45 Embarrassing Instances Where People Said Anything To Gain Some Clout

By Peace L November 16, 2021

The internet is an online network that extends to all parts of the world. The advent of the internet started decades ago, has progressed exponentially over the years. There are several applications of the internet today, and literally, almost everything we do is with the aid of the internet in some form or another. Social media is an aspect of the internet that has grown considerably. Social media refers to different networking platforms that bring people from all over the world together through the internet. Some common examples of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media brings different people from around the world together without them having to be physically present. In a situation like this, we are bound to see different people with a variety of traits and attitudes, and this is precisely the inspiration behind this article. We’re going to be looking at different types of people on social media platforms and how far some will go for clout.

You are a bot

While social media is a great way for people to link up and do meaningful things together, there are still negative aspects involved. Some people try to take advantage of social media and come up with different ways to exploit people.

Image courtesy of cloudis***.com

This picture is a good example of how far people will go to take advantage of others. Whoever programmed the bot did a good job because the response does take away suspicion, but we guess they never expected an intelligent recipient.

He didn’t even know about the chair

Apart from bringing people all over the world together to chat and have fun, social media is also great for other things, one of them being advertising. It’s a great way for businesses to promote their work and build their customer base for free.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@MKBHD

While there is nothing wrong with advertising your goods over the internet, using someone else’s picture without their consent to promote your product is a completely different issue. This is what @tldtoday did, and it is not something that should be supported. 

Not even mad about this  

This incident is related to the band Slipknot. This band is well-known, especially for their tradition of keeping their faces covered. However, fans will be fans, and after continuous investigation and research, the identity of the band was finally revealed.

Image courtesy of Reddit/therewasanattempt

Seeing that the well-guarded secret of the band was revealed, some people saw this as an opportunity to chase clout and get some attention; Loudwire being one of these people. Loudwire posted that one of the members of the band went into a frenzied state after his identity was exposed, but Vman came out to say he was having a wonderful day. 

Fake narrative spotted

One problem with social media is that there are several people with too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than slander others. Most of the time, the victims of these false accusations and slanders are usually celebrities. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@MayaJama

The victim, in this case, is Radio1’s Maya Jama. A picture of her was taken when she was leaving her place of work, and the picture of a random man was also photoshopped beside her. The photoshopped image was then posted with a degrading caption.

Grandpa is well and alive

When we say social media is full of different types of people, this incident is a good representation of that theory. We know that social media is a place where people post things about themselves and try to capture their best moments.

Image courtesy of Reddit/c_h_u_c_k

However, it turns out that some people are not ready to use pictures of their memories and will instead prefer to steal images off other people’s pages. This instance is quite sick because this person stole the picture of an old man that is still alive and captioned it with “He passed away after New Year’s.”

Please trust us, we love your art

The internet is a vast place, and it can not be fully monitored. Several websites and accounts online are fake and are used for illegal activities, such as reaping off people. Some scammers disguise themselves as legitimate businesses and try to get the best of others.

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

We can see an example in this picture. A random account hit the artist up, claiming to have seen his art and having the intention to promote his art. This sounds like a good opportunity for an upcoming artist. However, something sounded fishy, and the artist discovered that it was a scam.

Her Aunt is a famous Model

It has been said that social media is a place filled with all sorts of people, and some of these people are not as normal as we are. Some will go to any length to get more likes and follows, or maybe it is just attention they want.

Image courtesy of Reddit/sarkarati

This post was uploaded with the picture of an advert from the late ’80s, and the person who decided to claim the model in the advert was their aunt. Unfortunately, the internet never forgives, and the lie in this post was quickly called out.

They imagined all the people

Apart from lawyers and the cops, another group of people who would rather not deal with other people’s problems is journalists. It is a journalist’s job to bring news that will capture the attention of the audience, so they are known to twist the truth sometimes to give it extra spice.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Urs1dae

This is exactly what happened in this post. A random person suggested that the National Anthem should be changed to John Lennon’s “Imagine.New York Post heard about this and decided to change the narrative from a random person to an activist, but the social media algorithm put them back in their place.

It is not my responsibility

One issue we face in the world today is that power corrupts, and everybody wants to take advantage of their position, especially when they have a certain degree of leverage over others. We can see it in this next post.

Image courtesy of Reddit/NickTDesigns

The landlord was trying to deny his responsibility over to the tenant, but the tenant was not having it. He had a bedbug issue and told the landlord to do something about it, but the landlord felt it was below his paycheck. Well, we can see how that turned out for him. 

At least credit the author

Art is something that should be appreciated, and it also serves as a source of inspiration for others. You can look at different artwork to inspire ideas for your own work. However, it is entirely inappropriate to steal another person’s work.

Image courtesy of Reddit/RamsesThePigeon

This post shows an offended artist who calls the attention of the public to the fact that the producers of the show La Jauria stole his artwork and used it to advertise their series. This type of thing should be greatly discouraged, and they didn’t even have the courtesy to credit the artist. 

It was far from awkward

One of the major victims of internet slander and rants are celebrities. Celebrities are constantly under the surveillance of public scrutiny, and any small irregularity is blown up and twisted to make for more exciting stories on the internet.

Image courtesy of Reddit/zabaaaa

In this case, Mirror Celeb, an online journalism page, dropped a post claiming that Caitlyn Jenner shut down Ricky Gervais during an encounter. But it turns out that it was a complete lie, and the conversation wasn’t anything like the tabloid claims.

Both sides of rural

When posting facts online, it is better to post things that are true without any form of bias because, in doing so, you might end up offending a group of people. We can see an example of such in this post.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jaytix1

The user posted two pictures, one representing rural China and the other representing rural America. However, it is obvious from the pictures that the user deliberately favored China and used a poor representation of America. Of course, they will get some backlash for this.

Rolls don’t need to be baked

If there is one thing that you should know about the internet, it’s that you shouldn’t believe everything you see. There are millions of people from different places using the internet, so it is not advisable to put your total trust in just anything you see online.

Image courtesy of Reddit/i_am_number_eight

This post is an excellent example of why you should never trust information that you see on the internet. The delicious King’s Hawaiian Rolls was almost ruined for us when some random user posted that they need to be baked first. Thank goodness for watchful eyes that called out the lie. 

Our cameras recorded everything

One thing that we see a lot on the internet is people voicing their opinions on different issues and also sharing their experiences. While this is a good idea and it helps others to be informed, it is a different case when what has been voiced is wrong or one-sided.

Image courtesy of Reddit/m3dium_PP

Having read the first part of this post, you were probably holding resentment towards the accused establishment, but when we read the response, we see that there might be more to the story than what the accusers decided to share.

Inaccurate software

Youtube is one of the most used entertainment online platforms of all time, and we have a long list of our favorite YouTubers. Also, there is this algorithm that was designed to monitor the growth of different YouTube channels. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/i-like-to-be-wooshed

Well, this algorithm was released to the public, and one of the YouTubers featured on it raised a complaint concerning it. It turned out that the information provided regarding that YouTuber was inaccurate and quite misleading. As we said, you can’t believe everything you see.

Dangerous treatment

We mentioned earlier that social media is a place where there are different sorts of people with different theories and facts. It is best not to believe everything you see on the internet easily. It is best to first check and confirm the integrity of the message.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jaytix1

This post is a good example of why you should never believe just anything off the internet. This user made a post on how self-medicating with Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to treat viral respiratory diseases. However, it turns out that the said chemical is dangerous to the lungs. 

Hey, that’s not you

There are different types of people on social media; that much is true. It can be kind of a safe space where almost anything goes, but there is still a clear distinction between what is allowed and what should not be done. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/random_person509

For example, for whatever reason, one might decide not to post their picture on their page. They can post several other images if they want. However, it is a clear violation to use another person’s picture on your page and pretend to be the person.

Not even in a pandemic

One of the significant problems we face with the internet is that there are too many people trying to do outrageous things, all for the sake of attention. It is not uncommon to see people posting inaccurate information or even insults.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ItStillIsntLupus

Take this post as an example. The user posted a picture and caption, insinuating that nobody is still interested in vegan food even with the pandemic. However, it turns out the image was from a hurricane that happened in 2017, and also, most people in Glasgow are vegans, so joke’s on the troll.

Secret beta tester

When people feel they are in a position where nobody can get to them, like behind their keypad, they tend to do things they would have never had the confidence to do in person and also say things that they will never have said in person, too. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/BoredH2

The same thing happens here. This user comes out of nowhere to specifically bad-mouth this game. While there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion and calling out faults when there are faults, it is another thing to bad-mouth a game that has not even been released.

The first cybertruck driver

For one reason or the other, there are always those on social media that just do things or say things that always come back to explode in their faces. In this instance, it is hard to point out where the problem came from.

Image courtesy of Reddit/HelloIAmKelly

So, this user went online to say that their uncle got them a Tesla cybertruck, and he even gave it a test drive. This is an amazing gift for an uncle to give anybody, and we would all have been very happy for them, except Tesla has not even started producing this brand of vehicles.

Nope, he didn’t say that

We mentioned earlier that most of the victims of social media banter are celebrities. People pay a lot of attention to celebrities, and they constantly try to monitor their lives for whatever reason. This is why any small slip-up is blown out of proportion and served to the public to arouse hate.

Image courtesy of Reddit/silent_kni8

Hollywood star Chris O’ Dowd is the victim in this instance, and we can see how he calmly debunked the lies. The Irish Daily Mirror released a statement claiming that the actor said he only wants to act in Irish roles. While a lie like this might seem insignificant, it could later affect his acting career.

Is that a filter I see?

This is another case of clout chasing. We don’t have anything against posting your work and other people’s works (as long as appropriate credit is given to wherever it is due) on social media, but what we don’t like is people who come up here to lie.

Image courtesy of Reddit/will50231

This user decided to post a picture of a man feeding a group of swans and mallards. However, this user decided to say the picture was in color when it was not. It didn’t take long for professional eyes to call out the inaccuracy of the post.

They’re not gone, actually

Probably the user that posted this was trying to be cute and all, but then it remains that a lie was told, or maybe the person just had inaccurate information. One thing that people frown on is posting false information or misleading information on social media.

Image courtesy of Reddit/NeGuy1

This user posted this picture and gave the impression that all the dogs in this shelter had been adopted. While that would have been a great thing, it remains that it was not valid. It turned out that the dogs had only been moved temporarily.

The end is near, or is it?

We have here yet another case of misinformation. It is a shame when verified accounts on social media are the ones that are posting unreasonable and unreliable information because people often tend to fully trust tabloids with verified accounts.

Image courtesy of Reddit/IDontHaveAName666

In this case, believing this particular tabloid would have caused fear for their subscribers. The daily express uploaded a post claiming an astroid was approaching earth and might collide with it. It turns out the asteroid wasn’t even anywhere near us.

World record for best false rumor

We think this case is probably just of somebody who took complimenting to a whole new level. Unfortunately, some took it pretty seriously. Not all of the posts are lies or slander. Some are just creating content that was taken out of context.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Movie_Advance_101

The Sudanese model, Nayakim Gatwech, is well-known, especially for her extra dark skin that stands out. A user then posted that she had won the Guinness world record for having the darkest skin, but the Guinness world record denied this on the basis that” they don’t monitor skin tone.”

Gotta catch the lie

Apart from slander, lies, and misinformation, there are still other nefarious things that people try to do over the internet, and one of such things is hacking. It is possible to hack people’s devices and get access to their details over the internet.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Squatchhammer

We can see an example from this chat. A hacker was posing as a buyer and claimed they wanted to get a game. They went on to act all legit and even tried to act like they were scared of being scammed. This just shows that you have to be careful when dealing with people online.

It is not a western

We mentioned earlier that it’s normal and even encouraged to share your opinions over the internet. But, it’s also important to remember that as you have the right to your own opinion, others also have the right to their own opinions.

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

This user decided to come up and say that The Mandalorian was not a western. While that was okay, it wasn’t okay for them to be rude. However, one of the producers on set came out to say that the movie was indeed a western, although it might not be completely western.

Limit your gaming sessions

If you believe everything that just anybody posts over the internet, then you are setting yourself up for terrible experiences. We can not stress this point enough on how you should never blindly believe everything that you see on the internet.

Image courtesy of Tumblr/strandedinorbit

This user woke up one day and decided to post inaccurate information to mislead the masses. It’s a good thing that there were people who debunked this rumor with facts. The user came online to attack video game players claiming that they were putting a strain on internet networks.

Yes, you do advertise your game

One of the perks of the internet is that it is a great platform to advertise. A lot of businesses and organizations are trying to develop their online presence to expand their customer base and make more profit for very little money.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Senatius

While there is nothing wrong with entering a paid partnership with online influencers to promote your business, eyebrows are raised when the makers of raid come online to deny paying anybody to promote their game, and then somebody comes up with threats of evidence. 

What do we have for dinner today?

Like we said before, social media is full of bored people that come up with different things just for the fun of it and also for clout and attention. While it is okay to come up with fun stuff to keep others entertained, there is no need to tell lies.

Image courtsy of Reddit/NeuroGuy406

This user posted a picture of melted PS4 controllers claiming that he hid them in the oven so his son would go to bed, and then the wife turned on the oven the next morning, and the pad got melted. It turns out the image was already on the internet two days before the man claimed the incident happened. And also, who turns on the oven without first opening it. 

Thought-provoking cartoons

We already mentioned that it is okay for you to post your opinions over the internet. Still, it is wrong to voice your opinion at the expense of others or from a biased point of view because that will cause people to look down on your opinion as well.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jaytix1

Somebody posted that the content the Cartoon Network provides is more thought-provoking than previous shows from past decades. However, another user knocks this point out of the park by providing different old Cartoon Network shows and how their underlying meanings.

Always check what you’re laughing at

One thing the internet is quick to do is frown on and attack others, whether it’s intentional or unintentional. It doesn’t matter to most people if you have good intentions or not because once they detect a trace of inconsistency with your story, they will not hesitate to attack.

Image courtesy of Reddit/uhhsamurai

We see an example here. This user posted a picture of an accident and captioned it, “So close to being dead. Don’t text and drive.” While this is a good awareness message, it turned out that the image used was from a completely unrelated accident. 

The ‘don’t try this at home’ challenge

One of the fun aspects of social media is the different challenges and games that people come up with. These challenges are usually fun to watch and also participate in, and it was usually done by many people that want to hop on it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jaytix1

However, CBS News has decided to tag the irresponsible actions of two kids from Massachusetts as a challenge. Two kids made a video of themselves sliding a penny behind a phone charger that was partially plugged in. This action is unsafe and unadvisable, but CBS calling it a challenge might just make it into one.

Stolen comment

One common vice on social media is plagiarism. There are a lot of people that say things they saw on other people’s pages like it was their idea. There have been a lot of instances where this occurred, but there is not much that can be done about it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ItalianGreyhounds

In this instance, somebody asked a question, and this user gave a quite interesting answer that gave the audience a good laugh. The only problem with the narrative was that it was copied word for word from another user that answered that same question three years ago. 

Weather expert

The internet is a big place, and you never know who you’re talking to. That is why it is important to know what you’re talking about before you present your ideas. Before posting facts on the internet, do proper research and be sure what you’re posting is right and can be defended.

Image courtesy of Reddit/georgthmnky

If only this user had taken our advice, he might have saved himself the embarrassment. So, this user posted some controversial information about the weather, and another person opted to correct him. He got rude and suggested the person take a meteorology and climatology class. The problem with his suggestion was that he was talking to a professor of meteorology and climatology.

Netflix, a threat to the environment

Social media is a platform for different people to express their opinions and beliefs. Unfortunately, a lot of people have abused this privilege and post all sorts of nonsense, and while not everybody has a valid opinion to present, you still have to verify any information on the internet before you believe it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jrkirby

In this post, the user came up to say that binge-watching Netflix posed a threat to the environment. Sometimes, you have to wonder how people come up with all these things. However, this theory was quickly debunked, and you can watch your Netflix in peace. 

Before and after

Everything is not what it seems to be on social media. There is this trend of “what was asked” and “what was delivered.” This started with people posting pictures of what they ordered and how what they got was nothing like what they ordered.

Image courtesy of Reddit/JM-Rie

The same thing applies to this post, except now it is the dentist trying to pull a fast one. In an attempt to show the effectiveness of their oral services, they made use of two pictures of different people while trying to get us to believe it is the same person.

It isn’t a pyramid, hun

One of the funniest things on the internet is when a scammer is chatting you up, and you already know the person is a scammer, so you just play along and have fun. There are lots of these scammers nowadays, and the confidence with which they talk to you is usually funny.

Image courtesy of Reddit/-25T

So in this post, clown head probably felt he had seen a potential victim and tried to get her to join this pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, the user was already aware of their tactics, and it turned out that “hun” was way smarter than clown head.

We are actually friends, though

This is another case where people want to make use of social media to pick on celebrities. It is only natural to be interested in things concerning celebrities — and most people are always looking for the next hot stories about them.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Ishaan863

In the absence of none, people tend to fabricate or twist the truth to make it into a more interesting topic that will arouse the attention of the crowd. This is what the tabloid Complex did. They twisted something that John Legend said regarding Kanye and tried to make a big deal out of nothing.

Beauty, but not from Ireland

There are a lot of posts online that mean well, but their content is either inaccurate or misleading to their followers. Instances like this can’t be taken too seriously because it is a mistake that anybody could have made.

Image courtesy of Reddit/official_watermelon

An example is this post. The user posted this picture with the caption, “The beauty of Ireland.” We can understand why the person feels it’s from Ireland because of the stereotype that redheads are from Ireland. But, it turns out that the kids in the picture are Dutch. 

A production mistake

In the UK, there is a special Sunday each year that is dedicated to the commemoration of the services rendered by the military, servicemen, and women in past wars. Several political heads are invited to pay their respects and lay a wreath at the cenotaph during this event.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Howard_Goodall

However, it turned out that the prime minister accidentally placed his wreath upside down, and this can be read as a sign of disrespect to some. In order to cover this up, BBC cut out that part of the broadcast and played a videotape of the same event from three years ago. However, people noticed this inconsistency and called BBC out for it, and they decided to blame it on a “production mistake.”

He won a nonexistent world cup

This is another case where a celebrity is being used to chase clout over social media. Maybe the person who posted this meant well, but the truth about Kante would have still been enough to make an exciting read.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Vilateral

N’Golo Kante, the France footballer and player for the current champions league indeed came from a lowly background. And while it is true that he used to collect trash from the streets of France, he never sold sugarcane, and the picture on the left is not him. Also, it is impressive that Kante won the world in 2019 when there wasn’t even a world cup that year. 

A millennium of remarkable female authors

We mentioned earlier that before starting to make controversial posts on social media, ensure that you have at least done some research, and you’re sure to a certain degree that what you’re posting is backed by a strong basis.

Image courtesy of ogrmplstlskn

In this picture, this user attacked the female authors from back then, claiming that female writers were unheard of until after J.K. Rowling came into the view. It turns out that there were already female writers as far back as one thousand years ago.

They know things we don’t

Like it has been said, social media is filled with different types of people, most of whom are bored with too much time on their hands. It is not uncommon to see people posting facts about different things that don’t even make sense.

Image courtesy of Reddit/thenewyorkgod

This user had insider information on what the original Star Trek was meant to be like. This information was quite interesting because the character that the post was directed to didn’t even know about it. alk about an embarrassing moment.

She didn’t say it seriously

This is yet another case of people taking what celebrities said out of context just to get more views or likes or whatever. his type of thing should be taken more seriously, and legal steps are advised to be taken. hile these false and exaggerated comments might seem like little issues, they can adversely affect the career of that celeb.

Image courtesy of Reddit/choosingbeggars

The victim, in this case, is Brie Larson. rie Larson is a Disney movie star, and in an interview, she made a joke about how she doesn’t have a free Disney+ subscription. ou don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that she was joking.