Riley Keough Shares Heartwarming Thoughts On Grief After Losing Her Younger Brother

By Kanyi M

Daughter to Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter to legendary musician Elvis Presley, Riley Keough opens up about grief a year after her younger brother Benjamin Keough took his own life at the tender age of 27.

Earlier on, via Marc Malkin’s podcast, Just for Variety, the 32-year-old actor discussed the wake after her family’s loss last year towards the end of the segment. She described it as:

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“I think when you’re in grief, everything for the first time hits you. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m experiencing this in grief now.’ It’s the little things first like I’m going to the grocery store in grief. Never done that before. And then it’s like, I’m going back to the gym in grief. And so you have to re-experience everything in grief all over again until you have experienced everything in grief.” “In my experience,” she added.

She termed returning to the set for The Terminal List while grieving as a ‘Bizarre’ experience. She went on to describe it as a new way to learn how to navigate.

The Zola star admitted having preconceived notions on suicide, so when her younger brother passed, she was posting awareness videos on her Instagram to take away the assumptions surrounding suicide.

She said everyone who knew him never saw that coming, and Benjamin was just a magical person.

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Since his passing in 2020, she finds it frustrating that people don’t want to talk about death, yet it will eventually happen someday. “I’m very much like yes, talk about it. I want to talk about my brother,” her answer every time someone is uncomfortable on whether to bring up the topic.

Riley celebrated Benjamin’s brother and went on to commemorate the first Christmas without him.