The Dog-Sitter

By Shane R

One of the biggest fears of any parent is losing their child. Having a child stolen without a parent knowing might be one of the most terrifying experiences ever. But, what if you forgot your child? This experience happened to Olga in Saratov, Russia.

Olga, a 22-year-old mom went out with her baby and dog, Lada. Olga was excited to go to a park with a few friends. While at the park, the friends had a few drinks, and then they went home. Olga left as well, without her baby and dog. Not a great mom move!

The mother did not realize the child was missing until the morning. Olga assumed that the child would probably have been taken at this point. However, Olga’s father went to the park for her, and found the baby with Lada the dog right next to her. How is that for a trusty side-kick?

Baby Beside Scottish Terrier

Lada, the Rottweiler, stayed with the baby all night, guarding the little one. Even though the baby was hungry, the little one was not touched. The baby was promptly put into the custody of the grandmother and grandfather, while the mother got the help she needed, so she could one day be reunited with the young baby.

This mother will surely not forget her baby anymore moving forward. It is a traumatic experience like this one that can change a life forever. Luckily, this little one was safe and a dog is to thank. Get yourself a dog that protects you as much as Lada would.