The Morpheus8 Technique: Kim K’s Doctor Explains The Procedure

By Divya G

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, who helped Kim Kardashian with her stomach tightening procedure, revealed certain details of the procedure. The treatment that Kim Kardashian went through is known as the Morpheus8. The reality TV star states that the procedure is a game changer and, even if it is a painful process, it is absolutely worth it. Like the vampire facial, Kim also popularized her stomach tightening procedure by showing the results to her curious fans.

Image courtesy of @cottonbro / Pexels

Her doctor is a Beverly Hills-based board-certified reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon. He explained that the treatment is a radio frequency procedure, and it’s simply heat getting delivered to deeper layers of the skin with the help of needles. Each patient gets a customized procedure, which is mostly based on the results they expect.

Image courtesy of @kimkardashian / Instagram

The Morpheus needle goes deeper than the regular chin or forehead procedure. In order for an individual to have a comfortable experience, the doctor prefers to block certain nerves for a couple of minutes. The procedure, then, hurts but not too much. However, the doctors choose not to numb the patient’s entire body. The treatment typically takes around 15-30 minutes, based on how many areas you would want the procedure done. 

After the procedure, the patient won’t necessarily see the results right away. The patient should get the procedure done every once in a while, and the results will appear over time. After a while, the skin’s collagen repairs at its own pace, and the skin gets tighter.