45 Sarcastic Yet Relatable Memes That We Can’t Get Enough Of

By Arvyn B

For many of us, sarcasm is one of the best forms of humor. Although people who are always sarcastic can be a little irritating at times, there is no denying that sarcasm, in general, can be pretty hilarious. It is important to remember that sarcasm is a skill — you can’t be sarcastic about everything and expect it to be funny! No matter your thoughts on sarcasm, there is no denying that the examples we have found on this list are absolutely hilarious. They are all from the page “sarcasm_only” on Instagram, which collects some of the best examples of sarcasm from all around the internet. Some of them are hilarious, and some of them just feel true that it almost hurts.

All images in this article are courtesy of @sarcasm_only on Instagram.

Sleeping Too Good

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. Nothing can quite compare to being rested, relaxed, and ready for the day. But sometimes, those naps can be so good they’re disorienting. We’re not the only ones, right?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

This meme is the perfect example of a too-perfect nap. Sometimes, you have such a good rest that you wake up in distress, thinking that you have missed your school bus and forgotten to do your homework. But you are actually an adult!

Procrastination Problems

If you didn’t know, the word “procrastination” means that you constantly put things off, often until the next day. They end up becoming an even bigger problem than they should have been. It’s a slippery slope that we’ve all faced.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

The best way to kick the habit is by telling yourself to do things now instead of just waiting until later. Of course, that can be a problem when you actually procrastinate this very attitude. Just do your work now!

Diet Plans

It is a fact — nobody likes going on a diet. You might start off with good intentions and feel optimistic about losing weight, but soon the cravings and desire for sweet food kick in. We’ve all been there before!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Sometimes, when you come to the end of the diet, it feels like you have lost nothing but happiness and joy. Keep trying — the goals that you desire will come soon enough. Keep working hard. You can do it!

Lock It Up

One of the worst experiences is when you go to a public bathroom because you are desperate to use the toilet…only to find that the door has no lock. Just what on earth are you supposed to do in this situation?!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Well, we have the answer for you — use your foot. This way, you can keep the door closed while you do your business. It isn’t easy to make it work, but we don’t think there is any other way to keep your privacy!

Marriage License

At first glance, this seems like a pretty ridiculous idea. Having to renew a marriage license every few years like a driving license? That seems quite cold and silly! Wasn’t the point to be together forever? Though, come to think of it, this could be pretty useful; in fact…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

After all, it would save many people the hassles of divorce and prevent any costly separation settlements in court. This makes it beneficial for anybody! However, we doubt that this will ever become the norm as it is a little too strange.

Saving Money

Nowadays, it feels like we never have enough money. There are so many bills to pay, such as rent, groceries, and utilities, not to mention the many other financial needs that we need to take care of. How can we save for the future?!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Honestly, we think that this user has the right idea — start saving money in kindergarten. Keeping your piggy bank intact all these years might be the only way to have enough money as an adult! If only we’d seen this 30 years ago…

Stop The Tears

One of the most awkward moments ever is when somebody starts to cry in front of you, and you don’t know why. Just what on earth are you supposed to do in that situation?! It feels strange comforting them, and ignoring them would be cruel…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

We could always try doing what this user suggested instead — offering them some toothpaste! We are not sure exactly how that would help the situation, but the randomness of this offer might be enough to momentarily distract them from whatever was so upsetting.

Under Pressure

Job interviews are also another terrible experience that we all have to suffer through at one point in our lives. Sometimes you need to lie a little during an interview and fluff up your skillset. Don’t be ashamed. We all do it!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

But what are you supposed to do when you get the job, and you need to put this skill set into practice? It is a difficult situation to be in, and it often results in tears as this little kitty has!

Too Much Food

This one is pretty sarcastic, but it is definitely true, too. Food is something that is supposed to keep you active and give you enough energy for the day. But, if you eat too much, it has the opposite effect…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

You end up falling asleep instead! We can definitely relate to this meme, having overindulged on more than one occasion in our lives. It is never a good feeling! Next time we slip into a food coma from overeating, we’ll remember this meme.

The Butterfly Effect

We can honestly say that we have felt like this person at least once in our lives. Sometimes, when you go out and about in your daily routine, you just cannot help being shocked at the stupidity of some people. Seriously!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Instead of getting butterflies in our stomachs or feeling a sense of wonder from being around others, we feel like we are losing brain cells. Or worse – getting brain damage. Some people really are quite silly and just make us question the world we live in.

Long showers

Another great feeling is taking a nice warm shower. For some people, that shower might only last a few minutes or so. For the rest of us, it can easily end up being at least 25-40 minutes. Why is that, you wonder?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Well, because we are putting on a live concert, of course! We cannot even begin to describe the choreography that we perform in the shower, along with different world tours. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, why not give it a try?

Toxic Relationships

Sometimes, it can feel like you give so much to other people and get very little in return. Everyone has a had relationship like that at some point in their lives. Though, hopefully it’s all in the past. But if that is you now, then get out!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Seriously — this is the definition of a toxic relationship. If you are giving it your all and this person, no matter who they are, is doing the bare minimum, then it’s toxic. You deserve to be treated like the birthday cake on the left!

Wake Up!

This has to be one of the most annoying things in the world. If you are used to having an early start in the morning, then you know how difficult it can be to wake up sometimes. We hate it!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

What is worse than that is when you have a day off, and you are ready to sleep in, only for your body clock to wake you up at the usual time instead! And we wonder why we’re always tired…

New Person

This meme has some really great advice! This user sent a message to someone then removed it shortly after. Naturally, the other person was quite confused about it — why would they delete the original message so suddenly? What did it say?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Well, it’s obviously because they are a new person — after all, as they wrote, a new minute means a new you! Okay, so this one is a little bit ridiculous, but we have to admire their confidence at doing this.

Time Goes By

There is an old saying that states, “time goes by so slowly for those who wait.” At work, it feels like no truer words have ever been spoken. It feels like the clock doesn’t move and time seems to drag on and on!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Especially when you check the clock — what feels like many hours ends up only being a few minutes. Or worse, just a few seconds! The best solution for this is to just not look at the clock. It’ll go faster!


Most of us enjoy going on vacation; it is a great way to kick back, relax, and forget the troubles of our daily life. But preparing for a trip can be tough. It can be difficult deciding what to pack.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

After all, you want to spend money on souvenirs, not buying a jacket that you forgot to pack when you already have three at home. Sometimes, it can be so difficult that you end up taking way more stuff than you need — just as this person did. They packed all this for a weekend!

Sleeping Late

For some reason, we always find ourselves staying up very late at night, usually on our phones. It is always “just one more video” or “just another chapter.” Before you know it, it is 4 AM, and you need to go to sleep!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Waking up the next day is extremely difficult, and it is so painful having to see your perky colleagues in the morning. No amount of coffee can fix the irritation that you feel. What’s the solution? Go to bed early!

In Better Shape

As the new year came around, many of us made a promise to ourselves that this would be the year that we would “get into better shape.” We told ourselves that we’d make healthier food choices and work out more.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Of course, this never lasts for long — and for a good reason. A beach ball is a shape, after all! Okay, so it might not be the best shape, but you should enjoy things instead of worrying about your weight.

Hidden Grandma

Many people claim that they have an “inner child” that they like to let loose sometimes. What people usually mean by this is that they have an “inner self” that likes to play and enjoys the childish things in life.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

For us, however, we totally agree with this meme. We have an inner grandma who wants to sleep at 8 PM and judges everyone around them. It is so much more fun being this way, instead of a clueless child!

Rumor Has It

Nobody likes someone who gossips a lot and ends up spreading lots of rumors. Sometimes, these rumors can end up being quite nasty — then there are other times when they are absolutely hilarious, especially when they are about you!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

It is pretty hearing people make up stories about what you have done, and it almost feels like you are listening to a piece of TV drama. The best punchline is that we are not as wild as the rumors make us out to be!

Younger Times

It is honestly quite crazy how hard we all worked when we were younger. As a child, we would read many books for school, complete dozens of assignments, and still find time for extracurricular activities. Not to mention the energy we still had at the end of a long day. But now…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

It is an entirely different story. We find ourselves feeling sleepy at 8 PM, struggling to finish a 200-page book, and even needing to drink coffee to stay awake in the afternoon. Oh, how our lives have changed so dramatically!

Party Time

Another downside of getting older is the frequent need to recharge between social encounters. Before, we could hang out with our friends any day of the week and have a lot of fun. Why didn’t anyone tell us this would happen?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Now, after seeing people for one night, we feel the need to hibernate for a few weeks to get our energy back! This is all part of becoming older, and it is pretty funny that almost everyone feels like this.

Poor Dog

We feel so sorry for this dog — just what on earth made it feel this way?! Whatever may have happened, we can definitely relate to the expression on its face. We have felt this exhausted plenty of times before!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Perhaps this puppy felt annoyed at playing the third wheel to its friends once again. That is never a fun feeling! Hopefully, the doggy cheered up soon enough and felt better afterward. Maybe they were sad because their doggo friend was late.

15 Minutes

There are many lies that we all find ourselves saying. For example, “I don’t need to write that down — I will remember it.” One of the worst is “I can get ready in 15 minutes.” This is just not true!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

However, no matter how many times we prove to ourselves that this is not true, we are always convinced that we can do it differently this time. Perhaps one day it will work, or we will finally admit the truth. It takes 30 minutes instead!

End Of The World

Back in 2012, constant rumors and conspiracy theories were flying around that the world was going to end. This was all because some people misinterpreted a Mayan calendar, leaving them to jump to the conclusion that it signaled the end of times.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

The Mayan calendar did not actually say it was “the” end of the world but instead claimed it was “an” end. They meant the world was going to change in 2012 and would enter a new era. Well, it wasn’t wrong!

Funny FaceTime

If you have an iPhone and like calling your friends, then you will know the problems of trying to go on FaceTime with them. No matter how hard you try, you always end up starting your chat at the most unflattering angle!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

That is exactly what seems to have happened with these cute animals. Okay, so they probably were not FaceTiming each other, but we would like to imagine that they were. We wonder what they talked about – perhaps farm life?

Growing Pains

As soon as you start feeling a lot of pain in your joints and bones on a regular basis, that is a clear signal that you are getting older. However, we think that this post is a bit premature, as they are only 19.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

They should wait at least 20 more years and then see how much pain they are in. Back pain when you turn 30 is no joke! As the saying goes, “you are only as old as you feel.” If you’re stuck in an office all day, make sure you schedule some stretching into your day!

At The Gym

With the start of a new year, most of us make a commitment to start working out, eating better, and maintaining healthier habits. There is no better place to start than at the gym. Just make sure that it is an actual gym…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

…and not a McDonald’s like this user did. Nothing on the menu will help with your diet plans, and you will pile on the pounds instead of losing them! Cut out the fatty foods and get on that treadmill if you wanna be healthier.

Curvy Body

Being told that someone loves your curves is always a lovely thing to hear, as it makes you feel so much better about your body. We’re all about body positivity! But what if it is not those curves that they are talking about?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Instead, it might be the curves from your neck because of your bad posture! Honestly, this would not surprise us, as we often feel like the “before” part of many painkiller advertisements. We need to find a better way to sit!

Too Cheerful

All of us can be divided into two categories. There are night owls, who are always active in the nighttime, and there are morning birds, who are always chirpy in the morning. We know which camp we fit into, and we can totally relate to this meme!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Seriously — what is about the morning that makes “morning people” feel so pepped up and buzzed in the early light? We need a strong cup of coffee to feel like anything close to that. And even that doesn’t work sometimes!

Old Times

What a blast from the past! Anyone who had a desktop computer in the 2000s will remember turning on your computer like this. Instead of using our hands, we always used our feet to do it! After all, they were closer…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

That power button was massive; we could easily hit it with our big toe! It could sometimes cause problems, though, especially when you missed the power button — and ended up hitting the CD tray instead! Oh, how we miss these days.

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll

This one certainly strikes a chord with us. Every night, we put our phone on charge for several hours, as though we expect plenty of messages coming through the next day and lots of things to do in the morning.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

The truth of it? We really just need it to charge so that we can scroll through various social media sites for hours on end! Social media can be a pretty addictive force, and we confess that we love it.

Money And Happiness

There is a traditional saying that “money can’t buy you happiness,” which just means that you can never buy the feeling of joy. That might be true — but you can buy things that give you joy. What things, you ask?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

It is not cars, houses, or designer clothes. Instead, it is good old food that brings us joy! We have definitely felt like SpongeBob this picture on numerous occasions, especially when visiting a fast-food restaurant. The food is just too delicious!

Was It Good?

There are few honors greater than being given the aux cable in the car. It means that you have been chosen to be the DJ for the ride, and you cannot wait to show off your excellent taste in music!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

But, of course, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and you end up spending most of the time checking that everyone is enjoying your feels the same way about your playlist. You want everyone to think that it is the best song ever!

Opposites Attract

There is another old saying that states, “opposites attract.” Essentially, this means that people who are completely different from each other usually end up getting along well with each other. When it comes to food preferences and sharing a pantry, it’s a huge bonus!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

After all, you never have to share your food with someone who dislikes it! Just so long as you don’t yuck their yum, it works out for the both of you. However, there is also one major problem — what if you meet someone who dislikes pizza? It seems impossible, but it, unfortunately, could happen!

Bad Picture

We have definitely all felt like this, at least once in our lives! Bad pictures are the absolute worst, but there is something even more terrible than that: when you look awful in a photo, but your friend looks great.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

No matter how hard you plead with them, they refuse to delete the picture from social media because they look so terrific! If you’re stuck with an unflattering picture, just remember that it’s not the end of the world. Take it in stride and try to laugh it off.

Imaginary Outfit

Whenever we go shopping for clothes or choose an outfit, we always imagine how wonderful and stunning we will look. We imagine that people will be so impressed as we walk past them in the street. The reality of it?

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

It is never anywhere near as beautiful as we imagine it to be! Somehow, the outfit tends to look a little bad, and it falls short of our dreams. The truth is you should be happy with what you wear.

Outfit Repeater

One of the worst trends around is calling people an “outfit repeater” like it’s some horrible sin. We buy clothes so that we can wear them repeatedly. We don’t buy clothes for a one-time try-on. (TV show characters, we’re looking at you!)

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

This meme is a great response to anyone who asks you why you are wearing clothes more than once. Making full use of our wardrobe is not only good for the environment but our wallets, too. Why waste perfectly good clothes for a silly fad?

Music Too Good

One of the best parts of driving in your car is being able to listen to music. Especially when you’re alone; it’s just so much fun driving along, with your favorite tunes blasting out as you sing along. There is nothing like it!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

But what do you do when you get to your final destination, and there is a terrific song playing? Well — you wait, of course! We sometimes pretend to be looking for something as we wait for the final chord to play.

It’s Not Adding Up

As we get older, there are some things we still can’t figure out. For starters, why is our body always in pain? Why don’t we have clean clothes when we just did laundry yesterday? And why do we always end up working so hard…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

…but never have any money to show for it? These are truly some of the biggest mysteries in life, and we would love to know the answers to these questions! Perhaps if we sleep on it, we can find the answer.

Why Are You So Obsessed?

Having someone who is interested or healthily obsessed with you is sometimes a really good feeling. They always want to be around you, and you can always feel their love for you. Of course, they might not always be human…

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Instead, they could end up being a dog! There is nothing wrong with finding that uninhibited affection from a pet. It’s healthy to feel loved by someone, even if they walk on four legs. A dog is an excellent example of unconditional love!

No Cake

This one is so strange to us. Just who on earth does not want to have a birthday cake?! That is one of the best parts of having a birthday — eating all of the delicious, sweet food. How tasty!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

This person had the best response when their loved one said that they didn’t want a cake. The party planner made the message into a cake — what an absolute master of sarcasm! This is one clever joke, and we love it.

Up All Night

One of the most annoying things is when someone tells you that they need to tell you something tomorrow, just as you are about to go to sleep. It is terrible because you spend the whole night thinking about it!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

Of course, it usually ends up being nowhere as bad as you first think it will be, but still. The sleepless hours of anxiety are no fun at all. If you ever do this to someone, please stop it. It keeps us up!

Leaving On Time

No matter how early we leave in the morning, we’re somehow always a little bit late for work. Usually, it is because we end up underestimating the travel time. Sometimes we hit every red light on the way to work, and other times we’re just moving too slowly.

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

If only we had a real time travel machine, and we could jump back into the past to stop ourselves from being late. Perhaps we will have that ability in the future. Then again, we would probably just distract ourselves and be even later.


There is no denying that as soon as you turn 30, you really start to feel done with life and ready to retire. After all, why should the 60- to 70-year-olds have all the fun? Our back hurts, too, y’know!

Image Credits: @sarcasm_only/Instagram

We feel so ready to just kick back and enjoy our lives instead of working all the time! As soon as you start to feel back pain, we think you should be entitled to retire. Adulting is too much hard work!