45 Photos That Prove Walmart Is Popular Not For Their Products, But For The People

By Liezel L

When people think of Walmart, the words bizarre, out of this world, or extraordinary don’t really come to mind. That’s because Walmart is one of those cultural symbols of America – the most recognizable posterchild business of the American dream, if you will. And if you are not from the US, you will figure out quickly that the craze behind Walmart is not necessarily centered around what they sell. It’s about the people that go there. Walmart is notorious for the colorful variety of personalities that go through its doors.

Believe it or not, hundreds of social media accounts are dedicated to the hypermarket chain. Since it targets many types of people from different social and economic statuses, people-watching at Walmart is a favorite pastime. And today, we are here to celebrate that.

One of these social media groups is called “People of Walmart.” It’s gained over half a million members and is simply a treasure chest of the most interesting sightings. We chose our favorite ones, so scroll down for pure enjoyment.

These Two Sweeties Were Just The Cutest

Walmart is a great place. With all the aisles and people, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why it’s better to stick by their side when you go there with someone. However, there are times when separating is inevitable. So this couple came prepared. 

Image courtesy of heyadeo / Reddit

They knew that at one point or another, they were going to lose sight of each other. But they came equipped. And you know what? Their method is way cuter than a phone call or a message. Now, we have more couple goals to aspire to.

Get It Now?

We never really understood the fashion choices of men who wear their pants where the beltline is almost to their knees, and their buttcrack is just out there hanging out for the world to see. What is the appeal? Can someone enlighten us? 

Image courtesy of loli_police_38 / Reddit

Are their pants too loose? Well, there’s an easy solution, and they’re called belts. They hold up your pants, so they don’t slide down. You know. What pants aren’t supposed to do? We hope this dude figures that out pretty soon because he’s running out of time.

Six Feet Or Nothing At All, Baby

Everything was scary and unknown when the pandemic was still at its height. It was easy to understand why people were so overprotective of themselves to the point of going crazy. But hey, anything to keep the virus away, right?

Image courtesy of whyhellomichael / Reddit

When they enforced the six feet distance rule, some people definitely treated it like their life depended on it. Back then, there wasn’t a vaccine available, and so there were feelings of unrest in the air worldwide. We’d be just as frank as this lady if it came to protecting ourselves and our family.

Zero Emission

These days, it’s important to do our best to care for the environment. A lot of damage is already done. And as it seems, this person has found a unique way of decreasing their carbon footprint.  Only at Walmart would you stumble on something like this.

Image courtesy of thebrassbra/ Reddit

Instead of hopping in the car or using public transport, they looked in their own backyard! Not only does his horse produce zero emissions, but it’s a way more exciting means of getting from A to B. You might just have to adjust how you would carry things, though!

Don’t Mess With The Dragons

This picture already says a thousand words, but what’s better is what’s not included in the picture. And that’s the man behind this guy with the lizard who continuously kept saying, “I don’t f*** with no dragons, man.” And as funny as the sight of him might have been, we get it.

Image courtesy of bigjustin223 / Reddit

Who would want to mess with you when that creature is chillin’ your shoulder? It’s small, but if we all remember, Daenerys’ dragons could already do so much damage when it was that size as a baby, so who’s to tell that this distant cousin won’t do the same thing?

The Magical Brooms Of Walmart

Not all people who wander into Walmart go there with a purpose. Sometimes, you just need nothing to do while doing something, and browsing through the many aisles of this shopping center is just the perfect thing to occupy your time.

Image courtesy of Sykelol/ Reddit

Why settle for browsing when you can do something as awesome as this? We wonder what they were thinking once they started setting this up. We believe it had something to do with magic and self-cleaning brooms. It’s honestly pretty neat.

A Representative From The Church Of Bling

When we think of preachers, we usually envision humble men who put an incredible amount of value in a simple way of living life that just the very sight of them screams simplicity. Apparently, though, there are preachers out there saving souls in style.

image courtesy of Sweaty_Summer/ Reddit

For this guy, his chosen style is a wig and mask of bling. Maybe it’ll blind all the forces of evil that come his way, or perhaps it serves as his cover since he just wants the people to credit his work to his Almighty.

Magic Milk!

Wine gets better with age. People would even wait hundreds of years if it meant tasting the very best wine. Milk, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. The fresher it is, the better. But since we can’t take it straight from the utter, we depend on expiry dates. 

Image courtesy of bhlombardy / Reddit

This jug has thrown us in for the loop, though. There’s a month and day, but there’s no year. Does that mean it will never expire? With milk, that’s a chance we’re not willing to take. As it seems, though, this brave soul doesn’t care about that.

This Guy Couldn’t Resist The Temptation

When we see chairs, beds, or couches on display in places like Walmart or Ikea, there’s just this urge in us to try them out and see what’s up. We think that’s reasonable. We have to know what it would be like before we buy it after all, right?

Image courtesy of Jathosian / Reddit

In some cases, though, it just doesn’t seem right to do it. This guy seems like he just couldn’t resist the temptation. He really climbed up there just to perch on that seat and try it out himself. We hope it was everything he was looking for.

When You Get Stuck In A Dire Situation

Today, a lot of places are becoming a little laxer with the mask regulations, given that most of the population is now vaccinated. In the beginning, though, you could have gotten in serious trouble going out without some kind of cover on your face.

Image courtesy of DaddyKunt/ Reddit

Understandably, at that time, it wasn’t a habit for people to have random masks on hand. And as it seems, this lad was stuck in a dire situation because he just had to go to Walmart. We do hope he took the time to deeply inspect those before wearing them. 

The Best Marketing Tactic Ever

This woman right here is the legendary Charlene, a Walmart employee who poses with the current sale items of the season for the local store’s Facebook page in her area. And we think she deserves the biggest raise in history. 

Image courtesy of SnappleCap85/ Reddit

By far, this has been the best marketing tactic we’ve seen from any Walmart store. Charlene models the products perfectly and gives the advertising materials a certain character no one else can copy. Who wouldn’t want to eat up that sale with this kind of promoter, right?

Just Checking The Smileys

Usually, people don’t want to be the focus of any security, especially when they catch a glimpse of themselves in a camera. It makes people nervous and unable to shop. However, this guy might just be that oddball who gets a kick out of it. 

Image courtesy of Gripper0009 / Reddit

We love that they chose this specific picture and shoved it up there for security to see. If we were security, we might have had a little scare with that face (who wouldn’t?) just showing up out of nowhere, but we’d definitely have a laugh. We hope their security did.

Two Kinds Of People

When the pandemic lockdowns started, the situation created a worldwide panic that manifested in many ways. Everybody rushed to the shops to stock up on things they thought they needed to last for months on end. Everybody didn’t hoard the same items, though. 

image courtesy of Evonos / Reddit

In this picture, you got the people whose logic was blinded by their panic, and you also have the people who have decided to fight with their weapon of choice. We don’t know who did it better, but we hope it brought both of them some peace.

No Need For Words, Just Look At That Face

Bananas are delicious and one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. We absolutely have no clue why someone would hoard as many bananas as this person, though. Seriously, what kind of diabolical plan do they have with these bananas?

Image courtesy of mcfishstix/ Reddit

Just look at the poor dude’s face. His expression says what all of us would be thinking if we saw those bananas lined up like this, too. We just hope whoever bought this was shopping for a bunch of monkeys, so we know those bananas are in safe hands. 

When Your Wardrobe Needs To Be Updated For Fall

We absolutely love it when the season changes to fall, and not just because of the drinks, decor, and food. We also love it because it gives us a chance or excuse to change up our whole wardrobe and do some serious shopping, just like these two are doing. 

Image courtesy of ilovepuppies246 / Reddit

By the looks of it, they’re having a serious discussion about whether that brown furry jumpsuit would be great for the events they planned for if it’s worth its price. We got to say, good for them. At least they know what they want, right?

Turkey Stole This Person’s Parking Spot

Parking spots at Walmart stores are like gold. It can get challenging to find a decent parking spot because it’s always hoppin’! You can even meet people who would outright steal the parking spot you actually spotted first. This turkey is an example of that. 

Image courtesy of citizen_wildcard / Reddit

Clearly, our guy was there first, but this fierce little gobbler beat him to it, and he’s looking smug about it, too. It looks like it knows it won. Seriously, though. Whoever owns that bird should crack some windows, or they’ll be coming back to a cooked dinner.

Just A Tiny Bite

Do you ever have this urge to bite into a product even though you know it’s not edible just because of how it smells or looks? We have those moments, too, and we completely blame the manufacturers for duping our senses and feeling that strange urge.

Image courtesy of MilkyWhiteDischarge / Reddit

Maybe they were thinking, “It’s just a little bite. Nobody would even notice.” They just straight up put this thing to their mouths. We hope it was worth the risk, though. Since they didn’t take a second bite or even buy the product, we don’t think it was.

Making Walmart Your Living Room

If you think about it, anyone can live in Walmart. For instance, if some kind of zombie attack happens and you get locked in a Walmart, you could actually live pretty well there since they literally have everything.

Image courtesy of AristonD / Reddit

As it seems, he didn’t want to miss out on the latest release of his favorite game, and since he couldn’t actually enjoy it at home, he decided to take his house to Walmart. By the looks of it, he’s comfy and in his element.

He LOVES Chicken-Flavored Ramen

Many people go crazy for ramen, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s so simple to cook, and there are many flavors available that you really won’t get bored with just one. For this guy, it seems that chicken flavor will always be his OG no matter what. 

Image courtesy of Reddit

It seems that showing his love for the chicken-flavored ramen wasn’t enough by eating it, so he decided to wear the merch as well. We got to say that we admire his passion. Maybe ramen companies should contact him to advertise their products.

How About Stop Judging Others?

We know that the ripped jeans trend wasn’t well-loved by everybody. Some people thought it was ridiculous, but we have never seen anyone so appalled by it as this lady. She really despises them. And she wanted the world to know that.

Image courtesy of qazwsx963/ Reddit

We have to ask, Why? Sorry ma’am, but we don’t think advertising your disgust for a pair of pants will make people wear them less, especially in the graceful way you’re notifying the world. Plus, with those floral pants, you can’t say anything.

If Walmart Starts Early, We Start Protesting Early, Too

Many people love Halloween. Walmart knows this all too well, so they also put out Halloween decorations earlier than many shops around the country. Not everyone is as pleased with this as the avid Halloween goers. Take a look at this guy.

image courtesy of Burningman316 / Reddit

He might not hate Halloween, but he definitely doesn’t see the point in displaying Halloween stuff too early. And we got to wonder why? Is it because the kids keep coming to his house? Or is it because he just can’t stand the sight of them too early? 

A Second “I Do”

Walmart isn’t the usual setting of those feel-good Hallmark films or any of our favorite love stories. It’s just not the type of place that seems romantic, you know? But if you think about it, it can be. This couple seems to prove just that.

Image courtesy of Burningman316 / Reddit

You might be thinking, “Really? Wedding renewals? At Walmart of all places?” And yes, the initial reaction is quite common. After all, Walmart really isn’t considered a special place, but hey, if the shop means something to them, then why not?

He’s As Safe As Can Be

When the pandemic was at its height, many people were taking serious measures to protect themselves whenever they went out. Some sanitized their hands almost every minute, others wore layers and layers of masks, and some took a whole different approach. 

Image courtesy of Lovetank555 / Reddit

It’s easy to laugh at the character. But hey, it might just be the thing that saved this guy from getting COVID. After all, in times like the ones we had back then, many thought it was much better to overreact than to be sorry in the end. 

It’s Quite The Handsome Bot

The cleaning bots that Walmart usually sets loose are so ordinary and boring that most of us would just pass them by without a second thought. However, this bot eats up attention even if he’s just doing his job, and it’s because he’s one handsome bot. 

Image courtesy of Donthurtmyceilings / Reddit

We love how the employees tried to give the little guy some personality with the checkered hat and tie because clearly, it’s working. It’s quite the head-turner, and it makes us want our own bots just like that one at home. 

This Is How You Introduce Your Child To The World

When introducing their baby to the world, most couples might throw parties or individual meet and greets with their loved ones. This father, though, chose to go the Walmart route for introducing his baby to the world and vice versa. 

Image courtesy of ChromeXBoy / Reddit

We got to say, it’s very original, and it kind of shows the world what kind of father he’s going to be for his child. And, we can already see that it’s going to be a very fun childhood for this baby. We hope that kid enjoys it to the fullest. 

For When You Need To Reach The Top Shelf

We appreciate that Walmart’s shelves are built to contain as many products as they can stuff in there, but what we don’t really appreciate is how tall they made them. Not everyone grows to be six feet tall, okay? 

Image courtesy of lacifx / Reddit

Most of us need ladders to reach the top shelf. And while most of us would resort to jumping up and down rather than seeking help, this woman resorted to something unique. It’s not the easiest task carrying grocery bags in those heels.

Just Stopping For A Little Rocket Fuel

We admire people who take the time and set aside the resources to customize their cars. That’s not an easy thing to do, and it takes so much passion, money, and dedication. This guy right here proves that it might be worth it all. 

image courtesy of xtina-d/ Reddit

But why this design? Is the owner of this car flying off to space or something like that? Those things look like they’ll launch him and his car to the moon. And who knows, maybe it’s the start of that kind of invention.

This Woman Is Committing A Heinous Crime!

When we buy bread, we search for fluffy, soft, and full-sized loaves. Sadly, for the people shopping in this Walmart, they won’t be getting that nice bread they hoped for because of this idiotic woman who thought they would serve as supportive cushions. 

Image courtesy of TDIsideHustle / Reddit

Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell her off before she squished the delicious bread? And why in the world did she even think that is okay to do in the first place? She should be arrested or at least made to pay for all the damages.

She Must Just Love Chicken Flavored Ramen With All Her Heart

Sometimes, when people really love something and can’t get enough of it, they go to great lengths to get as much as they can. For instance, this lady’s love for chicken-flavored ramen seems to fuel her desire to buy every single one of them.  

Image courtesy of Brandinbutler / Reddit

She really just went into Walmart, got a cart, and scooped up every chicken-flavored ramen she saw on the shelves. She didn’t leave any breadcrumbs. We wonder what spurred such love and dedication, and we wonder where we could get it for ourselves, too. Oh, we know. MSG and salt!

Wear It Loud And Proud

There are many strange things that people are into that get a lot of flack in general society because of how they’re portrayed. Take the furries, for instance. The concept behind the group is pretty innocent, but it can sometimes be sexualized, which might explain why people feel weird looking at this. 

image courtesy of hellpatrol666/ Reddit

Seriously though, who really cares, right? Wear what you want and try out whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anybody. Find yourself and express yourself in ways that make you feel good and don’t hurt others!

Just A Lady And Her Child Shopping At Walmart

We’ve seen dogs, cats, and sometimes even birds and lizards being carried around by people at Walmart, but never goats. This might be the one thing that Walmart doesn’t sell—just kidding. But for real, this one is receiving special treatment. 

Image courtesy of philosophykaz/ Reddit

Although we see that they’ve come prepared to give the baby goat everything it needs for the shopping trip, we really don’t agree with the position they’ve put the poor thing in. Couldn’t they just put a diaper on it and put it on a leash?

Rapunzel In The Flesh

There is something to admire with guys who grow out their hair because that’s not really an easy thing to do for them. It takes so much patience and effort to take care of their hair, and it seems like this guy has plenty of that. Just look at that long tail. 

Image courtesy of Jeffvanc / Reddit

There is something about it that makes it look a little unkempt. Maybe it’s the way that it looks like dryer lint just stuck together or the fact that he washes it once a year. Anyhow, congrats to him for getting it that long we guess. 

At Least He’s Trying?

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were just told to cover their mouths and noses, but there weren’t really strict parameters in place that controlled what people could use as a face cover, and many people got creative like this guy. 

Image courtesy of allofmyteeth / Reddit

Love it or hate it, at least he is doing his best to be a responsible human being. What he did actually took more time than just buying a mask at the store, so kudos to his effort. He’s dedicated to protecting himself and others, and that’s what matters.

Just Listen To The Door

It looks like somebody ran out of paint for this one or ran out of money to complete the paint job, but hey, they put in the effort to make sure the door belongs, right? And who are we to judge? If they say it identifies as camo, then it is camo. 

Image courtesy of x_shivo_x/ Reddit

It’s nice how they really cared about it, though, and made sure it wasn’t left out from the rest of the car. At least it’ll teach people not to judge by the first look because too many people just make many dumb assumptions.

An Undead Possum In Walmart

There have been too many gruesome stories of people running over possums or seeing dead possums sprawled out over their lawns. Thankfully, this time, we have a live one and quite the good boy at that shopping with its owner at Walmart. 

Image courtesy of anniepharr / Reddit

Now, this is a sight and a story we’d rather hear about rather than dead possums. The creature looks so well-behaved and just chill. It even looks like some kind of adviser telling its owner which product is better as per their experience.

Together With His Long Lost Brothers

Although the toys in Toy Story always didn’t belong in the same group, they were a family. Unfortunately, it seems that someone didn’t agree with that concept, and they put Ham the pig together along with his fellow pigs. 

Image courtesy of funfan5/ Reddit

What they made is kind of a grotesque scenario. There’s Ham, all smiling and jovial, right beside the remains of his slaughtered brothers and sisters. We wonder how that will affect the kids when they see this. We hope they’re ok.

How Heavy Are Those Pants?

We love suspenders because of the reason that they prevent plenty of scandals from happening in public. They allow plenty of men out there to keep their dignity. However, never before were we prompted to ask how many suspenders does one man need?

Image courtesy of azuzepher / Reddit

We always assumed that the usual two-strap ones were good enough and would hold on to any pair of pants, but it seems like that wasn’t enough for this guy’s pants. Seriously, does he have rocks in there? Why do they look like they’re falling no matter what? Oh, the questions we have, sir!

Seems Pretty Normal For Florida

Whenever something crazy happens or whenever someone does something crazy in Florida, people just shrug it off because it’s in Florida. Now, we’re not sure how that came to be, but that’s how it is now, which is why nobody seems to be batting an eye at this man shopping in Florida.

image courtesy of ke8750 / Reddit

As it seems, people there really don’t care what other people would say. They just do them, and that’s that. No overthinking about neighbor gossip, odd looks, or open mouths. They’re just there to live their life. And we dig that. 

Looks Like Someone Canceled Their Party

It sucks when the party that you’ve been planning and preparing for has to be canceled because of unforeseen events, right? What sucks more is having to return everything you didn’t use or throw away stuff. This poor guy knows the feeling.

Image courtesy of seeedona / Reddit

We assumed his party was canceled, the amount of turkey?? Imagine how many homes could have a nice hearty Thanksgiving dinner with all those. Sadly, they’re just going to the trash because he wasn’t able to cook them all.

Whoever Stole This Clearly Wasn’t An Expert

Usually, when thieves steal something, they do it in the most subtle of ways. Sometimes, they’re even so good that their victims wouldn’t notice something’s missing until hours later. Whoever stole this controller, though, clearly had no idea how to do that. 

Image courtesy of ButtEater344/ Reddit

The controller was just basically ripped out of the box. How could anyone not notice someone doing that? Plus, it would have been so easy to see through the CCTV. So, we’re pretty sure whoever did this didn’t get too far.

Conquering Everest

Most of the time, when people see a pile of something like this, they do everything in their power not to deal with it. Who would want to, right? There are people who are the living exceptions, though, and who see it as a challenge instead of an obstacle.

image courtesy of Raulzitoe/ Reddit

The person who got that trolly up there is an example of that kind of person. They saw that pile and thought, “Ah, here’s the challenge for the day. What fun!” And amazingly, they did conquer the pile. So maybe having a sunny disposition like theirs does pay off.

A Fox Is On The Loose

In Walmart, you see all kinds of different fashions. There may be people wearing glittery ensembles, and some wearing just undergarments, and then there will be some like this lady here who’ll just be the odd duckling walking the aisles.

Image courtesy of CaptBanana2/ Reddit

Was she wearing a costume or something and just didn’t get to change out completely? Or is it some kind of fashion style she’s trying out? Whatever it is, we don’t want to know where that tail is connected to, and we hope this never becomes a thing.

A Satyr Shopping

Speaking of strange creatures in Walmart, we had a fox earlier, and now we have a satyr. He got the goat legs, and he even has the hair to match it. We wonder what in the world would a satyr need at Walmart, though. 

image courtesy of stumpmcgee/ Reddit

Seriously, why would he choose to wear this kind of shoes to Walmart, of all places? Walmart is the place where you walk for a long time, and we can’t imagine those shoes to be very comfortable at all. Come on, there’s no need to torture yourself.

Ho Ho Ho, Punk Santa Is Coming To Town

When we think of Santa Claus, we think of this old jolly guy with white hair, a white beard, and a big jiggly tummy. But, we forget. That’s just one rendition of Santa. He could actually look any other way aside from that stereotypical image. He could look like this guy!

Image courtesy of vicbwod35/ Reddit

We love how this guy really tried to make his punk look a little more child-friendly by covering up his spikes with those cute little Santa hats. Surely, kids wouldn’t be as hesitant to climb up on his lap and ask him to grant them their wishes.

What A Special Wedding

When people think of wedding venues, beaches, churches, hotels, or any other beautiful place usually comes to mind first. It’s not Walmart. In fact, we’ve never heard of anyone wanting to hold their wedding at their local Walmart until we saw this picture. 

image courtesy of dyslexicapricot/ Reddit

It’s not to say that Walmart isn’t a decent place but really, come on. Do you really want your special day to be in the midst of people thinking about their life choices and stressing over their bills? Surely, there had to have been a much better venue with the same price as Walmart.