our products.

20. Dog parents, amirite?

If you’ve ever been around pet owners, you know that they cannot resist taking pictures of their fur babies every single moment of the day, no matter the situation. Pup sleeping? Take a photo. Cat on a rampage? Gotta snap that.

Image credits: FadeToOne/Reddit

So, while it may come as a surprise to everyone else, we weren’t surprised when this photo surfaced on Instagram, where a devoted dog parent decided their precious puppy should be the star of this proof of delivery shot, not them. Thankfully, the courier was more than happy to oblige.

21. “What am I doing here…”

There are times when people go above and beyond to photobomb the special moments in someone else’s life. But no matter the amount of plotting and planning, the best photobombs are, hands-down, not the bunny ears your cousin added to your graduation photo, but the unintentional ones.

Image credits: Aiskrim Potong/Instagram

The person with the package giving their all in the proof photo probably didn’t realize that the true star of the show happened to be the confused child in the background, wondering how she even got involved in all this.

22. “Let me get the door. Just a sec”

We now know that the “dogs really, REALLY love the mailman” thing is definitely not a hoax looking at the next photo. The best boy was waiting excitedly for the parcel to arrive, so much so that the dog tried to get the door himself.

Image credits: Blue Merle Shelties/Instagram

Once you get past the somewhat unnerving image of a large dog in the frosted glass of your customer’s home, it’s easy to find the big fur ball of happiness endearing. Just remember, no matter how tempting it is, don’t let hyper fluff balls out the door without their owner’s permission.

23. Choose your character

The hardest choices are at times when we least expect them. That’s exactly what this unsuspecting delivery guy was faced with when he walked up the steps to this package’s new home and was forced to make a very unusual decision.

Image credits: drummachine621/Reddit

Of all things, he was forced to do a “package vote,” a unique game designed by the person who lived there, where the package was placed on one of two sides to the door. It was a choice between Creed and Stanley, two beloved characters from The Office. The courier was understandably stumped and had to share the poll online as well.

24. Let me out

It can be said that there is an art to placing parcels outside a home to be picked up. Place them somewhere too obvious, and they might be stolen. Hide them too cleverly and you’re just making trouble for everyone.

Image credits: u/amahmoud0129/Reddit

So, what do you do when the parcel you leave traps the owner in their own home? This question would be a lifelong puzzle for the courier who unwittingly placed a long package directly underneath the front door handle, making it almost impossible to open.

25. I delivered it, didn’t I?

Technicalities can be the bane of our existence because the most annoying little loopholes are born from them. In the case of deliveries, it is that infuriating moment when no matter how swamped you are, the driver dropped off the package like they were supposed to.

Image credits: cat_fartzz/Reddit

This proof of delivery photo is a shining example of that belief. There is a glaring irregularity in the image – i.e. an entire SUV has been flipped over. Who would focus on the food delivery made at a time like that?

26. Pup-arazzi

Imagine you’re a dog living your best life, placing orders for the most luxurious dog beds and the most succulent of puppy treats. One day, you’re picking up your order when all of a sudden, the delivery guy takes a photo of you. Rude, right?

Image credits: Codymont88/Reddit

This doggo’s disgruntled face says it all. This distinguished gentlepaw does not appreciate being photographed without a pose thought out beforehand. Apologies, sir, we’ll take special care to set up some lights and props for you the next time we come round.

27. Game on

Seeing the rise in the popularity of creative and hilarious proof of delivery posts, YouTuber Michelle Fox, who also goes by Vavaeng Marangal, decided to put her own spin on the trend and created the #VavaengMarangalChallenge, which has yielded excellent results.

Image credits: Michelle Fox/Facebook

With this friendly competition, she encouraged others to post their most extra, most glamourous proof of delivery photos online to claim the crown for best dressed while picking up a package from the courier. A dubious title, but hey, as long as it’s there to be won, we’ll try and win it.

28. Just right

The rise of “satisfying” photos and videos over the years has been no joke, the art of precision and symmetry gaining traction as people realized how much pleasure they’d get from seeing perfectly executed designs that you didn’t know would make you calmer.

Image credits: everydaymonkey.com

One courier seized the opportunity to add to the litany of satisfying content online by snapping their proof of delivery shot in a unique manner. Instead of hiding the parcel, they placed it in a window, and the package fit oh, so perfectly.

29. How’s it hangin?

Weather can significantly affect delivery services all over the world, among other things. Packages get lost, deliveries get delayed, and even if they do manage to arrive, the box will get soiled sitting out if you don’t receive it right away.

Image credits: One_Dingo/Reddit

There’s a host of ways couriers try to combat this problem. They try to leave the package on a table on the porch, windowsill, or in this case, protect it by putting it in a plastic bag and hanging it from a branch in case it ends up in a puddle on the ground.

30. Spreading good vibes

Our beloved Joyceeh Hernandez Epino, with her ingenious photo wall, had made it to our list once again, this time with a heartwarming message to be joyful and spread happiness to others, even when going gets tough. This woman is a treasure.

Image credits: Joyceeh Hernandez Epino/Facebook

Joyceeh, whose personality matches her name perfectly, wanted to spread happy vibes throughout the Filipino people going through hard times and encourage them to be goofy and light-hearted so that they could find the courage to combat their circumstances fearlessly.

31. Never would’ve guessed

The “sorry we missed you” notes can be a hit or miss for most people. Often they have helpful instructions as to exactly where we can find our packages tucked away, and at other unfortunate times, they leave us… this.

Image credits: shareably.co

This very helpful note stated that the customer’s parcel was “behind bush.” Straightforward enough, until you realize that the box was far too large to be hidden behind any bushes and the bush in question was 3 feet in front of said package.

32. “Dear UPS Man”

Many of us are introverted by nature, and the best way to avoid people when you’re a UPS driver is to knock gently on the door and then leave the package when no one answers it and leave as fast as you can.

Image credits: deleted user/Imgur

Mr. and Mrs. Currier just managed to blow some shy courier’s strategy to smithereens by confirming that they were home and would happily receive the package if only the “UPS man” were to knock on the door loudly enough. He said, “NOPE.”

33. Smile! Not you, the delivery guy

This delivery guy really loves his job, as shown by a set of absolutely hilarious photos sent to a Reddit user by his courier service. They felt the pictures were too good not to be shared with the world, and we thank them.

Image credits: Deadleaf_shrimp/Reddit

The Reddit user further explained that whenever they receive a package, their apartment staff usually shares a photo, usually a picture of the parcel with the mailing label. However, one day they were delighted to be sent these phenomenal shots.

34. That just about covers it

We would argue that the hiding place chosen by the delivery driver in this particular image rather defeats the purpose of hiding or placing packages so that people other than the owners cannot find them. But what do we know?

Image credits: Metro

It is certainly a good call to place a delivery parcel somewhere it won’t be noticeable. But using a bucket that doesn’t even cover the box and placing it center stage makes it all the more conspicuous. Wouldn’t you agree?

35. “Give us a smile! No? Okay”

No one likes being woken up to accept a delivery when it’s our day off, and we like it even less when an awake and chipper courier insists they need a photo of the parcel with us in our sleep-deprived glory.

Image credits: hol/Twitter

This lady expresses her exasperation beautifully in this photo when, as the courier prepared to take their proof of delivery photo, she shot the camera a withering glare to let them know exactly what she thought about being woken up.

36. “Yeah that’ll work”

At times, we have to wonder if the delivery drivers are even trying to make sure our parcels aren’t treated like plunder. But it can’t be helped when they have so many to deliver and only so much time in the day.

Image credits: steved1987/Reddit

It’s the lack of effort on this one that makes it so hilarious. If anything, this draws even more attention to the delivery, sort of like an oblong target that announces to any passerby that there’s a conveniently unattended package here.

37. Food for thought

No two deliveries are the same. They can be anything from an entire Tesla showing up on your doorway to your favorite boba chai latte order. Nevertheless, depending on your delivery service, these items can arrive in any number of conditions.

Image credits: Jay_Ferg/Reddit

Why this photo is blurry, we’ll never know. It certainly can’t be the Doordash driver’s hands shaking as they take this proof of delivery shot for the customer. If it were us, we would have never taken or sent the photo at all.

38. What do you mean there’s no more room?

It doesn’t really happen often, but there are times when the couriers are so committed to the craft that they don’t stop to think of the more practical side of things, such as how to get the package out once it’s been delivered.

Image credits: sleazemag.com

This recipient must not have been happy when they checked their mailbox that day. Because while they could appreciate the effort of fitting the parcel so perfectly in the mailbox, the courier didn’t leave instructions on how to get the box out.

39. #Camouflage

This courier got it into their head to channel the soul of John Cena and arrange the customer’s parcel in such a way that we are sure the recipients went on quite the wild hunt until they finally spotted it.

Image credits: deathbybrownies/Imgur

The delivery driver cleverly arranged the square package diagonally and positioned it just so. Hence, it looked more like a throw pillow set up on the sofa than package delivery. It fit so well, we thought this image was included as a mistake.

40. On the brink

This poor package’s situation seems a bit precarious. Either the box was thrown into – or rather – onto the mailbox with no real care, or the carrier decided to have a little fun with the laws of physics. We like to imagine it’s the latter.

Image credits: GuyInSugarLand/reddit

The package was thrown on the mailbox, it looked like, with its weight propping open the mailbox door. The only thing keeping the fragile parcel from tumbling to the ground and its demise was probably magic, or science. Same difference.

41. Ding Dong!

As the habit of ordering things online has grown, courier services have become more and more in demand. People have also become more comfortable with delivery people calling on them. Often, quirky customers give them some unique drop-off requests.

Image credits: lifebuzz.com

We can probably imagine that the delivery person was completely stumped when they saw this note. Or, who knows, this might be all in a day’s work for them. As far as the internet is concerned, this one’s going down in the history books.

42. Coffee on the house

A surprisingly large amount of people try to bribe their couriers into simply leaving their orders on the property without having to sign them over to someone. This can be for any number of reasons; shyness, unavailability, sleeping in, etc.

Image credits: Chinosweatpants/Reddit

Not only did the courier do the owner a solid – as they’d gotten their parcels all mixed up and sent back – they also got a free coffee out of the entire fiasco for their trouble. What more could you ask for?

43. Good ol’ bribery

A little greasing of the palms goes a long way, and often the reasons are innocent. On occasion, if you’re a delivery driver, you might even be dealing with a self-professed adult child who wants their stuff in hand yesterday.

Image credits: browncafe.com

That’s how one customer referred to themselves in a note left to their courier. They even left money and a sample of their signature to forge on any document they needed to sign off on in case they weren’t at home.

44. “Scream bloody murder”

It seems like everyone wants their couriers to work on vocal technique these days by screaming their arrival. A doorbell’s shot, the sound doesn’t get to the end of the house, or maybe, people are just very, very deep sleepers.

Image credits: anlyin/Imgur

This particular customer ticked off two of the three reasons for the FedEx driver to start yelling upon their arrival: they were out of earshot if the courier knocked and the bell was broken. Even so, screaming bloody murder seems a bit extra.

45. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite”

Beware of any dog owner telling you unbidden not to be scared of the dog because then you probably should be scared of the dog. It’s not a promising sign. Some fur parents have to take extra steps for mischievous canines.

Image credits: grant622/Reddit

What if you have a dog that chews through delivery parcels? Well, there’s a box available to protect the packages, but the wily dog took care of it by eating the instructions to put the parcels there in the first place!