From “Oh No” To Far More Than Just “Oops”, Text Messages That Missed the Mark

By Moe S

One of the most commonly seen mistakes in today’s world would have to be texting someone by accident. It can be done while being distracted by talking to another person, while we’re having a drink; really, it can happen at any given moment. When the mouth and mind aren’t synced, chaos can happen. Oh and it’s the hands’ fault too! We all have done it once or twice or a million times, and unfortunately, it will probably happen many times more. In order for you to feel a bit better with yourselves about your embarrassing messages, here is a list of text messages that were not meant to be received by parents — not from their buddies, not their crushes or partners, but their beloved family members. Yikes! Now that’s one of our worst nightmares.

Sorry, Not My Type

So you just started dating your new crush, you are completely smitten, and can’t wait to express your feelings to him. You come up with the genius plan of texting him how much you can’t wait to make out with him. Sounds familiar, right? What about the part that you accidentally send this text to your mom instead of your new fling?

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We are completely up for showing your mom love and affection, but perhaps not of this ilk. Thankfully, this mom is pretty cool and replied that she is not her type, and…that they should probably talk. Let’s just say it’s bound to not be one of the easiest conversations.

Nice Save

This young guy was saved by a special little something called context. He texted his mom by accident, instead of his significant other. Lucky for him, we saved himself from humiliation by being quick on his feet, and finding a different answer to the question intended for his girlfriend.

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We can definitely call this one a “nice save”. The young guy cleaned up his mess, quite literally by simply replying “a vacuum”. Next time he probably won’t be this lucky. Nice joke, Riley, but next time when you’re trying to pick someone up, make sure you aren’t related to them.

You Pay For Your Mistakes

When you’re a teenager, your best-kept secret is how you successfully sneak out of the house without your parents catching you. Unfortunately for this young fellow, he accidentally “spilled the tea” to the wrong person. This tactic seems like an excellent one! The recipient, however, was anything but thrilled.

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His mom is a smart lady. She played dumb in the beginning and went along with the conversation. She did that so her son would tell her all his mysterious ways of sneaking out. After she had all the information she needed, this “nice” mom gave her a son a little piece of advice. BUSTED!

Play It Cool

Luckily for all of us, most of the time, our father’s protective tendency ends with a comforting shoulder and some good advice. The main reason it ends with that is that we know what to share with our dad. For example, you probably won’t tell your dad that you caught your boyfriend (who he knows) with someone else.

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This young woman wanted to vent about her frustration with her cheating boyfriend but accidentally texted her dad. Even if dad managed to play it cool, we think we all know what his plans were. Good thing dad has a sense of humor to let this slide. If we were in his shoes, we’d like to know where Jim lives..

The Less I Know, The Better

You know that feeling when someone just bugs you? It’s like, they bug you so much that when you talk about them, you become super graphic in the violent ways you would like to hurt them. When it comes to this text we are still not sure if it is unfortunate or lucky for her it was accidentally sent to her dad.

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This young woman just wanted to vent but sent her rather concerning secret desires to her parent. We guess the dad found his daughter’s descriptive venting funny and kind of played along. Or, after reading the imagery of the rustic fork, he just doesn’t want to be on his daughter’s bad side.

Prego Tomato Sauce, Not Preggo Silly!

Thank goodness for Prego tomato sauce, right? It surely saved this young woman from her dad. Apparently she got pregnant just like her boyfriend wanted her to and accidentally sent the “happy” news to her dad instead of her boyfriend. It’s an honest mistake and also, preggo is with two gs.

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Smoothly enough, she was able to keep her little secret from her dad. We are pretty sure her dad will figure out this lie sooner or later. Regardless, you shouldn’t get pregnant just because your boyfriend wants you to. Your body, your decision!

Jump Rope?

Here’s a short class in Sending Your Mom A Picture 101. Fairly simple, make sure there are no robes on your bed board. Easy, right? That is exactly why we can’t understand what this young lady was thinking when she sent this picture to her mom.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@WhiteKidCanJump

Now there is one burning question on everybody’s mind: what exactly is the purpose of these ropes? Maybe she just wanted to practice her girl scout knots? Sadly, we don’t have her mother’s response. If we did, we’re sure we wouldn’t want to have to answer whatever follow-up questions she was sure to have.

The Importance Of Valuable Advice

If texting your parents by accident isn’t awkward enough, think of how awkward it is texting your boyfriend’s mother by accident. This young lady has experience with these embarrassing incidents. She posted screenshots of her and her boyfriend’s mother messages on Twitter, and they are hilarious.

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The conversation started fine. Then, she decided to send a not-so-subtle meme with some inappropriate words, helped along by a pic of Oliver Twist. Thank the Lord her boyfriend’s mom is cool and had some words of wisdom and gave her some words of advice. We are sure this young lady learned her lesson.

Chicken Fettuccine Anyone?

All of us have certain messages that stay with us. They become imprinted in our minds forever. Unfortunately for this poor mother, she will have a message imprint she would love to delete from her mind. Her daughter accidentally sent her this gem, and to say it wasn’t meant for her is an understatement.

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Lucky for this daughter, her mother found the funny side of this embarrassing accident. We are sure they were both embarrassed, but luckily found a way to laugh through the horror. We hope her mother will be able to enjoy a chicken fettuccine dinner in the near future.

Stop Being A Baby

This accidental text is awkward on so many levels. Exchanging photos of babies is cute, but sending your dad a link to an adult baby Reddit isn’t cute. It is pretty disturbing. Imagine (actually, don’t) opening a link sent from your son and seeing a grown man wearing a diaper with a pacifier in his mouth. That’s a great way to ruin your day.

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What is even funnier about this entire situation, is the fact that the tagline for this disturbing photo is “ready to enjoy my day off”. Sorry to kink-shame, but honestly, the vast majority of likely are not starting our days wearing a diaper and taking a picture of ourselves.

Thanks, Sister. For Nothing.

Do your parents also claim that there is nothing wrong with some sibling rivalry? These siblings probably beg to differ. This sister exposed her brother’s embarrassing accident when he sent a photo of a certain part of himself. Of course, these messages weren’t intended to be received by their mom who was away on a trip to Las Vegas.

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This is a lucky boy, because his mom, despite being embarrassed, was thrilled her “little bug” was dating someone. She also had to add a bit of motherly love and protection and make sure her little boy is treated well. We hope she had a good time in Vegas after this.

Group Chat Nightmare

How many times have you sent a message in a group chat instead of in a direct message? Sad to admit, but it’s probably happened more times than we can count. This young lady found herself in the same situation when instead of texting her ex-boyfriend, she sent a message in a group chat with his mother in it.

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The young lady wanted to invite her ex over for the weekend because her parents were out of town, and advertised that to the exact wrong person. Lucky for her, she noticed her mistake quickly enough and played down the invite to make it appropriate. We wonder if the mom wants them to get back together.

Hi, Daddy!

The 21st century brought us so many different things. One of them is how easy we can send pictures today. Sadly for this young lady, a picture that we hope was intended to her significant other found its way to her dad. She is definitely not a baby anymore.

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If this wasn’t awkward enough, this young lady didn’t reply to her dad and completely ghosted him. Next time, you should pay more attention to which “daddy” you’re texting. This is quite embarrassing, especially since there’s a picture involved and not just a plain old text.

The Art Of Texting

We have always been jealous of people who are slick talkers and know how to use their words to make an impact. They can convince you of anything, and articulate their thoughts so nicely. This unfortunate text is a similar situation. A young woman wanted to show how excited she is to see her boyfriend (and some other things) and sent it to her dad by accident.

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For a split second, it seemed like she was out of the woods and that her dad didn’t get it. But quickly enough he came to his senses and informed his daughter she is grounded and probably won’t see or play with Dan. Looks like dad won this round. We just hope that she learned her lesson after this.

Happy Feet

Did your spring fling ever ask you what your plans are for Easter? No? Well, we can see why. It is a pretty specific and direct question. In this embarrassing text message, the answer was pretty specific and direct as well, which should have been a clear sign that this conversation wasn’t with the spring fling, but with his dad!

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This awkward conversation between a dad and his son became way too personal when the son revealed one of his fetishes. Not sure what that means, but good for him for finding someone that does. What a strange message to send to your parents. We definitely would stay at a friend’s for a while after sending this.

It Was An Accident, Hun

Although this next text isn’t embarrassing in the same way as the rest on this list, it is definitely one of the funniest. This young woman simply wanted to text her boyfriend. She texted him an innocent “hun”, which accidentally found its way to her dad instead of her romantic partner.

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Instead of confessing to her mistake and her relationship, she found herself trying to explain to her dad the meaning of her term of endearment. Her dad didn’t buy her explanation and googled the meaning. To be fair, we’re pretty sure this young lady was right and meant to simply call her bf “honey”.

Check Your Spelling

In most cases, we thank the autocorrect gods for saving us from sending an embarrassing text. Unfortunately for this young girl, the gods weren’t around to save her on that particular day. She accidentally sent her dad a message with a “little” misspelled word.

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Luckily, this young lady was quick enough to notice her mistake. And she managed to successfully convince or dad, or her “Daddy Smalls”, as she refers to him, that she simply misspelled the word and meant “here”. Do you think it really was an honest mistake?

I Am Coming Out….To See You

Text messages are sometimes so hard to understand. You can never be 100% sure what the other side meant. You can’t hear their tone and sometimes you just simply misinterpret their message. This is exactly what happened to this young guy. He accidentally sent his parents an unfinished text that can be understood in very different ways.

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The term “coming out” these days is usually associated with revealing a secret about your identity, which is what his parents understood from the text. He insisted he was just coming out to see them. No matter what he truly meant, his parents showed their love and support. Bravo!

The Power Of Interpretation 

Who knew the word “sleep” could be interpenetrated in so many different ways? We guess it has to do with who is sending the text and who is receiving it. All of us spent endless nights in our parents’ beds as kids, whenever there was a thunderstorm or when we had a tummy ache. But all of that was fine when we were kids. The older you get, the stranger it is.

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This young woman accidentally sent this embarrassing message, and her dad turned to strict dad and sent his daughter to bed, her own bed that is! His daughter tried to save herself from an awkward situation, but with a rather baffling response. Better luck covering your tracks next time!

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice

Sending an embarrassing message once, we can forgive; it happens. But, sending another one right after? That’s just another level of foolishness. Not sure how, but this young lady was able to send her mom two embarrassing messages one after the other.

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The first time, she was able to save herself with an excuse. But the second time she managed to completely blow her cover. The mother had enough of these detailed texts and put her foot down, ordering her daughter to come home now. All we have to say is, how oblivious can you be?

Take A Second Look

We love it when couples compliment each other’s looks. It is a completely normal way to keep the romance alive. Sharing a photo with your spouse before your date is the cutest. But, when you start exchanging pleasantries with each other, please make sure you’re not texting your mother.

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We are pretty sure this is the last message this mom wanted to get from her son. Although, she was pretty nice about replying that “she thinks” her son is texting the wrong person. Do you think? We’re pretty certain! At least she didn’t say anything offensive, back to her kid. Good on you, Mom.

“Ooo Baby Baby”

It is super important to tell your parents that you love them once in a while. Unfortunately for this young lady, she chose the wrong word of affection to add to this ” I love you”. As we know from other texts on this list, it wasn’t meant to her dad, but to her “baby”.

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Luckily for her, her dad loves her too. Not sure how much he likes to be called “baby”, which we know is a problematic word for some people. Anyway, the dad took it well, unlike the daughter who was extremely embarrassed. We tell our parents we love them from time to time, but probably (hopefully?) not like this.

Justice Is Served

After reading some of these messages, we are still not quite sure how easily these messages were sent to the wrong person, especially if there are words you need to blur out. Won’t you be ten times more cautious? We’re still wondering what the kid said to their mom.

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We surely have heard of different kinds of relationships between parents and their children, but we think this specific exchange of messages is taking it a bit too far. This specific mom didn’t need to use her imagination to understand what her son wrote, but we invite your imagination to run wild. Can we say “justice” was served?

Forever Roasted

One important lesson we can all learn from these incidents is to try and not have two separate convos at the same time — especially when one of them is with one of your parents. Double especially, when you’re bragging to your friend that your milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

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Of course, it wasn’t embarrassing enough that this person accidentally sent those rather risqué song lyrics to his parent. It just happened to be at the absolute perfect timing for him to get blasted out loud in front of everyone. That’ll be fun the next time son decides to visit dad at the office.

Three’s Company

We think that telling your parents you miss them is super important. You should let your parents know you’re thinking of them, especially if you live in a different, town, state, region. However, when you live in the same house and see each other every day, it is a bit weird.

Image courtesy of Indianexpress

This young guy wanted to tell his secret girlfriend how much he misses her. Instead, he accidentally sent it to his mom, but he seems to be lucky, as there was nothing too embarrassing in his text. Both the mother and her son found the funny side of this erroneous text and could move on and laugh about it.

No Worries, I’m A Cool Dad

Who doesn’t dream of having “the cool parents” of the group? They’re the parents who agree to everything, who are mellow, hard to shock. This person ought to be glad they’ve got parents of that sort, given what they wrote by accident.

Image courtesy of beautyhoster/Instagram/kentaro_popiel

Although these parents found themselves in the middle of a flirting session initiated by their daughter, they played it cool. And the dad even let her in on a little secret. Even though the young daughter was humiliated, her parents found it funny. #coolparents

Twerk, Twerk, Twerk

Every person has their own morning routine. Some like doing yoga, while other people might start the morning with coffee and a newspaper. For this young guy, his morning starts with asking his significant other for a morning twerking session. Sadly, instead of sending it to his main squeeze, this twerking request found its way to his mom.

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Although his mom was flattered by her son’s twerking request, she had to pass, with the respectful excuse that she is in the middle of her workday and can’t twerk without stretching first. How kind of her to think of an excuse as to why she can’t fulfill his request — beyond the obvious, of course!

A Net Of Lies

The award for perhaps the weirdest and most cringeworthy accidental exchange of texts goes to this young fellow and his mom. Apparently, he got engaged, then got himself a mistress. All of this happened, unsurprisingly, without his parents knowing. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now.

Image courtesy of Thrillist/Instagram/mrhappy.18

In case this entire web of lies is true, what remains is wondering which original excuse this young guy will come up with. And who will get the excuse first? The oblivious parents? The wife? Or the mistress? For this guy’s sake, we hope he is bluffing.

BLT With A Side of Unnecessary Rudeness

We agree, sometimes our parents expect a lot from us. But freaking out over your dad wanting a simple BLT from Applebee’s? seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to ask for. Doesn’t seem like dad meant any harm here but the daughter exaggerated a bit.

Image courtesy of Woke Sloth/

We can’t exactly put our finger on what bothered her so much. Maybe she’d offered her own cooking, only to be rebuffed with a sandwich order? This young lady referred to her dad as “unnecessarily rude” with the addition of some very explicit words, which were accidentally sent to her parent. We just wonder if he ever got his BLT.

Siri, Search “Blowing My Back Out”

One of the many jobs a mother has is being concerned about her children’s health. Just imagine how worried this mother became as soon as she got a message that her daughter blew out her back. Luckily for this young lady, her mom didn’t exactly understand that these texts weren’t meant for her, or what their context was.

Image courtesy of Woke Sloth/Instagram/rose.giar

For all the oblivious moms out there, blowing your back out only happens once you perform an exercise in many different positions. This mom seems to have no clue what presumably happy circumstances could have led to such a thing.

Tonight Is The Night

Thanks to Hollywood, we all have expectations on what our first time will look like. We imagine what will we wear, which song will be played in the background, and who we will tell first. With everything perfectly planned, we are pretty sure that texting these plans to your dad isn’t part of The Plan.

Image courtesy of jokejive

This poor girl wanted to share the exciting news with one of her closest friends. Unfortunately for her, she accidentally sent the message to her understandably protective dad. Although she tried to save herself, it was too late. Her father is now determined to know all of his little girl’s plans.

Meet My “Roommate”

We can’t imagine how tough it is coming out to your parents, not knowing how they will react and how they are going to feel about the news. In a utopian world, all parents will be supportive of their children no matter what. Unfortunately, every family operates differently, and you never quite know what you’re going to get.

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This young guy was quite fortunate. When he accidentally texted his mom instead of his “roommate”, she was the definition of “chill”. She seemed to accept her son in the most casual way and she can’t wait to meet his “roommate”. Honestly, it’s the best-case scenario!

Sweet But Salty

There are so many terms of affection you can use for your father, and we support using them. It is so important to show your pops some love every once in a while. Sadly for this young man, we wouldn’t include this term in our list, no matter how close you might are with your dad.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@sidneyparrishh

Lucky enough for this young man, he was quick on his feet. And quickly enough he apologized to his dad — well, kind of. Hopefully, they will be able to move on from this incident and keep their relationship as sweet as can be. Or should we say salty?

Parenting At Its Finest

This list of embarrassing text messages taught us a lot, and in particular, it’s giving us the opportunity to see how different parents can have markedly different reactions to getting these accidental texts. Some of them are shocked, some laugh it off, and some react like this mother, completely irrational.

Image courtesy of Drivepedia/Instagram/genmccoy

“Mama Bear”, as this person likes to refer to his mom, came out swinging with all the unwanted advice she could give. She is definitely bothered by the fact that her son is keeping secrets from her. Should have double-checked who you send your messages to, son.

My Cuddle Bunny

We all need a little cuddle session every once in a while. Cuddling has become a basic need in a relationship. With that being said, this generally does not apply to the relationship you have with your parents. We feel like a fully grown person shouldn’t cuddle with mom and pop, don’t you agree?

Image courtesy of thewebbabbler

An occasional hug is fine of course, but cuddling may be taking it a bit too far. All jokes aside, it is pretty clear that this text wasn’t meant for their mom, but their boyfriend/girlfriend. It is nice that the mom saw the humor in this accidental text.

Oh No, Cheerios!

Parents can be so proud of how creative their children are. In this incident, we can see some are indeed super creative — so creative that his mother didn’t understand his level of creativity. We think that the bowl might be something you need to smoke out of.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/andreastormer3/Instagram/ladapoznyakova

We surely believe that this young man deserves an award for his creativity in using a bowl of breakfast cereal as, well, you know what. You would think that his mother would be proud of this accomplishment. Sadly, she wasn’t. She was dumbfounded and never got a reply from her son.

All The Dew’s and Donts

We feel that after you read this next embarrassing exchange of texts, you will never look at a can or bottle of Mountain Dew again. This young man found a very creative way to use this soft drink brand to flirt with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Not so lucky for him, the message was received at a different destination.

Image courtesy of operanewsapp

He tried warning the recipient not to open that rather suggestive meme, but it was too late and the message was read. We’re sure this young man didn’t expect a reply, but leave it up to the head chief to reply with an awkward response.

That’s So Lit

Nowadays, the term “lit” is heard in many conversations among millennials. “Lit” describes something hot, or heating up, and it can be associated with a great party or having a good time. Unfortunately, the older generations, i.e, baby boomers, and generation Y (our parents), don’t find this term as cool as us, especially not at 2 AM.

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This young lady just wanted to share how “lit” the party was. Sadly for her, she accidentally shared it with her mom, who could care less about a party at 2 AM. FYI, parents don’t like receiving a meaningless text in the middle of the night.

It’s Peanuts

You know those times you are extremely bored so you come up with a game to occupy your mind? This is basically what happened to this young woman. She wanted to play a little game and flirt on the way with her boyfriend, but sent it to her mom by accident.

Image courtesy of Drivepedia/Instagram/alliecat_andthelittleones

Store this for future reference in case of boredom. The game was repeating the word “peanut” until it sounds like something completely different. Even though this young woman’s mom realized the mistake midway through the game, her daughter kept on playing. If that’s not dedication to the game, we don’t know what is.

“I’m The Highest In The Room”

No matter how much our parents try to educate us on choosing right from wrong or being responsible, it is pretty much inevitable that we will screw up. This young guy was engaging in some of the things our parents warn us about. And if that isn’t bad enough, he was accidentally texting his mom all about it.

Image courtesy of Fluently Forward

Surprisingly, despite him being “high as a kite”, he was able to prevent his mom from finding out about his little secret. Even more surprising is the fact that his mom believed his excuse for climbing a tree. Parenting 101: sometimes you’re better off not asking.

Siri, Please Play “Rack City” By Tyga

We don’t know about your parents, but ours enjoy listening to Queen, Janis Joplin, and many other great performers of their day. What we can say for sure, is that one of these many other singers is likely not the rapper Tyga. We are pretty sure our parents have never heard of him.

Image courtesy of realitytea

This young woman’s mom not only knew who Tyga was, but also knew the lyrics to his song by heart. We are pretty sure her daughter wasn’t expecting this response when she accidentally texted her mom some of the lyrics to Tyga’s song “Rack City”.

I Got It From My Mama

Sometimes your friends can be a bad influence on you. But what would you do when, in a certain instance, your mom is the one being the bad influence? This is pretty much the case with this exchange of text messages. This young lady accidentally sent her mom a text that she is going to beat up Maddie.

Image courtesy of psychologytoday/Instagram/adrienne_altman

Her mom behaved as all mothers should, and initially defended Maddie, saying she is such a nice girl. All this niceness went south the second the mother heard what nice Maddie had to say about her. Let’s just say the rest wasn’t pretty.

You Will Live

Being a strict parent doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. Every parenting approach has its pros and cons. However, being a strict parent doesn’t mean that your children won’t grow up and become, how will we say it, vindictive towards you.

Image courtesy of Diply/Instagram/

Take this exchange of text messages, as an example. A strict father isn’t allowing his daughter to go out. Then the daughter vented to her friend, but she accidentally sent her venting session to her dad. Appropriate for a strict dad, after reading his daughter’s message, he was definitely not taking her nonsense.

Christmas Done Right

We feel like texting the right person is a pretty simple task to accomplish. Unfortunately, this list shows otherwise, and this specific exchange of texts is no different. The young lady was positive she was texting a flirty message to her boyfriend, but sadly for her, she texted the message to her mom.

Image courtesy of Drivepedia/Instagram/barefoot_in_a_pnw_forest

Receiving this text caused confusion in the beginning. But this young lady is a “smart cookie” and she noticed her mistake and fixed it without leaving a trace of doubt. For that we can’t help but say: all’s well that ends well.

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