A Red Light, Green Light Spoiler: Funny Squid Game Memes That Are On Point

By Ruby M

Whether you like it or not, Squid Game is pretty much this year’s equivalent of the 2020 global hit, Tiger King – and it’s not for any similarities – because the two shows cannot be further from each other in genre, but because both of these shows went viral after only a few weeks after they premiered on Netflix. So buckle up and get ready for Korea’s most notorious show of 2021! But, first and foremost, be warned! There are many spoilers, triggering moments, and hilarious “you had to see it to get it” memes ahead – so if you have not yet watched the entire season of Squid Game, bookmark this for later and turn back – we warned you!

The One We All Loved

There’s always that one character in the show that everybody adores, and in shows like Squid Game, that character usually faces some kind of unfair demise. This is definitely the case for Ali – the all too trusting Pakistani immigrant. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/oliviaszew

Ali joined the high-stake game for the right reasons – to win enough money to protect his beloved family and keep them safe. But the poor man embraced friendship in the wrong place, and his trust in Cho Sang-woo, who betrayed him, was ultimately what led to his death in episode 6.

The Old Man

We warned you – this list is full of spoilers! So unless you’ve seen the series in its entirety, we urge you to turn back now!! Yeong-su Oh, or better known as “Player 001,” is someone we all immediately trust and feel for.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ iamshadyyy

As he and Seong Gi-Hun connect and become friends, we go through many emotions as poor Seong Gi-Hun tries to save him right up until their final marble game. When the old man lets his companion win, we think that is the last we will see of him – until we discover that the tears we shed for him were undeserving, as he did not die in the games at all. He was actually behind them all along.

But How Much Is That In Dollars?

Even though this show was filmed and made in South Korea and starred a non-American cast, since its air on Netflix earlier this year, the show has grown in popularity, earning fans from all over the world, including the United States.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ pv1g5d

So, wanting very badly to know exactly how much 45 Billion Won translates to in dollars (which is a whopping $38,542,275, by the way), internet searches and calculations for this particular number skyrocketed as the views did on Netflix.

Give Me The Secret Crabby Patty Recipe, Spongebob!

Much like several others on this list, this hilarious meme is based on an image taken from the ever-popular kid’s TV show that adults love, too – Spongebob Squarepants. Most of us knew that when Sang Woo asked Ali to give him his bag of marbles to protect, he wasn’t planning to give them back to Ali. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/stewwbbiidd

Like Plankton in this image, fans and lovers of the gentle Ali found themselves shouting in frustration, begging for the character on the TV who most certainly could not hear their pleas and warnings, not to trust Sang Woo. But, tragically, he trusted the man, and he lost his life after discovering he had been betrayed.

Musical Chairs – To The Death!

Most of the fans worldwide who watched Squid Game quickly learned that a few of the games the contestants played for their lives were based on children’s games played in Korea. Many fans found themselves wondering what games would be featured in their own countries.

Image courtesy of Reddit/q2r0y7

In western countries, Musical Chairs is a much-loved favorite in nursery schools. But, even when the only thing on the line might be an extra slice of birthday cake, the game can get a little out of hand. Imagine trying to compete in Musical Chairs while knowing that losing your chair could mean losing your life, as well.

No Game Shall Ever Be The Same

Once simple items and games have been forever transformed in the hearts of Squid Game fans everywhere. For many who saw the show in its entirety, even simply seeing a pack of marbles or pathways with clear tiles can be more than a little bit triggering. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/_cielowww

Never shall the game tug-of-war be seen as a simple game to get the kids out of the house because viewers of the 4th episode of the show know that a bloody doom awaits those who slip up while playing.

No, It Isn’t “Just a Game!”

“Just a game” has never felt so triggering since watching them play the first game in the show. What began as a simple game of “green light, red light” – or also known as “statues” ended with the bloody demise of many unsuspecting players.

Image courtesy of Twitter/nanofixed

So, next time someone tells you it’s just a game, make sure there’s no seven-foot doll anywhere around – or you might just realize a little too late that you’re on the set of a treacherous game show called Squid Game.

Human Game

This one’s a nice, light-humored pun that doesn’t give away anything about the actual storyline of the show. It shows a pink Squid watching a show titled Human Game, but the squid doesn’t seem to be enjoying it very much. 

Image courtesy of 9gag/@themokumentary

As an excellent addition to the pun, the image displayed below the words Human Game shows a human figure created with similar shapes like the ones used in the show – which are, fun fact, Korean letters in the actual show.

Squid(ward) Game

Here’s another hysterical throwback for all you Spongebob fans – or should we say Spongebob haters and Squidward lovers – because if you genuinely love the show, you’ll know how much Squidward despises his spongy yellow neighbor throughout the years. 

Image courtesy of: Twitter/PEACHYBLACKG0RL

In this meme, the creator is taking a dig at the name of the show, Squid Game, asking if Squidward’s ballet class is the “Squid Game” everybody is talking about, which of course, they aren’t, but it’s pretty clever.

This One’s For You – Bad Driver

This one will resonate with any driver who had to deal with other terrible motorists while driving on the road – especially those that purposely run red traffic lights when it is actually the other side of the road’s turn to go. 

Image courtesy of 9gag/Funny

We’ve all had those moments where we wish that those terrible drivers putting others at risk could just be zapped into nothing, or perhaps the guards from the show can “take care of them,” if you get what we mean. 

Halloween – Squid Game Edition

With Spooky season in our midst and Halloween around the corner, you can bet your bottom dollar (or perhaps don’t, unless you want to end up as a contestant on Squid Game) what every man and his dog will be dressed up as. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/IjlelBkz

You guessed it, the scary guards from Squid Game are number one on every shopper’s list – or perhaps the tracksuits that the contestants have to wear if someone is feeling like looking a little different. If that’s the case, what number would you choose?

The Real Reason For Trust Issues

Thanks to living in a world of hopeless betrayal, many people find it hard to trust people these days. Especially those who have watched the 6th episode of Squid Game – where Sang Woo brutally betrays his “friend,” Ali.

Image courtesy of Twitter/serdarent

Knowing that he is about to lose the game of marbles to Ali and consequently his life, he quickly hatches a plan to turn the tables before it’s too late. He tricks Ali into giving him the marbles and sneakily switches them with pebbles. When the time is up, Ali is shot in the head, and Sang Woo wins the round and his life for a few more days.

What A Cast!

There are seldom TV shows that cast a group of people so perfectly according to the characters they are playing, but Squid Game really seemed to hit the sweet spot when it came to choosing their cast members to fit each character’s personality.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ Mehnajtabassum_

Each character was exceptionally portrayed throughout each episode, except for maybe Han Mi-nyeo, the egocentric player 212 who has issues revealing her age – but then again, we definitely think the actor’s over-the-top attitude was part of the act.

The Real Villain

At first, we thought that the notorious bully and antagonist of the show was not the prison guards or the host but was player 101 – aka, Jang Deok-Su. He’s an angry and violent man, not afraid of bending the rules (or a few necks) to win the game and prize money.

Image courtesy of Twitter/dujonna_

But in a shocking twist of events and as the game goes on, we learn that sometimes, it is not your enemies you need to be concerned about, but your friends. Sang Woo won the hearts of many at the beginning of the game, but as we neared the end, we quickly learned that he was just as bad as, if not worse than player 101.

You VS. The Guy You Should Worry About

As the games begin, we soon learn that the symbols on the masks worn by the guards are not just silly shapes but actually symbols of the hierarchy among the guards. Those wearing the circle masks were inferior to the squares, and the ones with triangles on their masks have seniority over all of those with circles and squares.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ q023h6

So, this meme is basically saying that “you” are the guard with the least seniority and that the guy she told you not to worry about outranks actually outranks you, meaning that you should definitely be worried about him.

The Time (Most Of) The Internet Broke

This meme is taking a hilarious dig at Facebook and all its umbrella companies that completely shut down on October 4th this year for those of you who have seen the show but still don’t get it. Allegedly, one of their servers had crashed, causing the entire infrastructure to shut down temporarily.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Wirjil

Being a separate entity from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Twitter was still online and functioning. Facebook lost billions in the few hours that they were down, but on the plus side for Zuckerberg, at least it wasn’t 45 Billion Won.

Me When I Turn 18

Player 001 is great at tricking people into believing that he is just as traumatized as the rest of the players, especially when every viewer’s heart breaks for the old man when no one wants him on their team. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/q0189h

But just like this traumatized old man, many of us feel the heaviness of aging as we reach any age over 23. The older we get, the older we feel, and the more challenging adulting and life seem to become.

Squid(ward) Game, Continued

Because who else would we choose to turn into the little girl in a meme other than the one and only Squidward himself – who unsurprisingly suits the role of the enormous doll built to determine who is moving when they shouldn’t.

Image courtesy of Reddit/pwev88

Imagine all the little Spongebobs trying to keep still to avoid the wrath of the giant Squid’s huge, laser beam eyes and his team of soldiers wielding guns. It’s a scary thought and definitely not one for the kids to see.

Me In an Interview

Despite the fact that Squid Game had an overall serious feel and theme, the show did provide us with some comic relief – especially when player 212 went off on one of her self-idolizing monologues where she tries to prove her worth to everyone around her.

Image courtesy of Reddit: px3go8

One hilariously unforgettable, and highly meme-worthy moment, was when the player who had previously been anything but an ally to Seong Gi-Hun and his new teammates tried to prove to them how much of an asset she would be to their team.

They’re Not Just a BoyBand

Those of you who may not be Korean but really enjoy the musical sounds of K-pop might recognize this particular group of boys. But for those of you who don’t, we’ve got your back. This is the much-loved Korean pop group, BTS.

Image courtesy of Twitter/outofcrvt

This meme says it’s an actual photo of the prison guards with their masks off, but it’s obviously not true. For the most part, we don’t get to see many of the faces of the prison guards, and for those we do actually die rather quickly to protect the anonymity of the game.

Which One Are You?

There are two types of show-loving people. There are people who know when to stop a TV show – even one as binge-worthy as Squid Game, the episodes of which are packed with intense moments and cliffhanger endings.

Image courtesy of Reddit/py6it2

Then you get the second group of people; those are the ones who seem to always complain that they have nothing new to watch because they almost always end up binging a series within a few days. This meme is for you, bingers!

Games Are Forever Ruined

We’re pretty sure that there are more than just a few people who became paranoid of even the thought of playing any of the games featured in Squid Game after watching the show. If you’re one of these people – you’re not alone.

Image courtesy of Twitter/stewwbbiidd

We can almost promise you that you probably shouldn’t be so concerned, but if you’ve been feeling a little bit uneasy about playing marbles with friends, or “red light, green light,” aka “statues” since the show’s debut, then this meme is for you! 

Mr. Beast

For those of you who know this man, then you either really love him or really hate him – there’s no in-between! For those of you who don’t, the man photoshopped into the image is Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/pxpsqx

His videos feature people competing in ridiculous stunts to win a lot of money – sound familiar? Just like Mr. Beast’s other videos, this meme shows that he’s going to be hosting the biggest competition of “red light, green light” yet! We just hope the players in his version do not meet the same bloody end as the competitors in Squid Game!

I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

Squid Game evokes many emotions ranging from laughter, anger, frustration, and of course, a lot of sadness as the characters we begin to love slowly die off, one by one. One of the most heartbreaking scenes is one from episode 6 – an episode we’ve already referenced a lot.

Player 001, who at this stage is a feeble and humble old man and not the true mastermind we discover him to be in the shocking plot twist in the last episode, is about to “sacrifice” his own life for our protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun. We see the poor player 456’s broken expression as the gun is fired, and we’d be monsters if we didn’t cry, too.

So We Would Win… How Many Dollars?

Google often brings up the most commonly searched items as you begin typing into the search bar, and because of what this search is suggesting, we can only guess that it is due to one particular show growing in popularity across the globe.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ Inalein_19

The currency used in the show is Korean Won, and naturally, curious viewers began to search for this currency converted to their own so that they could better understand the genuinely high stakes of the game, especially those using US dollars.

When You’re So Broke That You Consider Entering Squid Game For The Money

We’ve all had those moments in the middle of the month when our paycheck seems eons away, but we still have to find a way to get through the month. This is when people hustle, borrow, and try to just get by until their next paycheck. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/chihiroae71/

But, this meme suggests another way – and those of us who can relate to feeling broke find it hilarious! The infamous card and mysterious phone number associated with Squid Game is evident in the meme and hints that perhaps entering the dreadful game is the way to make some cash!

No One Asked You Seong Gi-Hun!

If we were students of cinematic techniques used in film, we would probably critique this line that we hear echo throughout the series as having a deeper meaning. Sang Woo was once a very successful businessman until he used too much credit and now sits in a deep pool of debt and a failing business. But his friend adores him and his success, even if he is a little bit jealous of it.

Image courtesy of Twitter/scudill

However, this line becomes quite annoying to those of us who aren’t reading so deeply into it. This meme makes fun of Seong Gi-Hun’s constant praise for Sang Woo, who later loses his mind and becomes quite a prominent antagonist in the last few hours of the show.


One of the most incredible and admired actors in the show is HoYeon Jung, who plays the part of Kang Sae-byeok. At first, we think that Kang Sae-byeok is just a petty thief, but we soon learn that she is a North Korean refugee with a little brother in foster care and a mother lost in China. 

Image Courtesy of Twitter/candelaamz

Everything that she does in the show is for the love of her family, and her emotions are truly felt in the hearts of viewers everywhere. Even the actress’s audition has gone viral, and we’re pretty sure she will be starring in many more Korean dramas after her breathtaking performance in Squid Game.

He’s Actually A Sweetie

This hilarious contrast shows one of the show’s most unfavorable antagonists, Jang Deok-su. The character is an evil, chauvinistic, and violent man who is hell-bent on winning the game – and he’ll do whatever it takes to do it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/pwa5k8

Ironically the actor, Heo Sung-tae, is quite the opposite, as we can see in the second image. He isn’t afraid to embrace his feminine side and wear face masks whilst cuddling up with his cat, who appears rather content with his human.

The Infamous Episode 6

Episode 6 is becoming pretty infamous on this list – infamous for breaking our hearts. There is no doubt that this tear-jerking scene between Ji-Yeong and Kang Sae-Byeok is heartwrenching. The two began as suspicious of one another but became friends during this episode.

Image courtesy of Twitter/clarissaetc

Ji-Yeong ends up sacrificing herself to save Kang Sae-Byeok and explains in a heartwarming and shattering scene how she has nothing to live for and how she wants her friend to win. We have no doubt that everyone filming that day left the set in tears.

From Dollhouse to Dungeon

At first, the strange and maze-like setting of the secret location the players are taken to seems very childlike. Even in the introduction to the first game involving a giant replica of a little girl, people are astonished that they will be playing children’s games to win so much money. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/ Moy_03_25

However, we quickly learn that the show is more like the first house – dark, dangerous, and deeply depressing. The black building almost looks like a prison – and after that first round, we’re confident that at least half of the players who survived would rather be in prison.

Spaggetti, Anyone?

This image is making a comparison between a spaghetti ladle and the mask that the undercover police officer, Hwang Jun-ho, who is trying to locate his missing brother, wears when he pretends to be a waiter for the VIP’s watching and betting on the games.

Image courtesy of 9gag/Funny

Funnily enough, when compared side-by-side, the meme has a point. The strange mask that Hwang Jun-ho is wearing does, in many ways, look like a spaghetti ladle. We wonder if the director and wardrobe HOD realized this when choosing this particular mask.

High Expectations

This meme is making a funny comparison between men’s and women’s height expectations. A man who is 1.7m feet is seen as pretty average height – short, even. In contrast, a woman who is the same height is seen as really tall. 

Image courtesy of 9gag/aAbnjEL

Perhaps this meme is not one hundred percent accurate, but the truth is that taller women are often seen as “too tall,” and shorter men are often seen as “too short.” We bet you can’t help but wonder what side of the spectrum the person who made this meme is on.

The Cast & Crew of “I Deserved Better”

If you haven’t seen the whole season yet, then SPOILER ALERT – none of these characters make it to the end credits of the final episode alive. In fact, all four of them have incredibly honorable back-stories, and it shatters our hearts that they do not survive. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/van_fiction

Instead, they are all victims of the game, including Hwang Jun-ho, who his own brother shoots. Even if his death is not fully confirmed, it is still pretty brutal that his brother – the reason he is out there in the first place – ends up betraying him.

Amazon’s Best Seller In October

We’ve already said that many people will be dressing up like something out of Squid Game this year for Halloween. This image isn’t so much a meme but rather a screenshot taken from Amazon showing the increasing popularity of the guards’ costumes in the show. 

Brace yourselves and order one today if you were planning on dressing up – finding one of these costumes online might be a little bit difficult as they sell out, drawing closer and closer to everyone’s favorite dress-up season, Halloween.

Sad Face

If you’re in a good mood, you might want to rethink watching Squid Game – because you won’t be in a good mood when you reach the finale of the show. Your heart will stop, break, and skip beats as each episode goes on.

Image courtesy of Twitter/purplemintx

If you’re still smiling by the end of it – then you should join the VIPs on the other side of the games because there’s clearly something sadistic about you! You’ll be in great hands – as long as you can pay the price to bet.

Homer’s World This Halloween

Here’s another dig at all the people dressing up as everybody’s favorite (or least favorite) costume for Halloween this year. With its constant comebacks, this popular meme of Homer Simpson never seems to get old. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/squidgame_memes

This time, the popular meme has the famously known character surrounded by a ton of people all dressed up as the masked guards from the show – the only difference between them are the various symbols on their masks.

Why You Do This?!

If you didn’t find yourself yelling at Seong Gi-Hun to just get on the plane and leave the matters of the Squid Game villains to themselves, then do you even care about him finally being able to be a good father to his daughter?!

Image courtesy of Twitter/0ctober___

We know that Seong Gi-Hun was deeply traumatized and forever damaged from what he went through – but our protagonist is seemingly very masochistic because it looks like he’s decided to get back in the game or try and stop it – two equally suicidal options.

That’s All Folks

Maby of us felt that we wanted to see justice at the end of Squid Game – to see perhaps that the police received the video that Hwang Jun-ho tried to send them on the island. Or maybe the appropriate ending would be that the old man decided to stop the games.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ jihyosbesty

Instead, viewers were met with ample amounts of frustration when one year later, Seong Gi-Hun discovers that the games are happening again – and that he’s going to be the one to stop it. So instead of him getting a happy ending with his daughter, the last few moments of the show leave us speechless as he chooses not to board his flight but rather go back to the games to try to stop them.

Why Pay Off Loans When You Can Risk It All And Win?

Here’s one for all you students or ex-students out there who still have months or maybe years left of paying off your student loans, and guess what? The interest rate isn’t getting any better. Well, perhaps you should stop trying to pay them and try to get the money some other way.

Image courtesy of 9gag/ Funny

Like… entering the world’s most deadly competition and having a 1 in 456 chance of becoming a billionaire or ending up dead and being harvested for your organs and then cremated. Hey, it’s better than paying those ridiculous interest rates, right?