40+ Spoiled Dogs Living Their Best Life - why these ?

40+ Spoiled Dogs Living Their Best Life

If you are not ready to cry when you realize that some fuzzy, four legged babies are living their lives way better than you do, then we advise you not to scroll down. The amount of luxury these canines experience will make your feelings shrink, and those beautiful eyes of yours will most likely become all watery with jealousy. Been there, done that! Not only that, but seeing all these dogs having the time of their lives just because they are doggos and are cute really made us question our existence. Why aren’t we pets? They are so lucky. They get free food for life, free accommodation, free toys, and free treats too. A dog is already spoiled if it receives all of these things anyway. Now, go a step further and imagine those dogs that have their own rooms, boat, and even mansions. Now that is the epitome of spoiled. Get yourself prepared to witness the most pampered dogs of the internet.

A room for himself

There are those less fortunate out there that share a household with numerous people. Many of them do not have the luxury of having their own room and privacy. Some may know how this is, some may not. And this dog definitely doesn’t know.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Al_Chris16

His owner loves him so much that he felt the need to build his Frenchie a room just for himself. And not only this, but he painted it, added a nice floor, and placed awesome decorations on the walls. Not to mention that bed, which looks like the definition of comfortable.

Happy 10!

It looks like someone is celebrating his birthday. And it also looks like that someone is not a person, but a dog. Yes, we know! A dog is celebrating his 10th birthday while we, and we’re sure this includes you, do not remember the last time you celebrated your birthday like this!

Photo courtesy of thedailylaughts.tumblr.com

Not only this, but his humans brought him gifts too. And now that we’re talking about it, the birthday gift looks so yum. We would even eat that! And judging by the big smile this pup gave the camera, we can only assume that he loved his present.

The romantic one

We looked at this photo so many times, and all we can say about it is: we are officially in love. Look at the beautiful ivy that hangs from the roof and down the walls, the calm river, and last but not least, this beautiful Labrador pup who is sleeping.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Fatburger3

The more we look at this beautiful landscape, the more we envy this chill pup. He is so lucky to live in such an awesome place that compliments him in such a way that we could easily mistake him for Sleeping Beauty.

The dramatic one

We all are a bit dramatic every now and then, and that it’s ok, because it’s in our human genes to act up sometimes. But, we were today’s years old when we found out that some dogs can be just as dramatic too.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/MinervaZive

But apparently, only female dogs practice being dramatic. What a coincidence, right? Nonetheless, you have to agree with us that the picture of this girl can easily be added next to the word “DRAMATIC” in the dictionary. You know, just for a picture reference.

The photoshoot pupper

Everybody dreams of having a photoshoot when they have their first baby. Everybody, including this little hooman below, who decided that his puppy is so cute, he needed a professional photoshoot. And we personally think it was an awesome decision.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/TheRealDerv

So did over 300,000 people other people, and this little one is definitely included. She loved being the center of attention and it shows through the pictures. She gave the photographer and the human some really good shots. Fair to say, it was worth it.

The bread winner

When you first glance at the little Yorky pup, you kind of get the feeling that he is a spoiled dog. The very trendy red bandana, the fresh haircut, and last but not least, a laptop only for himself. And not just any laptop from any old brand.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Strawburry17

In case you wonder why would someone spend their money to buy their little furry bestie a laptop then… we are also with you on this one. It turns out that someone had to at least look like he was contributing to the household finances.

“OMG, human!”

It was Lucy’s birthday, so her humans decided to surprise her with one of the best looking cakes a dog could ask for. You heard that right. Nowadays, they make cakes for dogs. And it seems like dogs love the idea of birthdays and birthday cakes.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/tastyhouse

We don’t know about you, but we are not that curious as to what is in that cake. But we do have to agree on one thing; If we did not know it was for dogs, we most definitely would ask for a slice. And it looks like this is exactly what Lucy was trying to say too.

Easter egg hunt

Border Collies might be considered herd dogs, but it turns out they are pretty good at hunting too. Excuse us, Easter egg hunting to be exact. They have so much motivation and drive that we’re sure every Border Collie would become the Sherlock of every egg hunt if given the chance.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/paIoaItos

And this Border Collie makes no exception. Lucky for him, he has a very ingenious human who did exactly what every parent does for Easter, which is organize egg hunts with eggs filled with whatever the kids like. And this “kid” is no exception!


At first glance, we thought that this adorable Shih Tzu just got his tax return. Instead, it turns out that he is so loved by his human, that he decided to pay a local artist to literally make an original painting of him.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/MakesEthanol

Now that is a very exquisite gift to offer someone who barks, eats, and plays all day. But to us, it looks like the little guy really appreciated the gesture. At the end of the day, nothing can beat having a painting of yourself. Nothing but a good ol’ treat.

Best date ever

Don’t we all love when Friday night arrives? Instead of going out, we can eat the leftovers in the fridge? This is the best if you do it with your favorite being on earth, your dog, who is more than happy to eat his whole bowl of food and try yours too.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/wilstouf

Before we proceed, let us admire how beautiful this mixed Poodle pup is. We are in love. His smile is more than adorable. We can only guess that his owner had one of the best dinner dates she has ever had because he seems like the best company.

The hierarchy

According to this user, her dad put their family dog on the front seat while his wife and kids were all scrunched in the back seat. To us, it seems like the head of the house established the hierarchy of the household, and sitting in the car makes this obvious.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/spaghemily

While the wife and the kids seem pretty sour and jelly over this, the doggo looks like he does not give a dime about the people in the back. He knows that the front seat belongs to him, and he is not going to feel bad about it.

Family member

We can all agree by now that our pets are not just pets, they are family members. And what do we do when our pets are part of the family? We take their needs and well being into consideration just as much as the other members too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Alythuh

The human owner of this adorable dog acted exactly how a good pet owner would. When she redecorated her living room, she obviously had to make a lil corner for her little ball of fluff, in which she spoiled with one of the coziest mini chairs ever. What a lucky dog!

Besties forever

Some besties wear matching bracelets, some besties wear matching tees, and some even get matching tattoos. When it comes to these two besties pictured below, they preferred getting something else instead. And if you ask us, its a bit extra.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/nicholasaaronpurvis

So in case you’re wondering what they did, you just have to look at the picture above. They got blankets with each other’s faces, so when they sleep in their beds, they will be able to look at each other and keep each other warm.

It’s a date!

And if you ask us we think, this guy below is having one of the most beautiful and well mannered dates ever. Seriously, she is so classy that she can easily give the humans around the restaurant a few table manner lessons.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/aranjevi

It looks like everything is going extremely smoothly, and we can not help but wonder what she ordered from the menu. Maybe a nice prime rib or steak. Maybe some pasta or tuna… who knows. Maybe just some dental sticks.

Trusting the right one

Before jumping to any conclusions, we should first congratulate this woman for her being both a good human mom and dog mom too. She definitely made sure to do what was safe for everybody. And we are not judging anybody.

Photo courtesy Reddit/alabamaman69

And this is exactly what good mamas do. We agree that it looks a bit bizarre that the little man is wearing a leash while his little four legged buddy is not, But trust us, at that age, kids are just unstoppable and want to bend the rules.

That type of evening

We all have experienced at least once in our lives a Friday evening when you are just exhausted after a full week of working your 9 to 5 stressful job. It can really be draining. However, the younger version of you would love to go out clubbing, perhaps.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/dogmeme.s

The older and more wiser you is more than pleased with just staying inside and having a nice warm bath. If it just so happens that your pet loves Epson’s salt as much as you do, then you should consider yourself lucky to have a bath buddy to discuss the week with.

Fully paid school

Nowadays, a lot of students are going into debt trying to pay off their student loans. There are millions of students that are already in debt. They sacrifice a lot of their time, money, and all the Uni years, which are supposed to be really fun.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/biancatripp

Unfortunately, many of them have no resources and just give up their studies. Not this little Yorkie pup who was blessed enough to have a wealthy human to pay for his “studies” entirely and all in one payment it look like.


Do you want to know what’s really frustrating and annoying? When all your friends go to that “Friend-cation” you were all talking about last winter, and you’re the only one who could not take the same time off as them.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Potslol

And from this lack of planning, you start getting signs from the universe that everybody and everything is having the best summer so far. But when your dog is having an awesome summer, then this is the sign that you need to close your laptop and go to the beach… or at least a pool party.

Can we exchange places?

We are currently experiencing an intense heat wave that’s causing the temperatures to rise up to 45 degrees celsius. And sure, Summer is great, but Summer is only great when you get to spend most of it at the beach or in a cold water pool.

Photo courtesy of imugur.com/ThinkFirstThenSpeak

Like this pup who looks like he is living his best life so far in the middle of his own private pool. The more we look at him, the more we start feeling a little jelly of him for being able to swim and cool off whenever he feels like it.

Some children are really jealous

These dog parents took over responsibility when it comes to spoiling their furry loved ones. They decided to buy the fella nothing much but a private bouncing house. A bouncing house for a doggo that most likely can not even jump.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/RAHULGOWTHAMAN

But it is the true intention that matters. On top of this, the pup looks like he is more than grateful for the gift he got, even if he knows that the kids in the family will probably enjoy it more than he ever will.

Birthday party

We are looking at this picture while we are crying and screaming on the inside. We can not even remember when it was the last time we actually had a birthday party with all our friends and family together. Even just to be all together in one place is rare!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/granitetide

We are being a bit dramatic, but how can we not be? This adorable Frenchie’s humans threw him a party for his birthday. And look at him; how he is celebrating with his crew of Labrador twins, and Iguana, and the tiger cat. Now that’s a party we would have loved to attend.

Uhm, okay…

Is it us, or did this dog have a full on dog mansion built for him? Not just any mansion, a fancy mansion. This dog owns a house while most of the population on earth still struggles to pay their mortgage. This dog is flat-out spoiled.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Neil_Paine

Yeah, don’t mind us! We are just a little jealous, and we wish we were a lucky pup like this guy. He is so fortunate to have such a caring and rich human that realized dogs should live in fancy houses too because it’s absolutely necessary.

Beeep! Beeeeep!

We don’t know where and with what to start. We have some serious questions. Okay, first of all, in case you did not see, this pup is acting all posh while he is behind the wheel of a convertible BMW. Yes, you heard that right; a dog in his own BMW!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Neil_Paine

But we can not help but wonder where did he have so much money to get himself that car? This is not your normal automobile here. A car like that cost thousands, and to be honest, this guy does not look like he has ever worked a day in his life.

Personal fan

Some might say that Ellie, the Samoyed pup, is spoiled. Some might say that this is just common sense. Yes, buying your doggo a fan to help him stay cool and dry with the high temperatures and scorching weather outside can be quiet expensive.

Photo courtesy of elliethesmilingsamoyed.tumblr.com

But for a dog who has such a fluffy coat, it is nothing but mandatory. Not to mention that Samoyeds have a coat formed from two layers of hair. For a dog like that, it is a struggle to keep up with the high temperature. Good job to his human for thinking about him!

Private jet

There are people out there who can not afford a business class ticket. Some are not even fortunate enough to be able to even board a plane, and then here we have this doggo who is boarding privates jets like it’s normal.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/jackratko

Does this pup realize how lucky he is to be in this cabin? Dogs this size usually do not get to board the plane and enter into the cabin seating area, they are put in a special area where they don’t have any flight attendants serving food.

First class pup

Meet this first class pup! He is a Schnauzer, and if you look closely, he does look a bit arrogant while sitting in that very comfortable first class chair and in front of that plate full of juicy meat chunks.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/samsmallinginsta

We almost always travel economically seeing as we don’t always have extra pocket change for this kind of stuff, but seeing all this pampering and spoiling going on in first class, we might start traveling first class too. And to be honest, that food really sparked our interest.

The foodie

When first looking at the adorable pictures below, one would consider this little teddy bear to be a spinning image for a spoiled puppy. But guess what? Popeye is far from being spoiled. In fact, in these pictures, Popeye was, wait for it…. working!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/popeyethefoodie

Yes, not all the pups you see on this list are spoiled. Some of them really work hard to gain their wet food/treats/dental sticks and fish oil, you know, the normal stuff. And Popeye does indeed gives all his energy into his food blog where he promotes different restaurants on the daily.

The taste of betrayal

Imagine wanting a dog so much and for so long that your parents just give up and turn your wish into a reality. And not only that, but even your dad, who is against having pets, is the one who takes you to get your four legged friend.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/MaddieMini4

You choose the friendliest pup you see, and once you get home, that pup is already madly loved by everybody. So loved that once you move out of the house, the pup replaces you and takes your room too. This must have hurt!

Spa day at home

So the nice hooman of the Chihuahua puppy pictured below decided to spoil him rotten for National Dog Day, and we already know that there is nothing more rewarding than a relaxing warm bath with nourishing Epsom salts in it.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Kitty_Turley

We don’t know why, but we got feeling that right after this bath, a “mani-pedi” session followed after. Next, the two enjoyed a delicious and home-cooked meal together paired with a sudsy glass of champagne. What a lucky guy he is!

His own seat

Imagine the jealousy of the kids and other pets that were on that flight when they saw that this little fella was sitting on his owner’s seat and not on the warm lap of his human, like the rest of the pets and kids on the plane did.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/richdogsofig

But this girl looks unbothered, and on top of it, it looks like she is completely used to this and it’s not a big deal at all. And this shows us that she is used to sitting on her own seat, and that her human loves spoiling her and she’s fine with that.


Meanwhile, on another flight heading towards a different location, another doggo was living his best jet-life while sitting on his own seat and getting ready for a nap on his neck pillow all while covered up in his soft blanket.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/chloetheminifrenchie

He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his flight. We love the fact that his human took this photo of her bestie, and decided to share it with the people on the internet to enjoy. That smile can literally brighten someone’s day instantly.

Rich dogs

We surfed the internet a bit, and we were fortunate enough to find a page that only posts pictures of rich and spoiled dogs. However despite all of this, they look beyond adorable, and we can not negate the fact that we shed a tear or two.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/richdogsofig

How come some dogs are able to live much better than most of us? Boarding private jets, driving their own cars, having mansions. What happened to the expression, “it’s a dog’s life” that was supposed to enlighten people to believe dogs live hard lives?

Summer fun

Look at this swag dog living his best life ever while floating around on a floaty in the family pool. And not to mention, those cool glasses that he’s wearing that make him look like a boss. He is in ultimate chill mode, and we really envy him.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/bexscowz06

Must be “hard” to live stress free like this with no bills and human problems on your mind 24/7. Must be really “difficult” to have nothing better to do than having a little pool day by yourself. All we can say right now is that we wish we were him.

King mattress

Take a look at this mattress pictured below. This, even if there isn’t an official name for it, is referred to as a king mattress because, not only does it have 3 inches of regular foam, but it also has 2 inches of memory foam as well.

Photo courtesy of stormycorgis.tumblr.com

Nothing more to see here other than 5 inches of comfortable foam for this dog to sleep on. And to just think about the fact that some dogs, no matter how thick their mattresses are, will still sleep all scrunched up on their human’s bed.

Just another rich dog

Here is just another spoiled and privledged dog enjoying himself in the business lounge while tasting many yummy treats and drinking champagne, which needless to say, looks high end as well. This pup is indisputably the definition of extra and posh.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/.richdogsofig

And he sure knows that he is. We mean, can you see the way he naturally poses? Also, we can not help but wonder where is he travelling too. We have a feeling that it may be a business trip, because he looks too serious to go on vacay.

Hotel treatment

Look at this spoiled and wet Poodle. Not only is he the most adorable member of his family, but according to the user who posted this picture on a Reddit thread, he is the most spoiled out of everybody. And we totally get it!

Photo courtesy of Reddit/FluffyFurryBudd

How could he not be spoiled when he is this cute? Looking at his cozy bath robe, we can only assume that right before the picture was taken, he had a hot and relaxing bath with some essential oils while soaking with some cucumber slices on his eyes. It’s a dog’s life, remember…

Date time

We assure you that you will not see anything more cute than these two dogs out on a date with each other. It looks like the date is going exceptionally well and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. The food looks good too.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/lecorgi

Of course they look a little shy, and it’s normal because apparently that was only their first date together. They are still not used to each other, but we can tell that they are on the right path and everything will go smoothly in the future.

The road cruiser

First of all, we don’t know what this dog does for a living or which parents he belongs to, but it looks as if his pockets are loaded with money. A car like this it’s so expensive that a normal person could only afford it if they worked at least 3 jobs.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/stella._.malone

From the looks of it, this pupper does not know what a job really is, so we can only assume that he is the son of a person who is familiar with what working multiple jobs means or what managing a business feels like.

Birthday star

Most of us get spoiled by our loved ones on our birthday, but we all have to agree that this Shiba-Inu doggo’s human took spoiling to a whole other level. Toys, a big cute bow, and a lot of yummy treats all because he is his human’s bestie.

Photo courtesy of happygorylei.tumblr.com

Meanwhile, this is exactly what a year worth of gifts looks like for a birthday, Christmas, or any other celebration. This guy received all this just for just one celebration. There is no doubt, at least in this case, that he is one spoiled doggo.

The house with the balcony

This beautiful girl has always wanted her own house that comes with a balcony, and guess what? Her human worked hard and spent a lot of hours on the internet in order to find the perfect house for her bestie.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/gracehelbig

And it looks to us that she found it, and not only this, but the pup loves her gift. The pup is happy, and we are sure that because of this, the human is happy too. Giving and receiving gifts is the best thing ever!

Still spoiled

Yes, this beautiful frenchie might not have a real car, but we still think she is quite spoiled. A car that comes with a built-in bed is not that typical, and we know for a fact that they are much more expensive than regular beds.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/chloetheminifrenchie

So it looks like the human had to pay so much “shmoney’ for that adorable smile the frenchie is flashing to the camera. Oh well, whatever it takes to make your little four-legged friend happy, we understand. No matter the price, it’s fair to say it was worth it.

Oh, wow

It is known fact that Paris Hilton loves her dogs and always spoils them. But we are pretty sure that not many of you know that her dogs actually have a house that includes many facilities that a lot of our houses don’t have.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/ParisHilton

Two stories, air con, a very fancy chandelier, and last but not least, designer furniture – yes, you heard that right. Her dogs have designer furniture because maybe the regular stuff that you find at your run-of-the-mill pet shops was not enough.

Another bday party

Everybody deserves to be spoiled on their birthday, and this applies to our pets too. It is the right moment to show your love and appreciation for everything your pets do, and show just how much they mean to you.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/dashsmom

Two years worth of awesome moments for Dash, his mom, and anyone else he’s had the presence to grace. He looks like he is grateful for the little celebration his human parent organized for him. We are really curious… what could be in that gift bag?

Audi fever

So it turns out that not just the BMW cars are a fever among the rich pups of the internet, but now Audi has started to trend too, and we have a feeling that this pup might ask their humans for a new model next year.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/lewis968

This adorable frenchie looks more than happy with his new white, convertible car. He looks like he can not wait to take it for a spin and be the star of the sidewalk. It may be a cool car, but these type of cars are not allowed on the actual road.

The best for last

As you are already aware by now, we always save the best for last. And if by now you don’t feel like these pups all live way better lives than most of us do, this picture right here will make you change your opinion rather quickly.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/niratheshihtzu

Yes, you’ve seen correctly, this girl is spending quality time on a boat while you are probably in bed, getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. We get it, our Summer is not that exciting either, but we surely can’t say the same about this princess’s Summer.