45 Pun-tastic Tattoos We Wish We had

By Ragini A

Tattoos are meant to be aides to beauty, expressions of art, social commentary, a way to keep someone’s memory alive, and so much more. But often, people deviate from applying serious meaning to or reason for their ink and like to get more humorous tattoos, like puns! Don’t get us wrong, there are probably ways to make puns appear to be symbolic and heavy metaphorical messages of ink, but really, they’re just lighthearted and funny most of the time. Or absolutely ridiculous, which also like. To see true humor in permanent ink is a joy in itself. Scroll down to see the pictures we’ve gathered for you of tattoos that are hilarious and will make you cry while laughing, or maybe laugh while crying. 


There are three kinds of people in this world, and they can all be separated based on their perception of this tattoo below. You either have no idea what a Benedict is. Or you absolutely love Benedicts and think this is a neat tattoo. 


And the third type of person is the one that thinks of Benedict Cumberbatch as soon as they read the word, Benedict. We don’t blame you; we think about our Sherlock Holmes a lot too. He really is quite charming. 


There are not many people in this world who can take a joke about themselves and their bodies, and they’re not wrong to be hurt and offended. Usually, comments about bodies are uncalled for. Sometimes, though, people’s jokes about themselves are the best anyone could have dreamed up.

Reddit u/tatspunsalways

If you bump into this person ever, though, please tell them we’re a huge fan of them and their iconic tattoo. Would you get a tattoo or a fake hook to look like a pirate? Whichever you choose, we have to say this tattoo is fantastic! 


If you’ve seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, you’ve already understood this tattoo and its intention with complete clarity by now. If you haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as possible! It’ll be worth it just to understand this unique tattoo.


We definitely forgot that most animals, including ourselves, have a skeleton underneath the skin. This one is the person Mr. Fox would be, we imagine. The hair is definitely a smooth and shiny touch. This is really clever, and though it’s a bit niche, we’re diggin’ it.


Hey, we want hugs too! And we would not mind a side of nuggets at all either. And both together is the perfect combination. Whether a good day or a bad day, hugs and nugs definitely make the day better.

Tumblr @alliwantisfoodandhugs

We can’t tell what that sauce is, but either ketchup or barbecue, we are on board! Someone, please tell us they are on the way with some delicious nugs and some nice warm hugs along with them. We could all use a pick-me-up.


Every single teenager you know needs to have this image shown to them every single day of their lives till they turn 20. As satirically iconic as this barcode is as a tattoo, these designs on the body can also inspire.

Reddit u/confidenceaffirm

Only once we see what we are worth, something that can never be quantified by money, we are truly careful of what we attract and tolerate. Keep this in mind and ensure everyone around you knows they can’t afford to lower their sense of self-worth.

Souper Hot

Thermoses are great, and they completely showcase the victory of human beings in spheres of technology. We enjoy hot and cold soups, drinks, and lemonade with these! This tattoo is really cute, and we love it more than we thought we would.

Instagram @puntatti

Before you leave, we hope you realize that this is a ‘”thermos-tat” (hehe). Useless or not, we’re not sure, but we also know that tattoos are random and expressions of art, and our opinions don’t matter at all. But wow, what a pun!


We are certain many of you would relate to this story: Every single time we asked our parents to let us get a tattoo, they handed us a bunch of sketch pens and a black marker and asked us to draw temporary tattoos on our legs and arms instead. 

Reddit u/heppyaccident

Weirdly enough, that actually seems to satisfy our desperate yells for a tattoo for a while, but this image is convincing some of us to just go for it. If it were up to us, we would definitely pick something we drew in elementary school, just for giggles.


A tea-related pun tattoo absolutely had to be on this list of hilarious tattoos. Look at it carefully to know why. Lost? Let us tell you! This dinosaur is conveniently sitting inside a teacup while looking ferocious because he is a… Tea-Rex!

Reddit u/aliceisalive

Some tattoo artists have incredible senses of humor (and talent!). This spin on the classic “mom” tattoo with the ribbon is simply Cretaceously fantastic! This sophisticated sir can have a seat at any tea party we host as the guest of honor!


If you say you’ve seen a mix of this amazing food dish and a dinosaur as cool as this, you’re lying to our faces, and we don’t believe you. This dinosaur is rare, happy, and smiley. And who wouldn’t be if they were made of taco?

reddit u/mcdolundrejects

As a fun aside, did you know, this kind of pebble-skinned dinosaur is actually no longer accepted as a part of the species by archaeologists? It’s like the Pluto of planets. Yup, cry with us. Pluto deserved so much better. 

Sushi Did!

She believed she could, so she did, but funnier. If you did not get this pun, we urge you to self-reflect and possibly accept that you’re a bit unimaginative. We’ve been rolling with laughter over this one. Such an inspirational-looking tattoo.

Tumblr @beemotivateshoney

It is not every day you can see something so brave. She’s getting her message out there: she is strong, she is fierce, and she is the queen of puns! And she also has amazing taste in tattoo artists. That bee is gorgeous.

Hard Bill

What might appear to be a human being’s head placed on a bird’s body is actually the national treasure that is Steven Seagal. Obviously, his fans take it a step beyond the ordinary and design tattoos to make him even cooler. 

Instagram @tattooartistsadreacts

But if this man were to be an actual half man and half bird, we would imagine that he hangs out with other seagulls around the beach. Look how fit this bird is! And this is another pun worth applauding.


Honestly, this is just adorable because this looks like a small, gently asking humans not to step on him. Whether or not we should listen to him and his plea is a separate matter entirely. It’s a really cute spin on a cliched tattoo.

Instagram @tattooanimalssmol

Chances are, if you let the snake glide past you smoothly without trying to get it as far away from you as possible, you will be safe. Okay, we know this is supposed to be a parody of the “don’t tread on me” tattoo, but look how cute!


There are two kinds of people in this society that we’ve made, and you, our dear reader, fit into one of the two. Either you absolutely love sushi and crave it every week, or you don’t understand the hype around it. 

Pinterest @yummysushi

If at all you are the latter kind of people, this pun might just convince you to join the other side and relish in the beautiful umami flavors of sushi when it’s rolled to perfection. Well, you can tell which side we’re on, can’t you?


Breakups are tough, especially if you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with your ex-partner and were deeply in love. Maybe you loved them so much that you even got their name tattooed on a highly visible body part. 

Instagram @elitemenmemes

But hey, it’s obvious this human being loves a solid pun and joke and turned what might have been a heartbreaking experience for themselves into a brand logo and tagline that almost everyone knows. This guy has a good sense of humor.


We feel absolutely inspired and overjoyed by how good this pun is. It’s self-deprecating; it involves food; the artistry is good. What could top this? Of course, the list is far from done, but lettuce pause and reflect on how gouda this is.

Instagram @redcluborganics

Even the ellipses at the end help make it amazing. This person is so cool, they got a pun tattoo. Which we know some people don’t appreciate, but we don’t need that negativity around here. This is all about appreciation, folks.


Peonies are flowers that are full, bright, and big, making them a lovely gift ornament for a special loved one. They are known to be the symbol of love and romance in the world, but in Asian culture, they signify bravery. 

Pinterest @disneyflowers

Courage can be found in the deepest crevices of every flower petal and human being, and it is important to remember that every time a hard decision is to be made. Peo-knees might be our favorite pun on this list. 

PB Jellyfish

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are among the most loved snacks in America, and we can see why. The saltiness of the peanut butter with the sweetness of the jelly on fresh bread tastes marvelous. This human being, though, is funnier than all of us. 

Twitter @transparentsouls

This peanut butter jellyfish is clearly of the grape variety. We see from the bits of this person’s other tattoos that they really like the sea and are really funny. We wonder how many pun tattoos they have. We hope this isn’t the only one!

Jelly Time

Another PB&J tattoo! We are giggling away at just how simplistically this tattoo shows the special relationship between bread, jelly, and peanut butter. We’re in awe at their cute smiles and their hands and arms! This is one we would get ourselves.

Twitter @transparentsouls

We imagine that this is what it feels like to be in love, waiting to become a family. All these guys need is a small push towards each other. Isn’t love the same thing, a chosen family, someone you are so highly compatible with that it scares you? 

Avocado Sugar High

Avocados have taken over the vegan and nutritious, healthy side of the web like a storm, and rightfully so! They are absolutely delicious and considered a source of healthy fat that the human body requires. And they are so versatile!

Tumblr @dailyavocadoaesthetics

Whether or not you have eaten avocado in your life, you know that a giant seed inside the avocado makes it look like a cute little pregnant woman. This area is called the pit, and that is what the tattoo is referencing. 


If you noticed at your first glance what was wrong with this tattoo, your IQ level might be super high because we failed. However, there is nothing wrong with this tattoo; it is just a clever joke. An egret is a type of bird. The exact type you see here. 

Facebook @regretfulmemesspelling

These birds are known to have very few friends in the animal world and like to stick to themselves and away from harm as much as possible. They have no regrets, as this tattoo artist might say. And this one had some attitude!

Double Negatives

We’re really hoping with all the energy in our bodies that this person knows that the phrase they’ve gotten tattooed on themselves is a double negative instead of something inspiring and motivating. We’re hoping really hard and giving the benefit of the doubt here.

Twitter @doubleneggoegg

But let us just assume that this person is hilarious and knows exactly what they’re doing. If that is the case, we are currently laughing our heads off because this is so funny! It fits in with the Gen Z type of humor fantastically. 

Mr. Tea

Oh Lord, why are puns and jokes so outlandishly funny that it’s taking us so very long to move through this list? We hope you’re laughing as much as we are because this man, AKA Lawrence Tureaud, surely isn’t having a good time. 

Twitter @transparentsouls

It might be obnoxious to say, but this teapot is practically a perfect portrait, no? This is so well done, we’re almost frightened to laugh at it. We do pity the fool that got this! In case Mr. T sees this, we’re not to be blamed, okay?


As grammar enthusiasts and writers, we can say that it is fairly annoying to see most English speakers being absolutely off the mark about when and where to use the semicolon. It is considered tricky by most, but it is a personal favorite here. 

Pinterest @12litclasses

The semicolon is used as a combination of a colon and a comma, not nearly as curt and harsh as a full stop. This tattoo has a lot of meaning, as it has become common among those who have had rough experiences in life but choose to write the rest of their story on their terms.

Leaf Me Alone

High-key, we just want to give this potted plant a tight hug and tell her everything will be okay. This human being seems very diverse in terms of their emotions, considering the comparison between this tattoo and the one right next to it. 

Tumblr @babpinochio

In case you didn’t notice, apart from being sad and droopy, this plant is also flustered and blushing the same color as the flowers it is helping to grow. How sweet! We want to make this pot’s day better soon. 


We can’t promise you anything, except for quality content and adorable koala tattoos that are as cute as they are amazingly clever. These jokes and humor, we absolutely love and cherish. Look at this cute animal just grinning away smugly. 

Tumblr @babpinochio

We just want to wave him a nice “hi and hope he’s living his life the best way he can. This is definitely one of the highest koala-tea tattoos we have ever seen. It looks like a children’s book illustration. It’s as pretty as it is cute.

Knuckle Sandwich

A colloquial phrase for a punch in the mouth, the knuckle sandwich, got famous because of all the actors in Hollywood threatening their enemies with one. The idea is that a knuckle sandwich, essentially, feeds the receiver, who’s always a wise guy.

Instagram @godblessartists

Hey, it’s not a ham and cheese sandwich, but it’s certainly just as satisfying – for the one delivering it! We do appreciate these pun tattoos that don’t spell it out for us. A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Or just two really powerful words.


It would be absolutely hilarious if the name of this human being with the tattoo is Ali or Ally, like the prefix to alligator- haha, get it? Yes, you have permission to laugh at this hilarious joke or even at the writer cracking it in case you don’t like it.

instagram @jeremy94hend

One of the most common nonsense rhymes known to English speakers is “See you later, Alligator.” It’s a phrase that is super overused. But look at the coat and the magnifying glass on this guy! Adorable. He makes us like the phrase again.


At this point, you probably already know that we absolutely love animals of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, and dogs are the most commonly talked about everywhere. It is not surprising, then, that we picked this image to be a part of our list. 

Twitter @blimeyharry

This is fairly straightforward and, frankly, definitely a tattoo some of us are thinking of getting inked on our bodies forever out of the sheer absurdity of it. Can you imagine a hot dog? Yeah, we know, you thought of, like, 6 different ways to do it already. 


One of the most important things one can teach young adults and even older adults at this point is that there is nothing more rewarding in life than being themselves and having fun doing it. It turns out this bee agrees! 

Instagram @godblessartists

If you’re not listening to this bee asking you or telling you to be yourself, you might be attracting a very angry bee towards you right now to buzz buzz in your ear and tell you to love yourself. Do it, or else.

Has To Be

Let us break it down for those of you who might be absolutely confused about this tattoo and what it could mean. HM04 is a popular aspect of the Pokemon franchise that essentially teaches your collected monsters how to do their thing. 

Reddit u/animeisnotonlypika

This person got this inked on their arm, which is very clever if you think about it, considering the source of a lot of the Pokemons’ strength and power come from the arm. This one is a limited audience serve. 


A tattoo of a guillotine on one and the hanging rope on another leg seems symbolic to us of death and democracy, or maybe even the death of democracy itself. This definitely made a bunch of us here a bit uncomfortable. 

Reddit u/fleabagqualitycontent

However, as most fun people say, serious things need to be dealt with lightly. This can also be perceived as a set of motivational tattoos that simply ask the person to hang on and keep their chin up. Life is short; enjoy it!


If you don’t know what this tattoo references, let us fill you in; a video game called Skyrim, which also happens to be the most popular and most sold video game of all time. Memes about the game are very common.

Twitter @gameconsoling

So suffice it is right to assume that those jokes and memes as tattoos on living breathing bodies are also common, and they are! One of the most famous dialogues is about taking an arrow to one’s knee, depicted in this tattoo.


If this isn’t the epitome of subtlety in the English language – and for a generation that grew up listening to “What Does the Fox Say?” this brings the song to mind immediately – we don’t know what is or can be. Accept it; this is brilliant.

Twitter @andersonwolfe

If not tattooed, we would definitely like to have this as a sticker on our laptops or the bumpers of our cars. Far too many times will we point to this sticker and when a crazy man drives past us. 


While many people debate, rather seriously, that sugar and fried food are the worst drugs that people can put into their bodies because of the drastic impact they can have on hormones and your heart, this tattoo is still adorable. 

Facebook @bethanyonvegan

The nuggets look so incredibly happy with themselves and their buddy. Just say no to drugs, and they will happily stay with you for the rest of your life. A few nuggies now and again, especially ones this sweet-looking, aren’t that bad for you.


The bomb on this neck has the letter F written on top of it so boldly that it ensure that everyone catches a glimpse of it. While it could reference the common swear word not to be said in front of your parents, there are multiple possibilities. 

Instagram @godblessartists

If we got this tattoo, the F would more than likely stand for food, or fart, or fun. Remember kids, stay away from drugs, and don’t swear, at least not in front of people that might not appreciate it. But please, if you get an F-bomb tattoo, share it with us!


Usually, the phrase “eye candy” is used to throw light on the beauty and attraction level of someone in your vicinity, to mark that person as one of the few realities that is bringing joy to your sore and sad eyes.

Instagram @godblessartists

This tattoo artist, though, took it to another level, and we absolutely love it. This is so cool that it is almost terrifying. They’ve got everything from the wrapper, to the pupil, to the highlights in the eye perfect. 


This may make some of us sound like 9-year-olds, but we still text our friends like this whenever they’re stressed because of something going on or mad at us over something silly. It is the fact that this donut is beautiful that is getting to us. 

Pinterest @wearable art

Look at the adorable blue flower that matches the sprinkles! As much we would love to stare at it and never eat it, we all know that we have no self-control and would finish this off in less than a minute. Yum. 


If you’ve ever been kicked out of your apartment due to any reason whatsoever, you might have spent a couple of nights or a few weeks – or months – at your friend’s house. If you’re considerate, you would have couch surfed and not stayed in one spot. 

Tumblr @cronchbottom

Well, it seems like this human being has immense experience with couch surfing, so much so that they’ve gotten this tattooed on their bodies forever and ever, as an ode to their nomadic times. We hope they are now settled, and this is to pay homage to their past life.


This is so cool – get it?? We can see some of you shaking your heads in disapproval, but this made us laugh, and pretty sure at least it made a few of our readers giggle, so that is a win-win for us. 

Twitter @harleycold

Just by looking at this tattoo, we’re instantly feeling relaxed and cool, and with summer hitting our part of the globe like a truck, we need to practice how to feel cooler and colder by looking at more tattoos like these. 


Nope, we are not talking about the latest hit single by BTS called “Butter,” though that is very catchy. Nope, we’re talking about the fact that many people pepper other people with excess compliments to get something that they want.

Twitter @masalachaskua

This phrase exists in many languages and cultures and denotes someone who needs praise to get some work done. This tattoo is obviously a joke and a jab at everyone who thinks they’re entitled to praise. We do love the perfect flower at the top, too.


Piercings are usually fun till they get infected and leave a scar, a pus-filled wound, or a boil close by. After-care for these piercings is absolutely essential. But we like the added touch this guy asked the tattoo artist for. 

Instagram @godblessartists

If we had bugs bunny playing pool on our body, we would ensure his shot always reached the place he wanted, no compromises. This is a funny tattoo, and if we may say so ourselves, rather neat too. The piercing we’ll pass on for now.


Plenty of things can be done with the elements and incorporation of bees in tattoos, but for some reason, most go with a pun, like it’s fun (and we prefer to rhyme). We’re not against it; bees are cute and funny!

Instagram @getodown

If you come up with a short and sweet bee-related pun, we’re pretty sure it would make for an awesome tattoo design. We support you to get it regardless of what the smart brain in your head is saying. It’ll be the bee’s knees!


If you’re an avid card player or a gambler, you know all there is to know about the ace of hearts except for where it is if you don’t have it. One of the most powerful cards in most card games, this card is to be respected.

Instagram @whatsthathechar

We understand the sentiment behind getting an actual human heart tattooed onto one’s body with the notion that it is the ace of hearts. How did you come up with it; care to share? Pro tip: if you’re playing a game of cards, never react after picking up your cards. 


The only type of noods some of us here like are noodles, and no one can change our minds about that. So if you’re sending or receiving unsolicited extra plates of noods, please send us some. Like, right now, please.

Instagram @godblessartists

We’re ridiculously happy someone got this tattooed on themselves. This is something we can get behind. We get the pun, but now we’re thinking of Pad Thai, and we think it’s time to order some takeout. Care to join us?


Watson and fans of Sherlock Holmes would recognize this number combination instantly as the address at which Sherlock Holmes lives in London. 221 B is the iconic office and home of the brilliant fictional detective. This is hands down our favorite.

Instagram @godblessartists

And then again, who can possibly say no to a bee pun when the letter B is just awkwardly gawking at us! This a brilliant last tattoo to end this list with. We hope Sherlock sees this, or Watson does, and he shows it to Sherlock.