Celebrities And Their Families: 40 Celebs We Didn’t Know Have Children

By Kelly B

We’re sure you’ve heard of celebrity parents and children like the Kardashian-Jenners and the Beckhams with their numerous pictures on Instagram and their events. Celebrity families come as a package deal. As a star, you have to open up about your personal life to the world. But not all parents are as willing to throw their child into the limelight. Sometimes, they fear the paparazzi; other times, they want to respect their child’s privacy. Do you ever wonder what about the celebrity children who are not always featured on social media? When it comes to parenting, here are some of the celebs who choose to keep some aspects of their lives more private. You have heard of the celebrities on this list, but we bet you had no idea some of them are also parents!

A Gleeful Family

It wasn’t long until the actress Heather Morris was out of high school when she debuted in the popular musical comedy series Glee. Morris met and fell in love with Taylor Hubbell when he was a baseball player and married him in 2015.


In fact, Morris and Hubbell went to the same high school in Arizona, but they didn’t get to know each other then. As a result of their union, they are now a family of three. Both Morris and Hubbell were blessed with two sons: Elijah Hubbell, born in 2013, and Owen Barlett Hubbel, born in 2016.

The Fantastic Foxx Family

Who knew that The Amazing Spider-Man and Django Unchained actor Jamie Foxx has two daughters? When Jamie Foxx and ex-girlfriend Connie Kline became a couple in 1994, they had a daughter, Corinne Foxx. Annalise Bishop, his second child with his ex-girlfriend and publicist Kristin Gannis, was born several years later.


Corinne, his eldest child, is now a successful model, actress, and TV producer. On Twitter in 2015, Foxx shared a snapshot of the trio with the caption: “#daddydaughtertime with my two beautiful little ones after seeing the president! #lifeisgood #godisgood”. How cute!

Rory’s Time To Be Lorelai

It’s hard to imagine Alexis Bledel, best known for her role as Rory Gilmore (aka the bookworm and mommy’s girl) in Gilmore Girls, being a mom. However, the seasons have changed and the passage of time itself. The Handmaid’s Tale star is a mommy and delivered her first child in 2015.


Alexis Bledel prefers to avoid the public eye. Her secret wedding to Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser took place in 2014. Bledel and Kartheiser also decided to keep their baby’s birth a private matter. It was only in May 2016 when they announced the birth of their newborn. Neither their son’s name nor image has been publicized.

Little Kids

Known for her iconic mom roles, such as Marmee in Little Women and Renata in Big Little Lies, Oscar winner Laura Dern is also a mother. In 2000, she began a relationship with musician Ben Harper, and they have two children together. Dern tries to keep her children out of the spotlight.


The ex-partners had their son Ellery Walker in 2001 and daughter Jaya in 2004. They wed in 2005; however, they split up in 2013. Even though Dern has kept her children out of the spotlight, Ellery is now a model.

Naomi’s Home And Away

Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber lasted 11 years together and became parents to two children. In 2005, The English actress and American actor met. They had a child, Alexander “Sasha” Pete, in 2007, and Samuel ‘Sammy’ Kai, their next child, was born in 2008.


Watts and Schrieber, unfortunately, did not last and broke up in 2016, yet they continue to co-parent their children. Billy Crudup, an American actor, has been Watts’ partner since 2017. Here is a photo of mom Naomi’s Instagram post, lovingly cuddling with one of her sons!

Dad, You Rock

“The Rock” was Dwayne Johnson’s ring name in the World Wrestling Federation. With his foray into acting, the celebrity has become more and more famous with his roles in Red Notice, Jumanji: Next Level, and Moana. He was married to entrepreneur Dany Garcia from 1997 until 2008 and had a child named Simone with her.


Johnson then had a family with his current wife, Lauren Hashian, with two daughters named after Disney princesses. The Rock posted this photograph on his Instagram account, sharing how he celebrated his birthday with his two adorable and youngest daughters, Jasmine and Tiana!

Enchanted To Meet This Family

James Marsden, the actor most known for his roles in Enchanted and West World, has a family others may not know. In 2000, he tied the knot with Mary Elizabeth ‘Lisa’ Linde, and the couple had a son and daughter: Jack Marsden and Mary James Marsden.


When the couple announced their divorce in 2011, Lindsay cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. In addition, Marsden and ex-girlfriend Rose Costa also have a son together. His name is William Luca Costa-Marsden. He was born in 2012.

Keira’s Own Love Actually

The actress Keira Knightley has already made her name in the Hollywood industry, especially in classical period films, that’s for sure. Most people don’t know that in 2015, Knightly gave birth to her first child. Her first child’s name was kept secret for two months by the actress and her British musician husband, James Righton.


Edie Knightley Righton was born two years after the couple married in France in 2013. Delilah Knightley Righton, the family’s second daughter, was born in 2019. While it comes to the hefty cost of childcare in the United Kingdom and equal parenting, the Pride and Prejudice star does not hold back when advocating for paid paternity leave.

The Powerful Family

Who is not aware of the acting legend that is Cate Blanchett? With multiple awards, she is prestigious in the field. The Carol and Ocean’s 8 actress, Cate Blanchett, met her husband, playwright Andrew Upton, in 1996 on a TV set. In 1997, they got married and currently have four children together.


The couple announced their first child, Dashiell John in 2001 and gave birth to their second, Roman Robert in 2004. Their family became even bigger when their third son, Ignatius Martin, arrived in 2008. Additionally, they also adopted their daughter Edith Vivian Patricia last 2015.

The Family Picture Show

Susan Sarandon, star of Thelma & Louise, was the partner of Tim Robbins, star of Mystic River, for over two decades. She also had a little girl, Eva Amurri, with Franco Amurri in 1985. Eva is now an American lifestyle blogger and actress.


Susan Sarandon and Robbins have two sons, John ‘Jack’ Henry Robbins and Miles Robbins. When Susan and Tim announced their separation in 2009, their fans were stunned. The actress added that her performance in the Broadway piece “Exit the King,” a drama about confronting death, prompted her to rethink her relationship with her partner.

Magical Like Disney

Disney actress Hilary Duff has a son with her first spouse, Canadian ice hockey player Mike Comrie, whom she married in 2010. Luca Cruz Comrie was born in 2012. On the other hand, they could not make it work and divorced in 2016.


It wasn’t until later that Duff met Matthew Koma and fell in love with the songwriter. Banks Violet Blair, the daughter of the Lizzie Mcguire actress and Koma, was born in 2018. Last year, the married couple welcomed another baby girl named Mae James Blair to the world. Look at this cute family!

The Office? More Like The Family

The famous Dwight Schrute, everyone’s favorite office horror, is not only a comedian but, in fact, also a caring dad. In 1995, Rainn Wilson and writer Holiday Reinhorn tied the knot. In 2004, they got married and had a son named Walter Wilson.


Like The Office memes, they post humorous situations from everyday life that never fail to make us chuckle. Holiday shared an old photo of her husband Rainn and their kid Walter playing guitar on Instagram, saying how they are her favorite guitarists.

Rob Lowe’s Youngblood

Rob Lowe, the Parks, and Recreation star and teen heartthrob, has had a long and varied career in the entertainment sector. He. has two kids, who also enjoy acting. In 1991, Lowe married Sheryl Berkoff. They can still be found together.


Matthew Edward was born in 1993, and John Owen was born in 1995 due to the couple’s union. The family sometimes posts images of themselves on Instagram, and their humor makes us giggle — seeing how the sons seem to inherit their dad’s humor.

Two Naughty Boys

Laguna Beach and The Hills star Lauren Conrad started dating William Tell, the former guitarist of Something Corporate, in 2012. The wed in California in 2014. The married couple has two kids together, and they make a wonderful family.


The American TV personality gave birth to her first baby, Liam James Tell, in 2017. In 2019, her second son, Charles “Charlie” Wolf, was born. She posted this family picture on Instagram, and we can’t get over how adorable and playful her kids are!

The Teen Stars Are Now Parents

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester and The OC actor Adam Brody are considered to be a power couple, seeing how they both dominated the television industry with their iconic fictional roles. Blair Waldorf got married to Seth Cohen in 2014.


Arlo Day Brody, their daughter, was born in 2015. In addition, their family became bigger as they also have a 2-year-old boy whose name has yet to be announced publicly. These stars remain discrete and put immense value on their family’s privacy!

The Rockstar’s Children

In 2008, Pete Wentz, the bassist for Fall Out Boy, married singer Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee’s father officiated the wedding, which took place at the house of Ashlee’s parents. In 2008, their son, Bronx Mowgli was born. Unfortunately, Wentz and Simpson split in 2011.


Saint Lazslo Wentz, the rockstar’s next child with partner Meagan Camper, was born in 2014. They also have another daughter together, Marvel Jane Wentz, born in 2018. On Instagram, Wentz posted a picture of his daughter Marvel, who he claims is ready to take over the world.

Xoxo: James, Inez, and Betty

Hello, Upper East Siders! Do you know that it girl Serena van der Woodsen has married a superhero and is already a mom? Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds met on set and got married in 2012.


James Reynolds (age 7), Inez Reynolds (age 5), and Betty Reynolds (age 2) are their three children. Despite the fact that many people are already aware of the couple’s family, they continue to try to keep their children out of the public eye.

About A Dad

This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys rom-com movies – specifically Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary! Hugh Grant, an English actor famous for his swoon-worthy and charming roles in romantic comedy films, is also a proud father of three children.


With his ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong, he has a daughter named Tabitha. Additionally, they have a son together, named Felix Chang Hong. After having two kids, Grant then had a son with Anna Eberstein, his spouse since 2018. They named their son John Mungo Grant.

What A Mother Wants

Christina María Aguilera, dubbed as being the “Voice of a Generation” because of her incredible vocal range and extraordinary talent, is a loving mother as well! She and her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman, share a sweet son named Max Liron Bratman.


Xtina has a daughter, Summer Rainis with her current partner Matthew Rutler. She captioned this shot of her son and current partner on Instagram, saying: “We make blended families work. It’s a beautiful thing.” Aww! It certainly warms our hearts to see this family’s genuine love for each other.

Guardians of Zoe’s Life

Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana has three children, which we bet most of you aren’t aware of. She married the Italian artist and former soccer player Marco Perego in 2013, both of which are proud parents.


Saldana and Perego have three kids, twins born in November 2014 and the third born in February 2017. Saldana claims her children will be fluent in three languages: Spanish, Italian, and English, all of which she and her husband often use around them.

I’ll Be There For You

Popularly known as Joey in Friends, actor Matt LeBlanc married English actress and model Melissa McKnight in 2003. McKnight gave birth to their daughter Marina Pearl in 2004. Sadly, LeBlanc and McKnight parted ways in 2006 after a 3-year marriage. However, the two are still excellent parents to their girl.


The Friends star shared how Marina had a disease that caused her to suffer seizures as a baby. Thankfully, the disease mainly decreased as Marina became older. LeBlanc took a hiatus from acting to focus on raising his daughter. Marina is now 18 years old and still as beautiful as ever.

Superhero and Supermom

Marvel actress Scarlett Johansson has been stealing the hearts of many with her famous portrayal as Black Widow, but she is not just a superhero — but also a supermom! In 2014, she married the French advertising executive Romain Dauriac.


The Marriage Story actress announced her little girl Rose Dauriac in 2014. Sadly, Johansson and Dauriac got divorced in 2017. In 2020, the actress married actor and comedian Colin Jost. In 2021, they welcomed their son, Cosmo Jost, into the world.

Baby Matilda

The award-winning actress Michelle Williams and late actor Heath Ledger welcomed a kid together in 2005. As Matilda Ledger approaches the age of 16, more and more people notice the resemblance between her and her late father. With his roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Night, Heath Ledger has established himself as one of the best actors ever.


Sadly, the romance between Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams ended in 2007. A year later, a tragedy happened that caused the brilliant actor to pass away. Regardless, he has carved out a name for himself in the industry and will be remembered for a long time.

Lady Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner, the Marvel actor, often recognized for his portrayal of Hawkeye in the Avengers, is also a family man in real life. In 2014, he wed model Sonni Pacheco from Canada. Ava Berlin was the ex-couple’s first child, arriving in the year 2013.


However, Renner and Pacheco’s love story ended, and they got divorced after ten months. The superhero slash action star tried to win primary custody of his kid. The ex-couple was both granted shared custody as a result. Ava Berlin Renner is now nine years old.

Blooming Children

Years ago, the actor Orlando Bloom and the dashing supermodel Miranda Kerr were considered a power couple with their mesmerizing visuals and love story. Bloom and Kerr got married in 2010, however, they parted ways and got divorced three years later. They built a family together in 2011, with a son named Flynn.


Now, everybody knows The Lord of the Rings actor is with the famous and renowned singer Katy Perry. In 2020, Katy Perry had her first child of her own. The Hollywood star and the pop star named their lovely daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

Family Makes Kelly Stronger

Who hasn’t heard of the artist Kelly Clarkson? Known as the first-ever winner of American Idol, we are convinced that practically everyone has heard of her tracks and albums. The singer had a relationship with Brandon Blackstock, in 2012. They wed in 2013.


Savannah and Seth, two of Blackstock’s children, were Clarkson’s stepchildren. The previously married couple have two more children together: River Rose, their daughter who was born in 2014, and Remington Alexander, their son who was born in 2016. Unfortunately, Clarkson and Blackstock got divorced in 2021.

Penny Lane’s Family

Actress Kate Hudson and The Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson welcomed their first child, a son named Ryder Russell Robinson, in 2004 — four years after marrying each other. Sadly, the couple got divorced in 2007, but they share joint custody of their son. The actress and his ex-fiancee, the Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy, also had a son together in 2011, named Bingham Hawn Bellamy.


In 2018, Hudson built a relationship with musician Danny Fujikawa — and afterward, a family with him too. Hudson and Fujikawa became parents to their daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. Hudson posts many pictures on Instagram with her kids showcasing the love they have for one another.

Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

Remembered for his nickname “The Hoff,” David Hasselhoff is a familiar face in the industry. He’s an American actor, singer, producer, TV host, and entrepreneur who’s made a name for himself in various fields. We have no doubt that he is a celebrity because he holds the Guinness World Record for being the most viewed man on television.


How many people know that the Baywatch actor fathered a family with his second wife, Pamela Bach? The pair were married from 1986 to 2006, sharing two beautiful daughters. Taylor Anne entered the world in 1990, while Hayley was born in 1992. Taylor Anne starred in the 2015 season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

The Elbas

While Idris Elba is most recognized for his performances in Luther and The Wire and his music, you may not know that he has two children of his own. He was married to Hanne ‘Kim’ Nørgaard in 1999 and has a daughter named Isan with her. In 2006, he married Sonya Nicole Hamlin, with whom he had a brief marriage.


Elba met Naiyana Garth in 2013 and had a son named Winston with her. They parted in 2016, with various media tabloids and reports reporting the actor’s relationship issues. Elba is hitched to the model Sabrina Dhowre Elba at the moment.

The CoverGirl’s Children

Being the face of CoverGirl for 25 years and gracing three covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Christie Brinkley has captivated the eyes of many with her beauty and modeling skills. She had four husbands in her life, all of whom she divorced. In 1985, Brinkley welcomed a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel with her second husband, singer Billy Joel.


At 40, the model gave birth to a son, Jack Paris Brinkley, with real estate entrepreneur Richard Taubman — her third husband. Lastly, in 1998, Brinkley welcomed a daughter, Sailor Lee Brinkley. She is her child with architect Peter Halsey Cook, her fourth husband.

The Thurman Kids

The Pulp Fiction actress Uma Thurman is not only an actress and fashion model but also a mother who values her family very much. After her divorce from English actor Gary Oldman in 1992, the star married fellow actor Ethan Hawke in 1998. Thurman and Hawke are the parents of two children: Maya and Levon. You may recognize Maya for her role in the television series Stranger Things.


Thurman began dating investor Arpad Busson after her divorce from Hawke in 2005. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson (long name, we know!) is their daughter – and she is more known as Luna. Sadly, after being engaged, both of them have called it quits.

Mamma Mia, Meryl!

Meryl Streep, called “the best actress of her generation,” is undoubtedly well-known. Probably the whole world knows her and her works, but is everyone familiar with her children? In 1978, the actress tied the knot with sculptor Don Gummer, and they have been married for 42 years now.


Henry Wolfe, the couple’s son, was born in 1979 and has a career as a musician. The actress that goes by the name “Mamie” was born in 1983. Also an actress, Gracie Jane, was born in 1986, and the model, Louisa Jacobson, was born in 1991.

Band of Children

Venom actor Tom Hardy is a well-known star in the acting field, especially in action-packed movies. He was married to producer Sarah Ward in 1999 but unfortunately got divorced in 2004. The English star then had a son, Louis, with his ex-girlfriend and assistant director Rachel Speed in 2008.


Hardy and Speed eventually separated, and Hardy found her soon-to-be wife, Charlotte Riley, while filming Wuthering Heights. They fell in love like their characters Heathcliff and Cathy and married in 2014. They now have a family with their two children. 

Miss Congeniality’s Family

Who remembers bawling over the biographical movie The Blind Side? We can still vividly remember the tears we shed because of the emotional film and its story, especially with Sandra Bullock’s outstanding performance. The star adopted her children in the same way as her character in The Blind Side, Leigh Anne.


In 2005, Bullock married Monster Garage host Jesse James. They got divorced in 2010 due to adultery claims against James. The actress is now a mother of two; Louis, whom she adopted in 2010, and Laila, whom she adopted in 2015.

Family Halloween

Kristen Bell, best known for her roles in The Good Place and Veronica Mars, also has a lovely family of her very own. She is married to the American actor and comedian Dax Shepard, and together they have two kids.


The married couple prefers to be private in their family life. While they still post their family photos on their Instagram accounts, they do not show their children in public – as seen in this photo the actress has posted, with emoticons covering their children’s faces.

Not A Solo Star Anymore

Solange, the equally talented younger sister of Beyoncé, is also included in this list. With her songs and artworks that undoubtedly display her skills and musical prowess, many of us are unaware that she is also an expert in parenthood.


Solange met Daniel Smith, then 19, when she was just 17 years old. In 2004, they married and welcomed their son, Daniel Julez J, Smith Jr., into their family. In 2007, Solange and Smith got divorced. After that, she married filmmaker Alan Ferguson, although the union was short-lived.

Jamie’s Girls

Jamie Lee Curtis is a celebrated Hollywood actress and the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. With her role as the legendary mom in Freaky Friday, we can easily envision Jamie Lee Curtis as a mom in real life.


In 1984, the award-winning actress married English screenwriter Christopher Guest. They adopted two children into their family. The couple has two daughters: Annie, who was born in 1986, and Ruby, who was born in 1996. Jamie Lee Curtis is known to be a kind mom that supports her children in every way she can.

A Modern Family In Real Life

We all know and love Colombian actress Sofia Vergara for her portrayal of Manny’s mother, Gloria, in Modern Family. The unexpected fact that she has a son named Manny in real life is something that most of us are unaware of!


Vergara’s high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez is the father of Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara. However, the pair separated, and Vergara is now married to actor Joe Manganiello – who is famous for his roles in True Blood and Magic Mike.

Bonding In Disneyland

On the set of the sitcom Hope & Faith in 2004, the Transformers actress Megan Fox and Beverly Hills 90210 Brian Austin Green met and began dating each other. In 2006, they got engaged and tied the knot 4 years later.


They have three children together; Noah Shannon, Bodhi Ransom, and Journey River. Fox and Green got divorced in 2020, and the Jennifer’s Body actress is now engaged to musician Machine Gun Kelly. When they tie the knot, their families will be tied together as well.

I Don’t Have Friends; I Have Family

The Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel has a family of his own with the Mexican model Paloma Jimenez. They have three children – daughter Hania Riley, son Vincent Sinclair, and daughter Pauline. Fast & Furious and late actor Paul Walker, Diesel’s co-star, was the inspiration for the baby’s name: Pauline.


Vin Diesel is one of the highest-grossing actors in the industry’s history. When it comes to personal matters, Diesel is known to be low-key and prefers to keep it that way. However, he never fails to demonstrate how much he cares for his children.