Social Media is Going Gaga over JLOs Latest Make Up-Free Selfie

By Divya G

Last month, Jennifer Lopez started a Saturday morning with a gorgeous makeup-free selfie, and unsurprisingly the netizen loved it. The said selfie featured JLO in a bathrobe with her hair cascading around her shoulders. And, her skin appears to be glowing from within. The 51-year-old star posted this picture with a caption where she wished her followers good morning with a hashtag #morningface.

Needless to say, the picture went viral within minutes of posting. There was a huge influx of comments that complimented this beautiful and versatile celebrity. 

Some of the comments included – “OMG how stunning”, “Natural beauty”, and “Morning ma, keep shinning”. 

This has also started a trend on Twitter where people are reacting to this post by sharing their own morning face selfies. 

It appears that JLO has a tinge of eyeliner on the lower lashline, but it may be from the night before. But the rest of her face looks bare- she has no lipstick on and even the brows are undone. 

JLO has already collected thousands of likes and comments from her follower who are simply stunned by her beauty. This isn’t the first natural face photo she has posted and rest assured people loved it and wants more of it. And the fact that she posted her bare face for millions to see reflects how comfortable she about her natural self.