Remembering Matthew Perry: The Beloved “Friends” Star Dies At 54

By Martin B

This is the one where we all lost a Friend. The evening of October 28th, 2023, brought with it the sad news of Matthew Perry’s tragic death. The actor reportedly succumbed to a hot tub drowning at his home in LA. He was only 54.

Image courtesy of mattyperry4/Instagram

Perry’s rise to stardom can be largely attributed to his time on Friends, NBC’s generation-defining sitcom that ran for a cool ten years from 1994. As Chandler Bing, he portrayed a statistical analyst known for his sharp wit and sarcasm, endearing himself to viewers around the globe. Friends became a cultural phenomenon, solidifying Perry’s status as a household name alongside his co-stars.

Beyond the show, Perry’s acting career was marked by several other notable projects. He appeared in successful TV series like Beverly Hills 90210 and Scrubs and films like Fools Rush In. Though most of us know him for his comedic roles, he was actually quite versatile, as is evidenced by his work on some of these projects.

Matthew Perry’s life was not without its struggles, which he openly discussed in his book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir. In the book, he bravely revealed his battle with addiction, including a terrifying near-death experience. Perry’s candidness about his personal demons shed light on the challenges he faced and resonated with many who admired his courage.

The actor’s post-Friends years were often overshadowed by his battle with addiction. He shared that he invested as much as $7 million in rehabilitation and recovery efforts, highlighting his determination to overcome his demons and inspire others facing similar struggles. He even said that he would prefer to be remembered for doing all he did to help people struggling with addiction than for his time on Friends.

As news of Matthew Perry’s passing spread, tributes poured in from all over. Maggie Wheeler, who portrayed Chandler Bing’s girlfriend Janice on Friends, expressed her grief and noted Perry’s struggles. She lamented the actor’s premature departure and hoped that he had found peace.

Image courtesy of mattyperry4/Instagram

Matthew Perry’s contributions to the world of entertainment will not be forgotten. His openness about his addiction struggles has inspired many, making him not just a talented actor but also a beacon of hope for those dealing with similar issues.

In his memory, fans and colleagues celebrate the life and career of an actor who will always be remembered fondly. Rewatching Friends, which many of us do quite often, will certainly never be the same. He will be missed.