The Secrets For a Perfect Selfie!

By Letizia L

The ability of taking selfies should probably end up in the “additional skills” entries of the curriculum. In fact, taking good selfies is possible, but not immediate – not without putting in place some precautions and with some indispensable makeup or filter.


The same person, also with the same expression, photographed holding the his or her arm in a different position can appear in such substantially different ways that they can barely be recognized as being the same person!

So, what are the secrets of the perfect selfie?

1. The position that works best for (almost) everyone is: face slightly facing one side (choosing your best one), camera higher than the eye

In this way your eyes will look bigger, the shape of your face more defined and you will gain a whole new look.

2. Smartphones have two cameras, one above the screen, one on the back.

Although it is undoubtedly more comfortable to use the first one, which allows you to look at yourself while you are posing, this does not always prove to be the best choice. The one on the back, in fact, not only always has a better resolution, but is also less deforming.

3. It doesn’t just matter how amazing you look, all the background elements should also be considered. Too often, in fact, the background of a selfie is highly underestimated. A selfie in front of the sea is far more beautiful than one taken in the bathroom, perhaps with the WC behind.


4. Light: whether it’s coming from the sun or light bulbs, lighting is essential for a successful selfie. Lights are fantastic to hide your flaws and highlight your strengths.

5. According to some, one should avoid publishing photos in front of the mirror, in reality many people make great use of them. If you choose to take a selfie in front of a mirror remember that bigger is better, so try to frame your whole figure.