Winter Is…Weeks Away! 45 Jon Snow Memes To Get In The Mood For The Cold Season

By Jishnu B

A Song of Ice And Fire is widely considered one of the finest fantasy series in the world. We must also give props to HBO for its TV adaptation — Game of Thrones. The show’s initial seasons were a masterpiece.

With a set of amazing casting and extraordinary writing, GOT became one of the greatest series in television history. The franchise introduced us to many iconic characters and dialogues that have since become a staple in pop culture.

Few characters from the series are as recognizable as Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. His key characteristic is his infuriatingly intense sense of honor. Most fans wanted him to sit on the Iron Throne.

But the character is also quality meme material. Don’t believe us? Here are 45 of the funniest Jon Snow memes. It’s been years since the show, but if you haven’t watched it – there are lots of spoilers in this.

Jon Snow, The Prettiest

If we go on a date with Jon Snow, chances are our fathers won’t say anything. It’s not because he is the perfect gentleman; it’s because our fathers know he is prettier than us. We wouldn’t dare make a move on him. We might come home early because we’re so intimidated by his perfect face.  

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We must give the casting director props for casting this actor. There are plenty of stunning women in the show, like Daenerys, Sansa, Cersei, and Margery. Yet Jon Snow somehow outshone all these gorgeous women. Maybe it’s the beauty of old Valyria. 

Jon Snow, The King of Poker Faces

If you thought Bella Swan from the Twilight saga was expressionless, you have not met Jon Snow yet. This man has the emotional capacity of a dried-up raisin, which is none. Whenever you see him, he has the same face that looks like he is about to cry. 

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Regardless of whatever is going on in his head, his face remains the same. It is kind of impressive. Jon Snow would have performed well in some modern-day careers that require a poker face at all times. But then again, he is too gullible and kind-hearted for these jobs.

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

This is one of the most over-quoted phrases in the ASOIAF fandom. Yet it never gets old. His first lover, Ygritte, was the one to coin that quote. The context is quite adorable. Many of you might ship Jon and Daenerys together. However, we think Jon and Ygritte were superior.  

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When Jon met Ygritte in the first season, he was still a naive teenager. He blindly swallowed whatever was fed to him by others. Just like other Kneelers, he thought the free folks were evil. He also had never been with a woman. Hence, Ygritte teasingly proclaimed he knew nothing.

Even Drogon Knows Something

Ever since Ygritte said that Jon knew nothing, his destiny was basically set in stone. It seems everyone in GOT knew something that he didn’t. Even Drogon, Dany’s prized dragon, knew better than him. Poor Jonny Boy. He is just too pure for this world.  

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This shot is from the show’s final season. At that point, Jon still didn’t know about his Targaryen lineage. However, being a loyal Targaryen dragon, Drogon smelled his blood and immediately knew who he was. That explains why he’s smirking so smugly. He knows things that Jon doesn’t.  

Jon Thrives In Every Weather

Those unfamiliar with the ASOIAF universe might be confused by why Jon’s last name is Snow. Since his father is a Stark, should he also not be a Stark? Well, you’d be right. Except, Jon is sadly not true-born. Illegitimate children are named after the prominent natural element of their birthplace.  

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Jon is from Winterfell, where it constantly snows, which explains the surname. Similarly, children who are born out of wedlock in Dorne are called Sand; because Dorne is located in the middle of a desert. However, Jon is very versatile. He can blend in during any season. 

Wall Of Honor

This character had quite a rough beginning. He was the so-called illegitimate child of Ned Stark. His stepmother hated his guts, so he was treated differently from his true-born siblings. He couldn’t own any land or become an esteemed figure in society. He didn’t have the best time in Winterfell. 

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Usually, people joined the Night’s Watch as punishment. Men rarely went there willingly due to their strict vows. One couldn’t have children, own land, or ever leave the Watch once they took the vow. However, Jon went there because he wanted. To him, there wasn’t a place more honorable. 

Ghost Deserves Better

GOT‘s final season was an absolute disaster. It was painful to watch, especially when you invested nearly a decade of your life in the show. The writing was so bad even the cast couldn’t salvage it. Many of our favorites faced unfair endings. Yet the worst treatment was delivered to Ghost, the dire wolf.

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This sweet boy was Jon’s loyal companion. He followed him all the way from the Night’s Watch to the final battle. That’s pure loyalty. It’s even more impressive he survived this long. For being such a brave boy, he deserved many hugs and kisses. Yet Jon just walked past him. It’s unforgivable!  

Battle of Jon and John

Since we are already on the topic of reprimanding Jon Snow for mistreating Ghost, let’s compare him to a superior John. It’s a fair match. Both of them are popular in modern-day pop culture and also have similar-sounding names. Nothing against Jon; however, we prefer John

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While Jon Snow is very honorable and lawful, he can often be a little too honest. It often leads to many mishaps in GOT. Remember when Tyrion reprimanded Jon for not lying to Cersei, their enemy? These are all good qualities. However, he does not treat Ghost right. Hence, John Wick wins this round. 

Please, Get A Room!

If you ever dated someone who had a pet in their home, you will totally relate to this next meme. It’s kind of unsettling when you’re trying to get some kisses, but their dog won’t go away. Are we supposed to make out while the dog is staring? That’s creepy!

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Poor Drogon was having a bad time in the North. The cold weather was not suitable for a hot-blooded dragon like him. Even worse, he witnessed his mother getting cozy with a random dude. Our pets would probably understand what Drogon was feeling at that moment.

Can’t Focus On Anything Else

Ned Stark had six children, but for some reason, we could tell that Jon was the most important. He had that main character energy. As the series progressed, we realized his true value. He didn’t participate in the bloody war for the Iron Throne like everyone else. 

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Instead, he saw the true threat of the army of the undead. It was strong enough to wipe out the entirety of Westeros, yet no one took them seriously. Everyone thought the undead were fictional. However, after fighting and surviving them, Jon was set on eradicating them. 

The White Walkers Come First

This is the interaction that all the OG fans were waiting for. We were patiently awaiting the day when two of the most prominent characters of the series, Jon and Daenerys, would meet. We personally think it was worth waiting. It wasn’t intended to be humorous. But it was somehow comedic. 

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From the second the two of them met, sparks flew all over. Daenerys demanded that Jon bend the knee. When he didn’t comply, she tried guilt-tripping and gaslighting the northerner. However, Jon stayed firm and only insisted on fighting the undead. Their banter was worth the wait. 

Jon, The Most Beautiful

GOT had many mythical elements, such as dragons, giants, and zombies. Yet the most unrealistic thing was how there weren’t more women obsessing over Jon Snow. Just look at this man. Is he not the hottest dude in Westeros? The fact he is such an honest soul makes him even prettier. 

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Can you truly blame Ser Jorah for switching sides? Sure, Daenerys Targaryen is divine. She is beautiful, freed slaves, and made history by reviving dragons. However, she might be a tad bit too violent. Hence, we prefer Jon over her. At least he won’t burn us alive if things don’t go his way.  

Jon Doesn’t Want It

GOT and ASOIAF have no lack of ambitious characters. As Petyr Baelish once said, everyone wants something. Tywin Lannister wanted a never-ending legacy. Margaery Tyrell wanted to be the queen. Meanwhile, House Bolton wanted to be the warden of the North. All of these desires led them to their downfall.

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From that perspective, Jon is quite unique. He rarely wants anything for himself. His humble soul had a hard time processing his new title as King of the North. You can only imagine his reluctance when he realized he was the heir to the Iron Throne. He repeated that line throughout the season.   

The Stark Siblings

The Starks are our favorite family from the ASOIAF universe. It’s impossible not to like them. We met them as naive children who later went through a lot. We had preconceptions about them; we thought Sansa was the pretty, dumb girl. However, life seasoned her to become one of the smartest players. 

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Bran looks smart for some reason. However, all his solutions come from his supernatural power. We were confused about the route Arya took in the story. However, she became the mightiest fighter in the show. On the other hand, we thought Jon would be the brawn. However, he turned out to be the pretty Stark. 

He Is Not Wrong

This one made us laugh. It is an overdone joke; all fans have heard it at some point. Lots of people mock Jon Snow for his looks, while others prefer joking about him being completely inexperienced with the ladies. They do kind of have a point.

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We can totally imagine him doing this. He was a naive, illegitimate boy from Winterfell who didn’t have much interaction with women who weren’t his sisters. Other than Ygritte, he never looked at a woman in a romantic way. It’s not shocking he would mess up in his first attempt at wooing Daenerys. 

“Can I Just Call You Dany?” 

Westerosi customs are frankly not smart. Their monarchy and succession system, as well as some of their religious customs, make no sense. While it is fun to watch as a fan, sometimes we wish things were a bit better. The dumbest tradition is probably the unnecessarily long titles of their monarchs.     

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Poor Jon Snow innocently asked for Dany’s last name. Little did he know that all sorts of bizarre titles would ambush him. He should have stayed quiet and just rolled with Daenerys. Once he’s on the Iron Throne, let’s hope he will put an end to these titles.   

The Wingman We All Need

Davos Seaworth does not get the hype he deserves. GOT fans praise characters like Littlefinger and Varys for rising from the dirt and becoming two of the most powerful people in Westeros. But Ser Davos also had a modest background. Once a lowly smuggler, he became the Hand of the King.  

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Thanks to his fierce loyalty and determination, he rose to power. He helped Stannis survive hunger during Robert’s Rebellion. He was Jon’s advisor. Due to his awkward nature, Jon had trouble wording things correctly. Davos always helped him with that. We can imagine him flirting with someone on Jon’s behalf. 

Same, Jon, Same

We can only sigh and nod at this meme. Never have we ever related to a meme so much in our life. Living is fun (sometimes). However, it can feel so draining (almost all the time). Sometimes we wonder how living can feel like our energy is constantly getting drained.

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Jon is the perfect representation of our generation. Check out his face. He’s just like an average sleep-deprived college student. Jon looks like he’ll end up crying if the wind blows in his direction. It’s pathetic yet so painfully relatable. After the final season, he definitely deserved a break. 

Another One For The Archive

Many argue that Jon Snow would fare better in the modern era. We wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. Does this look like a man who can navigate through the complex world of the 21st century? Even if his illegitimate birth bears no stigma here, he would have a harder time.  

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While we may don’t have the outdated medieval customs from Westeros, our world is more dangerous in its way. Jon, a man who knows nothing, would go bankrupt within his 20s. If he went on a game show, it would be much worse. Instead of winning money, he would be paying them.

This Is How Things Should Have Ended  

The season finale of GOT was an epic disaster. Due to time constraints, the showrunners took a perfectly good plot and flushed it down the toilet. Years of intricate plots and prophecies went down the drain, and it was painful to watch. The worst treatment was probably delivered to our beloved Jon Snow.    

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Jon literally saved the realm. He ended the Long Night once and for all. He also took the burden of killing the Mad Queen. He should have been the king, even if he wasn’t a legitimate Targaryen. Yet the crown went to Bran, who did nothing but sit around and recite lines from previous seasons. 

Jon Snauh

Ygritte was the best girl in ASOIAF. She and Jon were the perfect couple. Their relationship falls under the enemies-to-lovers trope. He was the stiff, gullible boy from the south of the Wall. Meanwhile, she was the free and wild young lass from the North. They were made for each other. 

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As a free folk, Ygritte did not have access to education like most people from the other side of the Wall. The wildlings were commonly illiterate and had a certain accent. Hence, Ygritte said Jon’s name with more flair. It wasn’t surprising that she didn’t know how to spell his name.  

Dire Wolves Are The Best

We have been preaching about Jon Snow’s virtuous qualities for quite a while. Now it’s time to concentrate on the good boy who deserved better. We are, of course, talking about Ghost, the mighty dire wolf. Ser Davos Seaworth was Jon’s Hand – but Ghost was his loyal shadow. 

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However, this precious boy didn’t have enough screen time during the last two seasons. The showrunners were too busy displaying Jon’s interaction with Daenerys’ dragons. We understand it was necessary for the upcoming reveal of Jon’s lineage. However, we still believe Ghost deserved better treatment. Jon is lucky there’s no PETA in GOT

The Married Couple

Contrary to popular belief, we think the first meeting between Jon and Daenerys was pure comedy. We waited years for these two to meet. There were various fan-written pieces on how their first meeting would go down. Yet none of us could have imagined it would go this way.  

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They were at each other’s throats like an old married couple. They were like those people who stayed with each other for years and were comfortable enough to insult each other’s family casually. Dany demanded Jon bend his knee due to his ancestors’ oath. Meanwhile, he didn’t trust her due to her family history.     

That Awkward Moment!

This is a face many of us are familiar with. We made that face many times when we realized our partners had been with other people previously. It hurts to learn that your partner’s ex earns more than you, looks better than you, and has a better social life than you.

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We can’t blame Jon for looking so miserable in this photo. Khal Drogo, played by Jason Momoa, was a behemoth of a man. He was Daenerys’ first husband and an extremely powerful warlord. Even after his death, Daenerys treasured his memories dearly. If we were in Jon’s place, we’d be crying on the floor.  

Everyone Loves Daenerys

Those who watched GOT till the very end already know that Queen Daenerys did some very messed up things. War crimes aside, she used to be an inspiring figure. She went from being an exiled princess to becoming the most powerful force in the world. She freed enslaved people and gave justice to many.

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You might unsurprisingly fall in love when you have such a remarkable woman in front of you. The fact that she is canonically one of the most beautiful women in Westeros doesn’t hurt either. Therefore, it’s not surprising that all three men in the photo fell in love with her. 

Ser Davos Doesn’t Like Wasting Words

This is not even a meme. This one is an actual scene from season seven. Daenerys was introduced with a long list of titles. Meanwhile, Jon was introduced with an awkward yet simple “He’s king in the north.” It seemed lame at first. However, it was the right thing to do.   

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In the wise words of Tywin Lannister, no true king ever has to proclaim they are the king in front of anyone. Their actions will speak for themselves. Hence, Daenerys’s long introduction was unnecessary. Instead, Jon is more admirable as he silently does many good deeds but doesn’t bother making fancy titles out of them.     

Snow Patrol

It’s like the song was made only for him. The lyrics go well with his despair, and the band’s name matches his name. If Jon lived in the modern era, he would probably have a Twitter account. We can easily imagine him tweeting angsty lyrics’ from indie songs.  

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This infamous shot was taken from the final episode of the fifth season. In this episode, Jon is betrayed by his sworn brothers from the Night’s Watch. He was stabbed and left for dead in the cold. The lyrics’ from Snow Patrol were probably swirling in his head at that time.

Jon’s Ghost

No, we are not talking about his dire wolf Ghost. Jon Snow actually died in one of the episodes. Fans all over the world were beyond shocked. To many of us, Jon was the protagonist of ASOIAF. How can the story go on if the protagonist dies?  

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Thankfully, Jon came back from the dead. With the help of Melisandre, our favorite character was revived. Since he died once for the Night’s Watch, he was free from his vows. Hence, he could leave the Wall to assist his family and gain support from the Targaryens.   

Knowing And Doing

This meme reminds us of the debate that Littlefinger and Cersei had in one of the episodes. Petyr believes that knowledge is power. With enough information, a person can dominate a whole country. On the other hand, Cersei believes that power is power. From her perspective, an intelligent man cannot stand up to brute force. 

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These four individuals showcase these factors perfectly. Jon knows nothing, yet he is willing to do anything. Samwell is a maester in training; hence he has a lot of knowledge, and he takes action accordingly. Meanwhile, poor Rickon died too young to do anything. Bran knows everything, though he does nothing.  

Daenerys Pulled A Big Brain

The finale of Game of Thrones was very shocking. We found out that Jon Snow was not a low-born, illegitimate child. Instead, he was the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. And that means he is a Targaryen and the true rightful heir to the iron throne. 

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From episode one, we witnessed the power struggle and bloodshed that the Iron Throne caused. Daenerys herself went through many hurdles to reach it – only to find out that there was a northern boy before her in the line of succession. Hence, Drogon destroyed the cursed throne.  

Poor Jon

Jonny Boy can’t seem to catch a break. He went through so many obstacles to get where he is. From an allegedly illegitimate child, he became the king of the North. He defeated the Night King and even pledged himself to a queen he believed in. 

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Technically, it should have been a sunny retirement era for Jon snow. Yet it all came crashing down when his aunt fired up a dragon in King’s Landing. We make the same face when we remember we forgot to take the chicken out of the fridge before mom gets home.

“Sorry, I Don’t Talk To Living People”

Jon Snow had quite the life. From a weak boy who used to be abused by Catelyn Stark at Winterfell, he became the commander of the Night’s Watch. However, he was later betrayed and killed by his sworn brothers. Though he was revived, he bore the trauma for life. 

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Jon does not like talking about his struggles. He prefers to keep quiet and do his own thing. However, Daenerys is the opposite. She dangles her previous traumas in the faces of those who oppose her. Some might even call it a manipulation tactic. However, one thing is clear: Daenerys never died for anyone. 

Many Faces Of Jon Snow

Humans are complex creatures. We have many sides to us that we show only to the appropriate crowd. For example, you don’t use the same vocabulary around your friends and professors. And social media platforms depict the various sides of a person. 

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We put on a more mature and professional façade on LinkedIn since we are trying to appeal to employers. Facebook is where we share our thoughts and tidbits about our lives. Meanwhile, on Instagram, we upload more picturesque photos. Tinder, however, is where we seduce potential partners.


GOT and ASOIAF are not for delicate souls. George R. R. Martin did not hold back at all. The book and show feature violent depictions of abuse, gore, murder, and many other gruesome images. Therefore, don’t be too surprised when you come across casual incest in the series. 

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The meme is right. Jon Snow is indeed related to Daenerys. His father was the older brother of the Mother of Dragons. Basically, Jon is her nephew. When they found out this horrible truth, it was too late. They were already in love, and their relationship had been consummated. 

Lucerys Velaryon, Jon’s Ancestor

Meet Lucerys Velaryon, the new addition to the GOT universe. He appeared in HBO’s House of The Dragon. The show features the infamous dance of the dragons that killed off nearly all dragons and Targaryens. This happened over a century before the events of GOT

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Lucerys is actually canonically Jon’s ancestor. Like him, Lucerys was also born out of wedlock. Hence, he carried the guilt of not being a true-born heir. When he was offered the position of the Lord of Driftmark, he refused it. Perhaps, the lack of ambition is a family trait.  

White Walker

The tale of the White Walkers was considered mythical in Westeros. People thought it was a bunch of hogwash invented to scare children into going to sleep. However, only a few people knew that they were real. Jon Snow was one of these people. 

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When he asked Daenerys for her help, she didn’t believe him — neither did her council. When asked for proof, Jon brought Daenerys to the Dragonglass cave where ancient murals resided. The first men and the children of the forest came there and warned them of the army of undead. 


The universe of ASOIAF is quite brutal. Growing old and dying peacefully in this harsh world is quite a feat. Dying with a few specks of silver hair is considered an honor. Rarely does a man survive the plights of their life and live to tell the tale. 

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Jon Snow, however, is quite unique. He lived twice to tell the tale. And boy, does he have a magnificent tale to tell! He may not be the most interesting character. He cannot involve himself in clever banters like Tyrion or Varys. However, he is a brave man who has seen a lot.

It Might As Well be Canon

Jon and Dany had an instant chemistry. It’s almost as if the fans knew that the two of them would end up together. They were two important people who lived on two polar opposite sides of the world. At times, we were not even sure that they’d ever cross paths.  

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Thankfully, our prayers were answered during the seventh season. The two favorite characters of the fandom finally met, and it was a day worth celebrating. We understand why Dany would desire him. It’s Kit Harington. You would be a fool not to want him. 

Look At The Positive Side

Jon Snow did not have the brightest childhood. Being labeled as the illegitimate child of an honorable nobleman was not glorious at all. Jon was basically a black smudge on Ned Stark’s clean sheets, and no one was mad about it more than Catelyn Stark.

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Jon was the living reminder of her husband’s infidelity, and the poor boy had to suffer the brunt of her ire. Jon was often humiliated and ostracized by the family. When your life is so tragic, you are kind of forced to look at the bright side. It is the only way to survive.   

Knowing He Knows Nothing

You must be sick of the “you know nothing, Jon Snow” jokes. To be honest, we are at our end as well. However, the fans of ASOIAF can’t seem to get enough of it. Whenever a chance is given, they will most definitely quote it. 

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Ygritte, who first coined this cursed phrase, was teasing Jon about many things during their alone time. Because Jon joined the Watch so young, she assumed he didn’t know the birds and bees. However, Jon angrily refuted that he knew what he needed to know.  

Poor Kit

Ask any old-school GOT fan about the season finale of the show, and the chances are they will either cry or sneer and walk away. We do not blame them. Imagine dedicating almost a decade of your life to a show that ended on such an awful note.

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Not even the actors and the terrifyingly beautiful CGI could save the show from damnation. Jon Snow also suffered the brunt of horrible writing. He wasn’t given any space to express his emotions even though he went through such turmoil. The actors had more emotions off-screen.  

Aegon Targaryen VI

We were all curious about Jon’s lineage since season one. Ned Stark promised to reveal the truth to him. However, we all know how things ended for dear old Ned. Hence, it was very shocking when the secret of Robert’s Rebellion came to light.

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Jon Snow was no Snow. He was Aegon Targaryen VI, the rightful heir to the iron throne. He was no illegitimate child. He was the offspring of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This is exactly why he could go near Dany’s dragons without getting killed. 

Jon Playing RPG

We could trash-talk the disastrous writing of the final season and still not run out of curses. There should be a law that penalizes writers who destroy good stories like this. It’s been three years since then. The producers apparently still get death threats in their emails.   

Image Credit: bicureyooz/Reddit

Jon Snow’s dialogues were beyond terrible. All the character development that he went through went out of the window in the final season. It’s almost as if he was a lifeless robot who could only function within limited means. We were tired of hearing him call Dany his queen. 

Well, There You Have It

Unfortunately for Jon, his aunt/lover was indeed a problem. He was really shocked by her actions, and he only knew her for a few months. Imagine the way we felt after watching Daenerys grow from a weak, exiled princess to the Mother of Dragons. We still can’t accept how things ended. 

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Sadly, the Targaryen madness had gotten to her. The gods flipped a coin, and it fell on the wrong side for her. The whole kingdom suffered the brunt of her wrath. It ended the war for the Iron Throne. However, it also left a hole in our hearts.  


We want to finish this listicle with our favorite couple — Jon Snow and Ygritte. Our beloved character had a rough run. He died once and lived twice. He fought off the White Walkers, and he managed to fight off all the invaders who took his home.

Image Credit: LordSnow/Twitter

He truly is a good protagonist. We would have preferred to see him have a happy ending. However, we have to live with whatever was bestowed upon us. We wonder if he still knows nothing after facing and solving all these hurdles of life.