40 Bizarre Celebrity Items That Fans Paid A Fortune For

By Isabel K

The rise of fandoms has made celebrity culture even more questionable. Because die-hard fans will do anything for the celebrities they adore, they’ll fight even their families if they don’t agree with them when it comes to their beloved items.

One thing that loyal fans are going to do is find and buy any memorabilia of their favorite celebrity. From towels to clothes, household items, and even personal effects, loyal fans will want to get their hands on anything they can, regardless of how bizarre it may sound. 

Not only are some of these fans willing to give up all their savings, but they will also do anything, and we mean anything, to acquire something that was once owned by their favorite celebrity. Keep on reading to find out the bizarre celebrity collectibles that people have bought.

1. John Lennon’s teeth

Most people recognize John Lennon as one of the most famous musicians in the world. He was a songwriter, co-vocalist, and guitarist of the band The Beatles. Hence, it’s obvious he had numerous fans worldwide because of their life-changing music. Sadly, the star was assassinated. 

Image source: Omega auction house / Patrick Madrigal / Pinterest

Due to his immense talent, losing such a legendary artist was really sad. Oddly, before he died, he had gifted his housekeeper one of his teeth after an extraction. After his passing, the housekeeper sold it to an excited fan for an unspecified amount. 

2. Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue

Scarlett is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. She is famous for numerous roles but most recently for starring in the Avengers franchise. The actress has gathered a massive following, even though she’s not on any social media platform. During an interview, she spoke about a peculiar episode.

Image source: PBS / Gage Skidmore / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

She got a cold from fellow Avengers co-star Samuel L. Jackson. But she saw this illness as an opportunity. After blowing her nose, she placed the tissue she used in a bag, and guess what? She sold it on eBay. The tissue sold for $5,300, and she gave the money to charity. 

3. Marylin Monroe’s chest X-ray

For decades, Marylin Monroe was a symbol of beauty and desire, and this fashion icon is still remembered to this day. Kim Kardashian recently rented one of her vintage dresses for an event, but she didn’t fit in the dress, which caused controversy. 

Image source: The Chive / Bert Parry – Page 39 / wiki commons / public domain

Her fans will do anything to get a piece of her, even if it’s a medical document like an x-ray. Yes. Marylin Monroe’s chest X-ray was sold for $45,000. That’s a lot of money to pay for an X-ray of someone you barely know, but that’s what some loyal fans will do.

4. Cake from Katy Perry’s music video

Music videos sometimes make the music ten times better, especially for expressive artists like Katy Perry. The music video of Califonia Girls was highly appreciated by her fans. It’s not surprising that most people would do anything to get their hands on anything from the MV set. 

Image source: Axel kofi vega sanchez – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 / katyperry on Instagram

Around the time that her music video came out, there was an awful tragedy in Japan. Katy wanted to do anything she could to help, so she decided to auction some props from her music video to help raise money. The item sold for $5000, and she donated the money.

5. Tupac’s BMW

Tupac Shakur was a highly successful rapper in his days. Unfortunately, he was murdered in the late 90s in a drive-by shooting. While many people still speculate what happened and who was behind his death, no one knows. In spite of this, he still has many fans to this day.

Image source: Edge Film/brainberries.co

While the car he was shot in was initially part of the police investigation, it was later released after the case was closed. The BMW was later restored, but there was still one visible bullet hole. And that hole only added to its value when it was auctioned for a starting price of $1.7 million. 

6. Britney Spears’ chewing gum

It’s difficult even to eat something that has gone into someone else’s mouth, even if we love that person like crazy. But some loyal fans don’t care at all. If it’s been touched by their celebrity, they’ll do anything to get their hands on it. And this bizarre collectible happened to belong to Britney Spears. 

Image Source: britneyspears / ig/www.tramontinastore.ae

Britney Spears needs no introduction. People do anything to get a hold of what she touched, and they even steal those things. Someone dug into her hotel trash to retrieve her chewing gum. He tried to sell it for $14,000, but no one was interested.

7. Elvis Presley’s personal items

It’s not surprising that most Elvis Presley memorabilia sells for thousands of dollars. But it’s always shocking to see what items are going on auction. The star has been dead since 1977, but someone still managed to arrange an auction for his jockstrap.

Image Source: unknown (Paramount Pictures) / http://www.toutlecine.com/images/star/0014/00147914-juliet-prowse.html / wiki commons /public domain

The bedazzled jockstrap was sold for $36,000. A few years later, a bible with his name printed in gold was sold for a whopping $94,000. But one of the most expensive items that went on auction was his iconic jumpsuit. Somebody got it for $250,000.

8. Jenniffer Lawrence’s sports bra

Jenniffer Lawrence is famous for several blockbuster films like the X-Men and the Hunger Games franchise. But one of her best performances was alongside Bradley Cooper in the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook. She wore a sports bra in one of the scenes. 

Image Source: Shutterstock/www.fancaps.net

This is a unique scene in the movie. Unsurprisingly, some actors take stuff from the set to remember the experience of shooting a movie. Somebody got a hold of the sweaty sports bra she wore and sold it for $3,175. Who knows what the fan did with the item?

9. An infamous’ doctor infamous cane 

The masses love most TV shows, but some go down in history as classics that fans will never forget. House was a popular show that started airing in 2009 and took the world by storm, mostly thanks to actor Hugh Laurie and his opinion-dividing character. 

Image Source: Universal Pictures/Fox TV House

The fan-favorite character was known for his wit and how he handled his patients and their weird situations. And when the cane was up for auction by the TV Academy Foundation, it sold quickly. The original cane ended up selling for $8,300. 

10. Harry Potter’s Chair

So many people grew up loving the Harry Potter books and movies by J.K Rowling. The movies are now a classic that we can rewatch anytime. And fans are well aware that the British author sat on two different wooden chairs when writing these iconic books. 

Image Source: Heritage Auctions/ J.K. Rowling / fb

The chairs are decorated with symbols from the books, making them more treasurable. She decided to auction the chairs to Harry Potter fans. One chair sold for $29,000, while the second one sold for $400,000. Part of the money was donated to Rowling’s foundation. 

11. Pharell Williams’s iconic hat

Pharell Williams has been in the entertainment industry for decades. Some fans even speculate that he is a vampire due to the fact that he doesn’t age. One of the most famous images of the rapper and producer is one where he is wearing a Vivienne Westwood hat. 

Image Source: Shutterstock/ pharrel / ig

The black hat has since become iconic on the internet. For weeks, netizens made memes, but this was nothing new for the singer, who has always been known to be unique. So he decided to auction the hat to help at-risk teens, and someone bought it for $44,100. 

12. Lady Gaga’s nail

Women wear a lot of prosthetics for their work, music videos, and photo shoots. It’s all part of the ultimate goal to create something unique. And the iconic singer Lady Gaga isn’t any different. Everybody knows of her love for fashion and style. 

Image Source: ladygaga / ig /Variety

During one of her shows back in 2012, Gaga’s nail fell off, and a lucky fan got the chance to take it home. As strange as that might sound to you, it isn’t to most die-hard fans. The fan later auctioned it off for $13,000.  

13. The original ruby slippers

We all love The Wizard of Oz. This story has been remade numerous times into more movies, animations, and plays. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the beautiful red ruby slippers worn by the main character. In reality, multiple pairs of shoes were made for the OG 1939 film.

Image Source: Sergio Caltagirone / http://www.classstudio.com/scaltagi/intern_picts_pages/intern_picts2.html image / wiki commons/ fair use

A lawyer bought one of the pairs made by Gilbert Adrain for $15,000. Debbie Reynolds also bought one pair for $510,000. Other stars who bought the pairs of shoes include Steven Spielberg and Leonardo Dicaprio. Other pairs are set to sell for close to two million dollars. 

14. Justin Timberlake’s leftover

The former NSYNC member has retained his star power, releasing tons of Billboard hits in his solo career. So it’s no surprise that fans will do anything to get their hands on anything that the singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake has touched. 

Image Source: www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/ Justin Timberlake ig

Even his food! When he went out to eat and didn’t finish his French toast, one fan took it home with him. The leftover french toast was listed on eBay. A 19-year-old loyal fan purchased the leftover food for $1000. We wonder what the fan did with the food. Did they eat it?

15. Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket

The legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, was and still is known worldwide for his music and charisma. He released the single Thriller at the height of his popular solo career. With a fantastic video for the song, Michael cemented himself as a pop icon who was here to stay. 

Image Source: Benoît Prieur – Own work / wiki commons / CC0 / Constru-centro – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Thriller music video has been parodied for decades, and endless cultural references have been made in movies and other videos about it. After his death, this jacket was auctioned off and sold for $1.8 million to a huge fan of the pop sensation. 

16. Another Michael Jackson jacket

A lot of Michael Jackson’s personal items and belongings went on auction after his untimely death. One of them included his bedazzled jacket. This is the same jacket Michael Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday, so you know it sold for a pretty penny. 

Image Source: Kimkardashian / ig

Guess who bought it? The one and only Kim Kardashian. And she gifted it to her oldest daughter, North, as a Christmas present. We’re not sure North knows how relevant that jacket is, but the reality star bought it for $65,625 at an auction.

17. Michael Keaton’s Batman suit

Batman is an iconic character. With tons of movies, comics, and animation series released in recent years, it’s clear that this superhero will be on our screens for years to come. One of the most iconic movies was the 1989 version starring Michael Keaton. 

Image Source: www.originalprop.com/ Gage Skidmore / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

While the movie was a blockbuster hit, there were fans who absolutely hated it. But there are still some who love it. When Michael auctioned the suit, it sold for close to $148,000. The sale happened on the character’s 80th anniversary

18. Angelina and Brad Pitt’s air

For a long time, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were known as the most powerful couple in Hollywood. They thrived together in spite of the Jennifer Aniston drama. For many years, the two actors looked happy with their beautiful children.

Image Source: Shuttershock

Although the two are now separated and fighting for a bunch of things, some of their items were sold for hundreds of dollars. Including the air that they breathed. Yes, you read that right. When a jar containing Brad and Angelina’s air went on sale, one loyal fan bought it for $530. 

19. Michael Jackson’s Hat

Although most people didn’t like that Kim Kardashian was purchasing all these Michael Jackson items, she had the money, and the things were up for auction, so it’s not like she did anything wrong. The reality star and entrepreneur bought the pop star’s iconic hat that he wore for the Smooth Criminal music video. 

Image Source: www.purearts.com/ Kimkardashian / ig

The hat was also a gift to North for Christmas when she was six years old. Kim and her former husband bought the hat for $64,000. Kim also bought expensive items related to other iconic singers at the auction, like Elvis Presley’s rings. 

20. Michael Jordan’s signed sneakers

Sneakerheads will literally spend thousands to get their hands on a pair of Jordans. Why? Because Michael Jordan is an NBA superstar and legend. With how famous the Jordan sneakers are, everyone knows their value and importance across the entire globe.

Image Source: Christie’s/ Chicago Bulls

When he was a rookie, Michael wore these shoes. Later on, he signed them and put them up for auction. The sneakers were sold for almost $600,000. The auction took place on the same day as the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand, which only made the event more memorable. 

21. Bob Barker’s microphone

Bob Barker was the host of the TV show The Price is Right. The show aired from 1972 to 2007 and was widely popular around this time. While filming, the host would use a long and skinny microphone that became iconic as his popularity grew over the years. 

Image Source: Iaksge at English Wikipedia / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / m.imdb.com

In 2015, the show put the microphone up for auction, and a lucky bidder got to take home this piece of TV history. Dave Ryan, the radio host, got the microphone for $20,000. He loves collecting memorabilia and added this unique piece to his collection. 

22. William Shatner’s kidney stone

Kidney stones are a serious condition many people suffer from during their lifetime. The Canadian actor William Shatner is best known for shows like Star Trek and Boston Legal. Sadly, while filming Boston Legal, he abruptly collapsed on set and was taken to the nearest hospital. 

Image Source: www.zomgcandy.com /The History

While there, he peed out a kidney stone. Most people would throw such a thing away, but William decided to do something else. He sold it to a mega fan of Star Trek for a whopping $25,000. According to the star, he wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. 

23. A rockstar’s pool tiles

Lewis Brian Jones was an iconic guitarist for the band Rolling Stones. He played numerous instruments and was known as one of the band’s founders. Unfortunately, after partying and having fun all night, the guitarist drowned in the pool at his home. 

Image source: www.stonewallgardens.uk / Redferns

While many people thought there was something sinister about his death, there was no evidence that maybe it wasn’t an accident. Because of his fame, people bought tiles from that swimming pool. Each tile was sold for $210. It’s a little bizarre to buy a piece of the place where your idol died, right?

24. Ronald Reagan’s blood

Ronald Reagan was an actor who later went on to become the president of the United States. Due to his popularity and lots of controversies surrounding him, a failed assassination attempt was made on his life by a man named John Hinckley.

Image source: SeventyFour / Shutterstock / Unknown author

The president was rushed to the hospital with a chest injury. As per procedure, his blood was taken for testing, and the lab worker kept the blood and associated paperwork. Years later, he put the blood and paperwork for auction, but due to the backlash, he decided to donate it to the Reagan Foundation. 

25. Andy Warhol’s art

Andy Warhol was a revolutionary American artist. He was famous in the art world, especially for his pop art. Sadly, the celebrated artist passed away in his home due to heart failure. Although his art would sell for millions, people wanted to bid on something different. 

Image Source: www.loc.gov / Shutterstock

After his death, Warhol’s nephew decided to auction off his late uncle’s white wig. Warhol loved to wear the wig to disguise his receding hairline. It sold at an auction for $10,800. The fan who bought it was likely happy to get their hands on a piece of memorabilia like this. 

26. Charles Schulz

If you read the comic book ‘Peanuts’ when you were a child, you probably know who Charles Schulz is. The iconic cartoonist was loved worldwide for his comics and for what he gave back to society. Sadly, he passed away in his sleep in 2000.  

Image Source: Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center / Unknown author / wiki commons / CC BY 2.0

Although Charles was married for 20 years, he had an affair with a woman 23 years younger than him. He wrote letters to her, and someone got a hold of them. They wanted to sell the letters at an auction. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to buy the letters and ruin Charles’ image as a kid-friendly cartoonist. 

27. Buddy Holly’s glasses

Classical music is still appreciated today thanks to legendary musicians who put their names and voices on the map forever. Some of these musicians include the late Buddy Holly. Buddy was a singer in the group Crickets during the 50s, and he had an iconic look. 

Image Source: Dsapery / wiki commons / CC BY 3.0 / Buddy Holly Brunswick Records / wiki commons / public domain

He would always wear thick black glasses throughout his entire career. Everyone loved his style and the talent in his voice. Unfortunately, the singer died in a plane crash while wearing the iconic glasses. The glasses were recovered, and his widow sold them for $80,000. 

28. Biggie’s car

Biggie Smalls was also murdered, just like his rap rival Tupac. Because of the constant life threats, Biggie thought about hiring more security for himself and his team. He knew something was wrong and felt like his life was in danger. And he was right. 

Image source: apaimages /www.highxtar.com

One night, after leaving a party with his friends, his car stopped at a red light. While the driver waited for the green light, another car pulled up next to them and shot the rapper. After investigations were completed, the police released the car, which was put up for sale for $750,000. 

29. Willie Nelson’s braids

Many celebrities grow their hair and sell it for good causes and charity. Willie Nelson is a legendary country musician and one of the most celebrated musicians of his generation. The 89-year-old singer is still alive and touring with the Nelson Family band. 

Image Source: www.hollywoodonthepotomac.com / Jessica Pearl

Willie is also known for his iconic braids. In the 1980s, the singer chopped off his braids and gifted them to one of his friends. When his friend died, his wife auctioned the braids for $37,000. We hope the person made a hat with the braids and wears it daily!

30. J.D Salinger’s personal toilet

Anything vintage is worth a lot of money, depending on the era and who owned it originally. But you will be surprised how much people are willing to pay for items such as a porcelain toilet. In their defense, this was not just any toilet you could find at the store. 

Image Source: www.imdb.com

This toilet belonged to the famous author J.D Salinger. Why is the toilet so important? Because it is assumed that he got tons of ideas while seated on it. It was listed for $1,000,000. But no one would buy a toilet for this price, so it was never sold. 

31. The James Bond car

The James Bond movie franchise is top-rated to this day. Lots of fans are eagerly waiting for the recast of the 007 franchise after Daniel Craig portrayed the iconic character for years. But the earlier 1964 movie still holds our hearts to this day because nothing can compare to how good it was. 

Image Source: www.autotrader.co.za / MGM

The original Aston Martin used for this movie was auctioned, and you wouldn’t believe how much it was sold for. Someone bought the car with the spy modifications still intact for $6.4 million. Only two models of this car are available, so you can understand how rare this vintage piece is. 

32. The Cowardly Lion costume

Like the ruby shoes from the Wizard of Oz, plenty of items from this iconic movie went for sale or were auctioned off. One of the pieces of memorabilia from this movie is the Cowardly Lion costume made out of natural lion hair and skin. 

Image source: Movieclips / Bill Doll And Company for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / wiki commons / public domain

Actors and staff will often take items from the movie set to remember their experience and time filming. Bert Lahr, who portrayed the Lion in the original 1939 movie, wore the costume and kept it in his home. When it went up for auction, it was sold for $3,000,000. 

33. Russell Crowe’s jockstrap

If you’ve gotten this far, you already know that loyal fans will buy anything their celebrities once owned. Russel Crowe is a famous actor known for numerous roles in Hollywood, including the blockbuster hit Gladiator. And guess what was sold from the film set?

Image Source: fancaps.net / Radar286 / wiki commons / CC BY 2.0

While numerous items went on auction from this famous movie, it wasn’t a surprise when Russel Crowe’s jockstrap went up for auction. And guess who bought it? TV show host John Oliver. But he planned to donate it to a video store in Alaska. 

34. Darth Vader’s original mask

If you’ve watched any Star Wars movie or series, then the name Darth Vader isn’t new to you. This is one of the most popular characters ever, thanks to his iconic voice and portrayal. With his complicated backstory and immense power, it’s not surprising why so many people are drawn to this character. 

Image Source: smh.com.au /Disney

Darth Vader wore this mask when he revealed that he was Luke Skywalker’s father. When this mask was auctioned, a loyal fan bought it for $885,000, thanks to a bidding war that escalated between the die-hard fans of the franchise. 

35. Olivia Newton-John’s Grease outfit

The 1978 American musical Grease was nothing less than iconic. Setting a precedent for musicals to this day, the movie made close to 360 million at the box office with a budget of only $6 million. It’s safe to say it was a success in more ways than one.

Image Source: fancaps.net /Ga Fullner / shutterstock

The superstar John Travolta was only 22 years old when he acted in the movie. Olivia Newton-John wore the iconic black trousers and leather jacket for part of the musical. The outfit was sold for $405,700, receiving nearly double than what the actress expected. 

36. David Bowie’s hair

David Bowie was a famous English singer and songwriter known for his unique style and charisma. Unfortunately, the musician died in January 2016. Hair and wigs worn by celebs are sold for a lot of money during auctions, so it’s not surprising that David’s hair wasn’t any different.

Image Source: Chris Light – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 / David Shankbone/ Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

A lock of David Bowie’s hair was sold for $18,000. It was just a lock of hair that the wig maker received when making wax statues of the famous musician. However, this wasn’t the only time a clipping of his hair was sold at an auction.  

37. Justin Bieber’s hair

Hair is a high-selling item in most auctions. The famous musician and songwriter Justin Bieber has been in the industry for years, always releasing hit records. Sadly, the singer has fallen ill and might not be touring as much as he used to when he was younger. 

Image source: Jakub Janecki / Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 / justinbieber / ig

When he was 17 years old, Justin had beautiful hair. But he ended up cutting his shiny locks and giving them to his dear friend, former TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen put them on eBay for sale, and within hours, the bid got to $40,000. 

38. Lady Gaga’s tea cup and saucer

Other iconic Lady Gaga items that went up for auction were her tea cup and saucer, which are simple household items. While the items weren’t originally hers, they did have her lipstick stain on them. And it’s Lady Gaga, so they were sold for good money. 

Image Source: EPA / LadyGaga / ig

The items went up for a charity auction in 2012. The purpose was to help Japanese residents recover after the tsunami and earthquake that devastated parts of the country in 2011. They sold for $75,137, but it was for a good cause that helped thousands more. 

39. Britney Spears’ pregnancy test

Although this is one of the weirdest memorabilia fans have fought to get their hands on, it’s not a total shock, considering how many fans Britney Spears has worldwide. The star stayed at a hotel when she married her former husband, Kevin Federline, and so did the fans. 

Image source: childrenbychoice.org.au / Joe Seer / shutterstock

After the honeymoon, the singer took a pregnancy test and discarded it into a wastebasket, as anyone would. The positive pregnancy test was retrieved from the trash and sold to a Canadian radio station. It was later bought by a casino for $5,001. The money was used to help support charity. 

40. Truman Capote’s ashes

Truman Capote became incredibly famous after writing Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Truman passed away in 1984 at his friend’s house. Later on, after his cremation, she was given some of his ashes. Joanne decided to keep his ashes in a Japanese wooden box until she passed away in 2015. 

Image Source: Splash News/ Jack Mitchell / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

In 2016, this author’s ashes went up for auction in Los Angeles. They were sold for a surprising $43,750. The buyer was an anonymous collector. Truman’s friend said that the box with the ashes usually comforted her when she needed it most.