40+ People Who Should Have Just Stayed In Bed - why these ?

40+ People Who Should Have Just Stayed In Bed

We all counted down on New Year’s Eve last year, hopeful that 2020 was going to be our year. Well, 2020 said, “nope.” The first three days of the year brought floods in Indonesia, massive fires in Australia, and a near-call for a third-world war. And then the Coronavirus began spreading rapidly in February and March, and the entire world went into lockdown. We’ve spent most of this year at home, but it’s been no holiday. People still have their share of bad days, and we thank those who find some humor in them to post about them online. If you’re in need of some lighthearted content at the end of this crazy, forsaken year, here are just some of the hilarious shenanigans people around the world have gotten up to.

The ducks came to play

Paving a driveway is no joke. The driveway crew would say this photo is no laughing matter, but we beg to differ. A few workers were pouring concrete on a new house’s driveway when they decided they wanted some lunch. They shouldn’t have left the site, though…

Photo courtesy of reddit/BluestarHUS

When they came back, they discovered that a flock of duck friends from a nearby duck pond had come out to play on the still-wet concrete. It’s safe to say this family will have duck feet printed permanently on their driveway. It’s really not a bad look, right?

Bart Simpson facemask

Just because we haven’t left the house in 2020 doesn’t mean that we can afford to throw skincare out the window. Sophia definitely knows not to skip on a facemask. Like everyone during quarantine, she DIY’ed a turmeric facemask. But things went a little awry.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@sophianciulli

Ask anyone who has cooked with turmeric before, and they’ll tell you that it stains your fingers. Poor Sophia here  couldn’t wash the color off and ended up looking “like Bart Simpson.” At least she still found the humor in it. Sometimes the cure to a bad day is to be able to laugh at yourself.

Paris in the rain

Movies and music have always romanticized Paris in the rain, but sometimes it’s better to be realistic. While a popular tourist attraction, you probably should save a trip up the Eiffel Tower for a sunny day. This couple can tell you why.

Photo courtesy of reddit/theadum

Reddit user theadum and their partner went to visit the tower on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, Paris in the rain is a little less romantic than the films portray it to be. They could have been seen the beautiful city from up there when the sky is clear, but not this time around.

An aggressive midnight thirst

Ever been so thirsty you rip the refrigerator door open? Yeah, not us. But this one Reddit user apparently has. ItsMeMurphYSlaw went to the kitchen in the middle of the night looking for something to quench his thirst, but he ended up having to replace his fridge.

Photo courtesy of reddit/ItsMeMurphYSLaw

All he did was open the fridge door, and it came off. He must have some Hulk-level strength when he’s thirsty. Unfortunately for him, he’s gonna have to go and find a new fridge in the morning. Oh, and replace everything in there, too.

New parent problems

When you have a new baby, chances are neither you nor your partner are getting much sleep. Bearing that in mind, this mistake is definitely understandable. This new parent accidentally brushed their teeth with diaper rash ointment instead of toothpaste. Yikes.

Photo courtesy of reddit/BADGERSAREUNDERRATED

We don’t blame them, though. You can make many mistakes when you’re sleep-deprived. You’re just trying to get through the day, but your eyes have trouble focusing. In fairness, these two tubes look almost identical from the back. We’d make that mistake even with enough sleep.


We love a relationship where people try on different outfits to see what the other person thinks. This idea is cute in theory, but this guy is just having one of those days. He put on two different shoes to see which one his wife thinks looks better but forgot to switch out the other one.

Photo courtesy of reddit/feltonpbeaver

We can’t imagine what the people in the office must have thought when they saw him walk into the building with mismatched shoes. Granted, these shoes are both brown, but not a close enough match to overlook. It must have been embarrassing. Also, not that anyone asked us, but we like the darker shoe better.

Forgot my mask

No one ever thought that out of every other essential item you’d need in your bag, a mask would be one of them. Alas, 2020 has made it so. This poor guy had driven 45 minutes only to realize he had forgotten his mask.

Photo courtesy of reddit/zoltrules

He thought he had his mask in his pocket, but it turns out it was a baby sock—another new parent problem. Word of advice from us, keep a spare reusable mask or a box of disposable ones in your car, specifically for days like this.

Muddy paws

The state of this room right now is an accurate representation of the catastrophe that is 2020. A wreck, a mess, and in disarray. This poor doggo was caught in a torrential rain outside and sought cover the only way he knew how – through the dog flap.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/OryxTheJimmy

Unfortunately for his owners, the dog brought the rain in with him and completely covered the floor and furniture with mud. A deep clean is on schedule for the following morning. We hope they don’t get mad at the dog, though, because look at the remorse on his face!

A piece of heaven

What you’re looking at is a washing machine malfunction. Suds spilled over out the door and into the front yard, settling around a lone tree. Sure it was a disaster, but it made the garden look like a piece of heaven.

Photo courtesy of reddit/iBleedorange

This is what we imagine it would have looked like in the Garden of Eden if that tree were the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The soap suds kind of look like cotton candy clouds, don’t you think?

Passive-aggressive in-law

Meeting the parents for the first time is daunting, but nobody can prepare you for how much worse it is when the parents have become in-laws. Okay, that’s an unfair generalization. But this person just received a piece of cake, which confirms the stereotype.

Photo courtesy of reddit/SallyDogBiscuit

An innocent dinner which might have been going fine suddenly turned sour when the cake was served. This person’s mother-in-law served them a piece of cake sliced just right, showing the letters “die.” Is this her passive-aggressive way of expressing her feelings, or does she just hate her in-law?

You’ve got a friend

Pets do have the capacity to make you feel better. Dogs and cats will often greet you at the door with a smile on their face after you’ve had a long hard day at work. That’s what this owner expected, but his cat had other plans.

Photo courtesy of reddit/gianlucadelonge

It seems this cat is more depressed than his human. It doesn’t seem to be in any capacity to be cheering anyone up. It looks like these two will be cuddling on the couch, watching Netflix while digging through a tub of ice cream tonight.

Sometimes you’re the problem

Every parent knows to get anything sharp, fragile, and easily knocked over out of arms’ reach from the kids. Well, you know what, parents? Sometimes you’re the problem! Take this parent’s encounter with a bag of flour for example.

Photo courtesy of reddit/SubrinaSky

It is good practice to move a bowl of flour away from your child when you’re baking. Their hands will touch everything, and there’s a high possibility they may knock it over. But this mess on the floor wasn’t the daughter’s fault. It was the fault of the mother’s own elbow!

Pride of place

Can you tell which one of these three items sitting on the toilet was a Christmas gift from a husband to his wife? Nope, it’s not the Ajax multi-purpose spray or the Bref toilet cleaner. It’s the expensive Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume.

Photo courtesy of reddit/baxterrocky

You would think this kind of pricey gift belongs on a dresser or a nightstand, but nope. This guy’s wife put it on the toilet as “air freshener.” Poor husband. We hope he doesn’t splurge on a fancy gift next Christmas. We recommend just getting an actual air freshener.

Mini freezer

You gotta love a new house that comes with perks. For this guy, it was a bonus mini-fridge in the basement. Naturally, he used the fridge to store all his alcohol. But maybe he shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions that quickly.

Photo courtesy of reddit/joeldor

Lo and behold, what he thought was a fridge was actually a freezer. It froze all his beer, and most of them even exploded out of their cans. It’s going to be even more frustrating to clean that cooler out. Shame that all that beer went to waste.


Girls, we know the pain of a bad hair day, but nothing can prepare this woman for the day she was about to have. She walked through a fly strip and got her hair caught in it. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t a new one.

Photo courtesy of reddit/queendank

She spent an hour in the bathroom trying to shampoo out the glue and fly guts out of her hair. If that isn’t a bad day, we don’t know what is. Just looking at that fly strip is making us gag. We sincerely hope she managed to get all that gunk out.

When Dad takes the photo

A trip to Machu Pichu is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you are a slave to the gram, you would definitely be taking all the photos you can possibly take. But when it’s a family trip, and there’s no one to take your photo who knows angles and can direct your poses, you resort to your dad.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Mr_Tom_Yabo

This poor guy ended up with a photo of himself in Machu Pichu, but you can’t really tell it was him. As older people are with technology, Dad covered nearly half the lens with his hand. This could be anyone wearing a blue jumper in Machu Pichu. Guess you can’t prove you went there for the summer now.

RIP iPhone

Oh boy. This driver is in for a surprise when they get out of the car. How do they not notice that their phone has been dragging along on the ground for the past hour? Someone’s really having a bad day here.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

The fact that it’s hanging by the phone charger is even more alarming. But you have to admit that the cable is pretty powerful to be able to still stay intact throughout all that impact, pinned between a car door! Well done, Apple.

Third time’s the charm

As if one terrible thing isn’t bad enough, this guy experienced three unfortunate incidents one after another. He already had a long day at work, and he dropped his sandwich in the parking lot on his way home. Strike one. He thought he would make himself some pasta to feel better.

Photo courtesy of reddit/SuitsAndStripes

That pot was a disaster because he knocked it off the hob, and it spilled all over the floor. Strike two. He makes himself another pot, but as he went to drain it all, the pot’s handle broke, and pasta spilled on the floor again. In the end, he had no food but had himself a good little cry.

Flirting fail

There’s nothing quite like people watching. Sometimes even waiting in line at the bank can bring you some entertainment, as proven by this Tweet from @Ticklemelili. What started out as a regular day of running errands became a viral Tweet.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@Ticklemelili

The guy in front of her in line was just trying his luck. It would seem he had a good flow going, but he should have realized the cute teller can also see the details of his bank account. Unfortunately for this guy, his balance was a whole $11.96. Should have thought twice about it before asking the teller out.

Tiny taters

This is exactly why Google exists. If you’re trying to grow potatoes on your own, you should probably try to research as much as you can before you actually do it. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the same fate as this Reddit user.

Photo courtesy of reddit/msoto15

After ten weeks of growing potatoes on their own, the result was three teeny tiny taters that are barely the size of a clothespin. We wonder why they even cut the small potatoes up and fried them. It didn’t even make enough French fries to fill a side plate.

Kid burn

Nothing hurts more than when a kid is being blatantly honest with you. They have no filter and will say whatever is in their heads, most of which can be pretty insulting. This poor dude was just walking around the school when a four-year-old stopped and gave him a piece of their mind.

Photo courtesy of reddit/bugwump1

The kid said they liked his Minion costume. Joke’s on this dude. It wasn’t Halloween or World Book Day. He wasn’t trying to dress up as a Minion. He was just wearing his usual clothes. Maybe next time, try regular jeans and a t-shirt?

New friend

Yikes. This is probably a sign that this person’s toilet needs cleaning. Surely Mr. Water Snake is just making his rounds and reminding people to do so. We’d like to ask just one question. Why is the toilet bowl completely dry? Be right back, gotta vomit.

Photo courtesy of reddit/TheEerieZeroQueen

The way this snake is looking up at the camera, it’s almost like it’s warning the person responsible for a filthy toilet to clean up this mess. He’s saying, “Ssssstop being lazy… ssssstart tidying up…” Someone should listen to him lest they want him to actually slither out of the toilet.

A fresh coat of paint

If you have the time, energy, and patience, redecorating or revamping a house on your own can be fun. You get to enjoy the freedom of changing colors and furniture arrangements, however you want. But just be sure you’re extra careful unless you want to end up like this girl.

Photo courtesy of tiger_qween

It’s probably a good idea not to leave paint on top of a ladder after you come down. This girl was painting a rather high place, probably the ceiling or a high spot on the wall. When she stepped down, she picked up the ladder and got a fresh coat of paint dumped on top of her head.

A real bad day

We’ll give you a second to figure out what’s unfortunate about this picture. Have you found it yet? Here’s a hint. It’s in the groove of the trunk. Still no clue? Fine, we’ll tell you. This person somehow got their car keys stuck in the boot. It’s that little sliver of silver you will probably notice now.

Photo courtesy of reddit/friendscallmeadolph

We have to wonder, how did that happen in the first place? The only thing that’s worse about this Reddit post is the top comment on it. Apparently, someone had experienced the same thing in the parking lot of a Target. The police were even called on them because they were poking around the car trying to get the key out!

Dammit, DoorDash!

Food courier services have definitely made life a lot easier. With just a few taps on your phone, you have food delivered to your doorstep. It’s certainly made getting food a lot safer during the pandemic. But this is just disrespectful.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Jay_Ferg

This guy’s really having a bad day. All he wanted was his Wendy’s order; then his DoorDash driver sent him this photo to confirm that the food was delivered. There’s nothing worse than paying for your food and not being able to eat it because it’s literally scattered all over the road.

The new iStone

Lesson learned: read the product description and specifications down to the fine lines before checking out. This guy was so excited to receive his new smartphone in the mail, but what was in the package was disappointing, to say the least.

Photo courtesy of reddit/samfisher457

Instead of a new iPhone, he received an iStone. Yup, that piece of stone in his hand was inside the cardboard box in his other hand. Even looking at the size of the package, it’s nowhere close to a smartphone! Better return the item and demand a refund. Imagine how much he paid for that piece of rock.

Find My Phone

Losing a phone is stressful enough. You don’t know whether to wait for someone to turn it in or to just take the L and get yourself a new one. This person lost his phone in London, and after a week, he had lost all hope…

Photo courtesy of reddit/lemonslothcake

…until the Find My app on iPhone pinged him a location. It turned out his phone had been found somewhere a little south of London. Yup, his phone resurfaced 1,623 miles away, in Algeria. Safe to say, he’s never getting it back.

Swiping squirrel

Don’t you just hate it when random animals steal your food? And on a bad morning too? This person was having a “disaster of a morning,” as he put it. To top it all off, a squirrel stole his croissant!

Photo courtesy of reddit/lornek

This was the croissant that this person was going to enjoy as soon as he got home. The fact that he managed to get a photo of the squirrel as it was about to dig into the croissant just makes his loss even worse. Honestly, maybe the squirrel was having a bad day too.

Coffee and cream

It’s a brand new day. The sun is shining, and it’s your first day at a new job. You’ve been waiting so long for an opportunity like this to fall on your lap. You think to yourself, “I’m going to get myself pumped with a cup of coffee.”

Photo courtesy of reddit/rilescran

You make your way to your new office, a fresh cup of coffee in hand. You look down, and you realize, “I didn’t order cream with my coffee…” No, you didn’t. And it’s not cream, it’s pigeon poop. It’s immediately become a bad day.

A stroke of bad luck

This is what it looks like when all your hopes and dreams come crashing down in front of you, right after you’ve finally obtained it. This person finally finished his PC, and an hour later, it shatters. We get that glass PC’s look cool but maybe opt for a safer material.

Photo courtesy of reddit/RewindUK

Building your own PC takes a lot of saving up and many hours of work. We don’t know just how much it must have cost him to build this beauty, but we’re right there with him as he mourns its destruction.

Dying charge

The caption to this sad photo read, “With my remaining 3% battery on my phone, I post this.” It’s unclear whether this charger only just broke, or whether it’s been like this for a while. This is an easily preventable problem.

Photo courtesy of reddit/DirePegasus

This person should have just bought a new cable when the old one started showing signs of giving up. Alas, she did not do that, and ended up having to pay the price of a drained phone. We hope she gets a new charger soon.

Cancelled plans

You’d normally be overjoyed when you hear that a test is canceled. That’s only when you didn’t have to wake up at 5 am just to get there on time, though. This person planned his morning out only to find out the SAT’s were canceled.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Cron-che

There’s nothing less exciting than having to wake up at 5am. It’s only made worse by the fact that this person had to drive a long way. This is one test you don’t want to get canceled. It’s easier to just get it over with.

Another fresh coat of paint

Next time you’re buying paint at a hardware store, make sure they close the lid properly before placing the can in the trunk. Otherwise, this may happen to you. What was supposed to be paint for the nursery ended up coating the trunk.

Photo courtesy of reddit/liptonbillson

We’re trying to see the bright side in this post. At least he put a lining down on the floor of the trunk? And his car is also white, so it wouldn’t really be a problem if he couldn’t get the paint out?

Halloween at work

Question: is there such a thing as being too old to dress up for Halloween? The answer is always no. We appreciate this woman’s dedication to honor the Halloween spirit. Giving her an A+ for costume and make-up here.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Srob87

Unfortunately for her, she was the only person in her small office who dressed up. Whoops. None of the other 30 employees bothered to put a costume on, and she didn’t exactly have a neutral costume on. Imagine being the only person in a full-body banana suit from 9 am to 5 pm.

Say cheese!

Students aren’t the only ones who fuss over their yearbook photos. Teachers and staff also want to look good for the books every year. For this new teacher, her first yearbook photo as a staff member looked a little out of sorts, to say the least.

Photo courtesy of reddit/obiwankepuppy

Yearbook photographers usually don’t care about how everyone looks in the shot. They have hundreds, often thousands of people to photograph, so usually it’s just snap and go. Unfortunately for this woman, on her first year as a teacher, she wasn’t ready when the camera snapped.

A sour note

Pro tip: if you have a cable guy or worker over to install anything that needs drilling, get your prized possessions out of the way. This beautiful Martin HD-28V guitar now has a hole in it because it was left in a closet while someone was drilling.

Photo courtesy of reddit/kol_kay

Guess this guy’s day ended on a sour note. The cable guy drilled a hole on the side of the house, which led into a closet. Impressively enough, the drill went through the wall, through the guitar’s hard case, and into the body of the guitar.

Would you like some egg with that pepper?

Ah, eggs. The simplest, easiest breakfast. Crack a couple in the pan, add salt and pepper, and you’re good to go! But always, always season in moderation, and definitely grind the peppercorns before sprinkling them on your eggs.

Photo courtesy of reddit/scoobdrew

This person’s morning isn’t off to a great start. His pepper grinder broke just as he held it over the pan to season his eggs. What you see here is a serving of pepper with a side of eggs sunny side up.

A photographer’s worst nightmare

It’s bad enough that it was a Monday morning. Nobody ever wants the weekend to end. What made it worse for this photographer was that he dropped his camera lenses. We can feel the hurt oozing from this photo.

Photo courtesy of reddit/derpositioner

Lenses are extremely expensive and require a great deal of maintenance. These two lenses could cost anyone upwards of $800 in total. With the shattered glass all over the place, he’s going to have to replace them both.

Breaking in a car

A new car takes some getting used to. Some would even say you need to break it in to get the feel of it. This husband was driving his wife’s new car on its first tank of gas, and all was going well until he realized something might be wrong…

Photo courtesy of reddit/Jay_from_NuZiland

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That is a pair of pliers with the handle fully stuck through the rear tire. We don’t know how this could have happened, but it did. To have to replace your tire before you even get anywhere on the car is frustrating!

(Un)breakable bond

This photo has us wondering what this ring is made of. Is it die-cast metal? If it is, it only makes sense that it would break this way. Precious metals wouldn’t crack as this ring did. It may be time for an upgrade.

Photo courtesy of reddit/jerry_seinfeld1

A wedding ring should be a symbol of an unbreakable bond between two people. But thankfully, the bond doesn’t break when the ring breaks. Maybe get new rings when you renew your vows, guys- and check next time that you are getting what you actually paid for.

Flipping tractors

Remember the movie Cars, where Mater the tow truck spent his nights flipping tractors that mooed like cows? That’s exactly what this scene reminds us of. Not sure how this Reddit user managed to do this, but we’re laughing.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Horizon317

We are glad that he’s okay, though. Apparently, it’s not that hard for tractors to flip. Because of their dimensions, all that has to happen is for one tire to be positioned at a lower ground level than the other tires.

Some Final Destination mayhem

It seems like the only way this could happen is if it was a scene in one of the Final Destination installments. The very expensive McLaren inside this dealership was ruined when a loose truck wheel was flung through the store windows.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Chamale

Can you think of any possible scenario where a truck wheel comes loose in the middle of the street? There can only be some paranormal or zombie apocalypse explanation for it. The dealership must have reaped thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Just plain insensitive

Okay, we understand that car tags are randomly assigned by the DMV, but they didn’t have to do this. This man’s wife drove home with a new car tag, which she didn’t realize was insensitive and politically incorrect until she pulled up in the driveway.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Aderhold22

Yes, you read that right. The tag reads “Y00 6AY” – which you can probably unpack for yourself. We’re not sure if this was truly a random assignment or just the work of a bored employee trying to get a laugh out of his job.