The Most Amazing Predictions From The Simpsons

By Francis Tunwase

The Simpsons have been one of television’s most successful cartoon series. Aside from being the top entertainment for children between 1989 till the season’s finale in 2020, the cartoon has been somewhat distinct from other random shows. Mainly, the Simpsons’ popularity improved as, overtime, the animation seemed to accurately predict future events.

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Their consistency at telling what came next in several cartoon episodes can both be creepy and amusing. Here are some of the strangest predictions that landed up happening from The Simpsons throughout the show’s runtime.

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  1. Donald Trump’s presidency: Possibly the most fascinating Simpsons prediction, an episode titled “Bart to the future” showed Donald Trump as the President of the US. This episode aired over 16 years before Donald Trump sat in the White House.
  2. Ebola Virus: In a scene of the Simpsons, Marge brings out a book on the Ebola Virus. Many fans consider this to be a shadowing of the future outbreak some 17 years after.
  3. Censorship of the David statue: A 1990 episode showed protests against the nudity of Michelangelo’s David statue. The risque bits of the statue was covered in the show. This scene will later prove true in 2016 when Russians voted to clad the real statue.
  4. Disney and 20th Century Fox: In the 10th season of the show, an episode revealed a sign that read “20th Century Fox. A division of Walt Disney Co.” In a surprising turn of events, Disney acquired the company while gaining rights to its studio and movies, including The Simpsons itself.