Some Of The Cutest And Most Heart-Warming Dad Moments On The Internet

By Francis Tunwase

Being a dad is no easy job, but seeing a dad being one can be incredibly heart-warming. Thankfully, the presence of cameras and the internet means that we can constantly have pictures that make our hearts melt. We have compiled a list of some celebrity dad moments that have forever been frozen in time. 

  1. Henry Golding taking the baby on a picnic in the most comfortable way possible. In an Instagram post by the actor, we see that he is not just a star on set but a “star dad”, ready to carry the baby anywhere. Little Lyla also seems quite excited. 
  1. Jack Brooksbank was celebrated by his wife for being the best dad, and his smile shows that he enjoys taking the baby on a walk. It sure looks like a royal walk! 
Image courtesy of PRINCESS EUGENIE/Instagra,
  1. Chandell Powell carefully allows his baby girl to sleep in his arms. Daddy’s safe arms! We can’t also help but admire the protective and adoring way he looks at her. She sure is a lucky girl!
  1. Ben Napier feeding the baby with so much style and a lovely smile! The founder and woodworker shows that those big arms can be gentle when it is time to be a dad.
  1. Chip Gaines Asleep in dad’s arms, in the family truck, and with the family dog. What better way to spend the afternoon than out with two of your favorite people in the world- your kid and your loyal canine?
  1. Patrick Mahomes 
Image courtesy of Brittany Mattews/Instagram

He may be the big, strong quarterback on the field but when it comes to dad duties, it is time to be gentle and snuggle. We also love the expression on her face as she stares at the camera. 

There you have them! Some of the cutest dad pictures on the internet.