Sarah Jessica Parker Gives Her Opinion About Aiden vs. Big!

By Letizia L

Fans of Sex and the City, you will want to read this.
The question we always wanted to ask Sarah Jessica Parker was finally asked, and now we know once and for all if the actress – the face of Carrie Bradshaw in the famous American TV series – ever (really) supported team Aiden or team Big.

Career and love: these are the two reasons that push Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw to move to New York. This, at least, is clear from the start. However, although the road to a career as a writer is revealed almost immediately, it is the fluctuation of love affairs that sends her and us a little out of the way.

On the one hand there is Aiden (played by John Corbett), sweet and charming. On the other hand, there is John aka Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who is beautiful, tremendously romantic and also a little damned. And he is also the man who in the end, after a series of events, will put a ring on her on the finger. But what would have happened if Carrie had chosen Aiden in the end?

For Sarah Jessica Parker, the question about the ending of Sex and the City is absolutely ridiculous. reported the statements that the actress made during an episode of the podcast The Bradshaw Boys, in which she says:
“You can imagine that answering puts me in a terrible position – jokes SJP – but the answer is quick and simple. We must necessarily support the Big team, I guess. If only because you can’t tell a story for so long and don’t end it in the most conventional way.

I love Chris Noth a lot, and the story written by Michael Patrick King is wonderful. In short, however much Carrie Bradshaw may have loved Aiden (and Sarah Jessica Parker also confirms that she loved John Corbett’s character), the ending of the love story that kept us glued to the TV was predictable: “Carrie would have obviously chosen Big in the end anyway. But it was fun to mess around before she got to choose him. “