The Playground Elite: 30 Celeb Kids Who Are Best Buds In Real Life

By Jana I

Being in the public’s eye is not easy. Imagine photographers and fans following your every move, from what you eat for breakfast to how you wash your hair. That is what life is like for celebrities. They must be careful and aware of their every move, or it might be misconstrued and misunderstood.

The same goes for people they surround themselves with. That’s why today, we want to discuss that topic and discover who is friends with whom and whether we ever expected them to be.

To make things more interesting, we would like to focus on the children, since the adults, the real Hollywood stars, are already talked about so much. Let’s explore something new and fresh. If you are interested, keep on strolling.

Harlow And Sparrow Madden And Ruby And Otis Maguire

The marriage of Nichole Richie and Benji Madden is a treat for popular culture lovers all around the globe. They are not only married, but they have two wonderful children: Harlow and Sparrow. The Maddens are friends with Spiderman himself.

Image Courtesy of FameFlynet Pictures

Not only are their parent’s friends, but Harlow and Sparrow also love to hang with Ruby and Otis. The four can’t be any cuter. They were spotted going to a party, talking, and hanging out together. Who doesn’t think that’s adorable?!

Victoria Beckham’s Daughter And Prince George

This pairing sort of overcomes the celebrity aspect of friendships and introduces none other than royalty to the mix! Believe it or not, royals also need friends and acquaintances. That’s how Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter became friends with prince George.

Image courtesy of _harperbeckham / Instagram

The couple, Victoria and David, attended the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge wedding in 2011. Harper, Beckham’s daughter, is said to have her birthday at the royal Buckingham Palace. What a dream come true! Aren’t they adorable here in this photo?!

 Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon’s Sons

Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar became friends after filming a cult thriller movie: Cruel Intentions. Who remembers this legendary banger?! We sure do! Nonetheless, their children are, believe it or not, best buds!

Image courtesy of Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

They said, in Us Weekly, that Rocky and Tennessee, their sons, are friends. This enables their moms to spend time together and reminisce on the good ol’ days. If you are a fan of nostalgia, this will grind your gears just fine!

Jennifer Garner And Brooke Burke-Charvet’s Kids

It’s interesting to observe how celebs, besides all the fame and glamour, are people at the end of the day. They drive their kids to school and do math homework with them. It’s mind-boggling at times. That’s how we felt when we learned that Jennifer Garner is the head of a carpool that involves Brooke Burke- Charvet’s kids.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Jennifer Garner is one of those actresses that decided to put their career aside and be a stay-at-home mom. We respect that! We are just nosey people and want to know what goes on in that car, like, what kind of music they listen to and who they gossip about…

Alyson Hannigan And Cobie Smulders’ Daughters

The two met on the set of the infamous sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In the show, the two were best friends, so they went on and continued in the same manner and transferred their friendship to real life. Not only that, but their daughters started hanging out, too.

Image courtesy of s_bukley / Shutterstock

The age difference between the two daughters is a mere seven weeks, so when one is joining her mother on set, the other has to. That is so adorable! There is nothing better than making your bestie’s daughter your daughter’s bestie, too.

Jennie Garth And Tori Spelling’s Kids

Beverly Hills 90210 TV show stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are friends, and that is no secret. The two are both blondes, both extremely talented and funny. Now, their kids are friends too! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / torispelling

The costumes and the picture we’ve found on Instagram are enough proof of their rock-solid friendship and bond. The two are forever each other’s bestie and companion. They always talk fondly of each other and have even bonded over parenting.

Ashlee Simpson And Jessica Simpson’s Kids

Like the Duff sisters, these two have a special bond that flows through generations. Now, their kids are close too—what a lovely, idyllic family. The two sisters are one of the most iconic siblings in Hollywood history.

Image Courtesy of ashleesimpsonross / Instagram

Their children, Jagger Snow, Bronx, Ace, and Maxwell, love to spend time together. Although their family isn’t perfect, they find the time to spend it together. The moms often love to take their kids on fun and entertaining vacations!

Chicago West And True Thompson

Although Kim and Khloe are both currently separating from their husbands, Kanye and Tristan, their daughters will forever be glued to the hip. Chicago and True have been together since the early stages of their lives. They are the same age, and their mommies are sisters.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / khloekardashian

However, almost all the Kardashian sisters have children, and they are all, more or less, really close to each other. Besides True and Chicago, we would say Kylie’s daughter Stormi is their third missing musketeer. It’s lovely that they have such an excellent bond and friendship.

Jessica Alba And Eric Dane’s Kids

Jessica Alba met up with her friend Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart to let their children roam around and play at the playground. We always wondered if that’s something that often happens, or here and there, sporadically.

Image courtesy of Jessica Alba / Instagram

Then, these pictures of Jess and Eric surfaced on Popsugar. We imagine the parents are enjoying their quality time with the kids and friends at the same time. Two birds with one stone, as they say. The kids seem to be having fun, too.

North West And Penelope Disick

Remember when we talked about True and Chicago, we even mentioned Stormi a bit? Well, now, it’s time to talk about the older daughters of the Kardashian Klan with a K: North West and Penelope Disick. These two are Kim’s and Kourtney’s children.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / kimkardashian

This picture shows the beautiful relationship North and Penelope have. They are super kind to each other and will grow to be amazing friends one day. Although they are growing together, the girls show their differences. Nonetheless, their bond remains intact.

Blue Ivy Carter And Apple Martin

Blue Ivy arguably has the most famous parents in the world. It’s not a tame thing to say Queen B herself is your mother or legendary rapper Jay-Z is your father. The girl has to deal with a lot of pressure and a lot of fame.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / gwynethpaltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple Martin is Ivy’s bestie. Someone she can confide in and her first confidant. The two look gorgeous and sweet together. Just look at this picture from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram page. Adorable!

Gideon And Harper Harris-Burtka And Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

What is more iconic than hanging out with Sir Elton John and his family? Neil Patrick Harris’ twins, Gideon and Harper, surely can’t be any happier. They are spotted being friendly and funny with Elton John’s offspring.

Image courtesy of Instagram / Neil Patrick Harris

The two happy families were spotted vacationing in St. Tropez. If you take a look at this photo, you will see their faces are painted with joy and happiness. Everyone is having the time of their lives. The dads are doing an awesome job!

Matilda Ledger And Birdie Silverstein

Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams are one of the best and most solid friendships in Hollywood. They have maintained their friendship throughout the years. It seems like their daughters are following in their footsteps. What a delightful thing to see!

Image courtesy of busyphilipps / Instagram

These two are like polar opposites that attract each other. Michelle is extremely private and doesn’t use social media, whereas Busy loves to share her every move on social media! They are like yin and yang, and their daughters are to follow!

Louis Bullock And Vivian Falcone

We love a good, funny actress in Hollywood, so we are happy to see the two of them getting together and creating a beautiful friendship. Not only that, but their children are hanging out too! What a treat that is for us pop-culture lovers!

Image courtesy of Red Table Talk/Facebook

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy took the term buddy comedy and went full blast with it! They are both raising their children modestly and in a grounded way. They are not raised to be your classical, rich Hollywood children. We are confident that these two humorous ladies are doing God’s work!

Shiloh Jolie Pitt And Kingston Rossdale

It goes without saying that Angelina and Brad created a wonderful, loving family together. They adopted and had their biological children. Sadly, the couple parted, yet, that doesn’t stop us from reporting about their gorgeous daughter Shiloh.

Image courtesy of Northfoto / Shutterstock

Jolie-Pitt children were spotted being friends with the son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Kingston. People reported this when they’ve seen Jolie-Pitts hanging out in England, in Gwen’s house, having a play date with the kids.

Monroe And Moroccan Cannon And Egypt Dean

We all know and love our girl Alicia Keys, and her iconic songs, like Fallin and This Girl is On Fire. That girl is, in fact, on fire! She is gorgeous, successful, and extremely talented! What a catch! Not only that, but she hangs out with the good crowd. Her son, too!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / aliciakeys

Egypt Dean, Alicia, and Swizz Beatz’s son are said to be hanging out with Mariah Carey’s kids: Monroe And Moroccan Cannons. The pairing makes so much sense! Two irresistible vocalists created little babies that will be good buds for the times to come.

Sloane Haggerty And Future Wilburn

If you don’t know who Macklemore is, we definitely didn’t have the same childhood and adolescence. His song Thrift Shop put a huge stamp on our growing pains. It was so good, catchy, fun, and enthusiastic. The fashion was all over the place, and the music video is amazing!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / ciara

Macklemore and Ciara were friends ever since they worked together on different musical projects. The two are inseparable. To add, their kids, too, like to spend time together and do all kinds of shenanigans. The two posted this picture online to celebrate a good time!

Hilary And Haylie Duff’s Children

If you didn’t realize, the y2k TV series star Hilary Duff has a sister, Haylie Duff. It comes as no surprise that their children, too, are incredibly tight. Hilary and Haylie have always shared how close and connected they are to each other.

Image courtesy of Haylie Duff / Instagram

They bonded over the fact that they are both mothers and want to focus on positivity and the joys of life rather than the negativities. They are happy that their children are continuing the family tradition and liaisons. These two seem like lovely moms!

Kim Kardashian And Nicole Richie

The Kardashian family is on our list again. This time it’s not Kylie or Khloe but Kim herself. The diva that started it all! Kim is a gorgeous woman. However, many are wrong to think that is due to plastic surgery. Kim was always beautiful.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / kimkardashian

Just take a look at her picture from back in the day. This is her and Nichole Richie posing for a photo together. They look so young and innocent. The sepia on the photograph simply emphasizes how long ago it was. What a cute pic, and what a throwback!

Toni Collette And Drew Barrymore’s Kids

Recently, people started talking more about Drew Barrymore’s struggles as a child actress in Hollywood. She had to overcome a series of trials and errors throughout her career. Good thing she has friends and colleagues like Toni Collette.

Image courtesy of Drew Barrymore / Instagram

Not only are they really close after filming the movie Miss You Already, but their kids appear to be great pals, too. Like mommies, like children! They can make lovely play dates, where the little ones can play, and the adults talk about daily struggles and beauties of life!

Zeplin Bonelli And North West

If there is someone more iconic than the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, it’s the woman that birthed them all – Kris Jenner. She is a beast in show business, and she knows how to stir the pot. Online, they call her the momager, aka mom manager.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / krisjenner

She took this legendary snapshot of her daughter Kim and granddaughter North West having a blast with Joyce and Zeplin Bonelli. We are certain North will grow to become the most popular girl in the block, with so many celebrity friends!

Blue Ivy And The Carey-Cannon Twins

Both of these proud mommas were on our list earlier. However, we didn’t mention them in connection to one another. We uncovered that Mariah and Beyoncé, too, share a wonderful friendship. Not only that, but their kids do, as well.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / mariahcarey

Mariah took this photo to Instagram to show how they all hang out together and spend some quality time. She wrote a little, wholesome description as well: Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children. @beyonce #christmas #family #love.

Jessica Simpson And CaCee Cobb’s Daughters

Jessica Simpson and CaCee Cobb’s daughters are said to be really close friends! They are acting like their moms, it seems. Jessica and CaCee once had a business relationship when Cobb was her assistant back in the day. They’ve come a long way since then.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / jessicasimpson

Their two sons, Rocky and Ace, also love to spend some time together and indulge in play dates from time to time. The moms say that their children are glued to the hip! They enjoy playing and discovering the boyhood and girlhood together.

Milla Jovovich And Ali Larter’s Kids

If you are a fan of the movie franchise Resident Evil, then you probably ended up having a crush on one of these leading ladies. Both Milla and Ali are strikingly gorgeous. Ali Larter went and shared the following photo on Instagram a few years back!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / alilarter

The description reads as follows: @millajovovich and me stealing a moment with our little ones! #workingmoms #residentevilthefinalchapter. We don’t know what will if this doesn’t tell you enough about their wonderful friendship and companionship. They are all so adorable together.

Ryan Rosenberg And Marlowe Masterson

We already talked about Haylie Duff in this article when we mentioned her daughter Ryan, who has a wonderful friend in her cousin Luca (Hillary Duff’s son). But, sometimes, it’s nice to find pals outside the family, too.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / haylieduff

Alanna Masterson is an actress mostly known for her role in the TV series The Walking Dead. Her daughter Marlow turned out to be a great friend to Ryan. They were spotted eating baguettes together, wearing silly shorts, and having fun!

Cate Blanchett And Hugh Jackman’s Kids

Cate and Hugh have been friends for over 15 years! They first started being friendly after a movie they worked together on in 2006! Now, not only do they hang out, but their children, too. Cate was photographed one day as she dropped the kids off at Hugh’s place.

Image courtesy of cateblanchett_officiall / Instagram

Hugh Jackman had the opportunity of teaching kids his best snow fight moves recently. They were making snowballs for hours on end. It was a snow day, all the children could enjoy themselves, and parents were laid back and relaxed too. What a nice sight!

Winnie Fallon And Frankie Kopelman

We already talked about Drew and her child briefly in this text. Now, we have to mention her marvelous and one-of-a-kind friendship with Jimmy Fallon. If you didn’t know, Jimmy had acting gigs before he became a show host! Yes!

Image courtesy of drew barrymore / Instagram

They became close during a movie shooting they did together. These two are close friends, but their children Winnie and Frankie are also BFFs! Isn’t that just adorable?! Imagine the play dates, the brunches, lunches, and birthday parties… Sounds like a good time!

 Alyson Hannigan And Neil Patrick Harris’ Kids

Alyson and Neil were long-lived costars and colleagues in the famous American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Both of these actors were mentioned earlier, yet, we can’t resist but match them together. We just love their dynamic!

Image courtesy of Instagram / Neil Patrick Harris

Their children are incredibly close friends, too. The actress revealed in an interview in 2013 that her daughter Satyana Denisoff loves the twins (Gideon and Harper) and that she (Alyson) hopes they will forever stay close and cordial towards each other.

The Beckhams And The Ramseys

When you thought these two families couldn’t get any more iconic, they merge together! The Beckhams and the Ramseys are two extremely popular English families. If we exclude the royal family, they might also be one of the most well-known.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham took this picture to show the friendship every member of that family cultivates and has! This is a sight for sore eyes. Both families are equally iconic and legendary in their own ways, both talented and successful. What is there more to ask?!

Luca Comrie And Pearl Osbourne

Hilary Duff’s son, Luca, has a lot of friends. He is a popular little kiddo! Today, we will end this article by showing you another wholesome and adorable toddler friendship, and it’s between Luca and Pearl Osbourne. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of Hilary Duff / Instagram

The children were spotted and photographed eating ice cream together! Originally, the picture was posted to Hilary’s Instagram page. The two look so cute together, and they seem to be having a blast! We hope their friendship lasts for years to come!