Laughs In Bikini Bottom: 30+ Hilariously Relatable SpongeBob Memes

By Israel O

SpongeBob SquarePants is hands down one of the best cartoon shows ever created. We have so many fond memories of the epic show, from the opening theme songs to thousands of funny scenes. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, we now have so many relatable SpongeBob memes to last us several years.

Join us in this playful exploration of the show’s meme-worthy moments, where laughter and reliability become the shared language that links SpongeBob enthusiasts. Regardless of what you are going through, SpongeBob and the rest of Bikini Bottom’s residents have your back.

Like a treasure trove of underwater humor, this collection dives deep into the timeless hilarity of SpongeBob SquarePants, uncovering gems of relatability that transcend age and background.

1. Cleanliness Is Next To Happiness 

Cleaning your room can create a sense of accomplishment and order, influencing your mental state positively. The act of organizing your physical space will give you a clearer mindset, reduce stress, and promote a feeling of control over your life decisions.

Image courtesy of Reddit/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

While cleaning alone may not solve all life challenges, it can serve as a symbolic and practical step towards improving your overall well-being. Establishing a tidy environment often contributes to a more focused and relaxed mental state, potentially empowering you.

2. Totally Accurate 

Some moms prefer a brighter screen, larger font for better visibility, and higher volume for easier hearing. Personal preferences regarding phone settings vary, and what suits one person might not be ideal for another. But where’s the lie in this? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/elch3w

This happens every time. We know that people often set their devices to match their preferences, creating a personalized and user-friendly experience. That said, this is quite common among moms, especially the millions of notifications. If you change one thing, they will notice immediately.

3. Showing Up At Work And The Building Is Still Intact

Yeah, we get it. Your 9-5 may be the ghetto, but the truth is, you need the money. We understand why arriving at work only to find everything intact may seem anticlimactic, but it’s a sign of stability, which, in today’s world, comes in handy.

Image courtesy of Reddit/BikiniBottomTwitter

It can be very frustrating to keep repeating the same routine every day, especially if you’re not passionate about the job. As a result, most of us just go through the motions and channel our best Squidward just to get by. Hang in there; no condition is permanent.

4. Safe Haven

After a long day’s work, there’s nothing you want more than relaxation and some peace and quiet. Nothing offers you a chance to get a physical and psychological break from the demands and stresses of the day better than your bed.

Image courtesy of Reddit/krabbypattymemes

As humans, we naturally seek comfort and a place to unwind, and your bed serves as a haven where you can recharge, both physically and mentally, preparing you for the challenges of the next day. It’s heaven any time of the day.

5. The Bigger Person 

Knowing when to walk away from arguments as an adult reflects emotional maturity and a desire to avoid unnecessary conflict. However, if someone continues to push your buttons, it’s a normal human response to react in frustration. So don’t feel guilty for it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/iSucc_At_Memes

There are people who always know what to say to bring you back down to their level so they can beat you from there. It’s okay to get mad, especially when they pull the “That’s what I thought” comeback. Try doing a ‘whoosah’ before going back in. It helps.

6. Become A House Husband 

Becoming a house husband when your wife makes $250k/year is like upgrading your role from “breadwinner” to “bread baker.” You’re not bringing home the bacon; you’re making sandwiches with it. Some days, we think that is actually the better deal.

Image courtesy of Reddit/nofear220

Forget business meetings; you’re attending PTA meetings and negotiating snack deals with the kids. Plus, who wouldn’t want a slice of that $250k cake, even if you’re the one baking it? It’s a tasty trade-off with a sprinkle of domestic comedy.

7. Dad Was Watching That

We are sure everyone’s dad has done this at one point or the other – watching TV and falling asleep five minutes later. Forget the remote; he’s got the ability to “napflix” through every scene. It’s a unique skill, blending drama with dreams.

Image courtesy of Reddit/19ParaTroopa85

We can’t count how many times we’ve had to deal with scenarios like this. The painful part is when you attempt to take the remote because they always wake up and hold onto it tightly only to fall asleep again in seconds. Soon enough, you start plotting to move out.

8. Stop Daydreaming 

Ah, this one is the stuff of nightmares. The abrupt shift from daydreaming to staring at a board full of notes is like transitioning from a mental movie theater to a harsh reality. Real life hits with the force of written information, turning the classroom into a scene you momentarily missed. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

Daydreaming can be exciting, but not at the expense of a board filled with notes. It’s a swift balance between mentally chastising yourself and writing as fast as you can as you play catch-up with the written narrative, attempting to reconcile vivid scenes in your imagination with the ink on the board.

9. We Understand Squidward Better Now

As we get older, we often relate more to Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants because his character embodies the challenges and frustrations of adulthood. Squidward appreciates peace and quiet but is surrounded by the energetic and sometimes chaotic SpongeBob and easygoing Patrick. 

Image courtesy of X/MacBaaby

This mirrors the responsibilities, stress, and pressures that come with adulthood, where a desire for tranquility clashes with the demands of daily life. Squidward’s exasperation with SpongeBob’s enthusiasm perfectly reflects the tension between adult responsibilities and the carefree spirit of youth.

10. Smiley Saboteurs

Fixing something only to find it no longer works is the epitome of “unfixpected” outcomes—a frustrating twist in the plot of DIY endeavors. DIYs can be amazing, but they come with a lot of drawbacks, especially if you are not a handy person. We are guilty of this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/CreativestName69420

The only difference is we typically don’t sport chirpy smiles like these two when it happens. The irony of investing effort only to end up with a non-functioning result adds a touch of tragicomic flair to the situation. In these moments, the thin line between a handy hero and an accidental saboteur becomes apparent.

11. The Wonders Of A Fly

Flies find their way into rooms because they are attracted by light and odors. However, once inside, their challenge lies in recognizing transparent barriers like windows and locating the exit. Flies rely on visual cues, and unfortunately, glass appears invisible to them. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/woolsprout

Additionally, the complexity of indoor environments can disorient them. Unlike the open outdoors, where they navigate freely, confined spaces with various obstacles can confuse their flight patterns. So, while entering a room is easy peasy, going out of the room isn’t.

12. New Emotional Problem

Discovering a new emotional problem but lacking the energy, time, and motivation to solve it is like finding a complex puzzle piece when you’re too tired to assemble the puzzle. It’s acknowledging the issue exists but also giving in to the ever-present demands of life that are often overwhelming.

Image courtesy of Reddit/downhilllose42

Adulting will teach you so many things about yourself, but sadly, sometimes, you barely have enough time or energy to dissect everything. There’s a sense of emotional fatigue that makes delving into the intricacies of the problem seem overwhelming. Prioritizing self-care and seeking support when needed can be crucial in managing these situations.

13. Posting Online

Posting online when you haven’t replied to your friends is tricky business. For the daredevils, they throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. Thankfully, most apps have privacy features that enable you to hide to some extent. Tech bros came through once again!

Image courtesy of X/MemePortfolio

Your online persona might be thriving, but there’s a subtle reminder in the background—a digital conscience nudging you to attend to the awaiting conversations. It is a bad habit to leave messages unattended while surfing the internet and even posting. Lucky for us, our friends do it to us, too, so we’re even!

14. Matching Outfits

Most times, guys appear unbothered when they wear matching clothes, compared to girls, who often aren’t comfortable with the idea of seeing someone else wearing their exact outfit. Traditionally, there is a perception that men are more nonchalant about all things fashion.

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

This is undeniably accurate. Although individual preferences vary widely, we can’t deny that some women love to be on top when it comes to how they dress, as it makes a statement. But according to this, guys could care less. We doubt they would be this excited, but they certainly would be less bothered.

15. In Need Of A Button 

Having a button to return to where you were after accidentally scrolling to the top of a page would save us so much time and effort. It’s important because it provides a convenient way to navigate, especially when you’re consuming lengthy content or social media feeds. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/EndritB

This feature acknowledges that users may unintentionally lose their position while scrolling and offers a quick solution to resume their reading or browsing. By minimizing frustration and streamlining navigation, such a much-needed button enhances the overall usability of digital platforms. Hopefully, someone will hear our cry!

16. Driving To Work 

This one cracked us up because it is quite relatable. The challenges that come with growing up are not talked about enough. This meme, starring or sour yet often relatable Squidward, playfully highlights the contrast between the carefree days of childhood and the obligations that accompany adulthood. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Freshoutafolsom

While it’s a light-hearted way to cope with the pressures of life, it also underscores the experience of transitioning from a carefree existence to the realities of responsibility. That said, we’ve learned that finding little pleasures goes a long way in keeping you sane, so try it.

17. Money Is Never Enough

When it comes to money, there’s never enough. Adults are unhappy with this system because they finally understand the fine print in adulthood’s contract: “Unlimited bills included, joy sold separately.” Kids, on the other hand, haven’t decoded the adulting manual yet. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/AskTrashMeme

To them, money is just a fancy game where you collect colorful notes with joy and occasionally use them to get candy or a toy. Adults, on the other hand, open their wallets to find a distress signal, not a superhero cape. The real power of money is making you worry more.

18. When They Stop Responding 

Having an awesome online conversation and then getting radio silence is like finishing a book only to discover the last chapter is missing. You are left hanging and sad. Then you keep wondering if there was a plot twist you missed.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Binary245

It’s the digital equivalent of reaching for a high-five and getting an empty air slap. The unanswered messages become a lonely echo, and you find yourself stuck in a conversational cliffhanger. It’s a mix of curiosity, disappointment, and the unsolved mystery of whether your friend vanished into the internet twilight. Ghosting is the worst!

19. No One Is Ever Contented

Complaining about AC blowing hot air for two minutes is like having a gourmet meal slightly delayed while people without car AC are picnicking in the Sahara. It’s the epitome of first-world climate control problems versus the survivalist struggle for cool air.

Image courtesy of Reddit/JustAN0body

It’s funny to think about it. One thing is humans are never really content, and just when you think you have it, someone else is going through something more difficult than you would have ever thought. This is a reminder to always be thankful.

20. Parents Are Getting Divorced 

The worst thing you can ever experience as a kid is gathering the energy to go downstairs for a midnight snack, only to find your parents navigating the emotional turbulence of divorce. We will call that an unplanned cinematic tragedy. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/GrimTiger10

After that, your hunger instantly disappears, making you question if it was even there in the first place. You’re caught between the simple desire for a snack and the complex emotions swirling around the heart of your home. There’s nothing much you can do other than cry yourself to sleep.

21. Connected But No Internet 

Experiencing the dreaded “connected but no internet” notification is like having a key to the library, but all the books are invisible. It’s the most frustrating thing to go through. It’s the internet’s way of saying, “I’m here, but sorry, no virtual adventures today.” 

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

Compared to no internet connection, it’s a peculiar blend of hope and exasperation – the online version of being in a bustling city but stuck in a quiet, internet-deprived corner. Both scenarios are irritating, but at least with the first one, you are often in control.

22. Somebody’s Dad

The internet has brought us so many wonderful things, but we doubt anything beats the level of convenience we have in our lives thanks to it. Now, you can do so much from the comfort of your home, including shopping, working, and even learning.

Image courtesy of Reddit/shygirl_41

But there are occasional hiccups, especially in the realm of video calls. So many of us have horror stories about being caught off guard or having an unexpected guest in the background. Mostly, it’s noisy kids, but sometimes, it’s a half-naked dad getting a snack. Oh, the terror!

23. A Thousand Screenshots 

This is funny because we all collect thousands of screenshots like souvenirs that capture moments on our devices with the optimism that we will revisit them. As a result, our phone galleries end up becoming virtual museums of memories that never receive any guests.

Image courtesy of Instagram/krabbypattymemes

Screenshots are like dormant treasures waiting for their moment, buried in the gallery, overshadowed by the constant influx of new content. The abundance reflects our desire to preserve the fleeting, but the reality is that only a handful ever experience the spotlight.

24. Toys Are Better

Children often find toys visually appealing and exciting, making them curious to explore and even “eat” them in their imaginative play. On the other hand, vegetables have never been a hit with kids despite some having the same vibrant colors.

Image courtesy of Reddit/un-or-in-decisive

Thanks to their subtle flavors, veggies can be less enticing. That’s until you grow up and realize that you desperately need them if you want to live healthier and longer like your parents always said. Well, since kids will always be kids, keep an eye on them because best believe they’ll chomp on that toy!

25. Drink Water Before Bed

Someone put him back in the ocean! Drinking water before bed is important because it ensures you don’t wake up feeling like a houseplant in desperate need of hydration. It’s like giving your body a much-needed overnight refresh button. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/spongebobmemes

While you sleep, your body continues running essential functions, and staying hydrated aids these processes. Waking up dehydrated will make you start the day with a thirst-induced morning grumble. By sipping water before bed, you’re essentially providing your body with excellent benefits.

26. Humans Are Never Satisfied 

Humans’ perpetual dissatisfaction with their current situations and wanting more can be attributed to various factors rooted in psychology, culture, and societal influences. From an evolution point of view, discontentment may have been advantageous for survival, pushing individuals to strive for more resources and better conditions. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/BDTeehee

Depending on where you live, owning or not owning a car plays a massive role in your day-to-day life. Bet you’ve never thought that Spongebob would sum that up as perfectly as it did with this meme. That’s the beauty of the show.

27. New Year, New Me

Celebrating Earth completing a full rotation around the sun is a joyful tradition known as New Year’s, and it stems from cultural and historical practices. Instead of fear, it embodies a collective appreciation for time and the opportunity for fresh beginnings. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/CorvusBandit

People view the completion of a year as a milestone, marking the passage of time and the chance to set new goals. The celebration is a cultural construct emphasizing hope, reflection, and the human capacity to embrace change positively. It’s also a chance to party and revel in mind-blowing fireworks displays!

28. That One Song

Having a 143-song playlist and playing one song on repeat is like owning a full wardrobe but wearing the same comfy hoodie every day. It’s the musical equivalent of finding a soulmate in your playlist—a tune that feels like a melodic hug.

Image courtesy of Instagram/krabbypattymemes

The other 142 songs are supportive backup dancers, patiently waiting for their moment in the spotlight, while that one song gets all the encore attention. That is the only song that has the ability to ascend you to the next dimension.

29. When School Teach Taxes

Students often complain about what they’re being taught due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, it can stem from the natural resistance to learning subjects that may not align with their interests or career goals. Secondly, not so effective teaching methods.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jason_Qwerty

However, when there’s a change in the syllabus, complaints still persist. Even if taxes are being taught in schools, they still won’t pay attention in class. In fact, we are certain that they’d cry for their old subjects back! So why do they complain? How many students even paid attention in simple history classes?

30. Kids In The Back

The back row of the classroom, also known as the rebellion zone, is always the most fun place to sit. It’s like the lower deck in the Titanic where Jack took Rose, and she had the time of her life. All sorts of daring yet exciting individuals congregate here to make the teacher’s life miserable.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Dr_Mr_dude_sir

Rules don’t work here, especially the ‘no snacks’ rule. But as usual, these guys see that as a challenge. You can literally hear the rustling of chip bags and muffled laughter from the front. These back-row banquets are like covert ops that make rules seem like delicious suggestions.

31. You Weren’t Meant To Win

Avoiding confrontation with someone you know you wouldn’t have won against is like dodging a bullet with a side of humility. It gets worse when that person is your boss. There’s a sense of sweet relief in realizing you just spared yourself.

Image courtesy of Reddit/awesomedan24

The sigh of relief is like a victory dance without ever having to lace your argumentative boots. It’s the art of choosing peace over a potential tango of verbal fisticuffs, leaving you to bask in the serene aftermath of unspoken victories.

32. When You See Yourself In Pictures 

Coming across an unflattering picture is like unearthing a forgotten relic you thought was extinct. It’s as if your subconscious decided to throw shade at you. Kids, this is why you have to work on your self-esteem. For the rest of us, the ship’s already sailed!

Image courtesy of Reddit/zyyp

Embrace those photos as quirky time capsules that capture moments of your journey on God’s green earth. Besides, the camera might not always capture your essence, and beauty isn’t just skin deep; it’s the smiles and the genuine moments that paint the true picture.

33. Mom Trying To Delete Your Games

Your mom deleting your games is the worst nightmare ever, especially if you have already gotten to the highest level. But that only happens to people whose mums are tech-savvy. If that’s you, you are certainly screwed. Better hide those games while you still have time!

Image courtesy of Instagram/krabbypattymemes

But for the rest of the lucky ones, you can feign distress as mom deletes icons. Deep down, you know your games are safe, and this is just a pretense to get her to leave you alone. Must be quite the rush. Well, sorry, mummy.

34. Billionaires When They Have To Pay Taxes 

This is one of those situations where the math doesn’t math no matter how hard you look at it. Billionaires don’t like paying taxes since it often means substantial financial loss. Guess what, guys? We incur those losses too. There’s also a concern about how tax policies may influence their business operations and investments. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Drawmicon

Well, they definitely chose the right character for this meme. Mr. Krabs is the quintessential immoral ‘mogul’ of Bikini Bottom. This guy is downright obsessed with the green to the point where he lies and exploits people to get it.

35. First Shift Workers Vs. Second Shift Workers

First-shift workers greeting second-shift workers is like passing a happiness baton in the relay race of the workday. At that point, you are so exhausted, but when you see your colleague coming towards you, you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and sometimes even smile.

Image courtesy of Reddit/iSYTOfficialX7

All the queues, drama, and complaints are no longer your problem. The relief of knowing you’ve fulfilled your own end of the bargain and it’s now time for the other person to continue makes you feel suddenly refreshed as you grab your brag and practically sprint out of there!

36. Take The Hint

Nodding along to a never-ending story after dropping “damn, that’s crazy” is the unfortunate result of running out of conversation fuel and resorting to a verbal “auto-pilot” mode. We don’t get why some people never understand that. Or do they?

Image courtesy of Reddit/lhtzEnerMax

Sometimes we just put the phone down and wait for whoever it is to take the hint. But the twist comes when you pick it back up and realize that the person on the other end of the line is still droning on about their predicaments.

37. Waiting For That One Person 

The “someone-has-to-do-something-good-first” situation is always happening, especially in awkward social gatherings. It’s the curious human dance where everyone’s waiting for a goodwill pioneer to take the first step, fearing that if they lead with kindness, they might be left standing alone. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/whooisergalaxy

Yet, once the initial do-gooder emerges, it triggers a heartwarming domino effect, reminding us that sometimes, all it takes is one person’s positive action to break the ice and inspire a collective wave of goodness. Even if that action is saying a simple ‘Thank you.’

38. Watching The Same Show

Watching the same show and laughing at the same jokes every night is like having a standing comedy date with your favorite characters. It’s a reliable laughter prescription, a nightly ritual where the jokes become familiar punchlines to your daily routine. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jason_Qwerty

The characters, unaware of their nightly encore, deliver a comforting dose of humor, turning your living room into a laughter sanctuary. It’s the sitcom version of a warm hug, where even the most predictable lines are still a comforting gesture. What’s that show for you?

39. How To Save The World 

While your grandfather saved the world with valor, you’re the unsung hero of your time, doing your part in saving the world by mastering the art of staying inside. His battles were on the front lines of war zones; yours were on the front lines of Netflix! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/CorvusBandit

The battlefield might have changed, but the victory is just as sweet. You’re the hero who fights germs with hand sanitizers and masks, proving that sometimes, the most heroic acts involve staying put and binge-watching rather than charging into the fray. 

40. It’s More Than A Meme

Putting effort into a meme is crafting a comedic masterpiece. The challenge lies in distilling humor into a visual or textual bite-sized form that resonates with a wide audience. Meme creators are heroes of the internet who aren’t celebrated enough.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Stanimator

Being a meme-lord is the pursuit of the perfect blend of wit and relatability that transforms a meme from mere pixels to a momentary escape from reality. The effort is an homage to the art of internet humor, and as such, we must all learn to respect it.

41. How Frustrating Can This Be?

Discovering a playlist instead of the actual song on Spotify is like finding a treasure map that leads to an empty chest. It can be very frustrating especially when it’s a song you can’t seem to get out of your head. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jason_Qwerty

The initial joy of finding the song quickly transforms into anger as you navigate the playlist only to discover that it misses the main ingredient. We totally understand this letdown, and like it or not, everyone has been in this situation before.

42. SpongeBob Memes

Referencing SpongeBob memes to fellow adults in their 30s is like unlocking a secret nostalgia code that teleports you both back to the glorious era of underwater pineapple shenanigans. It is a shared language of Krabby Patties and Squidward eye rolls.

Image courtesy of Reddit/MrSecretpolice

The problem is finding people who get it because, without that, you’re just some weirdo stuck in a bygone era. Luckily, Spongebob is so popular that we’re certain that that won’t be a problem. No matter how adulting hits you, a well-timed SpongeBob meme can turn any conversation into a trip down memory lane.

43. Feeling Of Depression 

Feeling happy only to have depression crash the emotional party can be compared to planning a picnic, setting up the perfect spread, and then a sudden storm rolls in. It’s a frustrating rollercoaster where happiness is abruptly overshadowed by heavy clouds of depression.

Image courtesy of X/spongebob4loife

This is a subtle reminder that mental health can be as unpredictable as weather patterns, and navigating the emotional terrain requires resilience and self-care. Despite the storm, finding moments of joy amid the clouds becomes a courageous act of emotional defiance.

44. Mum Lets A Guest In Without Telling You 

This here is very relatable since most of us have been caught off guard. Sadly, it often happens when you look like a mess, and the guest is your longtime crush. It’s like a surprise party where you’re both the host and the unexpected guest!

Image courtesy of Reddit/RSmemes1

The first thing to do is sprint away like Flash and then reemerge as if you have been anywhere but the living room. Unexpected guests can be a problem, especially when you desire alone time, and you don’t get it.

45. When My Pet Does Literally Anything 

SpongeBob’s amazement at his pet’s actions likely stems from the joy and wonder that come with the companionship they provide. Pets often exhibit endearing and sometimes unexpected behaviors, making each moment special, and Gary is special, so we don’t blame him. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/GucciGanster69

Additionally, pets can bring a sense of novelty and delight to your daily routine, making you more attuned to their actions. This amazement reflects the deep connection and positive emotions that arise from the unique relationship between owners and their pets.