The new sport you should try? Jumple!

By Letizia L

If you are tired of the usual courses at the gym and you want something new to keep in shape while having fun, Jumple is an innovative fitness discipline that could become your next obsession.

It uses special, safe and stable bounce shoes, which guarantee effective training both outdoors and at the gym.

50% more calories are burned in one hour of Jumple than any other discipline and since the impact on the ground is amortized by 80%, cartilages, ligaments and joints are preserved.

And most importantly, it is incredibly fun.


Jumple lessons have as their only protagonist the rebound exercise, they are safe and fun, a great way of releasing tensions, burning calories, toning and having fun. They also entail a large number of benefits that will help us improve our health and quality of life.

When we do some physical activity, our body experiences a series of physiological and psychological changes, and with the rebound exercise these changes are even more evident as you can benefit in many aspects of your body: various studies ensure that doing these classes regularly helps reduce body fat, strengthens our muscles, improves our balance and stimulates the lymphatic system.


What are the main benefits?