The Five Craziest TV Series Surgeries

By Letizia L

How many times while watching a TV series, did we find ourselves absolutely shook up by what we were seeing? Certainly more than a few and, especially for fans of medical dramas, often we were not only left amazed by the complex plot twists, but also because of a surgical operation that borders on the absurd. But it is not only the series that have doctors as protagonists that have left us feeling this way, even shows like La Casa de Papel have also surprised us with dizzying surgeries.

Grey’s Anatomy

Finding Grey’s Anatomy on this list certainly will not surprise its loyal fans, now accustomed to the stories of ordinary madness that Shonda Rhimes offers us weekly In particular, we want to remember the episode 8×01, in which a man has to amputate his wife’s leg.

La Casa de Papel

As already mentioned, La Casa de Papel also includes a crazy surgery: Nairobi, treacherously hit by a bullet, must be operated within the Bank of Spain. The task of extracting the bullet from her chest is in the hands of Tokyo, which operates under the guidance of a doctor on a video call from Islamabad.

The Good Doctor

ABC probably likes to step outside the box, because even in The Good Doctor we have witnessed an absurd and, who knows, perhaps improbable intervention. Dr. Andrews and the two interns Murphy and Reznick have to operate on a woman who does not want to be sedated.


Even House didn’t want to miss out on our crazy surgeries list. During the seventh season, in fact, House discovers that he has three tumors in his leg, caused by taking an experimental drug. The doctor then decides to operate himself in his home, inside his bathtub.


The last series we wish to talk about is Lost. During the fourth season, in fact, Jack needs an appendectomy that will be performed by Juliet. Both, before ending up on the island, were doctors and Jack asks to be able to stay awake during the operation, to help the woman during the surgery.