Grab The Popcorn: A Web Of Spider-Man Easter Eggs That We Definitely Missed - why these ?

Grab The Popcorn: A Web Of Spider-Man Easter Eggs That We Definitely Missed

If there’s one thing to look forward to in this festive period, it’s the arrival of yet another Spider-Man movie. This time, instead of laughing it off with Santa Claus this Christmas, you get to see your friendly neighborhood hero battle his way through friends and foes alike in the latest blockbuster titled No Way Home. You can understand the buzz everyone is feeling right now, especially since this movie features the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield – The latest Spider-Man or the original Spider-Man, as some people who loved the previous editions of the film will say. Either way, we can’t wait, and while we’re getting our popcorn ready, we thought it would be best to share with you some notable Spider-Man easter eggs that not just you but even some Marvel directors may have missed. 

The Skyfall Scene

One of the most painful moments we’ve ever seen on the screen of Spider-Man was losing Gwen Stacy. Apart from her being Peter’s love interest, we loved her for her fighting spirit and her decision to stand in the face of danger with Peter. 

Image courtesy of geekybase/Roykaden

However, that’s not the first time Peter has faced the possibility of losing his lover. It first happened in Spider-Man when Goblin held MJ over a bridge, and in Far From Home, in an illusion, Mysterio was holding MJ over a bridge, too.

The Nine Year Old Easter Egg

We all love a good easter egg, but this one you couldn’t have seen coming. Let’s travel back in time to 2008, when Marvel released their second boot of The Incredible Hulk. Yes, Box-office-wise, it was a failure, but wait for it. 

Image courtesy of geekybase/Roykaden

Do you remember that one time when Bruce delivers a pizza to a peculiar college student? That student is none other than Peter’s science teacher in Homecoming and Far From Home, Roger Harrington, played by Martin Starr from Freaks and Greeks. 

Marvel United!

If there’s anything Marvel is good at, it’s throwing subtle subs and creating awareness of events that you will find linked to another Marvel movie if you research it. Watch Peter in Far From Home browse through his in-flight entertainment options. 

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/chrjstopherhudspeth

As you can see in the movies section, it contains a documentary of The Snap that details the events of the Avengers. Finding Wakanda takes your thoughts to the Black Panther and Einstein Rosen Bridges by Thor’s Dr. Erik Selvig.

Tribute to Downey 

There’s no denying that Iron Man paid the ultimate sacrifice so the world could live, and for that, he will always have his place in every Marvel movie as the people’s hero. That was evident in Far From Home, as he was literally everywhere. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/Zendieah

However, that wasn’t enough for Tom Holland as he made a tribute of his own in the movie. If you remember, when Peter was designing his suit with Happy playing wingman, he mimicked Robert Downey’s movements when he created his suit in Iron Man.

Remember The Upside down Kiss?

If you’ve been following Tom Holland’s Spider-Man adventures, then you must know that Karen is more than just an A.I. Apart from all the scanning, calculations, and data uploads, she also gives him good advice, and that is always rare. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/damnitdolann

During one of Peter’s memorable saves, he had a chance to win the battle for MJ but decided to pass up on it against Karen’s advice to kiss her. This is clearly referencing the famous upside-down kiss between Tobey and Kirsten’s kiss in Spider-Man.

Sneaking in Uncle Ben

One thing about Marvel and their superhero movies is that some characters will always be present regardless of the universe. No matter how small, Marvel will find a way to sneak them in. And that’s what happened with Uncle Ben here. 

Image courtesy of Pictures

When we first saw a much younger Aunt May, we thought we were going to watch a young Uncle Ben die before his time again. However, that wasn’t the case. He indeed made it to the movie but in suitcase fashion – Benjamin Franklin Parker.

Straight out of the Comicbooks 

In recent years, we have seen Marvel change the big screen outcomes and events that transpired differently in the comic books. However, they still do their best not to stray too far from their origins, just like this scene in Homecoming

Image courtesy of Reddit/BrainOfG

This was one of the standout scenes from Homecoming. At his lowest moment, Peter finds the inner strength to persevere. This was first portrayed in the comic books in the Amazing Spider-Man #33, co-written by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. 

Marvel’s AI Family Tree

If you’re familiar with Marvel and all of their cinematic universes, then you would know the king of AI’s is none other than Tony Stark. Tony has an AI he named Jarvis, and another AI he made for Spider-Man called Karen.

Image courtesy of geekybase/Roykaden

It would interest you to know that Karen’s voice is provided by Academy award winner Jennifer Connelly, who somehow happens to be married to Paul Bettany, who provides the voice for Tony’s Jarvis and is also the man playing the superhero, Vision.

Is there really ‘No Way Home?’

When Marvel dropped the teaser and official trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, we all had a lot of questions, starting with the poster that depicts Spider-Man’s first comic appearance behind Zendaya to Seeing Doc Ock, Electro, and the Green Goblin. 

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From the trailer, you can already tell that nothing prepared you for this. This movie is looking to blow our minds by infusing theories of the multiverse against everything we know about our friendly neighborhood hero. We can’t wait to watch it over again and again on our screens. 

Mysterio: The True Story 

You might not know this, but the story of Mysterio was tweaked in Far From Home. Quentin Beck was a failed actor in the comic books but instead became a former employee of Stark Industries who was bent on revenge against Tony. 

Image courtesy of geekybase/Roykaden

However, Quentin is not the only one who changed. William Ginter Riva, who appeared in the 2008 Iron Man, was once a loyal scientist of Stark Industries, but in Far From Home, he joined Quentin’s cause for revenge against Tony and the superheroes. 

The Legendary Bruce Banner?

One thing Marvel has always prided itself in is giving credit. When it’s time to talk about science and geek stuff, you’re sure to hear the names of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. However, it seems Bruce Banner may already have his place in history. 

Image courtesy of

While Howard Stark, Tony stark’s dad, and Abraham Eskine, creator of the serum that made Captain America, are Marvel’s finest inventors, it would seem that Bruce Banner and his seven Ph.D.’s haven’t gone unnoticed. Peep the last image on the right in Peter’s classroom.

Easter eggs in the Making?

Typically, Easter eggs are discovered after a movie, but this might be the first time we get to see them before the masses notice them. During the teaser for No Way Home, there appeared to be a whiteboard that carried a little too much information. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/Siredu62

If you look closely, you’ll see the efforts of the directors to name the movie and notable references to COVID-19 and the classic Christmas movie Home Alone. However, the real question mark is the drawing of the arc reactor that kept Tony Stark alive. 

Paying Homage

There is no rule that says Marvel is only allowed to reference their own movies. They can reference other movies, too, and in Homecoming, they did exactly that. Do you remember the scene when Peter was chasing Toomes’s goons?

Image courtesy of geekybase/Roykaden

Marvel didn’t just mimic the scene. They made sure everyone got it by making Peter swing through a TV that showed the actual scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. To cap it off, Peter, while swinging, also says, “Great movie.”

Pulling a Sneaker on Deadpool

This won’t be the first, and the last time we witness a Marvel superhero getting shaded in another Marvel superhero movie. In this scene from Homecoming, Liz confesses to her friend that she has a crush on Spider-Man, but her crush was crushed. 

Image courtesy of IMDb

Liz’s friend, who played by Angourie Rice, apparently told Liz that Spider-Man might be “seriously burned.” The other superhero we know behind a mask that is seriously burned is none other than Deadpool. If that’s not a swipe, we don’t know what is.

Go Tigers!

By now, you should know that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is quite different from the one in Amazing Spider-Man and the first Spider-Man movie. However, that’s not all that’s changed. Zendaya’s MJ is apparently Michelle Jones and not Mary Jane. 

Image courtesy of

But don’t worry, it’s only a name change. She confirmed that when she told Peter that her friends call her MJ. Also, in the comic books, her first statement to Peter was, “Face it, Tiger.” In Homecoming, Peter’s high school mascot is known as a tiger. 

Peter and Pepper – Should Tony be Worried?

Who would have thought Peter and Pepper would wear the same T-shirt. Unless Marvel has a clause that everyone in the MCU shops are in the same store, this should not have happened. However, it did, and it’s raising quite a few brows. 

Image courtesy of

At the end of Homecoming, Peter donned a T-Shirt that had molecules having some funny conversations. Pepper wore the same T-shirt in Iron Man 3. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but Tony definitely won’t find this funny.

A Blast from the Past

It appears we’re not the only ones who have a box where you can find an old pile of junk. Marvel has one, and they evidently brought it out in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The last time we saw this device was in Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/onlineposterperson

We’re not sure how it got to Peter, but it did come in handy as he was able to escape from the hijacked truck unscathed. To jog your memory, this was the device that made Sokovia fall from the sky despite Wanda’s best efforts.

Tom Holland and Spider-Man was Destiny 

Just like how you can travel across the Earth around and back and still won’t find a better person to play Iron Man than Robert Downey, the same applies to Tom Holland. Surprisingly, his first superhero cape is not Spider-Man’s, but Iron Man’s. 

Image courtesy of Wattpad

In Iron Man 2, there was a kid who was bold enough to stand in front of an armed drone with nothing but an Iron Man costume. Thankfully, the real Iron Man showed up. That kid was Tom Holland, and the rest is history.

Introducing Scorpion

It’s no news that Marvel likes to leave traces of what’s to come in their movies, and it happened again in Homecoming. It’s okay if you missed it because they can be really subtle when it comes to these pointers.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant/CBR

If you’re familiar with Spider-Man comic book villains, then you must know Scorpion. He’s also one of Adrian Toomes’s associates, and together, they made shady deals that ended up getting ruined thanks to our friendly neighborhood hero. The tattoo on his neck gives him away. 

Always lurking in the Dark

For several years now, Nick Fury has been a vital linking point between many marvel cinematic universe movies. Apart from his role of linking the stories, he also has formed a habit of lurking in the dark to introduce himself.

Image courtesy of Kaden

His signature way of introducing himself to the heroes is waiting for them in their usually dark apartments. He did it to Peter in his Venice hotel room. The scene is also familiar to Captain America’s Winter Soldier

Ned’s getting Married?

Every Far From Home enthusiast is aware of the sizzling romance between Ned Leeds and Betty Bryant. It was not only a noticeable subplot throughout the movie but was also full of humor as the producers followed the comic version to the letter. 

Image courtesy of

What many people might not have noticed is that there’s a possibility of a wedding between the duo. We know this from the comic as we also know that Betty and her husband worked as reporters at the same firm called Bugle. 

One actor, Two roles

A single actor playing two different roles is an uncommon thing in Marvel’s cinematic universe. However, someone seems to have flaunted the unwritten rule. In the picture, we can see midtown’s science school’s principal, Morita, talking to Peter. 

Image courtesy of TheLastBluemud/Reddit

If you take a closer look, you will see that he also played his character’s grandfather in Captain America: The First Avenger. He was Jim Morita then, and he even has a portrait picture of his grandpa in his office.

Rest in Peace Randy

The former professional wrestler Randy Savage featured in the first big-budget live-action Spider-Man movie as a behemoth called Bonesaw McGraw. The inspiration for this role came from the comics where Spider-Man took on a wrestler like Randy named Crusher Hogan. 

Image courtesy of Kaden

However, the producers didn’t feature a similar scene in Far From Home. However, they attempted an imitation with a poster behind Happy Hogan when he arrived at the famous charity. The poster says that a hundred dollars go to anyone that goes against Crusher Hogan.

Jake finally got his Chance

Here’s the story of how Jake Glylenhall almost became Spider-Man. The first live-action Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire, got hurt after the production of the first movie. In turn, his agents threatened the producers that his client wants a pay hike if they wish to continue their relationship.

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Jake was asked to step in as a substitute, but Tobey returned to take the role once again before the production of the next movie. Years later, Jake returned to the franchise not as Spider-Man, but as Mysterio in Far From Home.

The Origin of Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers character is a unique one in the sense that no one refers to her with her comic book name. In fact, she wasn’t even referred to as captain marvel in avenger’s end game which is a very recent release. 

Image courtesy of Kaden

Apparently, Peter called her captain marvel in Far From Home, which is a movie she wasn’t even featured in. Remember when Nick Fury wanted Peter’s help against the elementals. He mentioned her name amongst the suggestions he made.

The Tale of an Old Romance

This scene happened after Happy Hogan and Tony Stark lost the opportunity to make Peter join the Avengers on the first attempt. He refused at the time and said he was happy to be a neighborhood hero. Tony thereafter wanted to play down his failed attempt. 

Image courtesy of

He asked “Happy” for a ring in an attempt to look like he wanted to propose to his long-term partner, Pepper Potts. Happy blatantly told him that he has been carrying the rings since 2008. The date coincides with the release of the first Iron Man.

What Comes Next?

After eleven years of Marvel’s phase three movies which came to an end with Far From Home, many fans didn’t know what came next. Marvel did, and they made a subtle reference to our anticipation in Far From Home

Image courtesy of Kaden

As Spider-Man swings through a construction billboard in New York that says, “We’re so excited to show you what comes next!” Marvel stylishly introduced phase 4 with a question mark after three completed phases. Now, we all know what they had in store. 

Don’t invoke her Name!

This was Nick Fury’s reaction when Peter mentioned the name “Captain Marvel” while suggesting a list of heroes that could do a better job than him against the elementals. The reason for the outburst was a bit obscure to many. 

Image courtesy of MTV/

However, the end credit scene gave us some meaning to the outburst. Apparently, Nick and Maria Hill were shapeshifters the whole time. This explains many twists in the movie, like where they didn’t know the whereabouts of the other avengers.

A Cameo with a Rich History

Donald Glover, also popularly known as Childish Gambino, had a cameo that left many people bewildered in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He wanted to play Spider-Man but never got the role. Instead, he got something close that you might have missed.

Image courtesy of Kaden

Seven years before Homecoming, Glover campaigned for the role of Spider-Man but was unsuccessful. After that, he voiced the character Miles Morales, who is another Spider-Man character in an animated film.  In Homecoming, Glover later came in as Aaron Davis, mile’s uncle in the comic.

Marvel continues to Marvel

After the demise of Tony Stark, Happy continues his tradition of hitting on Peter’s Aunt May. Apart from the five hundred thousand dollar donation that Happy wanted to deliver at May’s charity on behalf of the Stark Relief Foundation, we noticed some cool hidden facts. 

Image courtesy of

We discovered that Synchrony bank, a real-life financial institution that offers special Marvel credit cards, has its logo on the check. Also, the check was signed by Pepper Potts, who is now overseeing the Stark Industry and its holdings.

The Unforgettable Line

The Spider-Man animated show was last seen in 2004, but an element of the show left a more lasting impact. The line, “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can” is featured in all of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies that you probably didn’t notice.

Image courtesy of

The line also made an appearance as Peter’s ringtone in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Furthermore, the great composer Michael Giacchino gave the line massive attention by making an orchestral score based on the wordings. We think this is a really cool detail.

Remember the Professional Hater?

Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man comic trilogy was a blast for several reasons. One of the most intriguing aspects of the story is the role of John Jonah Jameson. Remember when he played the bugle’s publisher and a hater of Spider-Man. 

Image courtesy of

We thought that he wouldn’t make it past Spider-Man 3, but we were shocked by his appearance in Far From Home. Since many people don’t read newspapers anymore and rather read on their phones, he moved his publication and hatred online to

Good Old Music

In Far From Home, we all can remember when Peter donned his spider-man suits using Tony Stark’s mobile lab on a jet. Happy, who was glad to be in charge of music, wanted to reminisce about old times and immediately put on AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

Image courtesy of Kaden

The song first came on in the first Iron Man film when Tony Stark first landed in Afghanistan. However, Peter wasn’t familiar with the song that many Marvel fans missed, which was evident by his rememberable comment, “I love Led Zeppelin.” 

The Origin of “Damage control”

In Homecoming, we learned that “damage control” is an organization that Tony Stark and the US government own. The organization is an important one since it is in charge of cleaning up the spoils and artifacts after superhero wars. 

Image courtesy of Marvel

However, many people are not aware that the organization has its origins in Marvel comic books in the 80s and 90s. In fact, as you can see, Spider-Man was featured on the cover of their first issue. Pretty neat, right?

Easter Eggs with License Plates

We bet you didn’t realize that Marvel continues to insert funny easter eggs in their movies with every license plate number in Far From Home. They made it in such a way that all plate numbers in the movie match a comic reference. 

Image courtesy of Ranker

When Nick Fury picked Peter up in Berlin, his plate reads MTU 83779, which stands for marvels team up, a comic reference to the duo’s partnership in 1979. We saw another tag at the scene where Peter kisses Mary Jane for the first time.  

License plates with Meaning

The Spider-Man movie franchise has now become notorious with motor license plate numbers with deep meaning. Many people didn’t realize this until later. For example, Spider-Man’s nephew, Miles Morales’ who first appeared in Homecoming, was represented with the plate number, UCS-M01.

Image courtesy of Knottsville/Reddit

The plates belonged to a car that Aaron Davis brought to meet Spider-Man in Homecoming. The meaning was Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #01. The producers did the same thing with the tag HTD-003, which stands for “Howard the Duck,” as represented in the comics. 

The famous Avengers faction clash

In Homecoming’s opening scene, the producers showed us a caption that read, “A film by Peter Parker.” What followed was a series of shots from Peter’s time in Captain America: Civil War. Those that remember the famous airport fight scene would be familiar with this picture. 

Image courtesy of

However, there was a slight change from the events in Civil War and what we saw in Homecoming. He said, “Hey everyone,” after landing with the “Captain’s” shield. Whereas he didn’t even say anything in the real movie. It makes us wonder…

How “Peter Tingle” became a Thing

Spiders do not really have the power to sense impending disasters, but this ability is one of Spider-Man’s forte in recent movies. Do you remember when Peter sensed an alien invasion of New York when the hairs started to stand on his hands?

Image courtesy of Kaden

He also did something similar when he broke free of Mysterio’s illusions using his precognitive powers. Jokingly, his aunt, May, refers to this ability as the “Peter tingle.” That was the origin of the famous line, and it has stuck with us.  

A Glimpse into the Future?

During Mysterio’s deceit to Peter and the rest of the team, he claimed to be from earth but another kind of earth. He called it “Earth 833,” which further adds credibility to the theories and existence of the multiverse. 

Image courtesy of

While time travel has already been explored, as evident in The Avengers, this will be the first appearance of the multiverse in the MCU. We don’t know how Marvel intends to bring this into play, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

It isn’t what you think

Zendaya has played a vast range of roles in her short but illustrious Hollywood career. Coming in as Michelle in the Spider-Man outfit is one of her amazing performances as she doesn’t look like the timid and romantic character that Hollywood is used to.

Image courtesy of Roy Kaden

Everyone except Zendaya is engrossed in the Captain America PSA during this gym class in Homecoming. You can see her reading the famous 1915 novel, Of Human Bondage. While the book’s title might suggest something sexual, it’s actually about an orphan boy.